Tarot Reading with Domenica

“Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer.” – Steve Maraboli

I believe you are powerful and creative and have a unique purpose. I believe your voice and your purpose here is important.

Understanding why I’m here and how to be my greatest self has motivated me from my earliest memory as a ten year old, driving past the local university with my father and declaring “One day I’m going to cure disease.”

A lofty goal indeed, particularly for a ten year old – and yet, what I was really tapping into was a certainty that I had a ‘job’ to do in my life.

Since that day I have been driven to discover how to be my greatest self, to live my highest potential and how to overcome any obstacles that get in the way… And Tarot is one of the most profound tools I know to support that.

The ‘logical’ thing to do was become a health professional, so I could in fact cure disease, yes? Except that I misjudged Spirit’s sense of humor when at the age of 35 I found myself inexplicably communicating with Spirit. No warning…just bam, one afternoon at a workshop, having a conversation with my Spirit guides.

And with that swift manoeuvre from ‘upstairs’ suddenly my very rational, very scientific and easily proven profession as a clinical pharmacist went out the window… and my grooming as a medium, energy healer and channel began.

A Reading with Me

Fifteen years later and after deep study of tarot, chakra’s, channeling and various metaphysical modalities, I find myself able to track energy in people, so much so that it screams out to me like a billboard.

  • I can see your blocks.
  • I can see your resistance to receiving what you want.
  • I can hear the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • I can see where you are holding these blocks in your body.

And I also discovered I can easily tap into where you are losing your power so you can reclaim it.

“A reading with Domenica will open you up to a deeper understanding of who you are, and how to claim your own power where so many more choices are available.”
~ Linda Haynes

The Cards Talk to Me

“If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And if you improve upon the present, what comes later will also be better.” – Paul Coelho

A reading with me is all about possibilities and choices.

My reading style combines the use of Tarot and my clairaudient ability to hear what the cards are telling me.

Yes…the cards come alive and ‘talk’ to me and combined with a traditional knowledge of each card, they paint a very personal story so I can help you get from A to B, and help you find your answers to move you forward.

And because you are already so powerful…. my readings are not meant to foretell your future; you are far more powerful than that…instead we will work together to provide a window into your Soul, an opportunity to see what hasn’t yet become known to you.

You always have free will and the power of choice, and Tarot is a profound tool able to give you the information and guidance you need to get yourself back on course.

Book a Tarot Reading with Me

By requesting a reading with Domenica, you agree to the terms outlined here.

How does it work, exactly?!

After you select your Tarot reading and have paid via PayPal, you’ll be directed to the request form. (Make sure you stay on the PayPal transaction page after payment, and select “Return to website/Biddy Tarot” so that you’ll be redirected to the request form. On the request form, I’ll ask you to share with me your question, situation and most desired outcome – before we even start the reading.

I’ll personally confirm your request within 24-48 hours of receiving it and will let you know when to expect your email Tarot reading (usually within 4-5 days of your original request).

When I do your Tarot reading, I start by concentrating carefully on your situation and channelling your energy as I shuffle. Then I draw the cards for you and prepare your Tarot reading.

All Tarot readings are presented as a Word document, with clear photos of the Tarot cards used in your reading so that you, too, can create a personal connection with the cards drawn for you. (It is truly amazing to see even non-Tarot readers intuitively pick up the messages of the cards just through the imagery.)

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification about your Tarot reading, based on the cards drawn.

As your Tarot reading will be presented in written format, you will be able to return to your reading at any time, opening yourself up to new messages and insights that may come to you as you progress on your personal journey.

Read more about what to expect with your Tarot reading here.

Choose Your Reading

Please note, for ethical reasons I will not read on medical or legal matters. Please do consult a specialist in these areas for further guidance.

All readings will be a combination of Tarot and tuning in to your Spirit guides and energy to provide channeled and personal guidance.

On the Spot Reading
$38 USD

If you have one question and need a quick answer, the ‘On the Spot’ reading is for you. Quick, thorough and to the point. You can expect to receive this reading in 24-48 hours.


Powerful Quick Reading
$74 USD

The perfect reading if you need quick guidance and clarity on a situation or question. I custom design a three card spread to laser in on the situation so you can move forward quickly with greater options. You can expect to receive this reading within 3-5 days.



Connect to your Power Reading
$137 USD

Perhaps you keep attracting the same sort of relationship. Or you’re struggling with financial abundance. Maybe you feel ‘stuck’ and don’t know why, or what to do next.

When everything seems to be shifting, changing or going wrong – where are you losing your power? How can you reclaim it? How are you sabotaging yourself? What are you not expecting and how can you forge ahead successfully?

An in-depth reading custom designed for you (6-8 cards) to provide deeper insight into a particular situation in your life. We’ll work closely together to ensure we thoroughly explore your situation and you have as much practical information and intuitive guidance to navigate your way through the murky waters (AND empower you to make the choices that will take you forward successfully).

You can expect to receive this reading within 5-7 days.




The Alignment spread and reading I received from Domenica was truly amazingl!  It hit home, for sure. The core of the reading was so insightful, helping me to realize that what appear to be conflicting parts of myself are really the integral thing that defines me.  That these seemingly opposing parts are not needing to be fixed, but something to be understood and worked with in a way that strengthens my whole being. That is truly the gift!  As a professional astrologer and tarot reader who was seeking some insight into blockages in restarting my practice, Domenica had an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter in a very respectful and supportive manner. So very refreshing to be given new vision this far along life’s path.

It’s really a worthwhile investment of time and energy to work with Domenica.

Krista Johnson,

Domenica gives me a pragmatic perspective on how things come to be as they are in my life, what options I might consider in the present moment, and how my path might evolve with a given choice. She is interactive, fluid, optimistic, encouraging. She has plenty of insight, and she applies this talent with what might be called emotive intelligence, or “heart-mind.”  So, I feel listened-to, engaged, met. My personal advice is to plan two readings with Domenica, the second occurring 3-12 months after the first. Your perspective will be even more enhanced

– Michael K, New York

Thank you so much for the reading. It was really interesting, addressed my questions perfectly and was very intuitive. Thank you for taking the time to write to me about each card and for pulling it together at the end for me. I didn’t have the time to send my appreciation at the time I received the reading, but I wanted to let you know how insightful it was, and that I appreciated it and how much it resonated with me.

– AS, United States

I am deeply grateful for the beautiful reading you did for me, it goes beyond any expectation I may have had.

I love the way the reading flows and how it easily combines pragmatic advice with spiritual insight, a very nourishing combo. Thank you.

Nieves, Madrid