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Tarot Circle: General Celtic Cross Spread

By April 11, 2012 Tarot Circle

This month’s Tarot Circle is from Linda in the US.

As with all Tarot Circle posts, I’ll provide my initial thoughts and then I’ll hand it over to you, the reader, to use the comments section to write what you see.

Remember there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to be an experienced Tarot reader to comment.

The Question

Linda wrote to me saying that her own ‘Tarot Circle’ (a small group of four Tarot enthusiasts who meet regularly) had prepared a Tarot reading for one of their members, Jen. There was no specific question asked – just a general reading for Jen who had recently started a relationship in December.

OK, I have to be really honest and say that whenever I get a request for “just a general reading, thanks,” I shudder! I bet there are some readers out there who love doing ‘general readings’, but it’s not really my forte. I much prefer getting into specifics and focusing in on a defined area rather than going ‘general’. It’s a bit like asking an artist to “paint me a picture – anything you like”. Some love it, some hate it.

So, when I get a request for a general reading, I try to pick up some clues about the key areas of focus and then go from there. We know that there is a new love interest, but we’ll see what other aspects come up too.

Linda’s Tarot Reading

celtic-cross-generalLinda used the Celtic Cross Tarot spread and drew the following Tarot cards.

  • Significator – Queen of Cups
  • Crossing – Sun
  • Past – Seven of Swords reversed
  • Below – Four of Wands reversed
  • Above – World
  • Future – King of Wands
  • Self – Judgement
  • Environment  – Two of Cups
  • Hopes/Fears – Ace of Pentacles reversed
  • Outcome – High Priestess reversed

My Interpretation of Linda’s Tarot Reading

Well, there are definitely a lot of cards that refer to Jen’s new relationship and how this impacts her life. So, at least we have a focal point! While there are not an abundance of Cups cards as you might expect from a relationship Tarot reading, the divinatory meanings of the cards do lean towards focusing on Jen’s relationship.

The Queen of Cups highlights that she is focused in on her emotions right now, and with this card being in the upright position, she is actually doing pretty well. She is no doubt smitten in this new relationship and has found a place of peace and compassion with this person. She feels like she has the opportunity here to truly connect with her emotional self and is now clearly leading her life from a place of feeling and emotion.

It is difficult to ever see the Sun in a negative light, so in the Crossing position here, I would interpret this as a sign that not much is getting in Jen’s way. She’s feeling pretty good about life and love right now and her positive attitude is repelling any possible negativity that may come her way.

In the past, the reversed Seven of Swords suggests that she may have experienced some sort of wrong-doing – an unfaithful partner, a betrayal or deception of some sort. As this card is reversed, it may even be the case that she was the wrong-doer, but I don’t really pick this up anywhere else in the reading.

In the future, the King of Wands is a very positive sign that this new relationship that she’s in will continue to develop into something committed and long-term. I really love this King – visionary, charismatic, self-assured, engaging and attractive. He’s everything you want in a man and a little bit more. Somehow George Clooney is coming to mind! So, his presence here is a good sign that this new relationship may actually be something quite significant.

In her day-to-day life, the World suggests that Jen is nearing the end of a major life cycle. There is no sadness here – just a general feeling that she has achieved something and that she is proud of how far she has coming. Something has come full circle, whether it be all that work she’s been doing to be a better person or a better partner, or perhaps a project that has been underway for some time. With the Sun and the Queen of Cups nearby, I get a glowing feeling from these cards in combination and feel that she is on the cusp of something great.

On a more subconscious level, the reversed Four of Wands hints towards some level of fear about the relationship progressing to a more committed state but that commitment being under threat for some reason. This may be associated with the past and the Seven of Swords, perhaps where she has had a rough journey with someone else and is still learning to trust others again. It may also reflect a feeling of transition, particularly around the home and the family.

Judgment highlights that Jen is on the cusp of something major and that she has reached a point of ‘awakening’ or a realisation about an important aspect of her life. This card partnered with the World is such a good sign that she is coming to the end of one cycle in her life and is preparing herself for the next cycle, complete with learnings from the past.

In her environment, the Two of Cups is a clear sign of her new relationship. The feelings are mutual and there is a strong emotional connection.

With the reversed Ace of Pentacles, there may be some concern around money and career, and possibly losing out on an opportunity that could bring more money to her.

And finally, with the reversed High Priestess, she is advised to listen more closely to her intuition and to follow it. The Judgement confirms that she comes from a place of good judgement, but she now needs to combine this with her superior intuition (she is a Tarot reader, of course!) in order to get the best outcomes.


Overall, I would say that this reading mostly focuses on her new relationship and how this is impacting her. The energy is highly positive and it appears that she is the cusp of a major turning point. I have very positive feelings about this new guy and think that he has a lot of great potential. She is also learning a lot about herself and this is helping her to move on from any betrayal or deception in the past.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the spread overall? What is your advice to Linda?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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  • Daniel says:

    really agree with your interpretation Biddy.
    Judgement and Reversed High Priestess also both can mean a ‘wake up call’ Reversed High Priestess usually means a wake up call negatively but the other cards are so positive. I think it means that like trusting your intuition, wake up and the relationship could be the long haul. it could be a good commitment, don’t be afraid because of past bad experiences. Almost like you need to wake up to it could work out positively 🙂

    I have an old tarot book which also says the Reverse High Priestess can indicate sexual tension 😉

  • Celeste says:

    I feel that reversed High Priestess could be telling her to get out of her own head and just go with the flow for a while. Things are looking good so lighten up a bit and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

  • Louise says:

    The Queen of Cups as the situation card indicates that we are looking at an aspect of Jen’s personality, especially when there is no question to guide the reading. The aspect of her personality that the reading is concerned with is her dreamy, imaginative, probably idealistic and romantic side. There could be artistic or creative flair, emotional sensitivity, and well developed intuition, for this Queen is very inwardly focussed. She often prefers her day-dreams and imagination to the sometimes harsh light of so-called ‘reality’.

    And speaking of harsh light, this brings us to The Sun as the Challenge or Crossing card. The Sun poses a challenge to the Queen of Cups personality, and that challenge is to get into the light. It might be time to move out of the day-dreams and fantasy visions of the Queen of Cups and see things more clearly. I would hazard a guess that the querent has been living heavily in the world of her imagination and ideals, and she needs to get out of that space and see what’s what in the real world.

    The Queen of Cups crossed by the Sun is about the imaginary realm (Cups) versus and the realm of daylight and full consciousness (Sun).

    I think this reading is asking the querent: what do you actually really want? Can you articulate clearly in your consciousness, what you are wanting to happen? The Queen of Cups day-dreams and imagines, but The Sun calls for our conscious intention. It is time to shine a spotlight on your conscious intentions; to ask yourself what it is you want, and then to find the courage to state it plainly. There may be a need to be honest with yourself about what’s really possible. It can be lovely to engage in fantasy and day-dreams but at the end of the day we need to shine the hard glare of daylight on our fantasies and ask ourself if they are really what we want to attract into our life?

    The Sun challenges you to bring some consciousness into the Queen of Cups day-dreaming.

    The Above position comes next in my interpretation, and it shows us what is in full consciousness for the querent, this is something they know about themselves and they know about the situation (remembering that the situation is actually the Queen of Cups part of Jen’s personality). Who is old enough to know that song from the 1970’s movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory: “I want the world, I want the whole world, I want to wrap it all up in my pocket, it’s my bar of chocolate, give it to me now!” My intuition started singing this song to me as soon as I saw the World in the Above position. High expectations, that’s what I’m thinking.

    Another possible interpretation is that the querent already feels whole within herself. Perhaps she feels like she doesn’t need anything else in her life, that her life is satisfying and full just how it is.

    The Reversed Four of Wands paints a different picture though, and indicates to me that The World might be a little bit of a protective façade. Four of Wands reversed is a classic case of not being invited to the party. For whatever reason, this is how it feels at the deepest layers of your being, like you’ve missed the party, lost your invitation, missed the party boat. I often see the Four of Wands as a marriage card, and reversed it is suggestive of a broken marriage or a relationship that failed to reach the stage of stability and celebration that the 4 of Wands upright, implies. There is a hint of disappointment evident here, high expectations that haven’t been met by the realities of life.

    The reversed Seven of Swords in the Past position suggests cheating to me, just like Biddy says. The reversal indicates that the cheating was blown wide open for all to see, it wasn’t successfully hidden or covered up. Like Biddy says though, it’s not clear where the querent stands in relation to this other than it is in her past. She might have experienced it first hand, second hand, or been the one who did it. Either way, it has cast a shadow over the past. It indicates broken trust.

    I loved Biddy’s interpretation of the King of Wands in Future position, with images of George Clooney thrown in free of charge! Haha! There is a man in the future position and he looks pretty good. He is likely to be an energetic character, inspirational, a forward thinker, an ideas man. Probably not great on the details but he’s damn fine at sub-ordinating. He is fiery by nature, and highly motivated. Being a fiery type he wears his heart on his sleeve and is likely to be up-front and straight-talking. He looks ahead, his eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. Probably a fairly active type, adventurous, he likes a challenge, but he also likes things to be up front and on the table. He would want you to be straight forward with him.

    Judgement in the Where You See Yourself position, suggests to me that the querent knows she has come to an important crossroads in life. I always interpret this card as a calling to forgive and release the past so you can rise cleansed and renewed. I really see this card as a calling for forgiveness and a releasing of the past. Mistakes may have been made, but it is time to let go so you can start fresh. I would like to rename this card: rising above judgement.

    The Two of Cups in your environment portrays a marriage of true equality and balance. In this position this card shows us something around you, THAT IS NOT YOU. I would guess that there is a couple in your life somewhere, perhaps you have watched from close by or perhaps from a distance, but to you they seem to be a match made in heaven, they seem to have the perfect marriage. This has been an inspiration to you, but perhaps also gives you very high ideals and expectations. You have perhaps imagined and idealised a relationship just like this one. This is great as an inspiration, but when ideals become fantasy it can start to cause problems. The reality is, every relationship requires hard work and compromise to make it work. It’s not all sunshine and roses, and the couple in the Two of Cups have had to work hard to achieve a sense of balance together.

    Hopes and Fears Reversed Ace of Pentacles. Hmmm. Images that come to mind: being tossed out of the garden. Loosing your sense of comfort and security. I think the querent may have built up a safe and comfortable world for herself, and she’s afraid of losing that sense of control and containment. There may be a fear of financial loss, or not enough money. Perhaps the new man in her life is not wealthy? I would say: life is for living and sometimes we have to take a risk.

    Reversed High Priestess as the outcome card does not bode well for us tarot readers! Hahaha! It might be suggesting that the querent may not be comfortable looking too closely at the deeper layers of her situation. She may reject the hidden secrets the High Priestess is capable of revealing. She may not want to delve deeply into the mysteries, or look too closely at the past. This is an interesting card to get reversed, when the central card is the Queen of Cups, because these two cards, these two women, are not unlike. But then with the Sun as the challenge card, it is important that things are brought into the open, and are scrutinized in the full light of day. Perhaps the High Priestess reversed indicates that all will be revealed, that all will be exposed, that no secrets will be hidden or held back? This would give a different slant to the reading, and indicate that the querent may indeed embrace the challenge of The Sun and step out of the shadows and into a fully conscious position with no secrets left to hide. Any takers?

    Louise’s Kitchen Table Tarot.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Louise,
      That is wonderfully cohesive and thorough interpretation. I have read several of your replies on the Tarot Circle and I wanted to let you know that I am inspired by the way you read the cards with such beautiful fluidity and insight.

  • patricia says:

    From certain cards like the Sun, the World, High Priestess, Reversed; and the 7 of Swords, Reversed…the general flavor that I pick up from this reading is the message to tell Jen that it is time for her to “come clean” on things, deal with any issues that she has been trying to hide or bury within her, and just open up, in general, and express herself on all levels i.e. work, relationships, friendship, etc. It will be a very liberating experience for her.

  • Eleanor says:

    I agree with the above interpretations but I would like to add what my intuition is telling me. Linda needs to remain (or discover) who she is and continue to do her life’s work. By doing this she will bring a whole person to the relationship. She will meet her partner on equal ground. Combine this with being open and honest, Linda and perhaps the relationship will have a chance to grow, mature and find peaceful place.

  • Louise says:

    Have been mulling over The High Priestess today, as I go about my grocery shopping and running errands, and I have come to feel very strongly that this card Reversed in the Outcome position suggests Jen will come clean with herself in her situation, that she will open up and stop hiding. A number of us have picked up on the idea that she needs to come clean about something, or bring something into the open, and I think secrets will be revealed and things that were hidden will be exposed. I think it will be in a good way, and that it will feel like a release that will enable her to move forward more openly and honestly. All in all I definitely get a positive feeling from this reading.

    • Brigit says:

      Louise, I love it… “Have been mulling over The High Priestess today, as I go about my grocery shopping and running errands.” That is Tarot coming alive!!

  • Linda Snock says:

    I’d like to thank Bridgit and everyone who took the time to post their thoughts! I think we learn so much by sharing with one another. When I first saw Jennifer’s layout, I was immediately drawn to the Queen of Cups, King of Wands and 2 of cups. Since Jennifer had no particular question, the cards seemed to point to her new relationship. I have known Jennifer for over twenty years so when I saw the Sun in the Challenge position, I intuitively felt it spoke to her free spirit and her strong sense of self. Strong, secure and independent women can be a challenge for any relationship! As a single woman at midlife, Jennifer has journeyed through the Major Arcana and has completed a major cycle when she was recently hired full-time at the college where she has worked for many years (The World). I also thought Louise’s idea that the World reflected Jennifer’s sense of wholeness was right on! Jennifer felt the four of Wands, reversed, addressed the unsettled nature of family/sibling issues which have emerged since the passing of her father this past year. Judgment seemed to be a call to evaluate her feelings about her new relationship. The Ace of Pentacles, reversed, in the hopes and fears position, reflected her financial concerns. (Jennifer owns her own home and has recently taken in a new boarder.) I liked the way Louise related the hopes and fears position to the possibility that Jennifer might be concerned about her boyfriend’s financial situation. (I have no information on that facet at this time.) The High Priestess, reversed, seemed to indicate that Jennifer needed to use her intuition and go with the flow (as Celeste suggested), about this new relationship and not be distracted by the ongoing family issues. Overall, I felt the cards were meaningful for Jennifer and helped to crystallize some of the issues she is facing. An interesting note: I spoke to Jennifer a week after the reading and was surprised to find that she and her boyfriend had broken up. Like everyone else, I thought the cards were very positive. When I spoke to her recently (before Bridgit posted her reading), Jennifer said they were back together and she felt they needed to work on their communication issues. I’m hoping we’ll here more from Jennifer soon!

    • Brigit says:

      Thanks Linda for providing such a detailed response. It really helps to know how the cards are playing out in ‘real life’. And it is wonderful that everyone had something unique and meaningful to contribute to the reading.
      Great work!

  • Eileen says:

    Hi Brigit

    Had a reading recently and 2 men came up in my future – which is just hilarious because right now I’m dying for just 1! Anyway the reader asked how the relationship would work out with both men and drew 1 card, this is the result

    1st man was represented by the Sun so she told me he’s a Leo – the card she drew was Queen of Cups.

    2nd man was represented by Page of Penticles (not sure if I misheard and should be Knight) and told me he’s Aquarian (however I think I know this person and he’s Taurean) – the card she drew was the Star.

    Both of these cards are positive but would I be right in thinking that the Star is more favourable?

  • delphines says:

    i would certainly agree with this reading but i would like to add that she needs to take a laid back approach to the relationship and not let past hurts impinge on her happiness. For me this comes from the sun which is also about remaining laid back and having fun whilst not being to serious and judgement is about letting go of earthly worries. This relationship i feel is like no other she has ever been involved in and will start her on a whole new era and joirney in her life. GOOD LUCK,

  • Jennifer says:

    Jennifer here, I just wanted to thank everyone for their interpretations. I’m new to Tarot cards, so I thought I would respond to the readings instead of giving my interpretations. Everyone was right on about me working on my emotions, focusing inwardly, and really deciding what I want out of life. I still don’t know! But I am trying to at least be on an honest path in the meantime. I definitely feel that I am embarking on a new stage in my life and for the better.
    I liked Louise’s idea of the reading focusing more on an aspect of my personality. My new relationship is exciting, but it is only one piece that I am working on. I do have ideas of what the Seven of Wands & the Four of Wands is referring to, and I am trying let it go, and not judge others in a tainted light because of the past. I do not consider myself a dreamer, but I do difficulty articulating what I want in life. I think this is what the recurrent theme to come clean & step out of the shadows is referring to- to be honest with myself.

  • Len says:

    The way I read is somewhat different from most in that I dont subscribe to much..
    I generally read in a more conventional manner than which I show but today need to look at the scene as a whole.
    I can see from the layout and gain impression…and this is showing me that Linda is a place that she arrives at by life experience and she has before her opportunity. However at the same time I am shown that Linda really needs to take a good look at what she truly desires…the reversed Ace of Pentacles for example gives that the aspect of provision is not of import…(I can see someone upside down with all their change falling from their pockets)…that in life and in truth..money is of little part to real happiness. There is so much re emergent energy and a sense of commitment but a new stance has to be found otherwise the same patterns will dominate..and by the closed eye of vision lives the open eye of intuition…By such means the way will be found. I am shown in particular that lessons have to be learned in life and often are not..that when we observe replays of behaviours…alarm bells will ring and ought not be ignored.
    I am finding in the cards a great deal of humour however there is within the lightness a serious tone and the message here is of optimism making better footstep…of vision towards a future of difference…of lessons learned and new good and vibrant energy towards prospect.
    My being shown as I write this..a rainbow of colour and the proverbial pot of gold is a good omen…however as the rainbow acts as a bridge then so the reward will be emotional ..(the river flows beneath the bridge) and an emotional journey of difference is the prospect..and gold will be at the journey end rather than the beginning..
    A last glance at the spread gives me vulnerability and being open to wounding…however by our being sure of that which we seek..that which we seek will move to us and the ways found.

  • jenny mulder says:

    What I see is that you are very caring and nurturing by nature having the sun cross you, you bring to each other another aspect or energy, that rewards both of you, with the five of swords reversed says to me that this relationship challenges your methods of relating, or how you imagined a relationship should look like, With the four of wands reversed it says to me you may need to experience the freedom that stems from learning to live in the moment. There is lots of possibility, and the King of wands to me is a man worth the effort. The appearence of the Judgement card signifies spiritual forces at work here, You have drawn someone equal to you who balances each of you perfectly, The reversed Ace Pentagles says to me be careful not to neglect your duties or work during this time, and with the High Priestess reversed, I would advise to try and remain balanced as the effects of this love relationship to act on your plans and return the High Princess to upright position again it can signify a process of returning to life socially after a period of contemplation.

  • Louise says:

    Hi all,

    I would just like to say how incredibly useful it is to have Jennifer and Linda’s feedback on the reading. It is very true that we can get a fair way in deciphering the broad themes of a reading without a question or client feedback, but sometimes a card can have multiple options, lighter or darker shades, and it is always so good to get a bit of a heads up when we’re interpreting.

    Jennifer, you say you still don’t know what you want in your life, and that might be the central message of the reading: turn within and imagine what you would like. Perhaps you can follow the Queen of Cups lead and try to imagine who you want to be, and what you’d like your “Cup”to be like! You say you’re not much of a dreamer, so I wonder if the cards aren’t calling on you to awaken the dreamer within? Notice how the Queen of Cups studies her cup intently, she has fashioned it into something complex and beautiful but totally different from all the other cups in the deck! She has a unique vision inside her imagination and she stays true to that, focused on HER inner vision.

    The Sun then says: articulate this. Shine some light on it. Carry your cup out of the shadows into the light of day and say: this is what I want. Be honest, be forthright, come into the open. And if your cup is different to the person’s next to you, then be true to yourself. The central question becomes: what will make ME happy? Can I find a vision of this within, and can I come out into the open with this, being true to myself?

    So thank you for taking the time to write and fill us in. As readers we spend time getting close to the cards and “feeling” into the situation, so it is SO GOOD to hear a little more about what’s going on.

    Best of Luck,

  • Lisa says:

    My feelings about the reversed Ace of Pentacles in the position of Hopes and fears is that she is worried about if the relationship is going to be down to earth and concrete or is it going to be more of the drama she had in the past with reversed 7 of Swords.

  • arya ishtar says:

    she’s intuitive (Q of c.) maybe the crossing sun (S) is the challenge of an expectation of perfect joy? there was some deception in her past (7 sw R), perhaps she’s not gotten over it (hence R?). (an exes deception? or hers?) there’s this good man (K of w) in her future. she wants the whole world (W). but maybe she feels she doesn’t deserve it (4w R)? or maybe has given up on that ideal? she feels she’ll get what she deserves (J), but maybe is afraid of karma? is having this relationship work out (2 of C in influences position) expected OF her? (by, say, her mother? her friends?) are these fears and expectations putting a damper on (reversing) her new thing (Ace p, R)? her subconscious/below card (4w R) and her hopes and fears (Ace p, R) are both reversed. (i am verrrry new to this and usually do 3-5 card spreads. please tell me if you find any flaws in my logic/intuition so i can learn. thanks!)

  • arya ishtar says:

    oops, forgot the outcome card. (high priestess, R) there is something hidden, and she’s not using her intuition the way an intuitive (Q of c) should be. (is the hidden thing in her own psyche?) past, subconscious, hopes and fears, and outcomes are all reversed. reading it as a subplot to the main story (upright cards.) (still haven’t decided what i’m going to do with the R cards, but the subplot thing is neat and adds another dimension. of course, i could be completely wrong. don’t know if my ESP works at all over the internet and into the past…) 😉

    • Brigit says:

      Arya, I like your insights on the reversed High Priestess as something hidden. This card can often indicate secrets, and when in the reversed position, it can suggest that those secrets are unknown, even to the client.

  • Christy says:

    I am going to throw in my two cents a little late. Thank you!

    I think Jen is in a loving place, where she is sharing herself and her emotions in her new relationship (Queen of Cups). New love and the beginnings of a partnership are in the air (two fo cups), and her man is mature and passionate and in her life for the forseeable future (King of Wands).

    But I think all this positivity is challenging Jen, scaring her a bit (sun in cross position) because of the past.

    Like others have said, I interpret the seven of swords Rx as cheating that was exposed or a betrayal of some sort. And it may have left Jen feeling very insecure, shook her foundation a bit (four of wands rx). Although she is happy with her new man, I don’t think mentally she has jumped in and committed to going along for the ride with him. And she knows that she needs to take the leap mentally, either go or get off the pot as they say (judgement).

    The Ace of Pents confuses me slightly. In the hope/fear position, I’m thinking maybe it relates to the commitment issue in that she is afraid of what she may give up to be in a relationship- which makes sense particularly if she has been betratyed in the past.

    The High Priestess Rx as an outcome, to me, this means that Jen needs to learn to trust herself again. She has everything she needs, and can rely on her instincts and intuition to make the right choice here and put the past where it belongs.

    • Christy says:

      Ooops- That should have said Ace of Pents reversed.

      And I forgot the world- I think she wants closure on the past- and to be in a place of peace with the past and in a place of security/stability in her current relationship.

  • Lillian says:

    Hello all,

    I am a playing cards reader starting from the age of 10, I use my intuition to read most of the time and had read successfully for so many people by in person, not through internet. For the past 5 years I started using Tarot reading as well…Yesterday, I bumped into Brigit’s website, and it got me very interested of her site compared with many other sites that I have visited. She shares so much of her experienced/knowledge and so much details with quality writing. I am so impressed of your work, Brigit. I can go on hour and hours reading without being tired to check out on every single pages and articles that posted on her site and read every words on that page. Normally I don’t look into the people’s blogs and some reason it made me do it today on her site. I’d like to share my interpretation and it may be differ from everyone else here. As I looked at the spread, I look as a whole picture and then I take a close look at each picture then I come up with my interpretation. In the normal time I just closed it without leaving any comments. Some reason it made me do it today and I’m not using the meaning of the card by book at all. So if I am wrong, then that will be a good lesson for me to learn.

    From looking at the spread, I starting to feels that, Jen is a very softhearted woman, she is willing to forgive for those past painful experienced that lingering within herself and she just can’t let go. But outwardly, she appears happy and cheerful person. She, herself may not realize that she still regrets what was once the happy family or relationship that she had and etc.. that’s still existed deep in her heart. She wants to free herself from all the painful past and wants to explore and try with whoever whatever is coming into her life, but yet she’s debating and concerning whether she should continue or start a new relationship again and she talks about it with friends and family. They all encouraging her to go forward with the man that she met or will be met in the future, but she’s worried that she may not be good enough person for him because she thinks he got it all, the perfect man. She worries that relationship with him may not working out, because she feels no confident within herself, maybe there is something that she can not be revealed/shared to her partner that she just met.

    My conclusion: She does have so many things hidden within herself, and because of that is preventing her from going forward with her life and to be who she is as a wonderful, loving and caring woman. She must let it go the past or open it up with her friends and/or partners so that she can share the life together with her partner for the happy relationship without feeling regretful things within herself.

    Thank you for the sharing Brigit. I love you site!

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