Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams – Today

  • Want more structure in your day?
  • Going through a spiritual awakening?
  • Want to be and feel rich in every part of your life?

What if you had a trusted guide to tell you exactly what to do to manifest your goal?

Meet the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, your best guides to manifesting your goals and dreams.

Soul Meditations is an intuitive, guided tour of the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana cards, with one goal: showing you how to manifest anything you want in life, directly and intuitively.

Manifest your goals and dreams with these simple yet powerful Tarot meditations

Here’s the deal. Anyone can shuffle a deck, pick a card, and look up its meaning in a book.

But the truth is, that’s just scratching the surface of how you can use Tarot to improve your life, and the lives of people you care about!

Most people make reading Tarot way too complicated.

They think they have to memorise all the cards. They think they have to learn pages and pages of images, symbols, and meanings.

But the truth is, the best way to work with the wisdom of the Tarot is also the simplest.

One desire, one goal, one dream at a time.

Looking for more structure in your life? Meditate with the Emperor.

Going through a spiritual awakening? Meditate with the Judgment card.

Want to develop your intuition? Meditate with the High Priestess.

See, for every goal, desire, or dream you have for your life, there’s a Major Arcana card with the wisdom to guide you on your journey to receive it.

All you need to do is spend 20 minutes a day connecting with that card, and listening to the wisdom it has for you.

That’s what Soul Meditations is all about!

Here's how Soul Meditations is helping these people…

“I've been amazed at how personal each meditation experience is for me”

Brigit’s program, Soul Meditations, is truly ground-breaking. The guided meditations open you to the energy of the cards, while the keywords and workbook reflections enable you to ground the insights you gain from the meditations in the here and now of your everyday life. You have given us a way to consciously embark on a soul journey through the Major Arcana – an amazing and rewarding way to experience the wisdom of the Tarot.

Mari Saint-Pierre

“The Majors have become a personal experience not just a couple of key words!”

Being able to walk in the shoes of The Fool was liberating. I felt like a child again where curiosity and invincibility rule. The insight I gained was that I am focusing on the ”gaps” in my life and not where I want to be. I must learn to focus on what I do want and not what I don't want. What a beautiful reminder! The Majors have become a personal experience not just a couple of key words.

Jacki Potter

“I feel like I am taking a mini vacation with my Higher Self & my Tarot cards!”

I simply cannot say enough good things about the Soul Meditations program! I was able to experience the cards in such a uniquely intimate and meaningful way. Working through the guidebook and meditations has helped me form a deeper relationship with the major arcana cards. The guidebook is jam packed with card meanings, journaling prompts and exercises that helped me reach new levels of self discovery. Every time I return to the Soul Meditations program, I feel like I am taking a mini vacation with my Higher Self and my Tarot cards – its a very delicious, trippy experience, indeed.


YES! I want to manifest my goals and dreams with Tarot!

Hook me up with Soul Meditations now!

Hold up – why Meditation?

When I was preparing to give birth to my daughter, I was scared out of my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Can I call this off?”

Then, using deep relaxation, focused breathing, positive affirmations and guided imagery techniques for the weeks leading up to her birth, I was able to shift my mindset.

In a relatively short time, I went from feeling freaked about the upcoming birth to being seriously excited about it. Not only did I gain confidence—I manifested the joyful birth I’d always wanted! All by using the transformative power of guided meditation.

See, when we do subtle inner work, it has an outer result. And the best way to connect with our inner wisdom is when we get into a relaxed, open, and trusting state. That’s what meditation is all about.

“The meditations engage the deep self!”

Depth and delight await those of you who participate in Brigit’s Soul Meditations programme. The guidebook’s clear and invitational instructions, inspiring quotes, and reflective activities will enliven the mind while the recorded meditations will engage the Deep Self with relaxing spoken word and soothing music. This refreshing and empowering series is a welcome addition to the tarot community’s repertoire of helpful processes. Recommended!

James Wells

“I went to another world!”

It just blew me away. I went to another world. I loved the way the Soul Meditations Guidebook anchored the experience into conscious apprehension and made me think about how to apply what I had learned.



Wow. These soul meditations ooze a sense of authenticity. You can just tell that they’ve been created by someone who is an expert and someone who is truly devoted to the art of Tarot.

Christopher Clarke

Why Tarot?

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana communicate powerful archetypes that we can draw upon throughout our journey in life. That’s what they were designed to do!

Best of all, whether you are a seasoned Tarot reader or a stone cold beginner, you still get plenty of actionable wisdom just from looking at the Lovers, the Sun, or the Hanged One. That’s because Tarot imagery is actually designed to be so simple that anyone can access it… we just have to slow down enough to pay attention and connect with the wisdom of a specific card.

This is what I will show you how to do in the Soul Meditations program… it’s simple, it’s gentle and it can change your life for the better!

Soul Meditations is a beautiful progressive journey that took me to places I have not been before.

– MICHAELA, Life and Tarot Coach –

What’s Included in Soul Meditations?

The complete experience includes:

  • 22 x 20-minute guided meditations with visualisations in downloadable MP3 format (so you can listen from your computer, your phone, any time and anywhere). That’s over 7 hours of guided meditations on the Tarot!
  • 150+ page Soul Meditations Guidebook


  • 40-minute Fool’s Journey meditation + guidebook
  • 22 Creative Ways to Connect with the Major Arcana

Need to Know More?

If you’re getting that this isn’t just another Tarot course, you’re right on. This isn’t about memorising card meanings or even remembering what a card means. It’s about going straight to your inner wisdom and discovering what messages are there for you.

Here’s a deeper dive into what you’ll receive:

22 x 20-minute guided meditations for you to listen to at home or from anywhere

You’ll get over 7 hours of guided meditations and visualisations to take you through each of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

For each Major Arcana card, I’ll lead you through a deep relaxation process that will bring you closer to your subconscious mind. Once there, we’ll explore the imagery of the Major Arcana and unlock the true wisdom of these deeply symbolic, spiritual cards.

Once a meditation is complete, you’ll take the insights from your meditation to guide you as you manifest your desires and goals.


This 155-page PDF Guidebook is where you’ll learn to fully integrate your intuitive experiences in your every day life.

For each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, you’ll find:

  • In-depth card meanings, so you can learn from keywords and insightful, symbolic descriptions.
  • Journaling prompts to record and explore your personal experiences with the meditations.
  • Thought-provoking self-reflection questions for you to connect with the energy of each card and take your reflections and writing to a deeper level.
  • A creative activity so you can practice embodying the card’s lessons.
  • A soulful affirmation for you to continue to manifest positive change.
  • Inspiring quotes to support your spirit.

Your Bonus Materials

It’s easy to stay motivated and passionate as you manifest your goals with the tools I’ve provided you in this one-of-a-kind program. But the learning doesn’t stop there. I’ve also put together some bonus material for you to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom. Check it out:

Bonus #1: The Fool’s Journey – Meditation + Guidebook

In this 45 minute guided meditation, you will be lead by the Fool to explore each and every Major Arcana card. You'll also receive an accompanying PDF guidebook to embed this journey. This is a truly a profound and unique experience to bring you even closer to these cards.

Bonus #2: 22 Creative Ways to Connect with the Major Arcana

Prefer to do things freestyle? This PDF guide gives you a variety of quick-and-easy practices for exploring the Tarot Majors. They’re fun, practical and simple enough to do as part of your morning spiritual practice.


Available for immediate download, start developing your authentic connection with the Tarot today.

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What Will Happen After You Purchase Soul Meditations?

You’ll be directed to make a secure payment with PayPal or your credit card. It’s 100% safe and secure! After your payment, you’ll receive an email with all the juicy details on how to access your Soul Meditations materials online. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be manifesting your goals and dreams in no time! If you can’t find the email, check your Junk Mail or Promotions folder or contact the Biddy Tarot team.

Try SOUL MEDITATIONS for 14 days … 100% risk free

I want to give you the best opportunity to build a personal and intuitive connection with the cards and manifest your goals and dreams. That’s why I’m inviting you to test-drive Soul Meditations for 14 days. If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money. (But, you will lose access to all the course materials.)

What are you waiting for?

Download Soul Meditations now and experience firsthand the truth that all the answers you seek about life’s persistent questions are already within you:

Yes, Brigit!,

I’m done with waiting – let’s get manifesting!

Common Questions About
Soul Meditations

Do I have to know how to read Tarot to benefit from Soul Meditations?

No. Whether you know how to read Tarot or not, you will benefit from the deep, soulful meditations contained within this audio program. Each meditation is fully guided and you will receive an accompanying Guidebook with the cards' images and descriptions inside. So you don't need to know a thing about Tarot – you'll still get oodles of soulful goodness to guide you as you manifest your goals and dreams!

How do I know if the Soul Meditations program is for me?

If you’re seeking a deeper connection with your spirit, your soul, your Higher Self, your intuition – whatever you want to call it – Soul Meditations is for you. This is a deep and profound program designed to lead you through your innermost mind, using the Tarot cards as a guide. Not only will you form a personal connection with the Tarot cards, you’ll reconnect with your soul’s purpose, your inner psyche and your infinite potential. I’ve included everything you’ll need for this soulful journey.

I struggle to sit still or stay relaxed. Will I really benefit from the meditations?

Many soul seekers have written to me saying that they’ve found meditation and relaxation difficult in the past. Yet when they listened to me leading them through the guided meditations, they felt more relaxed than they’d ever felt before. Meditation also takes time and practice. If you make it through the first 5 minutes without getting distracted – great! Aim for 6 minutes the next time. Be kind to yourself. And remember, our minds are created to be constantly active, so it’s very normal for thoughts to continue to come into your mind. Just very gently allow them to flow away. You’ll still be benefiting from the meditation.

ything you’ll need for this soulful journey.

How do you accept payment? Do I need a PayPal account?

I accept PayPal and credit card so that you can purchase with confidence and security. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay – you can simply pay with your credit card.

How do I access all of the materials?

After processing your payment, you’ll be emailed access details.

If you have purchased the complete audio program, the email will supply a username and login and you will download the materials online at Biddy Tarot Programs.

If you have purchased a single audio, the email will supply the direct download of the single audio and guidebook.

Do I have to be online to listen to the meditations?

All of the Soul Meditations materials are available online and offline. So, you don’t have to be online to listen to the meditations. You can download the MP3 files to your computer, iPod or your MP3 player. You can also download the PDF Guidebook to your computer so that you can print it or fill it in and save it offline.

Do I need an MP3 Player to listen to the meditations?

No – you can download the meditations to your computer or phone and listen to them using Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can also burn the MP3 files to CD if you prefer to listen to them on a CD player.

Do I need to know how to read the Tarot cards to benefit from this?

Not at all! That’s the beauty of the Soul Meditations program. Anyone can benefit from these powerful meditations and activities. Even if you’ve never seen a Tarot card before in your life, the process that you engage in throughout the meditation will ensure that you will still be able to explore the imagery of the card. And if you’re a seasoned Tarot expert, you’ll also get a huge amount of value from spending some very personal time with the cards.

What happens if I fall asleep during a meditation?

That’s OK. It happens! If it does, you’ll still experience the meditation and absorb the messages. However, I do recommend choosing a different time of the day, when you’re more awake and alert, and ensuring that you’re in a seated position, rather than lying down.

What support do you provide as part of the program?

If you need technical support, we’re only an email away. Contact my team via the contact form on the Soul Meditations Gateway or on Biddy Tarot.

Bottom Line: Life’s too short to wait for the life you want. It’s time you create it.

At the end of the day, the only person with the power to create changes in your life is… you.

And that is a wonderful thing. (Even though it may seem like a tall order… or make you wish you stayed in bed with the covers over your head!)

It means that whatever you dream of in life… whether it’s a life rich in love… rich in money… rich in community… rich in adventures, health, or possibility… is only one 20 minute meditation away.

So I only have one question for you: Got 20 minutes?

Yes, Brigit! I’m with you – let’s manifest the life of my dreams with the Major Arcana as my guide. I’m in!