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Tarot Stories: Real Life Lessons from The Magician

By April 14, 2016 July 17th, 2020


For this edition of Tarot Stories, we reached out to the Biddy Tarot community to find out how The Magician has touched the lives and taught valuable lessons. The Magician is like a mascot for the beginning Tarot reader. His number is 1: the number of beginnings, and he truly represents the novice who is crossing the bridge between the physical, earthly matters and the spiritual realm. He has the tools he needs laid out on the table before him just as the Tarot reader has her cards. Let’s see how the Magician has guided these seekers on their journey…

Manifest Your Dreams!

For me, the Magician is all about manifesting your goals and dreams, using the tools and resources that are at your disposal.

I have never felt this energy more than I do now. I'm running a half a million dollar company with 10 team members, 10,000+ customers and 15 million annual website visitors… all in Tarot. If you would have told me just 5 years ago that this is what I would be doing, I would have told you you're bananas. But here I am.

How? Well, I've used all of the tools and resources available to me to manifest my goals and dreams – just like the Magician.

I've learned about building an online business through podcasts, books, and blogs. I've built a solid network of awesome entrepreneurs who provide love and support along the journey. I've used my Human Resource skills from my previous career to create a thriving, high performing team. I've used my strategic business skills from when I used to consult to large, global companies.

All the tools have been laid out in front of me, and I've made a choice to use those tools to make my dreams a reality. And now I have a thriving, successful business that is not only personally rewarding but is helping to change people's lives.

So, look at the tools and resources available to you right now. What can you use to your advantage? How can you make your dreams a reality with what's in front of you?

~ Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot

As Within, so Without

My “aha” moment came when the advice given to me in my reading was The Magician. In that moment, as I stared at his hands pointing both skyward and towards the earth, I was hit with the realisation that I and only I can change my perception of what is happening in the outside world around me, and how I respond and react within my inside world, my soul. It was not so much “as above, so below,” but more along the lines of, “what I perceive and channel inside of me will flow to the outside.” I believe that the energy of our thoughts will attract the universal energies to respond in kind. My free will, a gift from the divine, means I have the choice of how to think and react to situations. Our thoughts are very powerful, their vibrations will call the outside world to respond in kind. We must recognize this power and shape it for our own reality, just like a skilled Magician.

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~ Paula Vidovic, Mystic Soul Wisdom

Religious History 101

A.E.Waite, author of the first modern Tarot deck, was a religious studies scholar; hence, there are multiple allusions to diverse spiritual practices. To me, there is little question that the Magician represents Joseph in Egypt from the Hebrew Bible. Joseph was a diviner, interpreter of dreams, a true magician. When I first saw Joseph, I knew Tarot had welcomed me; I belonged. It wasn't only the meaning of the card; the card spoke to more than one spirituality; Tarot was truly versed in the mysteries of humanity, as well as guiding the future. Joseph the Magician, Egyptian mystic, Hebrew, rescued the entire Middle Eastern peoples–3500 years ago–from famine. A.E.Waite knew this. The Magician is portrayed early in the deck: #1, just as Joseph also appeared early in the Scriptures–Genesis. Today, people, Tarot, and querent, evolve together.

~ Debra Hindlemann Webster

In the Pursuit of Knowledge

Early this year, when I was just starting my doctorate, I had to decide on a theme for my thesis. I had a difficult decision to make. I could choose one that would allow me to use many of the materials I had amassed for my master’s degree, which would be much easier while still being a great theme. Or I could choose a theme for which I had no material and, due to being about philosophy of law, would require much more effort and sacrifice from me–but would also mean more exciting research. With this in mind I decided to draw a Tarot card and take it only as a yes or no to whether I should pursue the philosophy research. The card drawn was the magician from my Night Sun tarot deck. Not only was it a “yes” card for me, but the symbolism in the image; with the tools in the foreground, the magic glyphs behind, and him rising from the ground with the face of enlightenment, gave me a clear answer. This year I started my doctoral thesis with a theme of philosophy of law, with the decision to use every tool at my disposal and rise to my inner potential.

~ Gado Linden

A Call to Action

The Magician is my favorite card of the deck. Before I started reading Tarot professionally, I would pull him in readings all the time. Even when I was reading for other people, he would make his way into their readings. I was “stalked” by him for a while. At the time, I didn’t really examine what he was trying to tell me. I just thought, “Oh nice, The Magician again. I guess he’s trying to tell me that I know what I am doing with Tarot cards.” One day, I was talking to my husband about Tarot, how well I was doing, my querents were giving me great testimonials, my predictions were coming true, everyone was happy with my readings. He said to me, “Why don’t you start your own Tarot business? You are good enough, people love your readings. You are honest. You should do it!“ I stopped for a moment and realized, “Yes. That’s a great idea!“ Then I remembered The Magician and how insistently he had been showing up for me. He was telling me I had everything I needed to take the next step in my Tarot career. And here I am today as Jonika Tarot.

Jonika, Jonika Tarot

Don't those stories just make you want to jump up out of your chair and get going? What creative projects or new ventures have you been itching to do? How has the Magician given you that extra boost of confidence you needed? Tell me in the comments below!


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