Below, you’ll find my recommendations for Tarot books, decks, blogs, online resources and communities. Whether you’re a Tarot beginner or a Tarot expert, these resources are bound to provide you with rich and comprehensive information to fuel your Tarot passions. Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links (such as the Tarot book and deck recommendations) and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. If you do make a purchase, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

10 Recommended Tarot Books

Tarot card meanings The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings by Brigit Esselmont – Everything you need to know about interpreting the Tarot cards Tarot Foundations Tarot Foundations: 31 Days to Read Tarot with Confidence by Brigit Esselmont – A 31-day learning program to make learning Tarot easy. Read like a professional in no time!
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachael Pollack – A beautiful book with a focus on the spiritual lessons of the Tarot cards Tarot For Yourself Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer – An excellent workbook format to help you learn Tarot
21-ways-to-read-a-tarot-card 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary Greer – Hands-on exercises with the Tarot cards easiest-way-to-learn-tarot-ever The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot – Ever!! by Dusty White – A hands-on learning program to get you reading the Tarot quickly.
Learning the Tarot Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning – Great beginners’ guide to the Tarot Tarot Diva Tarot Diva by Sasha Graham – Finally! Tarot meets chic! I love how Sasha had modernised the Tarot and made it much more relevant for younger generations
Tarot Wisdom Tarot Wisdom by Rachael Pollack – Perfect for the more experienced Tarot reader with in-depth explanations into the spiritual meanings of the cards Understanding the Tarot Court Understanding the Tarot Court by Mary Greer and Tom Little – I love the “Special Topics in Tarot” series. This one on the Court Cards is especially helpful given the Court Cards are often the most difficult to interpret

10 Recommended Tarot Decks

Original Rider Waite deck Original Rider Waite – One of the most popular decks used Radiant Rider Waite Radiant Rider Waite – A brightly coloured version of the Rider Waite deck. This is the deck that is featured on the website.
Rider Waite Rider-Waite – Another popular version of this deck gaian-tarot-deck Gaian Tarot – I LOVE working with this beautiful, healing Tarot deck. HIGHLY recommended.
Thoth Tarot Deck Aleister Crowley Thoth – A dark and complex Tarot deck filled with symbolism Osho Zen Tarot Deck Osho Zen – Underpinned by Zen philosophies of understanding the ‘here and now’ to determine the future path
universal-tarot-marseille-deck Universal Tarot de Marseille – This is one of the original Tarot decks and is loved by many Tarot masters. Note, though, the Minor Arcana are not illustrated so it is sometimes considered a more advanced deck. Wildwood Tarot Wildwood Tarot – A fantasy Tarot deck based on the forest archetypes
Robin Wood Robin Wood – A popular alternative to the Rider Waite deck Enchanted Tarot Enchanted Tarot – A magical deck based on fantasy and fairytale

10 Recommended Tarot Blogs

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1. Biddy Tarot Blog – OK I am completely biased, but in case you haven’t found it, I would recommend my own Tarot blog with regular posts on reading Tarot, the business of Tarot, Tarot card meanings, book reviews and more.

2. Mary K Greer’s Blog – Blog for the world famous Mary K Greer.

3. Circle Ways – James Wells is a talented Tarot consultant and works a lot with Tarot circles – “collaborative conversations with Life’s wise whispers”. His blog is a beautiful reflection of his genuine, authentic and gentle style.

4. That’s Totally Tarot – This is a great, modern Tarot blog by Angelo Nasios. Angelo is one of the ‘new breed’ of Tarot enthusiasts, bringing a  refreshing perspective to the Tarot. His blog includes reading techniques, the latest Tarot news and Tarot book reviews. Also check out his cool YouTube Channel.

5. Tarot Elements – A well-designed and comprehensive Tarot blog with tips on Tarot reading, spreads, card meanings and more. The blog isn’t ‘active’ at the moment, but make your way through previous posts and you’ll learn a huge amount.

6. Sparrow Tarot – Shelley is an ‘up-and-coming’ Tarot blogger and has some excellent posts on choice-centered Tarot and how to use Tarot in everyday life. She’s one to watch!

7. 78 Notes to Self – Ginny Hunt provides personal interpretations of the tarot cards using a journaling technique

8. Tarot Eon Blog – Tarot blog on how to read tarot cards, the Four Elements, Philosophy and Tarot, History and Tarot, Interviews with Taroists, Occultists and Philosophers. Again, not an active blog, but the existing content is amazingly good.

9. Bonnie Cehovet’s Blog – Regular Tarot blog including Birth Cards, astrological associations, Tarot events and more.

10. Practical Blog – Tarot blog for Barbara Moore, Tarot author, reader and expert

10 Recommended Tarot Websites

1. Aeclectic Tarot – One of the best online Tarot resources available. Aeclectic Tarot features Tarot book and deck reviews, Tarot card meanings, and Tarot eBooks

2. BiddyTarot’s Tarot Card Meanings – Excellent resource for exploring the Tarot card meanings, with upright and reversed interpretations

3. Learning The Tarot – This is one of the most comprehensive Tarot sites that you will find on the Internet. It is based around the Rider-Waite deck and includes detailed meanings for all the cards, both Major and Minor Arcana, self-taught lessons on understanding the Tarot, nearly one hundred different spreads, and the opportunity to purchase her books. This was my first site that I visited, so I would thoroughly recommend a visit, especially for beginners.

4. Tarotpedia – The Online Encyclopedia of Tarot. A community contributed encyclopedia dedicated to all things Tarot related.

5. American Tarot Association’s Tarot Card Meanings – Helpful resource for discovering the Tarot card meanings

6. Tarot Guild – The Tarot Guild offer Tarot classes, a blog, radio and Tarot readings. The Tarot Guild represents a large community of Tarot enthusiasts and experts.

7. Raven’s Tarot Site – Vast amounts of information on card meanings and numbers, Tarot spells, and many other areas.

8. Super Tarot – A simple yet informative and friendly site with lessons on reading tarot, using astrology in tarot, articles on Frieda Harris and Dion Fortune.

9. Tarot Teachings – A helpful site with Tarot symbolism, card meanings and more.

10. The Tarot School – I would highly recommend this website to those wanting to learn more about the Tarot. You can subscribe to regular emails which have great Tarot topics, join a class or learn online.

10 Recommended Tarot Communities and Associations

1. Aeclectic’s Tarot Forum – An excellent resource, this Tarot forum consists of hundreds of members and provides a fantastic forum for all of your Tarot questions.

2. Yahoo! Groups – If you are eager to learn about the Tarot or would like to communicate with others who have similar interests, emailing lists are fantastic sources of information! One of the best places to start is at Yahoo! Groups. Simply run a search for Tarot and find a list which suits you!

3. Meetup Groups – If you prefer to connect with other Tarot enthusiasts face-to-face, check out your local Tarot Meetup group. Simply search for “Tarot” within your local area

4. American Tarot Association – The American Tarot Association offer Tarot courses and numerous seminars and gatherings across America.

5. Tarot Canada – Connect with other Canadian Tarot enthusiasts

6. Tarot Guild – Online Tarot membership community jam packed with teleclasses, discussion forums, blogs and heaps of members with a love for Tarot.

7. Association for Tarot Studies – An international Tarot association registered in Melbourne, Australia. The Association for Tarot Studies organises various Tarot events locally.

8. Tarot Aotearoa – Tarot association based in New Zealand.

9. Tarot Association of the British Isles – British-based Tarot organisation.

10. Tarot India – India-based Tarot network with Tarot courses available.

3 Recommended Free Tarot Reading Sites

1. Free Tarot Readings by the Biddy Tarot Network – If you are looking for a free Tarot reading by a real person (as opposed to a computer-generated reading), visit my blog post where a number of Tarot students are offering free Tarot readings in exchange for feedback.

2. Free Tarot Network – The Free Tarot Network is supported by the American Tarot Association. Readers are Tarot students, mentored by more experienced Tarot readers.

3. Phuture Me Free Tarot Readings – Select your own cards and Tarot spread for a computer-generated reading and detailed Tarot card meanings.