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10 Tarot Decks to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

By December 8, 2016 October 11th, 2021

fb-blog-20161208-10-tarot-decks-holiday-wish-listThe Holiday Season is upon us! And what better time to gift or receive a new Tarot deck?

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, working on your own wish list, or giving a gift to yourself, here are my top 10 Tarot decks to add to your Holiday wish list.

1. The Fountain Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo Credit: Fountain Tarot

This Tarot deck was love at first sight for me.

Published by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro, The Fountain Tarot is a 79-card modern revision of the classic Rider-Waite system. This deck infuses popular culture, sacred geometry, deep spirituality, and art into a dreamy masterpiece!

Each Tarot card was designed by Andi Todaro based on Jonathan Saiz’ original oil paintings. Jason Gruhl’s written interpretations of the cards are just beautiful – and I love how thick and sturdy the guidebook is. Every detail of this Tarot deck is beautifully designed, especially the gilded edges and cosmic-looking packaging.

2. The Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

Kim Krans’ beautifully illustrated and wildly popular Tarot deck has taken the world by storm. I typically can’t get through an Instagram scroll without seeing several beautiful pictures of spreads using this deck. In a short period of time, The Wild Unknown has become one of the most popular Tarot decks ever – and is helping to take Tarot into the mainstream. It’s even selling in Urban Outfitters in the United States! If you don’t have your hands on this deck yet, Kim Krans launched a special keepsake box set on November 8.

3. The Starchild Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

Danielle Noel’s self-published deck, The Starchild Tarot, is another Instagram favourite. This hip and cosmic deck has a ‘mixed-media’ feel to the art, and is based on the themes of self-healing, spirituality, the ancient world, and sacred geometry. The artist designed each of the images intuitively with the aim that the deck would be used for meditation, self-reflection, and transformation.

Danielle Noel recently released an Akashic Records edition of this deck.

4. Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

This isn’t a Tarot deck, but it’s incredible all the same, and I had to include it because I’m a fan of everything Alana Fairchild does!

Like the name suggests, this deck is for the rebels – the ones who want to march to the beat of their own drummer and live unique and inspiring lives. It encourages us to celebrate our individuality and to be fully alive.

Every time I work with this 44-card Oracle deck, I feel like I receive a healing. The guidebook is one of the most robust out there and the guidance is clearly inspired by Spirit.

I recently had Alana Fairchild on the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Check out the episode –  BTP49: The Divine Magic of Tarot and Oracle Cards with Alana Fairchild.

5. The Wooden Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

If you’re a nature-lover, then you’ll adore AL Swartz’ Wooden Tarot deck. This earthy, woodsy deck celebrates the sacred outdoors in all of its perfect and imperfect glory. Animals replace human figures in all the cards – and it even includes a Happy Squirrel card!

In signature style, AL Swartz does not include a companion book with this deck. Instead, it is up to the reader to use their intuition to interpret the cards. It follows the traditional Rider-Wait system, but renames the suits of the Minor Arcana:

  • Stones (Wands/Fire)
  • Bones (Pentacles/Earth)
  • Blooms (Cups/Water)
  • Plumes (Swords/Air)

6. The Linestrider Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

Siolo Thompson’s Linestrider Tarot was originally released on IndieGoGo but was recently picked up by Llewellyn. The deck is quite literally inspired by Linestriders – beings who dance on the edge of two worlds – magic and logic, the spiritual and the physical, animal and human, conscious and unconscious.

This deck is detailed but minimalist with vibrant colour and rich symbolism.

7. Shadowscapes Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

Stephanie Piu-Mun Law’s Shadowscapes Tarot deck is wildly popular, and for good reason. This fine-art deck features watercolour images in a detailed but dreamy style that combines Asian, Celtic and fantasy influences. The art is based on symbols from folklore, myths, and fairy tales. Award-winning Tarot expert Barbara Moore wrote the companion book.

8. Prisma Visions Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

James R. Eads’ Prisma Visions Tarot is a stunning 79- card full-colour deck illustrated in an impressionistic, surreal style.

This Tarot deck gets brownie points for its uniqueness. It combines both borderless (minor arcana) and bordered (major arcana) cards – and each suit can be lined up to create a single, panoramic image.

9. Ceccoli Tarot Deck

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Photo credit:

Nicoletta Ceccoli’s surrealist Tarot deck harmonises light and shade. The artwork is eerily innocent – perhaps almost creepy, in the best way possible. The symbolism is enchanting, captivating, and provides a layer of complexity and depth to Tarot readings.

10. Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

Tarot Decks Holiday Wish List

Call me boring, but the Radiant Rider-Waite will always be my favorite Tarot deck. I am a practical Taurus, after all!

I worked almost exclusively with this deck until just a couple of years ago. I love how classic it is – and the Radiant version is so colourful and vibrant. It’s my favorite deck for beginners because most Tarot instruction is based on the Rider-Waite system. And I find that Tarot veterans just keep coming back to it.

Well, there you have it. Do you have any of these Tarot decks on your Holiday wish list? Leave us a comment below to let us know which decks you’re coveting.

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