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Tarot Circle: Ensuring a Successful eBook

By July 18, 2012Tarot Circle

blog-20120718-tarot-circle-ensuring-a-successful-ebookThis month’s Tarot Circle is from none other than me! (Yes, it is possible to read Tarot for yourself!)

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

I have just finished writing the first draft of my new eBook which aims to help Tarot beginners learn to read Tarot with a series of lessons and hands-on activities. I have also received some great feedback from a number of volunteer reviewers and am in the process of making the eBook even better before it is released.

So, the question I have for the Tarot is, “What do I need to do to make my eBook successful?”

My Tarot Reading

I chose a three card Tarot reading because I wanted to keep it simple. I am a strong believer in sticking to just a few cards rather than going all out with a complicated spread.

I didn’t have specific positions, either. Instead, I simply used the three cards as a guide.

The cards I drew were:


My Interpretation of My Tarot Reading

The Ace and the Three indicate that this is a project that is in its early stages. By the time you’ve written a 130 page eBook, it certainly doesn’t feel like the early stages, but I understand that writing the first draft of the eBook is really just Step 1. There are many more steps to follow!

The two reversals suggest that perhaps there’s something I’m missing or there are possible delays around the corner. Certainly with a Mercury Retrograde coming up from July 14 to August 7, I do need to be mindful of when the best time is to release the eBook. I may also need a couple of “Plan B’s” up my sleeve so that I am prepared in case there are delays.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed in particular suggests that no matter how much planning I do, there still seems to be a spanner in the works, and my plans may not come off as I may have hoped. I may be excited about the launch, only to find out that it just isn’t possible to launch in the way I had hoped. So, with this card, I am now very mindful of doing some extra planning and double-checking those plans to make sure they are feasible.

With the Three of Pentacles, I am advised to partner with others from different backgrounds, experience levels and knowledge in order to complete this project in the best way possible. I feel that this is a confirmation of what I have done already. I sought the help of fourteen generous volunteers who have now provided some excellent feedback that will further improve the eBook. I also feel that this card is encouraging me to partner with other Tarot experts and bloggers to help promote the book. I suspect that I will receive even more help than expected and there’s no harm in asking for help and support!

Finally, with the reversed Knight of Cups, I do need to be aware that I do not become caught up in the excitement and the romanticism of releasing a new eBook. It’s important not to get carried away with ideas and possibilities, and instead I need to be realistic and I need to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.


Overall, I feel that I’m on the right track by seeking the advice of others in finalising the eBook and I would be wise to continue this approach during the launch. I need to make sure I have water-tight plans for the release of the eBook, or that I have a few back-up plans in case things don’t go the way I have intended. And finally, I need to keep a realistic perspective and not get too carried away with possibilities. I have other commitments that I will need to balance with this launch.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice for me, based on these cards?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

Want Your Tarot Reading Interpreted?

If you have a Tarot reading that you’re struggling to interpret or understand, you can request a personal and private Tarot reading interpretation with me here.

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  • Aasheesh says:

    Hi Biddy,
    I agree hundred percent with your perspective on the spread.In fact when i first saw the cards ,it ocurred to me that you have a winner on your hands,but you may lose it all in the initial rush and excitement.So it would be a prudent approach to slow down a bit,revise the draft again,and take advise from other experts to fine tune the Ebook.
    Two cards of Pentacles denote it has the potential of being commercially successful,but knight of cups reversed is bit of a dampner.Also ace of pentacles reversed is indicating that you should make more efforts in marketing and effectively presenting the book to readers.
    And yes you should definitely release it after Mercury turns direct,as Mercury is connected with writing,judgement,commerce,and intellectual efforts. Seeing the overall cards i would suggest a release date after September 15.
    Wish you all the best for your new Ebook.

    • Brigit says:

      Excellent insights, Aasheesh. I am working hard now to go through the suggestions of the reviewers and to also fine tune it with my own input. I had hoped for an August release, but September is looking more likely, when we return to Australia.

  • Louise says:

    I really love both the free-form nature of the spread and the minimal use of cards. Two directions I feel wanting to bloom in my own personal Tarot experience. Right away I think we can see that the Tarot itself has shown us a pattern in these cards, because the central card is flanked by two reversed cards. I think the central upright card is the prime focus of this reading. If anything, I would guess the two flanking cards that are reversed, might be acting a little more like warnings of something not quite right.

    So, I’m going to start with reading the central card, The Three of Pentacles. I think this is a great card to pull in any kind of career or business type reading, as it shows you are hard at work trying to master and perfect your skills to bring a near-finished product to completion. This is the card of mastery specifically, so it is really encouraging you to go that extra step to try and create something out-standing. With this card I would always say: don’t be in a rush to complete the “final product”, but take the time to see to all the finer details, to incorporate as much feedback as possible, and to seek out the appropriate feedback and mentoring.

    What we see in the card is that the builder-sculptor has brought in experts to consult with, and strange experts they seem, I might add. Well, obviously one is the person who has probably commissioned the job, the bald-headed church-figure, who we would assume has commissioned the work. So the first person to consult is the person/s who have “commissioned” your ebook, which would be the readers. It would be implying that you need to consult with the exact type of readers you are aiming this book at. So if it’s aimed at beginners, get a bunch of beginners to “test” it out for you, and incorporate as much of their feedback as you can. The second person who is consulting with the sculptor-builder, is a strange looking guy with a orange-hooded long cloak on. Who the hell is this weird looking dude? Well, who he is is evident in what he holds in his hands, NOT the way he’s dressed! He is the chief architect, if you like, the one with the plans of the finished product in his hands. So he stands for the expert consultant, someone who has experience, who knows what he’s talking about, who can look at the plans and see whether it’s heading in the visionary direction that is wanted.

    One thing this card implies though, is that the work isn’t finished and finishing touches need to be seen to. I have had this card come up in readings for clients who have been ready to jump out from the starting line , but when this card comes up I will caution them to see to the finer details and do a little more preparation. It could be likened to a novelist who has done 3 drafts and hopes they have the finished product, but when this card comes up I’ll say, sorry, you have to do a little bit more polishing yet. It’s very close, but this card is really about seeing to the extra special touches, the embellishments, the details that make something more polished, more profound, more meaningful. It’s those extra special touches that matter with this product.

    The two reversed cards flanking the Three of Pentacles, probably point to potential problems of downfalls IMO. Ace of Pentacles reversed, could it be rushing out of the garden too soon? The Ace of Pentacles upright, is a card with some hidden details and a message that goes beyond the first glance of the eye. At first people rarely notice ‘the path’ out of the garden, they rarely see beyond the big coin in the palm… and yet I believe the path is the true promise of this card’s deeper meaning. I think this card is a profound encouragement to go beneath the surface. I would think it is suggesting: see below the surface appearance, go deeper.

    The Knight of Cups upright (which this isn’t) is a bit of a dreamer. He has high ideals and beautiful visions but may be slightly reluctant to take them out into the “real” world. IMO he has wings on his helmet and sandals because he needs that little ‘push’ to get him out there, to get him moving. It could be likened to someone who wants to go out and seek love, but is reluctant to open himself up for fear of heart-break. Something emotional is holding him back a little. His task is to get out there anyhow, to wear his heart on his sleeve a little more. What he is learning to temper through the field of action are his ideals, his creativity, his emotions, feelings, love, sensitivity. It’s always a little hard to reveal yourself, to put yourself out there, to wear your heart on your sleeve. But we have to acknowledge that this card is reversed, so what does it mean? I don’t think it means to reject this Knight’s emotionalism, I think it suggests this is what’s blocked. In the flanking position I think it might be saying: don’t reject your own emotional involvement, don’t throw yourself off this horse without more consideration, there might be a need to incorporate the less-business and more-personal side of yourself, put your emotions or personal life into it somehow, wear your heart on your sleeve and take that chance. This is just my take on the cards, but I get the intuitive feeling there might be a creative risk or personal element you’ve held back on or blocked, and if so I think the cards are encouraging opening it up, letting it free, taking a chance with it. It can be scary to put yourself out there on a more personal or heartfelt level, but there is a lot of support out here for you too. I think this card is saying: don’t block any personal or creative ideas you might have, take a chance on them, start moving things in a more personal or heartfelt direction. It might indicate that you’ve put your “business hat” on too early. This is a hard thing for creative individuals, for the creative part of a project is very different in flavour from the business end of the project. IMO I think this card reversed suggests you’ve jumped off the creative-horse too soon, and that you may need to get back on to inject the last details and final flourishes to your book, and this card indicates that they need to be personal, emotional, heartfelt and creative.

    But on a final note I would add the Three of Pentacles suggests you are really close. It’s like the structure is there, the walls and the doors and the roof and a lot of the finer details…but there are a few more to go if you want to make it BRILLIANT!

    Good Luck with such an exciting project!

    • Brigit says:

      Louise, gorgeous interpretation as usual! I SO appreciate your insights, your time and your energy. I can really feel you put your heart and soul into your readings!!

      Interestingly, I did this reading and post a few weeks in advance, when the reviewers were working through the eBook draft and sending in their comments. I wonder if this is why the cards came up to say that I had more work to do, because I really did! But now, I wonder what might happen if I were to draw the cards again – what messages would come up? What would be different, etc.?

      Oh, you are so good with the interpretation of the Knight of Cups reversed. One key piece of feedback from a number of the reviewers was to put more of ‘me’ into the eBook, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Adding personal stories, adding other people’s stories, and more.

      Anyway, thank-you. Thank-you! I just love your interpretation and there is so much to be gained from it.

      • Louise says:

        Yes, I would agree that the Three of Pentacles would’ve been indicating where you were at at the time of the reading. So, this is what I would do, based on this reading…I would incorporate the personal details and the embellishments into your draft that you were encouraged to add, mull over it for a little while, and then I’d ask the cards again, but only when you feel you’ve done everything you can with this feedback and the feedback the readers gave you.

        If you feel you’ve moved forward from the stage this reading was indicating, then I wouldn’t hesitate to read again. And I’d pull another three cards, in the same way as before; a kind of “so where am I now?” reading. I don’t encourage reading over and over on the same topic in quick succession, just like you don’t, BUT if you’ve taken the indications on board and worked with them, then IT IS DEFINITELY time to read again. Sometimes we can make changes and adjustments within hours, and we can read again later the same day. But if we’re asking for a different answer and not heeding the advice of the reading, then it’s not time to read again!

        What i find happens in my own life, is that if I haven’t done enough work on it or “heard” the reading right, then I will usually get a repeat card in my next reading. That becomes a sign that you haven’t incorporated what you needed to to make a change in the probable outcome, and then you might choose to pull more cards for further clarity. Once I pulled the same card three times in a row over a number of months (it was the Four of swords) in regard to an ongoing issue, and it was perfectly fine because it was such confirmation that I still needed to sit in that place and keep working on it.

        Given this is a Tarot book, I would say USE THE ADVICE OF THE CARDS AS YOUR PRIME EDITOR if you will, letting the cards guide you completely, because they will. Just like you also used the feedback and advice of cold readers, you can also use the advice of the cards! Ooh, just had an zap to the head (intuitive insight)…the orange cloaked guy on the Three of Pentacles that I called the chief architect MIGHT BE THE TAROT CARDS THEMSELVES…

        • Brigit says:

          Funny, before I even read your comment, I drew the cards again. Being an impatient person, this was at a point where I was almost finished, but not completely finished. You know what the cards did? ALL reversed. Um, yup. Point taken!
          Love the idea to use the cards for the editing process!

  • Jennifer says:

    I agree completely with your interpretation. When I saw the Ace of Pentacles Reversed I initially got the impression of “new opportunity, but a bit delayed”. I felt like you just have to be sure you cover your bases here and be sure that your completely confident before you release this new ebook. Naturally, of course, we all like to rush it but taking the extra time is to make it even better can make a huge difference in the long term.

    It looks like the delay is rooted in some more teamwork that you need to take part in. There is some more time that you should spend receiving feedback and collaborating different ideas to be sure that this new ebook is at the best that it could be.

    Finally, the Knight of Cups Reversed I believe is warning you not to, as you said, get wrapped up in the excitement feeling of the release. Be patient, take as much time as you need (without pressuring yourself by a deadline), and gather as much feedback and other viewpoints as you can. The more you do that, I believe, the better it this book will ultimately be! 🙂

    Good luck!


  • Amit says:


    Well, Biddy I really liked your interpretation for a spread of your ebook, from my viewpoint and to be clear and straight.. I feel the reversed Ace of Pentacles is not a positive card, I feel the outcome as thought would not be generated, since the question is about ebook.. I would like to suggest pragmatically, why not go for a paperback version this time? , and then draw out the cards? . The central card is a positive card of unity, working together, team spirit etc, on that note I believe you should get your draft checked if you miss any details or some other details that needs to be added in this book, it can also be the copy editing, the format, style, text or matter, in general. The knight of cups reversed is a kind of delay for anything that is close to heart, wanting to be executed but some or the other barriers are restricting it’s actualization, since the Knights are just above the pages and they have embarked on a journey itself shows that they are carrying a fresh attitude and energy with them ,but the experience is little, the upright “Three of Pentacles” definitely shows that you consult your best friends, well wishers or your mentors for the book , if there is anything that has to be included, removed or edited from the ebook. This very central card holds the elements of both the reversed cards that is “Pentacles & Cups” as the person is holding a cup in the pentacles card (which also indicates that you are ready to give away whatever you have learnt in Tarot to the novices ,Since the central card has both the elements, it shows that money and emotions go hand in hand over this project. The Ace of pentacles reversed might also mean not getting our due worth (for the effort that we have put in), in that case why not wait for some days, maybe some new ideas will come in to the picture or some more inclusions or deductions may be noticed.
    IMO I feel a wait is needed, and yes! why not wear a good crystal that can attune and assist in helping your ebook. I wish you all the very best from my heart.

    • Brigit says:

      Thanks Amit! Ahh, the old paperback idea! 🙂 Let’s see how the soft copy / eBook goes, and then paperback might be an option later down the track!

      Waiting… a very good idea. One that I am hearing very loud and clear!

  • Daniela says:

    To me the Ace of Pentacles is one of the best cards in the deck, whether upright or reversed, and in this case I think it’s a great indicator of the success of your book, but like it’s been said, it’ll be a bit delayed.

    I agree with Louise here where she says she doesn’t think the Three of Pentacles indicate a job completed. For a completed job I would expect The World, maybe Judgement as those final steps to achieve an inevitable completion sort of thing. Maybe a Four of Wands, since this is a project to which you’ve devoted a lot of time, energy and love.

    I agree with Louise as well in her interpretation of the Knight of Cups reversed. I think you see it the way you do because this whole process is scary and I think you’re trying to be cautious and have a cold head approach required in business, but I believe this card might be telling you it’s ok to be excited about this and you’ll need that love and passion to be the advocate of your book and make things happen.

    Good luck! You’ll do great, I’m sure about that! 🙂

  • A.T says:

    Ace of Pentacles reversed
    represents a new approach in life, you have set your mind and invested your mind, time and money in it wholeheartedly, and if you persist on, you will gain great reward from your effort. In a reversed reading, i thought its suggesting that you’re losing grip to what you’re doing, perhaps spending too much time on it and loses opportunities and/or money (since its pentacle) along the way. Just be more mindful before deciding to spend money on what you thought may benefit in your final objective.

    Three of Pentacles
    you have layout your plans, careful drafted, laying a solid foundations on something you wish to achieve, which in this instance its on your ebook. this card also suggest its a good opportunity for you to study/learn along the way, helping you to develop further in your field. It may also hint to work together with someone to build a even stronger foundation to the things around you.

    Knight of Cups reversed
    indicates you are making full use of your intuition, imagination and fantasy into physical actions. It may have helped you achieved some things that you wanted, but also slowed down on your progress as its taking your attention away. There may also be people who offer you support (emotionally or practically), but eventually you still have to follow your own heart and make the decision that brings you the sense of fulfilment. I suppose what this card is suggesting is to remind you that as you are working on this project, you would face increasing in demands of life, you should not avoid them otherwise you will likely to promise things you cannot deliver. You may find full commitment difficult due to past commitments that has yet to fulfil. As emotions are related here, you might also want to consider “managing” your expectations in case response on your project may not appear as successful as you wanted it to be initially.

    overall, its clearly that you have put in alot of effort and hope in it, but along the way, u may have neglected opportunities or ideas perhaps.
    you may also need someone who can give you a 2nd opinion, while you are excited over the project and hoping to put in as much things and effort as you can in it, which may eventually something not worth doing at the moment, slowly your progress in return.
    its also reminding you that sometime thing may not happen as what we wanted it to be, so to avoid disappointment (especially much effort and time you have spent in it), you should manage your own expectations.

    Hope my reading may not be too far off, it’s my first time doing it after learning it for a few months from a friend.

    Good luck in your new ebook 🙂

    • Brigit says:

      A.T. – great insights! Your comment about being careful about financial investments is interesting. I am experimenting with an idea that will cost some money, but I am eager to see how it will turn out. Perhaps not quite what I expected though??

      And good advice to retain part of ‘me’ in the eBook and not to get too caught up in the opinions of others. So far the advice from the reviewers has been excellent and very consistent with my own thoughts, but I will keep an eye out for anything that may delay me further.

      • A.T says:

        i hope all your planning will work out well for u 🙂
        personally, i have been looking around at tarot related books before, and one thing about tarot card books, they indicated “for beginnings” but yet the information inside are structured in a way that only someone who have been studying tarot reading for some time before they can really understand the purpose/instructions written inside. It has to be totally idiot-proof, for someone who absolutely dont know what he/she is doing. The beginning of the book should also keep the interests of the reader by teaching them the basic of doing quick readings without finishing the whole book first, such as 1 card reading, Yes/No question, or perhaps interesting theme like love readings, career readings etc, and link the card reading page from there. After that, continue with more indepth teaching of tarot. just some suggestions 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    Nice reading! Nothing to add on that, though I have a practical thought.

    I was ready to buy your last eBook until I saw the price. $29 is expensive even for a paper book, let alone an eBook. Just doing a quick search for Tarot books for the Kindle on Amazon shows they are selling from $1 – $15 (link below), less than half of what you are asking.

    People expect eBooks to be cheaper than paper books. I suggest you price according to what the market expects; you’ll probably sell a whole lot more books that way!

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I appreciate your advice regarding pricing. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Readings is seriously the Ultimate Guide… equivalent to 3-4 Tarot books rolled into one. So, when you look at it that way, $29 is great value.

      What’s more, I do offer some significant discounts now and then, which certainly make the eBook more affordable.

      That said, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind for the new eBook.

  • Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady says:

    The interpretations above are great – I was nodding my head again and again. I love reading other people’s interpretations. I don’t have much to add except this: the reversed Ace of Pentacles also says to me that although your idea for this ebook is great, you are going to have to find a way to convince people that they will be learning something new here. How can you show this to be different from other things on the market – or different than your previous ebook? What is new about your offering? People are going to need to see that this work is valuable and innovative. Getting your marketing plan in place is every bit as important as getting the book completed. Start thinking about how you can show the world that this new ebook is something they will want to purchase.

    • Brigit says:

      Fantastic advice as always, Theresa! Especially coming from a successful businesswoman yourself (congrats on the launch of your new Tarot for Businesses product!).


  • lightpeace says:

    whenever i see reversed cards, it makes me focus on upright cards even more.. they serve as a guide on how/where I’m using my energy best.. in this case, the three of pentacles being upright tells me that you are putting your efforts in the appropriate place by focusing on a “teamwork” approach..

    ace of pentacles reversed, especially in the past position (even though this isn’t a past-present-future spread), tells me that you aren’t doing this solely for the profit it will bring and that the profit you expect will not be immediate..

    knight of cups reversed, again in the future (with the same exceptions), tells me that the emotional fulfillment from completing the project may be further along.. that you may experience some less than ideal circumstances before the final pay off..

    but again.. continue to embody the spirit of the three of pentacles, and i think it will all turn out well for you!

    many blessings on this project!!

    • Brigit says:

      I love your take on reversed cards and how they make you focus on the upright cards even more. Thanks for sharing!

      And thanks for your insights – great advice to be patient.

  • Amit says:

    Biddy, Whatever you do, any venture or task that you embark on, remember there are a lot of positive wishes from all the directions pouring for you, you well wishers are definitely large in numbers, and I am sure with so much positivity around… everything will fall in perfect place.
    All the very best.


  • Johnny says:

    Hi Biddy,

    In this interpretation, me and and my brother reviewed your question and Tarot spread and we will explain in our own words upon what we interpret. (Ever since I did a Tarot reading for my brother he became fascinated and has an open-mind upon the power of Tarot).

    So first here is my interpretation:
    1. (Reversed) Ace of Pentacles- Upright, the Ace of Pentacles represents a good opportunity for a beginning of financial goods and/or material needs that are satisfying. Reversed, may be a time where it is not ready for your ebook to materialize; however, you are aware of this aspect of the Ace and are taking the necessary steps to make your ebook extraordinary.

    2.Three of Pentacles- When I see the Three of Pentacles, I see partnership of one or more people to gather all their knowledge together as one. I have noticed that you are in the lead of asking volunteers to review your ebook and have their perspective to improve it. You even ask volunteers for coming up a “catchy” title for your new ebook. You’re in process!

    3. (Reversed) Knight of Cups- In reversed this knight depends on his heart rather than his head for getting to where he wants to explore. You have a lot of excitement of releasing your ebook; however, you need to observe your actions and take the necessary steps to achieve emotional and financial success. The Knight is looking at the left towards the Three of Pentacles as the necessary step. Which you have already took action for others’ perspective.

    What I also do for a Tarot reading is that I would count the numbers and add the total to recieve a Major Arcana to the lesson to your question.

    Ace of Pentacles= 1
    Three of Pentacles= 3
    Knight of Cups= 0 ( I usually don’t count the Court Cards with numbers).

    All together your lesson to your question is The Emperor!
    He is wise and have lots of ambition and authority. He is a very structure man who makes sure he get things going. Similar to how much enthusiam you have for ebook to be publish.

    Now here is my brothers interpretation upon your question and Tarot spread:

    1.(Reversed) Ace of Pentacles-“With the reversed of Pentacles, I see a hand dropping a coin and it isn’t a good time to release your ebook at this moment. In it’s reversed state their may be some delays.”

    2. Three of Pentacles- “The man with the apron and tools stands upon a bench to gather attention. Might be for help or to spread word of current happenings. Speaking to two different people might suggest to seek an unusual crowd.”

    3. (Reversed) Knight of Cups- “This person looks to the left as if the second card holds a deep message. You should possibly concenstrate more on that. The cup is also upside-down so what ever your emotions are, you’re letting them run wild. The horse is on two legs on unstable stance so you must seek a stable time to release the ebook. And remember the knight is a warrior, and every good warrior knows time and patients is a must to win.”

    We both conclude and agree upon our aspects of your question and Tarot spread. We wish you the best for your ebook to be a success!

    -Johnny & Brother

    • Brigit says:

      I love it! I love that your brother is getting into interpreting the pictures in the cards and coming up with great insight! And thanks to you too, Johnny, for your insight. Much appreciated!

  • Eleanor says:

    I agree with the other readings but I would like to add a slight twist. The three of pentacles suggests a collaboration with others in order to complete your book. This is being done by asking others to review your book and by asking others for input to your tarot reading. I also see some additional teamwork in the future.

    To me, the reversal cards act as a warning so you can be prepared for an eventuality that you are not expecting. I first saw this as a financial or money problem where you would have to come up with extra money in order to continue with the launch of your new book. After I read the other interpretations above, I believe this is the additional investment required to publish a paperback version your book. This publication will require some upfront money, but will be well worth the effort.

    In the end, the cards indicate a successful completion and a job well done.

    I would like to add my blessings for this successful completion and a job well done.

  • Priyanka says:

    Hi Biddy,
    Your blogs are always insightful and a treat to read.
    Though I dont take reverse cards into the account while reading but still would like to give you my opinion.You have done it accuratly.First, your Ebook should have light blue colour background.There seems to be delay with regards to publisher. There cud be some monetary matters in question which u need to solve with help from others. U seem to very excited about ur ebook but u r doing it in haste. give it a good review.It will definetly be successful.

  • Priyanka says:

    Tarot is not only reading the images… it is about listening your instincts which come as soon as u look on the cards. I feel light blue colour will be lucky if used as either the background or used on cover page. second, the colour which is prominent in all the three cards is light blue and orange.light blue reflects calm just like tht….

  • Fernanda says:

    Hi Brigit

    I do not have too much to add in this reading but I would like to say that my first impression on that it was that your (financial) expectations will be more difficult to reach than you first thought. Maybe – as you said – you really need to “network” or even “sell” it harder than previous books/works. For me, the Knight of Cups reversed means that the environment is good though not so “warm” and “friendly” as we expect it to be. It will be more difficult to conquer the client (this is also demonstrated by the reversed Ace Pentacles).

    The work is definitely good (3 Pentacles) and you have managed and done it with perfection. Now it comes the harder part: to conquer the client in a economic difficult reality.

    I wish you good luck!!!

  • Liza says:

    Hi Biddy! I too found myself nodding along, and felt most of what needed to be said has already been typed. However I let it percolate overnight, and true to Tarot, there are always fresh layers to peel back :). I won’t reiterate what’s already been said, but add my own layer….3 of Pentacles; I’ve always seen this as one of the best cards in the deck, I know we have discussed how everyone has cards that feel “right” to them. I once, in my early studies, found a definition that said “work, of the highest potential”…. Though I have never come across that again, it really stuck with me, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t get “finesse the details”. This card came up alot for me years ago in Nursing school, and at that time, I truly believed Inwas on my path, doing the GREATEST GOOD that I could at the time. I believe this is your feeling on th book. A true to desire to help others (I’m a 9’path, so I have to assume everyone wants to donthe greatest good for others lol). This card to me symbolized, “Yes Liza, this is IT, you have found something truly worthy to put all your time and attention into, and it is right and good”. I think you feel this way about YOUR baby, the book.
    Elementally speaking: since this spread denotes no positions exactly, i then find the middle card to be the “meat and potatoes” of the message, with the flanking cards adding or withdrawing support, strengthing or weakening that message. We have a pentacle as the center card, a card of Earth, supported by another Earth card, thus supporting and strengthing it. The knight is of Cups, Earths closest supporter (although he is the Airy part of water, Earths nemesis), I feel this card supports the 3 of pentacles as well. If these cards were both Swords let’s say, that 3 may shrink greatly in importance, but in this reading I feel that 3 stands strong and has quite the message for you! You are on the right track, this is your hearts desire, this is notthe cRdnof the craftsman or apprentice(as in the 8), but the Master, it’s the difference between an admissions essay and a graduates thesis!
    Lastly, those two reversals….as for the Ace (I have to go here)… I smell Mercury Retrograde! Aces correspond to Mercury, and I can’t help but feel that all of this “do and redo” is part of that energy. Yes it needs to be done, but this may be the WHY. Your project is a Mercurial pursuit making it even more important to do and redo…. You must definitely wait until Mercury is up to full speed in Direct motion, don’t just release it the day after it turns….. Knight…. Well this is my only real negative take, sorry…. If inwere to stray a bit from Louise’s approach (sorry!!), I also see the possibility of support withdrawn…maybe a publisher or financier falls through? Maybe even due to the retrograde for them? Those sound like reversed knights of Swords or Pentacles, but I think it’s Cups because this is YOUR baby, your love…..
    As Louise enlightened me, the Meecury R is merely the WHY behind the message, the actions are still the same…. Do and redo (and redo) and check and finesse and fine tune in the 3 of Pents, and the Ace R gives us the why….
    Just my humble “feel” layered onto many already amazing interpretations…. If you do another read, please let us know…. personally I LOVE to use Astrology to find the best times to coordinate important things in my life….not dictate my life, but for example, July 18th was a bad day for everyone astrologically speaking, but the 16th and 21st were amazingly harmonious! Avoid releasing during a Mercury R and a VOC moon and your on the right track 🙂 Truly just my humble opinion 🙂
    Much Love and Support,

    • Brigit says:

      Thank-you Liza, wonderful insight! I have just been inspired to double-check something very important to the publishing of the eBook, and I think it has paid off!

  • Cheryl says:

    I look forward to your blogs, Biddy, even though they come a day later for me – on this side of the world – thus my delayed response!
    Firstly, I’d like to comment on the entry regarding the price of $29 for the Ultimate Guide. It is a bargain at $29, as you said it incorporates many volumes of text. It truly is the only necessary Tarot book for beginners to masters.
    Regarding the reversed Ace of Pentacles, I believe this is an excellent card for your ebook. The reversal simply means that it isn’t ready to launch, not yet polished. Also, the market is saturated with Tarot books, and you need an edge. If it is an option, publishing would be something to consider. Many people prefer to hold a book in their hands; and in our fast-paced society, readers like the convenience of perusing it on their lunch-hour or during their commute, etc.
    Regarding the III of Pentacles, I believe this is telling you to welcome a team to give you input. Many authors let their egos get in the way and are not open to this. As you previously said this spread was drawn prior to your offer for others to become involved through pre-viewing, and giving suggestions for the cover and title.
    Regarding the reversed Knight of Cups, he carries the message that you need to find an innovative way to advertise your book – to gain that edge that sets your ebook apart from others. Do not let your emotions over-ride the financial business side of success. Be open to all avenues. Call upon fellow authors, colleagues, friends, bloggers, the media, metaphysical publications, etc.
    If potential buyers were familiar with your high quality of work, they wouldn’t hesitate to purchase your ebooks. It is only a matter of getting the word out!
    With gratitude,
    Cheryl J.

  • Donna says:

    I love the interpretations and don’t have much to add except to harmonise the three cards more – it seems as if the delay relates to the input of others (the Three of Pentacles, perhaps with a monetary component) which also involves the Reversed Knight – I agree with Louise especially as I was going to suggest that what would make the book compelling would be to have a lot of you personally in it, for example the very first reading that intrigued you sufficiently to want to learn about the Tarot. Could that also be the Reversed Ace of Pentacles, especially if your question primarily concerned career and finances? And then the Reversed Knight, as Louise reads it, would be about that emotional involvement and not to block it out or exclude it from the book. That bit of extra input would also fit with the “don’t rush” message despite the urge to get it all done and dusted.

  • Mary Sullivan says:

    Reversed Pentacles as PAST: While working on your book, you sometimes felt like your creativity was blocked (think occasional bouts of ‘writer’s block’). This is now behind you. Three of Pentacles as PRESENT: You find that now your project is shaping up nicely (that’s you with the mallet and chisel in your hands, the metaphorical ‘tools of your trade’). The two figures near you represent all those who assisted you, even if all they gave you was emotional support. Reversed Knight of Cups as FUTURE: Like this knight, you had a ‘message’ to deliver to all of the people that will benefit from the wisdom in your book. Like the Knight’s cup, the message you want to bring to your readers is one that is full of love and spiritual comfort. His being reversed in the ‘Present’ position implies completion. The image that comes to mind is you drinking out of a shot glass (perhaps someone has just ‘toasted’ you on the completion of your book?). Once you ‘belt’ back the shot, you turn the shot glass upside down and place it on the table in front of you with a satisfying little ‘smack’.

  • Mary Sullivan says:

    Gee, I never really gave you any advice, did I?!! I meant to add that it seems like you are on the right course and if you stay on your current path, you will be successful. And, yes, if ‘Pollyanna’ was a Tarot card reader, she and I would get along just fine!

    • Brigit says:

      Thanks so much, Mary!

      • Mary Sullivan says:

        As usual, after I first interpret a spread, additional thoughts pop into my mind about it. Re: Knight of Cups reversed: I still see this overturned cup as ‘message delivered successfully’ (in the Future). Could it be that your cards are saying something to you like “Biddy, if you wait for the ‘perfect’ time to release your book, you might wait TOO long. Trust your instincts and, when you feel the time is right-take the plunge!” I’m sure you’ll be very successful. I know there are a lot of Tarot books out there, but most of your admirers want to read a book that has a website to ‘back it up’. A real person that can answer questions about topics brought up by the book that they’re not clear on-‘tech support’ if you will. Plus, they know they’ll be buying a book written by someone who has roughly the same views of the Tarot that they have. A book from someone they ‘know’ to a certain extent. I’ve occasionally paid good money for a Tarot book, only to discover that the Author’s view of the Tarot is so vastly different from mine that I hardly gain a THING from it. You go, girl! Mary

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