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Tarot Circle: Navigating Difficult Relationships with Work Colleagues

By March 13, 2013Tarot Circle

blog-20130313-tarot-circle-navigating-difficult-relationships-with-work-colleaguesThis month’s Tarot Circle is from Joanna in Singapore.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment. This is all about learning from each other and applying your Tarot reading skills to a ‘real life’ reading.

The Question

Today, Joanna, a professional Tarot reader at Sun Goddess Tarot, shares a reading she did for her client, Brenda (not her real name). Brenda was asking about how to manage her working relationship with a colleague, Corinne (also not her real name).

Joanna’s Tarot Reading

tarot-circle-work-relationshipsJoanna created her own 8 card layout and drew the following Tarot cards.

  • How was my relationship with my colleague last year? Knight of Swords
  • What factors, internal or external, influenced my relationship with him/her last year? Four of Swords reversed
  • How will my relationship with my colleague pan out this year? Seven of Swords reversed
  • What factors, internal or external, will influence my relationship with him/her this year? Moon
  • What is he/she thinking about this relationship? Devil
  • What can I do to help foster a better working relationship? Page of Swords reversed
  • What would be the outcome of the relationship throughout the year? Five of Wands
  • Advice? Temperance

This is a great layout for any Tarot reading on working relationships with colleagues.

My Interpretation of Joanna’s Tarot Reading

Joanna shared her interpretation of the reading on her blog. I’ll include snippets here along with my own interpretations.

Let’s get started!

Lots of Swords cards here! Swords represent the intellect, thoughts, words and communication. Focusing on these aspects may help to navigate some of the challenges Brenda has in relating with Corrine at work. My advice to Brenda – be mindful of how you communicate your ideas, share information and make requests for certain tasks to be completed. Given 2 Swords are reversed and 2 are upright, there needs to be a balance between adapting Brenda’s communication style and responding to Corinne’s communication style.

The Knight of Swords is incredibly ambitious and competitive, so it seems as if Brenda and Corinne were both competing fiercely with each other to achieve the same goals. As Joanna notes, Corinne “brought with her a lot of enthusiasm and ambition to get the project off the ground, and not allowing anything or anyone to stand in her way of progress.  She’s very assertive about how she wants the project to be run, sometimes to the point of cutting my client, Brenda, out of the whole discussion process.” Perhaps Corinne’s ambition was a trigger point for Brenda, creating sparks and tension between the two women.

I often see the reversed Four of Swords as a sign of burn out and exhaustion. The pressure was high and the work unrelenting. So, add to that a highly ambitious colleague who presses your buttons in all the wrong ways and you get a melt-down.

Joanna’s take is slightly different. “The Four of Swords reversed is also a reflection of the frustrations everyone in the team felt due to the delays and stagnation of some aspects of that project.”

So how will things go between Brenda and Corinne this year? Ugh. The reversed Seven of Swords. Not my favourite card at all. Often a sign of deception, betrayal and manipulation, and in the reversed position, all of this happening behind your back. Joanna also comments on this – “There is a lot of mistrust between them, and they are trying to absolve themselves from responsibility for any negative outcomes that may emerge along the way as they work on that project together.”

But I also see another side to this reversed Seven – the need to be more cunning and strategic in your approach. Brenda can start planning strategies now to ensure that she doesn’t have to be impacted by Corinne – perhaps sorting out a job transfer or a change in project team.

The Moon – not all is what it seems. Brenda is advised to be on the look-out for any subversive, ‘under the radar’ tactics from Corinne, especially given the reversed Seven of Swords before.

I really love how Joanna sees the Moon as the Shadow Self here – “The Moon represents our shadow selves, an aspect of us that we often try to hide in the closet, out of fear of the negative opinions of others perhaps.  So between Brenda and Corinne, the Moon represents a murky situation made even murkier by both their attempts to suppress their shadow selves, be it their lack of confidence, their lack of skill sets in certain areas of their work, or their fear of being judged.” Nicely done.

Another not-so-fun card, the Devil. This is for what Corinne is thinking about the work relationship. She may be starting to feel trapped by the attachment she has created for herself at work. She may be stuck in a contract (tangible or intangible) with Brenda, and vice versa, that both parties feel they cannot break. And so the working relationship may become even more challenging in the future.

Joanna sees this as control – “The Devil is a representation of Corinne and her fear in letting go.  She is obsessed about controlling the project and she wants to be seen as having the expertise to manage this project just because she was specially hired for it.”

I often see the reversed Page of Swords as saying really dumb things – speaking without thinking. So my advice to Brenda is to hold your tongue. Don’t let Corinne get a reaction out of you. Be mature with your words and think before you speak. It’s also about ‘walking the talk’ as Joanna puts it. If Brenda wants collaboration, she’ll need to lead the way.

So where is this all going? Uh-oh. The Five of Wands. Tension and conflict, differing opinions, clashes. Not fun. Joanna adds, “Nothing an opened and honest discussion couldn’t solve.  If there is need to lock the both of them in a room to resolve their differences, then perhaps that should be something they should consider doing to move the relationship forward in a more productive manner.”

Hmm, if I was Brenda and on the receiving end of this reading, I would be heading straight to the job classifieds and finding a new job. It looks to be like a very challenging relationship between two colleagues, one that may be insurmountable (bar an open and honest conversation like Joanna suggested). The question is, do you stay and fight, or do you get the hell out of there and keep your sanity?

Keep-calm-and-carry-on-scanThat takes us to the final card – Temperance. This is about balance, harmony, peace, patience and integration. Maybe it is worth one more go, with the view to bring only love and compassion to the work relationship and sort this out. The question is whether Corinne will respond favourably. There’s only one way to find out – try it and see. It will take a lot of strength on Brenda’s part, especially if she is battling a shadow side of herself and a series of triggers that Corinne seems to be setting off, but Temperance is asking her to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Brenda?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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  • Kristi says:

    How was my relationship with my colleague last year? Knight of Swords
    What factors, internal or external, influenced my relationship with him/her last year? Four of Swords
    How will my relationship with my colleague pan out this year? Seven of Swords
    What factors, internal or external, will influence my relationship with him/her this year? Moon
    What is he/she thinking about this relationship? Devil
    What can I do to help foster a better working relationship? Page of Swords
    What would be the outcome of the relationship throughout the year? Five of Wands
    Advice? Temperance
    First I don’t do reversals, so I’ll turn those cards upright.

    Knight of swords as status of relationship says to me one person was doing all the talking while the other one was actively listening. Its the energy of someone presenting to a group of people who will answer to the presenter’s questions but doesn’t move the conservation forward that readily. Four of Swords is actively waiting. Which to me backs up the Knight of Swords meaning. Seven of Swords… miscommunication, betrayal, fear of falling out all in the name of a karmic lesson. This relationship has a karmic lesson attached that the pursuer needs to learn. Moon…this card means uncertainty and illusionment during the coming relationship. Also could mean that the relationship won’t last just like the phases of the moon, it’ll be an “on/off” relationship. Devil as thinking… this other person is obsessively thinking about the relationship. Caring too much about what the other person things, and being chained down by their perceptions, etc. Also entering into this relationship for the wrong reasons. Page of swords… suggests one way communication. One person approaching the other in the form of a written message; txt, email, facebook, etc. Five of Wands…. competition. Flirtation. Trying to compete with each other. Temperance as advice? Maintain the status quo… being patient with each other. Combining opposites to create a third entity. Getting tasks done. Expressing oneself to the other and vice versa.

  • Michelle says:

    Yay!! Overall, I thought the same things as you! I must be progressing in my tarot reading! I did have a couple of different “minor” thought differences. Knight of Swords, since it was about Brenda, I read that she was the one that was moving ahead without regard to others (causing friction). Similarly, Four of Swords Reversed, I read it as Corrine trying hard to keep her opinions to herself but failing. (which perhaps causes additional friction). Seven of Swords reversed, I read it as Brenda will try to be more upfront with her communication, less beat around the bush with cutting words to get her point across (Knight of Swords), direct without being “deceptive” in approach. With the Moon, I read it as Corrine is going to step forward a bit and say what’s on her mind, sugarcoating her ideas rather than trying to hide them altogether… .as she likely got in big trouble by hiding her opinions and then blurting them out (4 of Swords reversed) With the Devil, I feel like they both feel trapped… can’t do anything right and always feel like they are held captive by the faulty relationship. Advice – Page of Swords reversed, I felt like Brenda could definately help the situation by thinking before she speaks… backing up her aggression just a tad. (sorry! I realize Brenda sees Corrine as aggressive, but I would call this “mirroring” – no offense) I feel like there is still a journey of bickering and fighting, but it could be constructive bickering toward a productive goal. Temperance…. I love that this card is the final outcome, because to me it says that Brenda has a lesson to learn.. either through this experience or another one 🙂 so, she should carry on and do her best to take the advice of the cards. (Temperance reminds me of a young woman sitting in the middle of a river trying her best to keep her butt on the rock while pouring water from one cup to another without spilling it. btw – she fails at the battle on occasion, but ultimately she wins the war because she is focused on the task rather than the river.) Thanks for letting me play here! M

    • Brigit says:

      I love your insight on the Temperance card…. Brenda has a lesson to learn. So true, especially with the Major Arcana cards. These often present themselves when there is a major life lesson that can be taken away from the situation, particularly in the Advice position.

      • Kristi says:

        I think its interesting that the seven of swords and temperance both suggest lessons needing to be learnt in this situation.

  • sheri says:

    Most we are in sync with – the Moon definitely screams undermining and secretive behavior toward her. The 5 wands is definitely more conflict, but i always read this card as “subjective differences” – where on paper there is no right or wrong but more the fact that they can’t agree on ONE certain way to get something done – difference of opinion (probably being made worse by the competitive angle). The temperance card to me says that she needs to remain centered and realize the tornado going on around her is just that – AROUND her – does not necessarily have to suck her in to it’s destruction. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • Kristi says:

      I just remember that the 5/wands came up in my weekly reading and just now I got into a bit of an argument/conflict with my mom about taking initiative. I think it goes with this situation as well. Wands are all about action; 5s are the number after 4 (stable, waiting, etc). Taking initiative, I like that for the energy of the 5/wands.

  • Joanna says:

    Michelle, I love your interpretation of Temperance too. Very insightful, thanks. You are right, my client has let her fear and anxiety of the “competition” cripple her when she should be staying focused on delivering on her work and delivering results.

    Great job!

  • Jen says:

    This seems like a fun challenge, so I got out one of my own decks whose energy is suited to the question, and laid out the spread as above. The thing that’s different with my interpretation is that, for me, Swords correlate with Fire, Passions, Strong emotions; while Wands/Staves correlate with Air, Intellect and Communication. So my take on it is similar, but for different reasons:

    Due to the abundance of Swords, and particularly the reversed cards, I sense a high level of conflict – which is also suggested by the purpose of the reading.

    The Knight of Swords I see as Brenda; in this case it seems the primary cause of the tension is that she tends to rush forward, head-first, without considering all options/avenues. Her passions drive her, but the underlying motivation seems to be a bit, self-serving, rather than for the team. I feel that she often thinks she is right, and may not be so open to criticism, constructive or otherwise. While her intentions are good (4 of Swords), her method lacks tact. She really should take a step back and review her own part in the conflict that has arisen between herself and her co-worker. She seems to sincerely want to have a better relationship, but the habit to be nit-picky is so ingrained in both, that it will take a conscious effort, and lots of hard work to over-come (7 of Swords).

    The Moon tends to reveal deceptions, and the dark/other/shadow side of things. In this case, I definitely sense deception, but not external – there doesn’t seem to be a deception on the part of Corinne; not even an intentional deception by Brenda. It is more of an internal deception, as if Brenda is unwilling to acknowledge her part, her fault, in the situation.

    The Devil shows me there is a true clash in the women’s personalities, but serves as a warning that no matter how tempting, and easy, it is to contradict each other, put each other down, and impede production between them, healing must start somewhere. They will likely not be good friends, but the least they can do is learn to tolerate each other and work together amicably for the sake of their jobs. This leads into the message from the Page of Swords – move slowly, and consider carefully all actions before executing them. Saying or doing something thoughtlessly will not be beneficial to anyone, and can be very detrimental if done at an inopportune time.

    With the 5 of Wands, I see there are clearly two sides to every story; and clear opposition between them. However, if everyone were to lower their guard, for the space of one conversation, and speak openly and honestly, I do think Brenda and Corinne could come to an understanding, and a truce.

    Temperance reminds us to think and consider all aspects of a given situation; also to mind our tongues and “temper” our words with more kindness and understanding that perhaps we feel.

    In the end, I would advise Brenda to really think about what started the problems between herself and Corinne, because old habits are hard to break. Once the root has been discerned, she might want to have a friendly, informal conversation with Corinne, simply apologize (without admitting guilt!) that they haven’t been on good terms, and make a commitment to be more open-minded and willing to compromise in order to serve their team and company to the best of their abilities.

  • John Ballantrae says:

    So Brenda asked about her relationship with Corinne.

    1. What was Brenda’s relationship with Corinne like last year?
    Knight of Swords.
    It was hectic and sometimes frantic and they moved forward quite a distance. It was good for getting things done and cutting through the dead wood, if there was any.

    2. What factors internal or external, influenced Brenda’s relationship with Corinne last year?
    Four of Swords reversed
    Brenda’s lack of determination became evident. She wanted to hide or stay un-involved.

    3. How will Brenda’s relationship with Corinne pan out this year?
    Seven of Swords reversed
    If the card had been upright, then someone would have been making a move, but it’s reversed, so it’s going nowhere and there wont’ be much change or satisfaction for either party.

    4. What factors, internal or external, will influence Brenda’s relationship with Corinne this year?
    The Moon
    Dogs and wolves are pack animals, so Brenda will follow the consensus of the group. If the majority wants to work with Corinne, so will Brenda. If the group has it in for Corinne, so will Brenda.

    5. What is Corinne thinking about this relationship?
    The Devil.
    She knows that sometimes you get stuck with people and have to do what you can. Even bosses have bosses they have to answer to so they may be powerful on one level, but not with reference to others. Brenda is just part of normal work stuff.

    6. What can Brenda do to help foster a better working relationship with Corinne?
    Page of Swords reversed
    It’s reversed, so don’t be like the Page. Instead, have courage and don’t act so fearful. You have a sword in your hand, so learn to use it and cut out what is getting in the way. Use it on yourself first, and then on others.

    7. What would be the outcome of the relationship throughout the year?
    Five of Wands
    I don’t see what difference there is with this and card 3 about how the relationship will pan out. However, on its own, they both have a chance at reform so they can improve their ability to think, communicate and act in cooperation with others. They can learn to be team-players, as well as leaders at the appropriate times.

    8. Advice?
    I assume this is advice for Brenda, but it may not be. However, what is Brenda supposed to do? Stick with it; stay where she is and adapt and learn something about herself, about people, and how to get along with them so something good comes out of even difficult conditions.

    • Joanna Ash says:

      Thanks John. I like what you said about the Page of Swords, that she has the sword in her hand, she should use it. I will tell her that. As for the 7 of swords reversed vs 5 of wands as an outcome. They are different…in fact it’s because of the former suggesting that she feels difficult to take the first step in right direction and break away from old behaviors or habits, it will cause that outcome of a 5 of wands situation…the conflict and tension between them will continue.

      • John Ballantrae says:

        Dear Joanna:
        Hello to the lady herself who did the original reading. Pleased to meet you.
        I thought that “how will things pan out” and “what will be the outcome” are kind of asking the same question, but I see your position of the outcome being a consequence.
        I’m not sure, though, why or how the 5 of Wands shows “conflict and tension between them”.
        It’s wands for enterprise and energy and is not a continuation of the hostility and aggression that you can get with swords – a sword is a weapon, after all.
        It could show Brenda and Corinne – or the relationship itself – taking turns with different activities or handling different responsibilities. It’s upright, so it could be showing adaptability and versatility, and a certain amount of independent action, which could be appropriate for getting a work project completed.

        • Joanna says:

          Hello John, I don’t disagree that as a wands card, it’s about energy and enterprise. The wands suit is about fire, passion, action, inspiration and creative pursuits in a work place. When I meditated on the card, the people in the image holding the wands were in dressed in different clothes, looked different and seemed to be in direct competition. This I believe corresponded to the differing opinions and approaches to managing their work projects. Both are no doubt passionate, both are no doubt busy and both are definitely energetically and enthusiastically working to impress the bosses….howevery instead of having that 1 clear vision together to work towards achieving the objectives of the project, they were spending more time arguing about approaches, and disagreeing with each other. Plenty tension and conflict created as a consequence.

          • John Ballantrae says:

            Dear Joanna:
            This is a bit of an aside, but I don’t make much headway with Wands as fire, and passion and activity, and so on. It seems to me that Cups can be passionate too, and active in their own way, so attributing passion and action and so on to Wands seems unhelpful. Swords can be passionate and active too, so I find we lose something of the meaning when we use words that can apply to all suits.
            I get more out of Wands as sticks of living wood – so they contrast with the similar shape of the sword that is man-made and dangerous.
            With this in mind, the conflict and behaviour of Corinne, at least it seems to be her actions that are more aggressive, is milder and less threatening, so a more hopeful and cooperative future is possible.

          • Brigit says:

            Hi John, Thanks for sharing your different point of view on the suits. I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Brigit says:

      Again, thanks for sharing a different point of view on the cards. We don’t always have to agree on what we see, and that’s what makes these types of exercises special, because we get to see a whole range of different interpretations. An excellent opportunity to learn from one another and to share differences of opinions.

  • Aasheesh Kumar says:

    Well the cards are pretty direct in what they aim to convey.Wands and swords are clear indicators of somewhat strained vibes.Temperance card is all about balancing the emotions Patience is the keyword here.Wait and watch,and do not further aggravate the situation .
    It would be a good idea to have a direct talk and sort out the issues.


  • Julie says:

    Hello, sorry to come a little late here but this subject particularly fascinates me and I get quite passionate over such situations. I just wish to talk about the outcome, the last four cards as I agree mostly with what is said for the first cards.
    In my view (I realise it may be a little extreme), the Devil, the page of Swords rev. and 5 of Wands would mean that Brenda sees herself as having no options, no choice, i.e. if she fights back, Corinne will thunder over her and become threatening to the point of having her fired and if she remains passive, she will be humiliated for being weak in some way. I perceive Corinne as a dangerous bully, one of those office bullies that ought to be put back in their place by management, if not removed from being in power entirely. Corinne might even be guilty of mobbing and making Brenda feel very uncomfortable within her group – 5 of Wands – to the point where she has no option but the temperance (fortunately) which indicates either a mediator to intervene and for Corinne to choose another path within her firm. Looking under the left wing of the temperance, where Brenda is currently, there is a crown that almost seems like an unattainable prise (all things ‘shiny’, powerful, exciting, income orientated) and under the right wing, there is a much easier job… there are flowers blooming and long grass: a job which may not be so interesting but where Brenda could find contentment if she tries to. Brenda may need to give up the stressful situation which could lead to health issues and talk to a personal manager or someone ‘in power’ whom she trusts (the Temperance) in her firm.

    • Joanna Ash says:

      An excellent perspective Julie:) thank you.

      • John Ballantrae says:

        If you lay a spread to answer particular questions, shouldn’t you at least relate the cards to the question asked, rather than ignore what the Tarot is presumably trying to answer?
        So the Devil describes how Corinne is thinking – rather than how Brenda is reacting. The Page of Swords reversed is what Brenda can do to improve things, rather than showing a defeated state. The 5 of Batons is the outcome of the relationship so it about both of them rather than just Brenda’s defeat.
        Just wondering.
        John Ballantrae

    • Brigit says:

      Wonderful insights, Julie. Thanks for sharing. I love how you’ve used the symbolism in the Temperance to guide your intuitive sense of the reading.

  • Patricia Mitchell says:

    I feel like Brenda has, unknowingly, caused this situation with her colleague because of her personality.

    The Knight of Swords tells me that Brenda was aggressive in her words and/or actions and would basically “run over” Corinne if things didn’t go the way Brenda felt they should. She may have been snippy and impatient. Brenda may feel that she always needs to be first or better than the others. That will definitely cause friction really quick.

    4/Swords rx – Brenda has been frustrated that she and Corinne cannot see eye to eye and has just sort of let it ride hoping that the situation will eventually resolve itself.

    7/Swords rx & Moon – Brenda is finding it hard to change direction after such a long time and does not know how to make peace with Corinne because Brenda feels that it’s Corinne who is being unreasonable. There is quite a lot of mistrust between that will be hard to alleviate, if at all.

    The Devil – Brenda feels like she is trapped and chained to Corinne. If you have to work closely with a colleague, but don’t get along with them, one can have those feelings because there’s no getting away from them. She may be working in a small office causing them to constantly be around each other.

    Page/Wands rx – Since it’s Brenda’s personality that has caused the contention, she needs to not be such a “know-it-all” and so opinionated and perhaps include Corinne in the fold, ask her opinion or even let her take the lead on a project.

    5/Wands – They are still going to be butting heads. Basically, nothing is going to change or, if it does, it will take quite some time.

    Temperance – Brenda needs to exercise some restraint, moderation in how she goes about dealing with people. It’s not all about Brenda. If she would relax a little and realize that she does not have to compete with her colleague because they are all in it together, things may settle down where they can at least work together without stress. Some people are very goal oriented and ambitious and I believe Brenda is too. This can cause contention if others feel that she out” shines them.”

  • Wulfie says:

    The first card suggests Brenda was often rushing in to ‘save’ Corrine. Maybe she was helping her out, maybe she thought Corrine hadn’t done her job well enough or had overlooked something, or maybe she just had time or more experience in the work and stepped in actively.
    The second card suggests, to me, that Brenda might view Corrine as a slacker, or as someone who needs help/supervision…or she has perfectionistic tendencies that drove her to constantly step in.

    The third card indicates some covert sneakiness. Whether that’s from Brenda or Corrine isn’t really indicated so it could be either or both. This card, reversed, always makes me think of competitiveness; which can be friendly or not.

    The fourth card, along with what’s already been said, can suggest a blindness on Brenda’s part. Sure she’s being triggered by Corrine but why? Is she insecure? Does she feel a need to do better than Corrine? Is she somehow threatened by Corrine? Mirror triggering, for sure.

    The Devil, love that for this position in the spread. If Brenda’s a rescuer or perfectionist then she’s certainly going to see Brenda as her nemesis, especially if Corrine is more relaxed in the way she handles her job…that would make Brenda see her as even more of a slacker. Think of it like this; if someone we work with is so happy and comfortable with their job that they approach their duties in a relaxed manner then someone who is more proactive is going to feel as if that person is a slacker because that person isn’t as driven or ambitious. If that’s the way Brenda perceives Corrine then Brenda isn’t actually the problem, Brenda’s perception is.

    In tight relationships like this at the job site, communication often breaks down. For me, the reversed page is suggesting that Brenda openly share her thoughts (perceptions) with Corrine in order to gain an understanding about where Corrine’s coming from instead of letting her thoughts about Corrine drive her up a wall. She should stop keeping all this negative mental energy running around in her head in other words and talk about it.

    If things continue unchecked (unshared) then things will escalate into outright battles at the job site and get others involved. This can also indicate that talking about the problems, whether that’s by Brenda to co-workers or by Corrine to co-workers, will get others involved and soon there will be all sorts of drama spilling into the workplace.

    Temperance suggests chilling out, balance things out by thinking less and speaking up more and tempering a more co-operative relationship with Corrine instead of always thinking the worst…especially if Brenda is the one who’s always stepping in to do Corrine’s work because she doesn’t think Corrine did it right or because she’s rescuing Corrine from her own failings. Brenda should focus on her own job and less on Corrine’s except in areas where Corrine’s work directly impacts her own and when that happens speak up about it.

    • Joanna Ash says:


      I love your advice ” She should stop keeping all this negative mental energy running around in her head in other words and talk about it. ” Thats a fab one.

  • Aasheesh Kumar says:

    Well the cards are symbolical enough to show an undercurrent of unease and tension in the relationship.The meaning of individual cards have been given already given out so I will not repeat the same.If you see the overall spread the vibes are not coming out good.The swords,wands,Moon,Devil in the spread are indicating that it is not going to be smooth sailing in the year ahead.If you connect Devil,and Temperance it clearly indicates that there is going to be vibrational mismatch in the relationship.Brenda’s colleague sees her as a threat and is full of distrust,spite and sort of uncomfortable working with her.It is due to professional compulsion that the two are together.Temperance in the advice position is asking Brenda to be patient and tolerant.However Page Of Wands reversed is indicating that Brenda should try to be protective of her own space and ensure that she is able to perform her professional duties without being trampled upon.So I would suggest that she takes up a strong position vis a vis Corinne,and not relent in any manner.

  • julia crooks says:

    hope this is helpful for newcomers
    1. How was my relationship with my colleague last year? Knight of Swords indicates the relationship was conflictual. Also indicates a conflictual situation moving in linked to the colleague and expressed as the page may be a blunt verbal assault. From another angle the knight represents the colleague and another take is a representation of the sitter because we can look at the same card or the same person from many different angles or perspectives for insight. Applying the overall spread to the sitters mental state we meld the energy of the knight with that of the revesed page so the sitter may have a lot of the mental stimulas and productive ideas of the knight manifesting through the extremes of the page, the obsession of the devil and confusion of the moon possibly moving from wired to apathy (page reversed) so we can sense where her mind is once have learned to link the feeling with the card which can only be aquired first hand, maybe the simplest way to begin is to ask the tarot what energy am I feeling today? pull just one card daily until your familiar with the meanings and symbolism of the tarot and can tap into the energy that particular card represents, in this way self-awareness grows through self-reflection.
    2. What factors, internal or external, influenced my relationship with him/her last year? Four of Swords reversed indicates the colleague was/is attemping to isolate the sitter via the page reversed indicating vicious gosip through the deception of the moon under the influence of the devil.
    3. How will my relationship with my colleague pan out this year? Seven of Swords reversed indicates an apology up ahead from the collegue tied in to the conflictual situation when these hidden deeds (moon) come to light. In the 7, something that has been stolen from the querent is returned (her reputation and possibly the limelight) so the colleague is unlikely to be succesful in her underhand mission, next to the 7 also indicates the apology is likely to be insincere.
    3. What factors, internal or external will influence my relationship with him/her this year? Moon indicates hidden elements of the situation yet to come to light (the collegues intentions and past actions). The querent may be confused by the moonlit scene around her in this relationship.
    4. What is he/she thinking about this relationship? the attributes of the devil are being applied to the relationship by the collegue, using power or influence to manipulate and entrap also supported by the 4 reversed. The devil also indictes a negative cycle in the querents life which is pointing at the positive attributes of the knight being chanelled through the warped energy and miscommunication of the page. These negative aspects in ourselves we free simply by studying the card. She may be feeling unable to follow things through, too many irons in the fire (page) and it’s likely the collegue is aware of this and using it against her to tie her up.
    5. What can I do to help foster a better working relationship? Page of Swords reversed indicates ineffective communication so the sitter is struggling to express herself in this situation, also points to having so many different ideas we go in to rambling mode, a scent this lady is being overpowered by her colleague. The sitter may obsessed with her problems and resigned to not being able to do anything about them hence we become apathetic or else overly curious under this cards reversal, bring the moon’s influence into the picture and there’s a depth to the querents confusion but up ahead through temperance we see a rebalancing. To achieve this she is accesing her subconscious (moon) where her hidden characteristics lie (page) hence the confusion but through integration of these shadow aspects of her pesonality (temperance) she is freeing herself from the devils influence and power over her and breaking the negative cycle. We see opposing elements on all levels and through all aspects of her life flowing harmoniously in the end. What we attract we attract we attract on all levels. We’re not aware of our subconscious conditioning unless we’re fully enlightened therefore unaware of what we are attracting and why. Tracing these patterns releases us because once something’s held in our conscious mind we have the potential to control it rather than it controlling us (devil). We’re all unable to see ourselves objectively though we’re illusioned into believing we do. The tarot leads us back to ourself. The page also indicates the sitter is at the centre of a situation involving a grievance and a lot of gossip the colleague is hitting below the belt, placed next to the devil shows expression of it’s power through the intellect in order to decieve. Strong elements of deception in the moon, devil, 7 swords and the page with it’s undertones of spying the tone is not wonderful, also backing off from a situation where acually more force needs to be applied.
    6. What would be the outcome of the relationship throughout the year? Five of Wands indicates healthy competition and energy so we’re now above the belt and the energy of the 5 being made availible will rebalance the reversed page
    7. Advice? Temperance indicates that moderation is and will be on the sitters mind and this is the way forward, self -restraint moderation and correction of reversal of energy seen in the page which is working against her and manifesting as herself, her colleague and this situation coming in around her (knight). She has drawn this person in to her life who is reflecting certain aspects of her personality enabling her to see her blind side more clearly. Also indicates being able to work harmoniously with others so the elements that are working against each other within herself and within the working relationship can and will be brought together once the energy of the 5 wands is made available and chanelled through temperance.
    Godbless x

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