Tarot and Numerology Reading with Joanna


When I was a child, I was very interested in cartomancy. While other kids played with dollies and Lego, I was brandishing a deck of regular playing cards and a cartomancy book I had found in Dad’s library. I think my curiosity was piqued because granny is highly intuitive, although we all thought she was a little batty then. I believe that even at that very young age, I had combined my intuition with what I had learnt in that cartomancy book to experiment with my interpretation of the regular playing cards.


Over the years, my intuition developed with a few life-changing experiences that had left an indelible mark on me like a divorce, single motherhood, standing at career crossroads and navigating health issues like a breast cancer scare. Fuelled by these experiences and armed with the belief that I could turn my life around, I formally studied Tarot, Numerology and Astrology voraciously and am now a Certified Professional Tarot reader, Numerologist and Astrologer. With my knowledge of these multiple metaphysical disciplines, I found my purpose of using them to serve people just like you, by helping and supporting people who had been through similar life journeys as I did.


My reading style combines the use of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology overlaid with my intuition. I believe that it lends greater depth to a reading, particularly when it compels greater insights about your response to a particular situation due to your numerological and astrological influences. I believe that an intuitive reading is not meant to foretell a future or to help you anticipate an outcome like a “self-fulling prophecy.” A reading is meant to help open your mind and heart to the several options that you can use to make informed decisions in a bid to shape your own desired outcomes.

A person typically is governed by an astrological sign and its planetary influence which impacts his or her character, behaviours, experiences and responses to situations. There will also be several numerological vibrations attached to his or her birth date and name. When you understand the positives and negatives of your astrological sign and each of these numbers, you can then leverage the positives and downplay the negatives in order to better manage your direction towards the outcome that you hope to shape.

When I overlay the insights from Numerology and Astrology with a Tarot spread created for you, I will then take an advice-centric approach to the way I deliver my interpretation of the cards because of my base knowledge of your numerological and astrological make-up.


Whichever type of readings you purchase from me, depending on the outcomes you would want to achieve from these readings, I will always combine the use of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology with my intuition.  Most importantly, you can expect to be offered options as the readings always take on an advice-centric approach.

Want to see what my readings look like? Check out a real life sample reading here.

For more information about our reading together, please read What to Expect here.

Choose Your Reading:

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Quick Reading
$68 USD

Short, sharp and fast, I’ll help you to navigate a situation or question that’s been on your mind, using basic numerology and my Tarot cards.

Harmonious Relationships In-Depth Report
$158 USD

Are you feeling challenged in your relationships with others (colleagues, friends, partners, family and so on)? Are you ready to make positive change to create more harmonious relationships?

In this comprehensive reading, I’ll provide you with a full Compatibility Analysis report, using numerology and astrology. I’ll also draw insights from a 12-15 card Tarot reading to help identify what you can do to create a better relationship with the people who matter in your life.

Dealing with Challenges Report
$98 USD

Life is filled with issues and challenges – a difficult decision, a broken relationship, a demanding boss, or an uncertain career change. In this report, I will help you to navigate a specific issue or challenge and show you a way to turn it into an opportunity using birthdate numerology and an 8-card Tarot reading.

Birthday Reading
$158 USD

If you are celebrating your birthday, acknowledging that you are now going to be a year older and wiser, this reading is the perfect opportunity for me to use my Tarot cards and Numerology, to provide you with advice on key areas of your life including career and relationships as you navigate another year of good and bad times ahead of you.

Finding Your Direction Report
$128 USD

If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in your career or your relationships and need direction, then this report is for you. I’ll combine birthdate and name numerology, astrology highlights and a 8-10 card Tarot reading to give you direction on where your best opportunities lie and how to access them.

Year-Ahead Insight Report
$158 USD

In my Year-Ahead Insight Report, I will use Tarot to help you with advice on how to deal with key areas of your life like work, relationship/personal or family life and finance.

I will also overlay the reading with a numerological analysis to provide even more depth to the insights, offer better advice and explain your potential response to upcoming issues that you will face over the next 12 months.

The reading will involve a 15 card Tarot spread and a numerological report gleaned from your name and birthdate.


Jo’s Advice Spread has helped me see clearly the sides of a relationship issue that I was choosing to ignore previously. Her reading had penetrated to the core of the problem and provided the necessary info to help me make the right decision.


Your reading and numerology for me just blow me away. I only asked you a simple but very important and meaningful question and outcome the most amazing reading that one can imagine! You were not just spot on but also extremely helpful, sensitive and enlightening with your answer. It made so much sense and helped me and assured me incredibly! Thank you from all my heart!


Awesome reading Joanna, I get goosebumps reading all the numerological and astrological assessment. In fact, I am impressed on how this assessment reveals me so accurately. You know me more than I know myself. Now I can actually move forward making the best and be the architecture of my own life! Thank you for your guidance!


Thank you so much Joanna for a wonderful read! The answer was prompt, detailed and most of all helpful. The numerology part helped me a lot to better understand the relationship dynamic and how I can adjust and relate to my situation and complemented very well the card reading. I definitely recommend it!


I loved the reading, it was very detailed and well explained. It helped me a lot and gave me a lot of clarity on how to act at work and in my personal life. I really appreciate your kind attention, for being so fast and I believe you have a gift.


Thanks so much for this! I appreciate you taking the time for such a thorough and thoughtful response. This is extremely helpful, and extremely accurate. Really, really well done so thank you again.