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Tarot Circle: A Potential (But Complicated) Love Interest

By February 10, 2012Tarot Circle

This week, Annabelle from the UK has sent in a Celtic Cross reading for our Tarot Circle interpretation.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

Annabelle asks, “What guidance can I have about the guy at work that is on my mind that I have chemistry with, what to do next as a tricky situation?”

Annabelle’s Tarot Reading

Annabelle used the Celtic Cross Tarot spread and drew the following Tarot cards.

The present – Five of Wands

The immediate challenge/blockage – Tower

Conscious Goal – Six of Wands

Unknown Influence – Ten of Cups

Past Influence – Strength reversed

Immediate Future – Fool reversed

Factors or inner feelings affecting the situation – Hanged Man reversed

External influences – Nine of Pentacles

Hopes or fears – Ten of Pentacles

Final outcome – Hermit reversed

My Interpretation of Annabelle’s Tarot Reading

With the Five of Wands, Annabelle is feeling a lot of internal conflict when it comes to this potential relationship or love interest. She may be battling inside her own mind about whether or not to pursue this, knowing that there are many complexities involved. In fact, with the Tower, she’s quite worried that getting involved would mean some significant changes and shake-ups that she may not yet be prepared for.

Her conscious goal is to do what’s right by both herself and this guy in order to protect their reputation and image at work (Six of Wands). She may be catching wind, however, that he is involved with someone else or perhaps even married (Ten of Cups). While she knows inherently that she should wait until the situation is more favourable, she is growing restless (Hanged Man reversed). I wouldn’t be surprised if Annabelle has already acted, impatient about having to wait around for the right time (Hanged Man reversed and Fool reversed). Trouble is, though, she may regret doing this because she didn’t really think it through and has now found herself in an even more complicated situation.

If Annabelle hasn’t acted, yet feels the impulse to do so, my advice would be to wait because acting now is likely to lead to unintended outcomes.

The work situation is also playing on her mind with both the Nine and Ten of Pentacles. She may be concerned about how this potential love interest may impact on her stability and reputation at work. He may be more senior to her since we’re dealing with a Nine and Ten, not a Two or Three. Or she has already established her career and reputation such that she doesn’t want to put this in jeopardy.

At the end of the day, the Hermit reversed indicates that Annabelle is inclined to do something without thinking it through. I get the feeling that she is not listening carefully enough to her inner voice, her moral compass and her spiritual self. Instead, she is prone to reckless behaviour that may not lead to the best outcomes in the long-term. Again, my advice would be to resist the temptation to act, and to spend the next phase reflecting inwardly about whether or not this is the right relationship to pursue.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Annabelle?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

If you are interested in having your own Tarot reading interpreted, you are welcome to send it in.

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