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A Spread for Harmony in Trying Times

By February 8, 2022

Tarot is the perfect tool to help find equilibrium and peace when we need it most. Tarot can help us find harmony and celebrate the love and joy in our lives by reconnecting us with our higher wisdom. 

But what do we do when things just feel “too much?”

The Universe loves harmony. When everything has a place to be and a job to do, the Universe flows on the path of least resistance. We learn this lesson from nature. 

A flower doesn’t bloom wishing its petals were as bright as the one next to it. A lioness doesn’t obsess over the implications of hunting for her pride. A fish doesn’t worry that it won’t be able to keep up with it’s school. 

It’s easy to be caught in the trap of disharmony. But despite the chaos of the world around us — you can also find peace within yourself using Tarot as your guide. 

1. Where in my life am I experiencing harmony right now?

2. Where in my life am I experiencing disharmony right now?

3. What’s the best way for me to approach disharmonious situations?

4. How can I find personal peace amid the chaos in the world?

5. What action can I take today to create more harmony in my life?

6. Which of my beliefs or ideals helps promote peace and harmony in the world?

7. Which of my beliefs or ideals creates disharmony in the world?

8. How can I lead by example, promoting more peace and harmony in the world?

To read more about dealing with tricky situations and finding hope when all hope seems lost, check out my blog post, Tarot for Difficult Conversations!

If you tried the Spread for Harmony in Trying Times, I’d love for you to share your insights on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag #biddytarot so I can see.


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