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How I Use Tarot to Plan My Month Ahead (+ Free Printable)

By November 2, 2017

I have to tell you, I LOVE planning! I love dreaming up what I want to create and then planning the steps towards that goal. 

And even better, I LOVE putting those plans into action so that I can manifest my goals and dreams – every single month. 

It’s what I believe is the key to my success as a business owner, a mum, a wife, a friend, a divine Being. Because I take the time to plan each month, I am able to achieve some ‘out there’ goals like creating a million dollar company, signing a book publishing deal, traveling to Spain for 6 months with my family, and so much more. 

It all comes down to planning. 

But this is not just your ordinary planning where you set goals and take action. I’m talking about intuitive planning where you connect with your Higher Self, tap into your fullest potential AND set goals and take action. This is ‘next level’ planning, people! 

In this post, I’m going to share exactly how I plan my month ahead using Tarot and intuition as a guide. 

Plus, I’ve got an awesome FREE printable to share with you. It’s the Monthly Tarot Planner and you can download it here. 

>>Download the Free PDF: Planner Printable


Why I Love Planning Every Month 

Every month, I take a full day out of my business to review the previous month and then start planning for the month ahead. Even better, I use this time to connect with my Higher Self and my inner guidance system, with Tarot as a guide, to truly amplify my goal manifestation super-powers. This is what I call intuitive planning. 

Why do I take a full day out of my business, when I could potentially be using it to teach more Tarot classes or generate more revenue? 

Because I fundamentally believe intuitive planning is the secret to my success. It is what has allowed me to create a 7-figure company with 15 team members that impacts millions of people around the world. 

More specifically, monthly intuitive planning helps you…  

  • Stay focused on what truly matters 
  • Realign your goals to what is important to you in the present moment 
  • Keep the momentum and energy flowing 
  • Manifest your goals faster and have a bigger impact 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning for your business success, relationship success, family success, or personal success – the practice of intuitive planning is what counts. 

What is Intuitive Planning? 

Intuitive planning is all about taking traditional planning and goal-setting practices and adding intuition to the mix.  

It’s about connecting to your Higher Self and exploring your fullest potential as you set your goals and plan the actions you need to take to manifest those goals. 

And it’s about doing it on a regular basis (monthly is ideal) so that you can keep up the momentum and rapidly achieve your goals. 

>>Download the Free PDF: Planner Printable

How I Plan My Month Ahead with Tarot 

At the beginning of each month, I set aside a full day for my monthly planning. No emails. No meetings. No nothing. Just pure planning and strategising! 

I start by reviewing the previous month. Specifically, I ask: 

  1. What worked? 
  1. What didn’t work? 
  1. What did I learn? 

I write down everything that is in my mind. Then, I pull out my Tarot cards and draw one card per question.  




What I love about using my Tarot cards here is that I often draw up something from my subconscious mind that I may not have been previously aware of. 

For example, last month, I thought my previous month was all about working hard and just getting the job done. But when I drew the Emperor from my deck, I realised that my hard work was actually about laying down the foundations and building the structure for the future of my business. It all started to feel so much more ‘purposeful’ once I knew that. 

Next, I shift my focus to the month ahead. I draw a Tarot card and ask, “What is the theme for this month?” 

For example, this month, I drew the World card – an intuitive signal that this month I need to focus on tying up loose ends, completing projects and bringing things ‘full circle’ so I can gain some closure (and open up the space for something new to emerge). 

If I want to amplify the power and the energy of the card, I create a ritual that I can use throughout the month. With the World card, my ritual this month is to visualise all of my key projects coming to a successful close and feeling a sense of completion as they do. 

Now that I know the theme for the month, I can start planning my month ahead. 

I begin by asking myself, “What do I want my month to be like?” This is my opportunity to dream up everything I want to create in the month ahead. I also tap into the energy of the monthly Tarot card to discover what else is possible. 

Next, I map out my goals & priorities. If I know what I want to create, what do I actually commit to?  

This is also when I use the Tarot cards to make sure that my goals are aligned to my Higher Self. I draw a card for each of my goals, and if it feels a little ‘off’, I change my goal until it is in tune with my intuition. 

And finally, I ask, “What actions do I need to take?” This is where the rubber hits the road and I get into hard-core action-planning mode, filling in my calendar and my To Do list for the month. 

By the end of the process, I have an intuitive plan for manifesting my goals and dreams within the next month. Super powerful! 

Bonus Tip: Amplify Your Manifestation Super-Powers with the Lunar Cycles  

If you want to give an extra boost to your intuitive planning, then align it with the lunar cycles. On the new moon, set your goals and intentions and then start manifesting! And on the full moon, review your achievements and release anything that is no longer serving you. 

I’m starting to align my monthly business planning days with the lunar cycles so I can get even bigger results. Maybe this is something you consider too?! 

Start Planning Your Month with Tarot! 

I love planning AND Tarot so much that I created a special FREE printable – The Monthly Tarot Planner. 

Use this simple monthly planner to connect with your Higher Self, set your goals and intentions and manifest your dreams, all with Tarot (and your intuition) as a guide. 

Download the PDF, print it out and every month you can tap into this huge power source that is your intuition to manifest your goals. 

>>Download the Free PDF: Planner Printable



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