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Tarot Circle: Will He Ever Think About Me?

By November 25, 2011Tarot Circle

This week, Essie from Belgium has sent in her Celtic Cross reading for our Tarot Circle interpretation.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

Essie writes, “Will he ever think about me? I mean like having second thoughts or being regretful.”

Typically, if Essie had come to me as a client, I would suggest we rephrase or refocus the question before we did the reading. We can’t ask the cards exactly what someone else thinks because this creates an issue around privacy and may also lead to an inaccurate reading. So, I would suggest asking the Tarot, “What do I need to know about the future of this relationship?” or something similar that Essie would agree to.

I would also encourage Essie to choose a question that was more specific. Asking whether someone will think about you is a moot point. He might think about her, but is it in the way that you want?

Rephrasing is all very well and good IF the actual reading has not yet been conducted. However, given Essie has already laid out her Tarot spread, it is important we work with her initial question as she has channelled this intent through to her cards. Of course, we still need to be mindful of the ethical boundaries of a third party reading.

The Tarot Spread

Essie used the Celtic Cross spread (seems to be a very popular spread!!) and drew the following cards:

Significator – Tower

Crossing Card – Ace of Swords

Above – 4 of Swords

Below – 10 of Swords

Recent Past – 2 of Swords

Near Future – Ace of Pentacles

Advice – 7 of Wands

External Influences – 9 of Swords

Hopes and Fears – Wheel of Fortune

Outcome – Lovers

My Interpretation of Essie’s Tarot Reading

The first thing I notice is that there are a lot of Swords cards here. Swords are representative of the intellect, the mind and communication. Here, I get the feeling that the presence of Swords indicates that there are a lot of ‘cutting’ words that have been exchanged and a lot of pain inflicted. Emotions have been put to the side and Essie’s relationship with this man has become cold and insensitive.

The Tower reflects the significant impact that this situation has had on Essie. She is reeling from the sudden and abrupt ending or change that occurred. The crossing of the Ace of Swords indicates that she is struggling to see the truth of the matter or to gain clarity of what has happened. She wants the truth, but perhaps she is not getting it, causing even greater inner turmoil.

The Two of Swords reflects a recent impasse or stalemate, but with the Tower in the present, this has clearly passed, but much to Essie’s disappointment – not the result she wanted. In the near future though, the Ace of Pentacles highlights a new opportunity that has financial implications. Perhaps she will receive a sum of money or a gift as a result of what has happened (compensation?).

In her everyday life, she is trying to remain calm and at peace (Four of Swords) but beneath she is feeling incredibly betrayed and hurt (Ten of Swords). I also see the Four of Swords as an indication that there is little mental activity or communication occurring – i.e. he is not thinking of her.

The Seven of Wands indicates competition and standing up for herself in the face of adversity. She needs to be strong and protect herself from further hurt.

The Nine of Swords indicates others are hurting too and a lot of damage has been done. Perhaps this is also a sign that the man in question is regretful for what has happened, even if he is not willing to communicate it with Essie.

Essie has faith in the Universe and hopes that karma will deal with the betrayal that has occurred (Wheel of Fortune).

And, at the end of the day, the Lovers indicates that she will eventually be at peace with what has happened and will restore her faith in love. I am curious to know, though, if anyone sees this as a positive sign for the relationship with this man? What do you think?


Overall, I can feel the pain and hurt that Essie is feeling and can see how troubling this situation is for her. She is not alone, though, as the Nine of Swords reflects that others are hurting too. With the Wheel of Fortune, it is likely that karma will play its role and will help Essie to feel more at peace with the situation (Lovers).

I also feel that it is best for  Essie to focus her energy and attention on new opportunities rather than getting stuck in the past or with things that she cannot control. This will help her to feel more at peace and renew her faith in others.

Now, if we return to Essie’s question, it was “Will he ever think about me?” My feeling is that he is upset and concerned about what has happened, but he may be lying low for now and won’t be in touch. What is more important is that Essie focuses in on her own healing process, rather than worrying about what he is thinking.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Essie?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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  • Conrad says:

    To give a condensed version, I think they may be able to put the past behind them and may either have a chance at having a relationship together, or at least coming to friendly terms with one another. I like, and will pray for, a happy outcome for her.

  • Marianne Kristelle Quintinio says:

    Essies’s Celtic Cross Reading indicates that harsh words have been said and have already “sliced” through the people’s

    emotions. The presence of five swords in all directions is distubing; all around her, Essie is pressurized by this problem

    that she is encountering. I also noticed that there are no Cup Cards in the reading. This is a relationship reading; aren’t

    emotions as valuable as communication is between two people? There are only three major arcana cards on the reading

    as well; is it telling me that this issue could only be temporary and the guy could be also be thinking of Ellie? If not,

    does the Lovers’ placement on the outcome indicates affirmative? Is it telling Ellie that yes, he is still thinking about

    you but it will take movement and action from outside of her control (Wheel of Fortune)? Moreover, the Lovers card

    seems to indicate reconciliation will occur between them; however, it could also be possible that Essie will find peace in

    herself. The Wheel of Fortune may indicate that she has to be patient for things to take place; that she will soon settle

    inner conflict with herself (or conflict with the guy). I also noticed the placement of the Swords cards. First of all, there’s

    the Two of Swords in the past position going down to the Ace of Swords in the Crossing position. Essie’s indecisiveness

    came to a halt when clarity jumped to her out of the blue. She has come to a turning point (Tower) because of her

    indecisiveness (Two of Swords). Upon seeing clarity (Ace of Swords), she feels her disruptive issue crashing towars her

    humanity. Has she realized a horrible truth? Did she realized it late? Because of this, Essie came to a dead end (Ten of

    Swords). Ten of Swods indicated a man feeling “at bottom rock”. The placement of this card in the bottom may

    symbolize that this situation has been hellish. Moving up to the Four of Swords, I can tell that the guy is in moments of

    recuperation, solace, and solitude. I could tell that the guy is at his “resting place”, seeking and at peace at his secret

    haven. Upon realizing this truth, Essie c0uld also be looking for peace; she might as well need it after the earthquake of

    her curcumstances. The presence of the Ace of Pentacles is moreso of a mystery than an keyword to me. Will you be

    expecting some financial help from somebody? There are also two Aces in your reading which indicates trickery.

    Meanwhile, the two Ten cards indicates change; because there are more minor cards than there are Major, this may

    mean that this change will only be short-term. As for the man of the Seven of Wands, what is he doing there? Why have

    you been fighting against with? Were your expectations shattered that you persevere to defend something or seombody

    withing your grasp? People see you hurt, mistreated, and broken, as indicated by the Nine of Swords. The swords of this

    card extend beyond the picture. Because this card is placed on how others see you, the Nine of Swords may may mean

    they won’t even want to know what would happen in this dramatic moment of your life. The Wheel of Fortune

    emphasizes that this event has been shaking in your life and that you may be think as the person who says, “Whatever

    will be will be.” You may be tired of defending your precious treasures and others might see you as worn out for

    protecting it; you leave it up to fate. In the end, you will know that everything will be more than okay. Everything will

    be better as long as you let time take its course of action. Lady Fortune is already making a move; sure enough, you will

    be back in peace with yourself.

  • Aasheesh Kumar says:

    The Tower in current situation is indicative of sudden disruption of the relationship.Also i feel her partner is quite headstrong as given by Ace Of Swords.He may have been taken the initiative in calling it quits and been pretty straightforward about it.The parting too has been painful as reflected by energy of swords. However if you combine Tower,Ace Of Pentacles and Lovers, i feel a new and much more fulfilling relationship is in store for her in coming 3-4 months.So if she can be mentally strong and put past behind her,new doors are opening for her.It would be prudent for her to forget about him,as don’t see much future in it (4 of swords).Wish Essie all the best.

  • Elspeth says:

    Tower and Ace of Swords indicate a sudden change within/end to the situation as it was known. Immediate clarity as a result, but with pain involved (ten of swords). There is a healing opportunity in the stillness of meditation (four of swords). Turning inward and surrendering will help Essie to quiet a lot of the heavy mental activity (all of the swords) that is causing darkness/inner turmoil. In this stillness a new opportunity arises (Ace pentacles), giving her a new perspective on the situation and life in general. The advice is to not let the past taint new experiences; to not be reactive or defensive as a result of thoughts which arise during this time of healing, since perspective can be skewed when one is in pain. Allow the mind to rest. This is in direct contrast to the mental activity of the other (9 swords) who worries about what transpired but remains silent. Two two are going through “silence” of different natures, but for the same reason—-so that deep change can occur (Wheel of Fortune) without them getting in the way. By learning to still her mind, go within, focus on herself inwardly, Essie begins to develop a new relationship with herself (Lovers). From this position of inner balance (reflected in the balance of the 2 of swords), she will be poised to explore a new (reflected in Ace Pentacles), more profitable external relationship. The possibility that the new relationship may be a ‘new’ form of the former relationship is not certain, but the presence of the Wheel of Fortune suggests there are valuable lessons for both to gain from the experience. Whatever changes the man experiences (karmic) could put him in a position to relate with Essie on a new level.

  • soledad says:

    Essie he needs some time out to reflect on what has happened and realise his mistakes and you need to step back and focus on yourself and get your self esteem back. I think he will regret what he has done, I feel there has been a lot of verbal anger in the relationship and he will eventually calm down enough to see this and how much pain he has caused you. The thing is do you really want him back will it be the same or can things be different between you. For now maybe there is a new job or hobby you could throw your energy into to make yourself feel good again, then when he does come back you can be strong and lay down some ground rules!

  • Essie says:

    First of all,Thank you all for your comments and wishes as well.
    Hi Biddy,
    I am really impressed and i have to admit that all of them are true.

    He was also in pain from previous relation (9S) this was another reason for the “rejection”.
    Cutting words are so true as well .
    He is an Aquarious.This is another thing for ” a lot of Swords ” i am guessing.
    We are not in contact and i am not willing to make any forward step since i tried once in past.

    We had a great time together (mutually admitted) thats why i was so hurted and disappointed.

    I think my question was more like “will he be regretful about what he is done to me that day” .At this point, this all makes sense.
    I can see better now about opposing card “role”.

    Sound might be nontrue but i actually moved on.I really don’t care about if he is coming back or anything (this occured almost a year ago). but after all we shared how he could turn into that ( )We didnt insult but he acted,talked so cold and insentitive caused me to slapped him…and i left “friendly” his apartment but with tears in my eyes.
    i am in a happy relationship,get over with what happened
    i dont care if he comes back or anything anymore but i wish to “save ” my ego with a thinking or recalling gesture 🙂

    This was a great chance for me to understand better about CC and Aces.

  • Essie says:

    Another note,i forgot to mention. As Marienne pointed about “Trickery” I always thought that another person we both know caused him to act this way.He (Yes,he) also liked him a lot and they were more in contact than i had w/him.

  • Maureen says:

    A Quick Summary – This breakup in the relationship came unexpectedly to Essie, she did not see it coming. She had been blind to what had been happening. It is a challenge for Essie to think about being cut from “His” life but in the future something good will manifest itself. Maybe her health will improve because of it. Both parties realize deep down that there is no life left in the relationship and are taking time out to recover. Essie is advised not to let “the Man” or the situation, take away her enthusiasm, motivation, power, growth and vibrancy for life. It appears that Essie is deeply depressed about the situation. She hopes and maybe even fears the turning of Wheel of Fortune, as she is not sure she wants what it might bring … a new Love -The Lovers.

    I know Essie asked the question “Will he ever think about me? I mean like having second thoughts or being regretful.” But it appears to me, the Tarot Cards are showing Essie that her inner self wants her to know that although she may think now she wants “Him” to think about her, what she truly needs to know is that the Wheel of Fortune will turn around and, she will in time, be blessed with a new love!

  • patricia darrow says:

    Hi Essie,
    Of course the Tower card as the first card represents the sudden breakup of the relationship. The Ace of Swords crossing over it, tells me that you have both the courage to get through your emotional pain, and the ability to logically analyze it. The 10 of Swords as the foundation tells me that this guy had no backbone ultimately and he was not the guy for you. The 2 of Swords tells me that you, at times, were in denial and may have been hoping that he would change his mind and return to you. The 4 of Swords represents the healthy healing that you are experiencing as well as the lesson. The Ace of Pentacles represents the new beginning of a solid relationship coming up for you in the near future. The 7 of Wands represents again your courage, strength and ability to keep your head above the water and realize that there are “other fish out in the sea”. The 9 of Swords could have represented you dreaming about his return. The Wheel of Fortune represents the karma that he is slated to receive. (He will experience a female breaking off with him.) In all honesty, Essie, this guy did you a favor. You deserve better. And you will be in line for a new relationship coming up for you very soon. This one will be far more harmonious. Good luck to you.

  • I love the way you read tarot. It is insight feeland healthy healing. Also I have learnt from you how to manage questions. I agree that changing the way a question is asked is powerful and proves a better way of being guidede through tarot.

  • ayu says:

    I love your site, it’s very insightful 🙂 Hope to learn more as I read more of your articles on tarot related. 🙂

  • Angie says:

    The Overall feeling this Tarot Reading gave to my stomach was “Ouch”. This is definitely a karmic relationship where much lessons are needed for personal growth to occur. This woman has shed a lot of tears and struggled in this relationship (if there even was one) taking into consideration there are many sword cards. I also sensed a lot of verbal abuse in this relationship, putting the other down.

    It is very clear with the TOWER card being at present, Essie has experienced a major recent turmoil or breakthrough of some sort in her relationship with this man. One can not say if the situation is for good or bad. It just simply is and is a learning opportunity for her. Paired with the Ace of Swords, this definitely looks like “the last straw”.

    Essie overall, seems like a giving, selfless and nurturing type of woman who at times has probably encountered men in her life who are the opposite (cunning, selfish and insecure) she has chosen this experience for herself in order to become stronger as a person and stand her ground. This was very clear to me especially with the ACE OF SWORDS as a challenge card. Her challenge is to stand up to this man and let him go (Cold turkey) or else there will be a roller coaster ride all her life. I also felt Essie might be a healer and seeks men who might need help and will attract them because of this. She needs to set more barriers and be firm with what she expects out of a partner, also portrayed in the 7 OF WANDS card. Seems like she is struggling at times trying to defend herself from many toxic people or situations. She is constantly in battle she feels but this battle could also be a battle with herself. Trying hard to forget this man of interest is a challenge for her.

    2 OF SWORDS In the recent passed, she felt stuck, not knowing what to do or which approach to take with this relationship. It could possibly mean that she was avoiding to see the truth with this man, leading her to confusion or state of paralysis not knowing how to break free. Which, (surprise, surprise) led to the tower card (disappointments).

    I am wondering if the environment of this relationship has work involved such as her subject of interest being a boss or anything of that nature since the 9 OF SWORDS is coming up in the environment which shows a lot of stress and anxiety, toxic energy paired with the ACE of PENTACLES in the near future. Love/Work relationship? The feeling I got with the ACE of PENTACLES was grab an opportunity that will show up for you soon or a job to steer your energy in a more positive direction. Pretty much, get busy or pick up a new hobby to occupy and fill your space with something else either than HIM. The Ace of Pentacles is definitely something to look forward to from this relationship (could be some money too if she is going through a divorce).

    Overall, TEN of SWORDS connects with 9 of SWORDS because it hows that her environment is causing this issue for her more than the man himself. He is in her environment which she needs to break free from. I’m feeling work. She feels stuck because she needs to pay her bills and maybe she’s been working there a long time, so a sacrifice needs to be made.

    The card crowing the reading, 4 of SWORDS which also symbolizes the the mental state or higher advice is simply saying “Give this situation a rest. You’re tired and have been overworking your mind over this matter too much.” Take a break and deal with it later in a more constructive way having time to gather your thoughts and words. Don’t act on hasty behaviour or high emotion.

    The 10 of SWORDS- a very important card representing her soul tied into the reading with the WHEEL Of fortune and the Ace of Pentacles. The end is now near and the karmic dues have been met. Her soul has gone through much pain in this relationship and there is no way down after you fall but only up. All the swords on her back, portray the wisdom that she will move forward to choose a better partner and relationship overall.

    With the LOVERS as an outcome card I don’t see too much of love and romance for her in the picture with this specific man, but more of a choice that she has to make whether to continue or not with this person or choose between him and another person who crosses her path towards a better and brighter future. Much caution will be needed at this time, because this man has the ability to tempt her and lure her right back in, because she feels familiarity and comfort. It seems as the nature of on and off relationship, so if she’s not careful and goes with her heart on her sleeve instead of logic she could miss an opportunity better for her.

    With the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the picture in her hopes and fears, it seems to me as if she wishes or believes that her relationship with this man is “meant to be” and may get better over time because she see’s potential in him. The lesson here, is what you see is what you get. Look at the person for what they are and not who they can be. If she expects him or anyone else around her to change, she will face difficulties. As much as she wants to help, sometimes it’s best not to get into the way of another person’s own karma. Everyone has a choice and needs to be brave to change their own life.

    The biggest karmic cards I found in the reading were the “The Tower, Wheel of Fortune mixed in with the 10 of swords. This person was meant to come into her life to teach her and become stronger. This man symbolizes choice. Pin point what you want moving forward, instead of what you don’t want. Forgive and move on…

    Well, I hope I did good interpreting. Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

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