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Tarot Circle: Will He Return to Me?

By March 9, 2012Tarot Circle

This week, Eleanor from the US has sent in a Celtic Cross reading for our Tarot Circle interpretation.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

Eleanor asks, “Will my former lover return?”

Eleanor’s Tarot Reading

Eleanor used the Celtic Cross Tarot spread and drew the following Tarot cards.

Significator/Present – Magician

Crossing Card – Temperance

Above – Seven of Wands

Below – Queen of Pentacles reversed

Recent Past – Two of Pentacles

Near Future – Four of Wands

Advice – Knight of Pentacles

External Influences – Ace of Pentacles reversed

Hopes and Fears – Queen of Wands

Outcome – Strength reversed

Eleanor’s Interpretation of Her Tarot Reading

Eleanor included her own interpretation of the reading.

“The reading has many Major Arcana cards so I am going through major events that can change my life.

“The reading also has many pentacles so the reading addresses material things, conflicts, financial matters and career. Funny/odd, because the question I asked, “Will he return?”, is usually an emotional question.

“There are no Swords or Cups in the reading. I am sure that has a meaning but I am not sure what.

“I am assuming that the near future and outcome should indicate what is going to happen. The Four of Wands indicates the celebrations of a couple and the reversed Strength card indicates a set back and the loss of who I am. What came to me was he would return (The Four of Wands) but in the end I would learn that he was not for me (The Queen of Wands) and I would once again spin in grief (The reversed Strength card) with our parting.”

My Interpretation of Eleanor’s Tarot Reading

Eleanor has done a great job at interpreting her reading. As she noted, there are a number of Major Arcana cards (three out of ten) which reflects the karmic nature of this situation. There is an important life lesson to be learned here.

Eleanor also notes that there are no Cups or Swords cards in what was initially an emotional question – will he return? To me, this indicates a lack of emotion and also a lack of true engagement or action. The number of Pentacles cards in this reading is high, as is the number of Court cards, which makes me wonder if there are other practicalities involving other people that are getting in the way.

I think this is where my interpretation diverts somewhat from Eleanor’s. (Please note, while my interpretation is different, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is right or wrong. It is simply another perspective to consider.)

I get the feeling that there is another woman involved and it is possible that their relationship is becoming increasingly better and more committed as time passes. I see the Four of Wands as a possibility for him getting married to someone else. The Seven of Wands indicates competition and rivalry. And the reversed Ace of Pentacles suggests that this is not the right timing at all for initiating a reunion with him.

knight_pentacles celtic crossThe Knight of Pentacles advises a slow and steady path, yet the crossing card, Temperance, indicates that Eleanor is by no means prepared to go slow! She is getting quite restless and impatient and may be inclined to make a move even though she knows the timing isn’t right.

I am just worried that with the Strength reversed card, Eleanor is going to end up feeling quite hurt out of this and she may not get the outcome she wants. Patience is key and it is important that she takes into account the external environment to assess whether this is the right timing or not.


Overall, my advice to Eleanor would be to sit tight and not do anything too ‘out there’ at the moment. I think there are other factors involved at the moment that mean that her former lover is not available. She risks getting hurt and upset, particularly if she invests a lot of herself into reconnecting with him when he is not available for the type of relationship she wants.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Eleanor?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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  • Jennifer says:

    Just with a first glance of the cards, I would guess that the reason for this break is because of work, schooling, or just overall career situation of one or both parties. I feel that particularly for him this is the case. Is he in between jobs? Is he starting a new job? Did he break up with you because he was struggling to find a balance between his relationships and the demands of his current work schedule? I feel like this is the case here. I also feel that his hope is to create a good and stable career for himself so that he can be with you and find some balance in his life. That seems to be the biggest obstacle here and the cause for all of the problems in this relationship: a struggle to find balance in his life. I don’t think its really anything against you, but really just a matter of him sorting out his own life… which is something that you cannot do for him nor help him with. You just have to be patient and allow him to figure it out on his own.

    I see that he does certainly want to be with you… and in the near future, he is going to be very dedicated and put forth the work needed so that he can find time with you. This will result in a happy “together again” period for the two of you.

    However, I’m also seeing a few other cards here that are going to cause this period to be rather short-lived, unfortunately. The Knight of Pentacles is one in particular that is standing out to me and making me question: Are you trying to intervene and help him with this so you two can be together? I feel like this may be the case with this card… its like you’re trying to fix the problem for him because you simply want this period to be over and be done and over with so you two can be happy. You’re rather impatient in this regard, and I feel that its more emotional based… (as Biddy said) I see this confirmed in the Temperance card.

    However, it seems that he won’t quite get his career and life as stabilized as he wishes it would be and this will cause the relationship to collapse again after this period of “togetherness”.

    Overall, it looks to me that you both want the same things… but you just have to be accepting of the situation for what it is and allow him to learn and grow with his own options rather than try to take them over and fix them as if they were you own at this point in time. If you let your impatience get the best of you, then this cycle of imbalance in his life will just continue to emerge.

  • patricia says:

    I am pressed for time since I need to leave for work soon; however going over the cards, my intuition tells me that there will be a brief reconciliation only to break up again…for good. It is nothing Eleanor did or didn’t do, this fellow feels inferior because of some the money problems that he has. Deep down, he doesn’t feel that he is worth Eleanor’s affections or a relationship with her. He feels inadequate. And even though Eleanor has a surface cool, this fellow has been causing an emotional roller-coast ride for her. Time to get off. Eleanor, the universe has someone else, even better, lined up for you. Good luck!

  • Aasheesh Kumar says:

    Outcome card of reversed Strength card holds the clue.Doesn’t look very positive. However combination of Four Of Wands,and Knight Of Pentacles is an indication that something better is on the horizon.Just stick to conservative approach,without expecting a moon,and you will get the right partner. All the best .

  • Conrad says:

    Hello Eleanor,

    From what I see, you have a lot going for you and you should be confident in yourself in this situation no matter what anyone else thinks or does. You should feel good about you.

    I see you and the man you love on friendly terms and at peace with one another. This is something to be very thankful for.

    I see there may be another woman he is involved with at this time. The man you care about needs to explore this other option in a woman. You should ask yourself, why? I know this is easier said than done, but you must remain cool and confident in yourself at this transitional point in time. You now have competition and you will need to show this man your best. This may very well mean backing off for a time to let him follow his heart, but I would personally not allow too much time for this man to become too involved with this other woman before moving on in another direction with your own life.

    The Magician tells me that you have God given skills which you can use to your advantage, and the higher powers are favorable as the angel in the Temperance card is working behind the scenes to bring a harmonious balance to all people around you in this situation. In other words, “Good vibes”!

    The Ace of Coins (Reversed) may indicate jealousy. This emotion of jealousy can be considered an enemy from within and will work against you and may upset that harmonious balance. Jealousy is a negative force that you must eliminate! Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Be thankful for who you are and always show your best. I believe that PATIENCE is the most important thing you must remember in your situation now, and at all times in the future for that matter. Remember, the person you need to have the most patience with is yourself.

    I feel I need to stress to you that you could quite easily become your own worse enemy in this situation if you let jealousy get the better of you and you become pushy with this man. This would probably drive him away and accomplish the opposite results of what you would want. Jealousy might also destroy any kind of friendship with this man you might now have and leave you with nothing but unpleasant memories and regrets.

    This brings us to The Knight of Coins. True love shows patience and a willingness to endure any rough spots that present themselves in a relationship, or a friendship. This is also a time for a reality check! True love is unselfish and will allow the other person their space to grow and to find what is best for them, and to possibly learn from making their own mistakes. This is also a time for you to learn.

    No matter what anyone else does, consider this a good opportunity to grow and to show that you have the love, kindness, patience, and understanding that this man, other people, and you yourself would find attractive in you. If this other woman this man is now seeing becomes jealous of you and becomes the pushy one, she could very well push this man right back in your direction. This may be indicated in this other woman in The Queen of Coins (Reversed).

    The Queen of Wands tells me once again that you may hold a strong position in this situation, and then with the Strength card as the Outcome, also strikes me favorable. HOWEVER, with the Strength card (Reversed) indicates to me that things could go either way with this man, and the Strength card (Reversed) also should serve as a warning to you! It reminds you again to have patience like the Knight of Coins advises you to have in the “Advice” position!

    Another thing is that self doubt is not only unattractive, but will also inspire negative thinking and behavior in you which might drive your man away.

    I think that this would be a excellent time where you should do an honest thorough evaluation and assessment of your situation with this man, and to take an honest look at yourself. Is this man really going to work well in your life as a permanent lifelong partner? Are you the kind of woman this man would want as a permanent partner? Has this man ever before gone with other women and come back to you to fill his lonely nights? If so, I would think that you might not want to pursue a relationship with this man any further. Only you can decide this.

    Although it looks to me like there is a possibility of you and this man happily reuniting, much depends on what is truly in this man’s heart, as well as how you handle yourself. Be the best possible you that you can be and give it a little time. It shouldn’t take long before you have your answer.

    I wish you much peace and happiness!


  • Marianne Quintinio says:

    The most interesting card combination that I found in your reading is the Queen of Pentacles Reversed and the Queen of Wands. If the Queen of Pentacles had been upright, the card combination would have meant sincerity on friendship; since one of them is reversed, I think this may indicate jealousy not on love relationships, but on career. What does career have to do with your emotional question? I believe it has to do with everything (and this is reinforced by the fact that there are more Pentacles cards in your reading than cups cards.) See the Two of Pentacles in the Recent Past? This card has been the cause as to why the Temperance card appeared in the challenge position. Perhaps you two have been “juggling” your work/social life that lately both of you have become emotionally destabilized. The Knight of Pentacles appeared in the Advice position to reinforce the Temperance card; this card will remind you to take things slow and steady. (Of all the Knights in the Rider-Waite Deck, the Knight of Pentacles is the most meticulous of all. He seems to be a perfectionist at most times and would appreciate the learning process more than any outcome.) Returning to the two Queen card combination, I also believe that the Queen of Pentacles reversed represent your impractical side, while the Queen of Wands represent your determined attitude. There might have been conflicts in the past which were left unchecked and these has resulted to current struggles (Seven of Wands) which only you can resolve. As for the Strength reversed, I believe that there will be time for you to pull yourself back together again from being a Queen of Pentacles reversed. Because you have become a good leader (Queen of Wands), re-energize yourself from the struggles that you’ve fought (Seven of Wands). Always remember that the enthusiasm that you (the Queen of Wands) have within you needs to be checked (The Temperance) in order to operate at full capacity (The Magician).

    Have a nice relationship Eleanor,

    Marianne 🙂

  • Eleanor says:

    I have been on the road for several days so I have not been able to comment on the interpretations.

    There is another woman in the picture. I originally thought the Four of Wands was about our reunion, but I now think it is about a marriage/commitment to his current flame. If he contacts me and if we begin some kind of friendship (not even a relationship) again, I know that the other woman would sever any connection she had with him.

    And yes, there have been other woman in the past.

    I think his actions do not have to do with a loss of a job but his “struggle” to find balance in his life. I do think he feels inadequate and there is a lack of emotional attachment on his side. I have not had contact with this man for about a year. It has taken me a long time to pull myself together. I do miss the good times we had, but I do not have the stamina to ride the emotional roller-coaster again. Time to get off.

    I just got it – the stuff about no cups or swords in the reading. I am supposed to take emotions out of any decision concerning this man. The decision should be based on intellectual and practical matters only. I am to be patient with myself while staying in an intellectual stance and not slipping into my emotions.

    Because of the Reversed Strength card and the interpretations on the blog, this reading is a warning to me that the bad times can return – if I let it.

  • Ilham says:

    i would say that the conclusion of this is: that she needs to be more patient and not urging to control the situation, because, even if he showed up, she may not that ready to get along with him instantly for another chance.

  • ayu says:

    Hi guys,

    I am a novice at Tarot reading and I am amazed by how some of you can tell that there is another woman involved in this situation. Where can we tell it from besides the 4 of Wands? Sorry if my question sounds dumb? Hope someone will answer me on this!

    Thank you.

  • Conrad says:

    Hello Ayu,

    I felt there was another woman in this reading by the appearance of the two queens as well as the Seven of Wands, which would indicate someone competing for something or someone. The Two of Coins (Reversed) represent to me someone having a difficult time juggling people in relationships, and perhaps life itself, where allowing time for things to coordinate properly might be a bit challenging.

    As a hint, I recommend you explore Biddy’s website and read the descriptions of the Tarot cards and do some research. There are many good resources of knowledge available.

    No questions are dumb. That is one way we learn.

    Happy Tarot reading!


  • ayu says:

    Hi Conrad,

    Thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it! Still learning Tarot and hoping to at least be remotely accurate! lol.

    Have a good day 🙂

  • Christy says:

    My take-

    I think Eleanor wants to wave her magic wand, use all of her charm and skills, and get this man back (the magician). But I get the sense that things are cool emotionally (lack of cups) and that the situation or relationship has reached a balance or equilibrium (temperance). This (temperance) crosses Eleanor because it is not what she wants.

    She wants her man to come back fighting for her, leaving no doubt that he wants to be with her (seven of wands above).

    But unfortunately, I think Eleanor has gotten caught up in things. To me the Queen of Pents Rx shows that she isn’t grounded, maybe has neglected some parts of her life and/or stopped appreciating the little pleasures in life. Maybe that is because she has spent a lot of time and energy trying to make it work or trying to juggle, trying to figure him out, trying to weigh the pros and cons of the relationship, what went right, what went wrong- maybe a somewhat negative take on the traditionally positive two of pents.? But that has made her neglect other parts of herself. She’s so caught up in trying to figure it out or get him back, that she has lost touch with reality a little bit.

    But there is hope. To me, the four of wands in the future position means liberation and freedom from all of this weighing and back and forth, trying to figure him out, wondering if he is coming back or if he isn’t. She will get to that place soon.

    The way forward? To me, the Knight of Pentacles in the advice position is interesting in opposition to the Queen of Pents Rx. It’s almost like telling her to get grounded. Get out of the clouds and focus on living your life day-to-day. But also to be patient. The Knight of Pents is pretty stubborn right? And doesn’t lose sight of his goal. So, if once Eleanor is grounded again, she still wants him back. Maybe that’s okay. But she needs to be patient.

    I’m not sure what the outcome (Strength Rx) means in terms of whether or not he will come back. I almost feel like the bottom line is that she needs to let go of the outcome, rather than trying to cajole her man into coming back. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. And if it’s not, it won’t. I think that’s the approach that she must take.

    And unfortunately, it does seem like there is another woman involved, or at the very least, Eleanor fears that there is (Queen of Wands above). Again, I think this is why patience is neccesary. And Eleanor must let him decide what he wants and see how things play out.

  • paula says:

    a reading i have done for my friend she ask if her and a lost love will get together in a relationship spread i put both the king wands and queen of pentacles for them over them was the empress cross them was 4of swords across them and king of pentacles for in there pass below them and there near environment above them sun card outcome was the chariot all cards are up i need kinda a little help on seeing will he come back thanks blessing and love paula

    • Ila says:

      This is a little late. Paula, the Empress shines favorably upon relationship matters, showing a sincere wish for a stable relationship. The Empress is very nurturing. The Four of Swords represents a period of rest, which in a relationship means time of apart. The King of Pentacles in the past would indicate that 1) there was another man in the past or 2) the man in question was very focussed upon career in the past, to the extent that it interfered with the relationship. Also, it is possible that this man was more of a King of Pentacles, but now is more of a King of Wands–that he has changed. The Sun shines favorably among all matters as well. The Chariot is about taking two conflicting forces and learning to combine them together: logic and emotion, for example. It is a card of compromise. Based on these cards, I would say the outcome is dependant upon their ability to take their conflicting thoughts and emotions and focus them into harmony and their ability to compromise. I tend to have much better luck with these kinds of reads when I do NOT use significators, because then the cards can choose which court cards to show me–which helps in uncovering things like other love interests. Maybe the man needs to combine the King of Wands and the King of Pentacles, two different sides of himself, into one. I really think you will have better luck if you try the question without using a significator. The Chariot is a card of triumph, but we do not always triumph the way we expect.

  • glittergirl says:

    I’m feeling sad I thought I had a connection with the guy from work. I asked the cards whether he’s with someone else and I got the four of wands. Does this mean he’s going to settle down with another woman.

    I then asked if he was out of my life for good and I got the four of swords! Would you say its finished with him? I felt sad because he’s left work now and I will probably never see him again.

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