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Tarot Spotlight: Albert Madrigal

By December 22, 2016 August 26th, 2020

Professional Tarot Reader

Welcome to Tarot Spotlight, where I shine the light on our Biddy Tarot Community members who are making a real difference with Tarot as a guide.

In this post, I chat with Albert Madrigal – a newly professional Tarot reader.

Albert first discovered the Tarot cards at 19, but it wasn't until later, in 2013, that he dedicated himself more fully to learning the Tarot.

Read on to discover how Albert finally mustered up the courage to offer professional Tarot readings at his local healing centre, and watch how his intuitive skills came to life.

How did you first get into Tarot?

I got my first Tarot reading when I was 19 because I wanted to find out more about my life purpose. The reader told me that I was very intuitive and could do what she was doing. That sparked a big interest within me to explore the Tarot and my spirituality. From then on when I got readings to clarify a decision or life journey, the same message kept coming across that I should be doing this. So I finally got the ball rolling and enrolled in a Tarot course at a new age shop in 2013.

How do you use Tarot now?

I mainly use the tarot to give readings to people face to face and through Biddy online. I don’t really use the cards for myself as much as I give readings because I find it difficult to get my emotions out of the way! I have made friends with other readers and have now paying clients through their referrals. I also just recently got a job as a reader for a healing centre in Neutral Bay, Sydney (Destiny). I am so excited about that!

What steps did you take to learn to read Tarot?

I took a couple of different courses from two different tarot teachers/readers to learn the basics of the suits, and connect with each card and practice reading in a nurturing and supportive environment. After that, I jumped right into it and started reading for friends. Not long after that, I started reading for Biddy Tarot as a free reader to keep up my practice. During this time, I really learned how to combine my intuition (clairvoyance and clairsentience), and got to know how to work with my spirit guides. I learned how to connect with the meaning of each card to provide clearer messages.

What was one of the biggest challenges you've faced learning Tarot?

The biggest challenge has been trusting myself with readings! While it is challenging at first trying to remember the meanings of each card, the thing that really stood out for me was trusting the images and messages I got intuitively that were not always belonging to the ‘traditional’ meaning of each card.

Despite giving insightful readings for most querents, I always struggled with self-doubt. But I’ve really learned to put my ego aside and the importance of ‘being right’ and just focus on being the channel for the querent. I try to read from a heart-centred place and communicate the divine message that each card brings in a reading.

What ONE thing made learning Tarot easy & joyful for you?

Practicing in a loving, nurturing and supportive environment (especially in a workshop environment with other learners) was a great way for me to gain confidence in myself as a reader and learn to connect with my intuition and the different meanings of each card. Everyone is in the same boat, so there is less judgment and more willingness to be open and give honest and gentle feedback for each reader.

What's one of your proudest moments as a Tarot reader?

My proudest moment was when I got the courage to call the owner of a healing shop, ask if she needed a reader and come in and give her a reading. I was so nervous and fearful beforehand, I had to take a day off work and do yoga and get a massage to calm my nerves! I decided to kick my fear and doubt in the butt and just let go and trust in the message of the cards and my higher guidance. Before the reading, I took a few deep breaths, connected with my guides and focused on giving a heart-centered reading with the tarot cards. The reading flowed really well and I was able to give her a lot of insight and clarity into her current situation. She offered me a place in her shop right after, I was so thrilled!

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What's next for you when it comes to Tarot?

I will start working in the healing centre in July (one day a weekend) so I want to focus on just getting the hang of giving readings professionally and gain more confidence in myself as a reader. I also want to build my website/reading business by attracting a bigger client base and offer skype/phone and maybe email readings external to the shop.

Where can people find out more about you?

I am currently still building my website but you can contact me on my email ([email protected]) if you have any queries and would like a reading ☺.

About Albert Madrigal

Professional Tarot ReaderI am currently working as a full time town planner for the local government. However, the juicy exciting stuff for me really comes from giving intuitive guidance/tarot readings. Ever since I was young, I’ve always felt connected to the universe and questioned the meaning of life and why we are here.

I gained inspiration in becoming a reader through the readings I received over the past years (since I was 19). I received so much clarity, wisdom and guidance that I wanted to give others the same experience.

I started reading for friends, family, and referrals in 2013 and for Biddy Tarot as a free reader in October 2015 to gain more confidence in myself as a reader. I’ve only recently started reading professionally for people through referrals and will start working in a healing centre (Destiny, Neutral Bay) from July 2016.

I have been studying the tarot and reading for people online and face-to-face on a for the last three years. I am currently completing my Certificate in Channelling and Mediumship with the Awareness Institute. I use a combination of the cards, clairvoyance and clairsentience to access universal information for the querent regarding their life through my loving team of spirit guides, angels and ancestral beings.

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