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Tarot Circle: Will I Get Back With My Ex?

By October 26, 2011Tarot Circle


Every so often, I get an email from a reader asking me if I can interpret their Tarot reading. Typically, I quickly scan the reading and write down what I see in the cards.

However, I started to think, surely there’s benefit in sharing not only what I see in the cards but also creating the opportunity for other Tarot readers to share what they see in the cards.

And so, a new idea is born!

In today’s post, I am taking a Celtic Cross Tarot reading that Jennifer from Korea sent in (with her permission of course). I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

Then, I am hoping Jennifer will be able to provide her feedback on what we’ve seen in the cards.

So, let’s get started.

The Question

Jennifer asked the Tarot about a relationship that recently ended. Sadly, her partner just wanted to be friends, leaving her heartbroken and upset.

The Tarot Spread

Jennifer used the Celtic Cross Tarot spread – the same version I use for my Celtic Cross Tarot readings. I have ‘re-enacted’ the reading so you can see what cards she drew (see above).

My Take on the Cards

Present: 10 Wands – It’s a tough situation and Jennifer is taking on a lot personally, potentially blaming herself for what happened.

Challenge: 4 Cups – The challenge is her ex is not interested even though Jennifer has expressed her feelings and shown an interest in progressing the relationship.

Past: World Reversed – Her ex felt like there was something missing in the relationship, or perhaps there was unfinished business elsewhere.

Below: 5 Cups – There are feelings of regret, sadness and disappointment about what has happened.

Above: King Cups – Both Jennifer and her ex are trying to remain calm and emotionally controlled. They are probably trying their best to do the right thing by each other.

Look at the 5 of Cups and the King of Cups combined. On the face of it, they’re trying to be calm and in control, yet underneath there’s regret and sadness about what has happened.

Future: 8 Cups reversed – This is encouraging for a reconciliation! While her ex has turned his back on the relationship now, he may soon regret having ended it and may return. This is supported by the 5 of Cups.

Advice: 2 of Cups – Even though they’re not together now, the advice is to keep the connection going. Stay in touch and remain friends for now.

External influence: Justice – There may be legal matters that are impacting the relationship, or there may be some important decisions that need to be made on his part before he can commit to the relationship.

Hopes/Fears: 6 of Cups – There is a hope that the relationship can go back to how it was.

Outcome: Strength – Have faith. If this relationship is meant to be, then it will be. Stay strong!

Overall, I would say this situation looks positive. He may need some space now, but I feel that over the next few weeks or months, he may begin to regret the decision he has made and may look for a reconciliation. Jennifer just needs to hang in there and stay strong! Even though she wants to be more involved, the advice is to stay friends and continue to support one another. If this is meant to be, then the Universe will bring them back together at the right time.

What’s Your Take?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Jennifer?

Post your response in the comments below. Don’t be shy! Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

Want Your Tarot Reading Interpreted?

If you’re happy to have your Tarot reading shared with the Tarot community and can provide feedback on other people’s responses, get in touch. Send me your Tarot reading and we’ll have a go at interpreting it.

P.S. I really, really wanted to do this as my first video blog post but having played around with it for a couple of hours with limited success, I threw it in the too hard basket! If you know how to make a decent video easily, let’s talk!

P.P.S. I need a catchy title for this segment (i.e. where we all get to share our interpretations of a Tarot spread). If you have a great idea of what to call this, get in touch.

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  • Eleanor says:

    I am in a similar situation and perhaps my interpretation is based on my situation but here goes:
    The World Reversed: Completion of the relationship as it existed before the breakup. If it returns it will be renewed.
    Ten of wands: Know that the struggles that existed in the relationship are over.
    Four of cups: Consider that the breakup is really for the best.
    Five of cups: You have suffered a great loss
    King of cups: You are dealing with this loss and you will eventually find balance.
    Eight of cups reversed: Look long and hard at the situation and KNOW WHEN IT IS TIME TO WALK AWAY.
    Two of cups: Stay friends
    Justice: There are legal matters to clear up – do them
    Six of cups: The grief will pass and you will find completion and a new you
    Strength: You will find happiness and peace once you work through the grief.

  • Caitlin says:

    10 wands– feeling burdened and stressed, perhaps blaming yourself– remember to reach out to other people

    4 cups– you may be overlooking the good things in life that you have because you are focusing on what you can’t have

    the world reversed– you feel like you had everything and you lost it

    8 cups reversed– you will soon be able to move on and feel better about this break-up

    5 cups– your sense of loss is pervasively affecting all of your thoughts and actions right now

    King of Cups– soon a new relationship will come into your life– someone more mature, even-tempered and wise, kind and caring, possibly a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

    2 cups– you are still in love and in a good position to manifest love in your life again.

    Justice– ex is preoccupied with business, decisions, legal affairs, etc. That is where he’s at right now. Make sure you wrap up your legal and financial affairs with him.

    6 cups– you may be surprised to reconnect with an old flame or an old or childhood friend. You will find happiness again, innocence and faith are not lost.

    Strength– Don’t try to force anything. You will grow stronger from this experience. You will gain the kind of love you want by your gentle and nurturing approach to yourself and life.

  • Arielle says:

    I love the vivid rider waite cards in this picture, they jump out it’s very impressive. I think this is a wonderful idea to share and compare! I use a slightly different celtic cross but I would love to throw my interpretation out there too..

    Currently the I would say Jennifer is most definitely feeling exhausted and close to burnt out with this burden she is carrying. I feel it is magnified by her being in a situation where her ex seemingly is in control and has called the shots, but judging by the 4 of cups it may be an unwelcome but needed time out to reassess. Perhaps both of them actually need to have some emotional healing (king of cups) judging from the past with the world reversed, things were not in harmony or sync, for one reason or another, my guess is that there is some serious life lessons to be aquired from this experience and by the looks of the strength card in position 10, I feel that merits a big sigh of relief. that the lessons will be gained and “justice” will be done, in one respect or another. I would feel the deeper meaning behind this is a need to heal old emotional wounds and to really take the time to do that, maybe some counselling or guidance will help speed that process along. I feel the 2 of cups is what Jennifer is really focused on, that being a reunion with her ex. I feel the next step maybe be a reluctant walking away from the relationship, but if it is embraced there is much wisdom to be gained and the ability to strengthen significantly as a person/people. I feel the guidance for the next 6mths would be to remain friends. best wishes Jennifer ~ Arielle

  • Marc says:

    I tend to agree with Eleanor. Here’s my interpretation:
    10 Wands: Jennifer has taken on the burden of the failed relationship. Blaming herself.
    4 Cups: The challenge is to find a way to be happy with the situation. To find peace with the situation and herself.
    World (Rx): Jen’s ex wasn’t happy in the relationship. He felt unfulfilled.
    5 Cups: The relationship ended because of feelings of disappointment. Again, I get the impression Jen’s ex was simply unhappy with the relationship and the direction it was heading in.
    King of Cups: Jen has an opportunity to mature emotionally by learning from this experience. She can become wiser and stronger and more in touch with her feelings, despite the painful experience.
    8 Cups (Rx): Jen will walk away from the relationship. As Eleanor said; knowing when to walk away from it all.
    2 Cups: Stay friends. There’s still more you can learn from each other.
    Justice: This was meant to happen. Although painful, it served your higher good. The two will benefit from this situation as long as they keep a positive outlook.
    6 Cups: A reminiscing about the past. Wanting the relationship to be what it once was.
    Strength: Jen will come out of this a stronger woman.

    Overall: Although there doesn’t seem to be a reconciliation in the cards, the message is still positive overall. Don’t look back in anger. Stay friends and learn from the experience. This is an opportunity for soul growth. A stronger, better Jennifer is on the horizon!

  • Ricardo says:

    hi there. i agree on what has been said above however i don’t see any future on the relationship. she has suffered a loss, reached rock bottom and it’s now time to start rising back into the light. i can’t help thinking that she was more into the guy than he was into her. she was probably infatuated with him, clingy, and he got scared or simply they were not on the same page. she needs to chill out, go out with friends and let go. she also needs to learn to be herself and not to care so much about what people think about her. i think she will eventually be fine, get over it and become a stronger person.

  • Chris says:

    A quick glance at the spread. There i interference, perhaps from a distance. Something to do with the Father or Father fiqure. Also, an inheritance or offering. Moving away is also in the picture. There is a price to pay for wanting to change one’s life, for better or worse is the question. A choice was made, but was it a correct one? Wonder no more. It is done. The reaction of the situation may be totally emotional, but the outcome is you will reap what you have done. The past will catch up with you, if not immediately, in the future. Could have, should have, would have.

  • Maureen says:

    Observations, made when I first looked at the spread.

    Many cups you would expect from a relationship reading
    3 Major Arcana cards……so Jennifer is learning some important life lessons
    An absence of Sword cards……this I see as a positive for the relationship
    The number 8 in the future and outcome positions…….spiritual fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment and attainment.
    The outcome for Jennifer will be positive even though the relationship maybe not as it was.

    Not being sure of the exact question Jennifer asked I used the question ‘Will I get back with my Ex?’ rather than ‘Tell me about my relationship?”, so my reading of the cards is skewered around Jennifer rather than the relationship.

    I also think that in this case the Celtic Cross did not give enough information, to me, about the relationship itself or the ‘Ex’ and I would recommend a follow up customized spread as per Biddy’s blog …….Designing Your Own Tarot Card Spread. 22nd February 2011.

    Here is my interpretation of the spread as presented, pertaining to ‘Will I get back with my Ex?’

    The 10 of Wands -Jennifer, is overwhelmed by all her responsibilities not just this concern about her relationship. Her life in general is so full, that perhaps even before the announcement from her partner that he wished to change the status of their relationship, she was overburdened, and it took all her energy and enthusiasm to manage those responsibilities.

    The World R- I also wonder if Jennifer, although devastated by the decision that her partner wanted to be ‘just friends’, if she wasn’t really all that surprised. Perhaps there were signs that things were not well with the relationship for a time but because of all her responsibilities she did not have the energy necessary to notice or address them at that time.

    4 of Cups- The challenge now is to see and take that which is being offered…. A friendship relationship and build upon that. Looking at the images of the 4 of cups, there are still 3 cups full, they remain as they were filled with all the love, emotions, feelings that existed previously. That hasn’t changed but now a new dimension is being added ….. that of a friend. This concept is reinforced also in the advice card. It is and will be a challenge, but the other cards in the spread indicate that you are capable and blessed with the courage and strength to achieve this. Your inner self believes this too… shown by the cards drawn.

    5 of Cups- At this time, as would be expected you are focusing on what has been lost, the intimacy and also your hopes and dreams of what might have been. You are covered by grief of what you perceive as being lost, but if you can just turn around and see the upright cups again, grab them and head over that bridge to a new dimension in your relationship.
    You can be that King of Cups, emotionally mature, stronger, wiser, more balanced and in control.

    The 8 of cups R, in the future, predicts that you are going to do just this. In the near future you are going to refocus on the reality that is and persue that with determination. You will become a good friend to your partner.

    Advice to you is be the 2 of Cups, giving and receiving, sharing, listening, supporting, be interested, empathizing, laughing, enjoying, having fun and giving him space. Don’t be over powering or possessive. Think about what he would want in a friend, remember he is a man and sometimes their needs are a little different to those of a women. Through these little things he will know the true you and you will find out more about him.

    Justice as an outside influence. In our lives really the only person we can control and change, is ourselves and even that is within the boundaries set by circumstances outside our control such as timing, availability and the wishes of others etc etc. Accepting that as the truth, all actions are judged according to how they affect another. Your actions and his come under this judgement.

    Hopes or fears – 6 Cups, Do you really wish your relationship returns to it’s former status or could this really be a fear? All relationships need to grow and therefore change.

    Strength as the outcome. What an inspiring card to have here! Out of what seems now as such a devastating circumstance, is the realization of your own inner strength. You will face your fears and win. You have the power to overcome obstacles with persistence and confidence. You will uncover a power and courage you didn’t know you had. This will not be achieved through aggression but through love, peace and warmth. You will know the inner strength you have to bring to this or any relationship and you will be the one to determine where you want such a relationship to go.

  • Danae says:

    Hello Biddy, Jennifer & Friends 🙂

    Here is my interpertation of the cards as they relate to the question/situation. (They are not far off from Biddy’s; but might add something)

    1) Present- 10 of Wands- It appears that Jennifer is carrying a heavy burden in this relationship. It is possible that she is blaming herself for the breakup- and also may have carried an unfair load DURING the relationship as well. We see this often when one partner pushes off their responsibilities, emotions or duties on the other partner. From the question- it leads me to believe that she is also WILLING to carry the load and/or blame. Whatever the case, this is an incredible & unfair burden that is being placed upon her.

    2) Challenge – 4 of Cups- The challenge, or situation that is crossing her – is that while she desires to repair the relationship- it seems that he may not be. He is either despondent about the prospects of reconciliation or may have already moved on. Whatever the case- it appears his heart is not in it. (This would reinforce the previous card of Jennifer carrying a heavy load.) This could also show that because she is so upset over the breakup – that she is not seeing the ‘proverbial hand reaching out to help her’- containing the golden cup of love. Either way- one, or both of them seem to not be in a clear place to view the relationship & its future course objectively. Emotions are clouding the ability to see what is clearly right before them.

    3) Past- World (Reversed) – This shows the opposite of success. The relationship did not work out (in the past). This also is a good literal picture of the fact that Jennifer is feeling that her world has been turned upside down.

    4) Below- 5 of Cups- I see the root of the situation is that someone (most likely the boyfriend in this case) has given up. He is emptied of emotion about the relationship. This can also be a reflection of Jennifer’s feelings of betrayal, abandonment and loss over the breakup. Either way- remember, this is representing the feelings about the relationship & its future reconciliation- not neccecarily what is good or bad for either party.

    5) Above- King of Cups- To me… this card usually signifies either a caring, loving, emotional man- OR- a lover, spouse or mate. In this case- it could mean that either this is how she ‘sees’ him; this is the sort of man she is looking for- or it may also signify that another man, or relationship is already on its way.

    6) Future- 8 or Cups (reversed) – Upright this card means abandoning & leaving a situation… reversed it is often read as a reunion, coming together or a meeting. (This could be read as good or bad. If the relationship was a good one- then it would be positive. If it was unhealthy, unrequited or destructive- then it could be seen as a negative thing to return to it. *In my own gut instincts- a man who does not place value on the relationship, who is despondent over its prospects, who is placing unfair burdens on his partner & who it’s not ‘working out with’- might not be a good bet on returning to.* Either way- make sure to take the time to lay a healthy foundation & do the actual relationship work it will take to heal… don’t just go back & pretend everything is hunky dory because usually the cycle repeats itself. Good relationships take work on both parts- and both have to have their heart completely in it.

    7) Advice – 2 of Cups- This card usually represents love, union, partnerships & commitment. As with all 2’s it also shows choice & balance. Being Cups- it has to do with emotions & in this case- Love. In this placement I would interperet this to be giving the advice of making a balanced choice about this partnership. Really look within and examine if the love & harmony has consistently been there in this relationship. We women (especially) tend to look at our relationships with rose colored glasses. We like to think back to the begining, and how happy we were. Be sure to take into account EVERYTHING that has occurred & his actions toward you & the relationship in entirety. No one likes wasting time with someone- and we often don’t like the prospects of starting over… but keep in mind that going back to a damaged relationship can be even more of a waste of time. No matter what- I KNOW that the only way to real & lasting love is to first have the strength to love & respect yourself. Then, it becomes impossible to allow yourself to be in a place where another person doesn’t treat you with the love & respect that we ALL deserve. I see this advice as focusing on the actual aspects of Love, harmony, balance & partnership. Work on balancing the union of Masculine & feminine within yourself & within your world. Positive relations with others are sure to follow. Also be sure to truthfully examine what went down in the relationship- and ask yourself if it is the type of love partnership that you ultimately seek. I think when we work on ourselves from that angle- the love that we seek will surely manifest- with or without the specific person we may be projecting our hopes onto.

    8) External Influence- Justice- Oh this is a tricky one! First, what Biddy said comes to mind… are either of you involved in any ‘legal’ type of dealings- specifically surrounding love or relationships? Another angle to this would be the balance and choice aspect of the Justice card. Have you impartially weighed all of the facts & options? How is the relationship (& man) weighing out? Light as a feather? And thus peachy keen? Someone who has benefited your life & has your best interests in mind? Or are there imballances in the relationship that need to be carefully examined? (I also would take a close look at that 1st card again as a possible indication that yes- you may be taking on an unfair heavy burden with this relationship.

    9) Hopes & Fears- 6 of Cups- This card shows happiness from the past. Obviously you are wishing that you can go back or recapture the essence of the relationship as it was in happier times. And of course, fear that may not happen.

    10) Outcome- Strength- This is one of the easier cards to interperet on its own- but in this particular reading I would take this to mean that you will need to find your inner reserves of strength and fortitude to get you through the days to come. Be it the strength to honestly evaluate your past relationship with this man (and possibly your relationship patterns in general); the strength to put it all ‘back together’ and make it all right; the strength to forgive yourself & him for the transgressions during the relationship & breakup; or the strength to hold true to yourself… and move forward in your life- WITH or WITHOUT this particular relationship. I see that any way you look at it- strength is greatly needed here…and will suit you well in any outcome.

    All in all- I can see that the relationship & its outcome have deeply disturbed & shaken you emotionally. You are carrying a heavy load that is ill balanced. This person does not seem to have their heart in the relationship & has the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. You are obviously highly conflicted & seem to be hoping for a happy reunion. You are seeking a partnership that is full of happiness & love- and now you need to take the time to do the actual work of examining this relationship & man in a clear & healthy light – and making the decision if this fits the bill for you. Whether or not he wants you back right now is sort of irrelevant. It is much more in your best interest to decide what sort of relationship YOU want- and begin to do the work on yourself to achieve that. It WILL come. Maybe with this man; maybe with someone else. But if you don’t focus on that part of the equation (which is the only one you have any power over anyways) – then you won’t have it in this relationship or any other. The outcome of all of this is growth….and you becoming a stronger, better you.

    Best of luck 🙂

  • Marianne Kristelle Quintinio says:

    Because it is a relationship reading, it consists mainly of pip cards from the minor arcana, suit of cups. Only three of cards are present from the major arcana; this is a situation where it affects your daily life. With the exception of the Justice Card’s sword, there are no sword cards in the Celtic Cross Reading. Communication still becomes in-existent between the lovers. No Pentacle suit appeared in the reading as well. Money is certainly less of an issue in this reading; their break-up may be the cause of a sensitive and heartfelt issue.

    10 of Wands – You have been lately burning yourself out to the ground to achieve your goals. You may not also be happy with how things are going about

    4 of Cups – This card may say that you are already in a position of rest where you are already thinking things through about your relationship

    5 of Cups – The reason for your sorrows has revealed itself in the form of remorse for oneself or the other.

    King of Cups – Your dream-boy might be this man who is composed, quiet, and subtle; one who will value your feelings and yourself as well

    World (Rx) – Your recent past has been disturbed by a supposedly wonderful relationship; you may have seen yourself with him as your future mate.

    8 of Cups – You might want to go back happily with your ex-boyfriend. This card might also mean that you will be completely far off from him.

    2 of Cups – You want to reconcile with your boyfriend, stay friends,and keep in touch

    Justice – It’s either Jennifer or her ex-boyfriend highly value their career. This card strengthens card 1 (10 of wands). Others may demand too much from you or too much from him.

    6 of Cups – You hope that the good times will return with your ex-boyfriend.

    Strength – Keep your hopes and inspirations alive. You will grow to develop stronger feelings and accept the reality of life: losing one means only letting some space for new things to gain.

    Overall: Things may not be going as you would like, however, if you remain strong and true to yourself and to others, you will have the opportunity to make the best possible situation out of this problem.


    P.S. Thank you Biddy for letting posting this blog. Writing this comment is like submitting a Tarot assignment that will be graded. It sort of also serves as a Weekly Tarot Study for me.

  • Marianne Kristelle Quintinio says:

    Correction: That was suppose to say “Thank you Biddy for letting me post in this blog.”

  • Susan says:

    Hello Biddy!

    Thank you for doing this — what a wonderful idea! I will help you think of a catchy name! Okay so here is my a interpretation a little late but nevertheless, here it is:

    10 of Wands – I see this card as her ex not the querent (Jennifer) and Biddy if possible I would like your insight on this becasue I do this alot. I tend to see the cards as the other perons and not applying it to the question at hand. I guess it takes practice 🙂 But I tend to not see it as the person I’m reading for but at times as the person they are asking about and in addition to that I don’t always apply the cards to their placements. Something I need help on. When are you getting these on-line classes up and running? LOL! 😉

    So to me this is the ex- I get the impression that he has come into this relationship with a past, some baggage so to speak, along with a lot on his mind and seems to be carrying some burden.

    Along with the 4 of Cups, I dont feel he he is happy with his relationship with Jennifer. He can be difficult, I get the impression that Jennifer has tried everything possible to make this relationship work, but he is in a difficult emotional place in his life right now.

    Now with the King of Cups directly above the 10 of wands, in combination of this, I feel it confirms to me that he does have quite a bit on his mind along with some unresolved emotional burdens.

    The World in the Past reversed – reversals are hard for me but – He is starting something over, either his job, this realtionship started over again, but I get the feeling that it’s his thinking or his what he does for a living that he if continually feeling stuck and in a repetituous pattern.

    Coming to the future with the 8 of cups reversed – I see him coming back into the relationship again, but it will be a repeated process what they continually experience unless they seek professional help together because I see the 2 of cups which reflects a powerful union between them along with the Justice card so counseling might help re-join them together along with the 6 of cups indicates to me 2 things — first, if they are not married are their kids involved? If so if they are to break up the court system might have to step in. And second and again – this could be some assistance and help form a mediator or a counselor to improve their relationship. The six of cups can also mean childhood sweethearts or a very close connection to each other.

    In the end Strength card is a powerful card in learning to endure and to pull on your inner reserves and inner strength with patience.

  • angela says:

    can someone interpret this x lover nine card spread i did for myself regarding a break up
    1. six of pentecles
    2. king of pentecles
    3.4 of wands
    4. moon
    5.ace of pentecles
    6. six of wands
    7. tower
    9. 3 of cups

    would really like someone view on this reading thanks

  • Anais says:

    Hello, Brigit. I did a Past/Present/Future Tarot spread (reconciliation), and I got The High Priestess, The Star and Judgement. Does it mean the final decision will be made once the full truth is revealed?

  • lupe says:

    Will I get back with my ex girlfriend?

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