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Tarot Circle: General Celtic Cross Spread

By April 11, 2012Tarot Circle

This month’s Tarot Circle is from Linda in the US.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

Linda wrote to me saying that her own ‘Tarot Circle’ (a small group of four Tarot enthusiasts who meet regularly) had prepared a Tarot reading for one of their members, Jen. There was no specific question asked – just a general reading for Jen who had recently started a relationship in December.

OK, I have to be really honest and say that whenever I get a request for “just a general reading, thanks,” I shudder! I bet there are some readers out there who love doing ‘general readings’, but it’s not really my forte. I much prefer getting into specifics and focusing in on a defined area rather than going ‘general’. It’s a bit like asking an artist to “paint me a picture – anything you like”. Some love it, some hate it.

So, when I get a request for a general reading, I try to pick up some clues about the key areas of focus and then go from there. We know that there is a new love interest, but we’ll see what other aspects come up too.

Linda’s Tarot Reading

celtic-cross-generalLinda used the Celtic Cross Tarot spread and drew the following Tarot cards.

  • Significator – Queen of Cups
  • Crossing – Sun
  • Past – Seven of Swords reversed
  • Below – Four of Wands reversed
  • Above – World
  • Future – King of Wands
  • Self – Judgement
  • Environment  – Two of Cups
  • Hopes/Fears – Ace of Pentacles reversed
  • Outcome – High Priestess reversed

My Interpretation of Linda’s Tarot Reading

Well, there are definitely a lot of cards that refer to Jen’s new relationship and how this impacts her life. So, at least we have a focal point! While there are not an abundance of Cups cards as you might expect from a relationship Tarot reading, the divinatory meanings of the cards do lean towards focusing on Jen’s relationship.

The Queen of Cups highlights that she is focused in on her emotions right now, and with this card being in the upright position, she is actually doing pretty well. She is no doubt smitten in this new relationship and has found a place of peace and compassion with this person. She feels like she has the opportunity here to truly connect with her emotional self and is now clearly leading her life from a place of feeling and emotion.

It is difficult to ever see the Sun in a negative light, so in the Crossing position here, I would interpret this as a sign that not much is getting in Jen’s way. She’s feeling pretty good about life and love right now and her positive attitude is repelling any possible negativity that may come her way.

In the past, the reversed Seven of Swords suggests that she may have experienced some sort of wrong-doing – an unfaithful partner, a betrayal or deception of some sort. As this card is reversed, it may even be the case that she was the wrong-doer, but I don’t really pick this up anywhere else in the reading.

In the future, the King of Wands is a very positive sign that this new relationship that she’s in will continue to develop into something committed and long-term. I really love this King – visionary, charismatic, self-assured, engaging and attractive. He’s everything you want in a man and a little bit more. Somehow George Clooney is coming to mind! So, his presence here is a good sign that this new relationship may actually be something quite significant.

In her day-to-day life, the World suggests that Jen is nearing the end of a major life cycle. There is no sadness here – just a general feeling that she has achieved something and that she is proud of how far she has coming. Something has come full circle, whether it be all that work she’s been doing to be a better person or a better partner, or perhaps a project that has been underway for some time. With the Sun and the Queen of Cups nearby, I get a glowing feeling from these cards in combination and feel that she is on the cusp of something great.

On a more subconscious level, the reversed Four of Wands hints towards some level of fear about the relationship progressing to a more committed state but that commitment being under threat for some reason. This may be associated with the past and the Seven of Swords, perhaps where she has had a rough journey with someone else and is still learning to trust others again. It may also reflect a feeling of transition, particularly around the home and the family.

Judgment highlights that Jen is on the cusp of something major and that she has reached a point of ‘awakening’ or a realisation about an important aspect of her life. This card partnered with the World is such a good sign that she is coming to the end of one cycle in her life and is preparing herself for the next cycle, complete with learnings from the past.

In her environment, the Two of Cups is a clear sign of her new relationship. The feelings are mutual and there is a strong emotional connection.

With the reversed Ace of Pentacles, there may be some concern around money and career, and possibly losing out on an opportunity that could bring more money to her.

And finally, with the reversed High Priestess, she is advised to listen more closely to her intuition and to follow it. The Judgement confirms that she comes from a place of good judgement, but she now needs to combine this with her superior intuition (she is a Tarot reader, of course!) in order to get the best outcomes.


Overall, I would say that this reading mostly focuses on her new relationship and how this is impacting her. The energy is highly positive and it appears that she is the cusp of a major turning point. I have very positive feelings about this new guy and think that he has a lot of great potential. She is also learning a lot about herself and this is helping her to move on from any betrayal or deception in the past.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Linda?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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