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Tarot Circle – A Celebrity Divorce

By August 15, 2012Tarot Circle


This week I welcome back Louise to the Biddy Tarot blog to share her two-card Tarot reading on a recent celebrity divorce. You may remember Louise from her popular post “A Personality Approach to Interpreting the Court Cards.” Louise is also a regular commenter on the blog and often shares her in-depth and insightful interpretations of the Tarot Circle readings.

Below, you’ll see how Louise interprets this two-card spread with incredible depth and insight. It is an excellent example of how much value you can gain from just two Tarot cards.

OK, over to you Louise!

Brigit has kindly allowed me to host the Tarot Circle this month, and I thought we might try something a little bit different by doing what I will loosely call a celebrity spread.

There are always so many media rumours about celebrities and I often find myself curious about the truth. In this case, I decided to turn to the cards to see what they might tell me.

So, without naming names (which will add an air of mystery to our undertaking), I have pulled a two-card spread about a famous couple who have recently decided to divorce (no names remember).

The Question

The question I asked the Tarot was, “What has led this famous couple to divorce?”

The Tarot Reading

celebrity-divorce-tarot-readingI drew a Situation card crossed by a Challenge card: the King of Wands challenged by Strength.

The first card tells us the situation of the reading revolves around a person or personality specifically: a strong, fiery male. Given this is a reading about a divorce I’m going to interpret the King of Wands with a bit of a negative slant, as it seems these personality traits are central to explaining why this couple divorced.

Any King in the Tarot is going to indicate a powerful personality. The Kings of the Tarot Court are leaders, they like to be in charge and in command of proceedings; they don’t like taking a back seat. So straight up it’s likely he’s bossy. The King of Wands is the King of Fire, and if these personality traits are central to the divorce we need to consider what Fire looks like when it’s having a bad day: it’s too hot, too bright, totally over-powering. We might be looking at a man who has a big overpowering personality, he cannot stand in the shadows, cannot release control, cannot take a backseat. No doubt he is charismatic, motivational and inspirational, as all Fire types are, but in this marriage he was probably over-powering.

Notice how the King of Wands sits, how he is turned toward the horizon, how he looks like he is ready to jump up and move away any moment. He looks impatient; like he’s tapping his foot. He looks like he’d have trouble sitting still, like he’s always got his eyes fixed on the next thing up ahead. He is going to be a big “ideas” man, with grand plans and visions, and he certainly isn’t the kind to sit at home and take things easy. He might not know how to sit still at all. He might be always looking forward, always on the move, always searching for the next big challenge, the next big adventure. The King of Wands could easily be an adrenaline-junky; he could easily be an evangelist. He’s fiery, he’s passionate, and he can easily get carried away.

He likes to do things BIG, and because we’re looking through a negative filter, we will guess that this guy might do things TOO BIG; everything in this man’s life might be a bit over the top. He cannot lift his eyes from the future, from what’s up ahead, so he may not deal with the smaller details of life down at his feet. He might not even see them brewing until they trip him up. The ordinary and the everyday may escape his notice.

And the King of Wands type doesn’t look back. What’s behind him is behind him, and he’s not going to spend time dwelling on the past when the future looms so brightly. What’s over is over, and he is overwhelmingly focussed on moving forward. This can cause obvious problems if there are situations in the past that aren’t resolved satisfactorily.

Another negative face of the fire type is a big ego. They attract a lot of attention, do things in a big way, are usually charismatic, and people gravitate to them. They can end up with a lot of followers; a lot of “yes” men yapping at their heels. They love to take the lead and forge ahead so they won’t mind this at all; The King of Wands is happy to hold the grand vision and stride out of the room, expecting everyone else to see to the details behind him. Being charismatic he has no trouble getting what he wants from others, and he might not often have to compromise. He is used to being centre-stage, issuing commands, and being followed. You’ll know what he thinks because he’ll tell you outright; he is very forthright and upfront, but he won’t find it easy to admit past mistakes or reflect on what might have gone wrong. He might have a blind spot here. He doesn’t look back long enough to process anything. He’s way too busy looking ahead to what’s next.

The crossing card in this reading is Strength, and it probably represents both the wife in this broken marriage (as Strength depicts a female character), as well as the challenge or obstacle that the couple were unable to meet or surmount in their marriage. Usually I will read this position as a challenge that needs to be worked with in the situation, but in a reading about a divorce, we can safely assume this challenge was not successfully negotiated. In this case love did not overcome the roar of the beast.

So, what can we deduce about the woman in this marriage if Strength depicts her nature, which I suspect it does. She is patient, gentle, probably much more simple and down-to-earth in her tastes and lifestyle than the big, showy King of Wands. There is nothing flashy about the woman in the Strength card; and even though she doesn’t go in for grand displays or loud broadcasts, there is nothing weak about her either.

Outwardly our Lady tames her lion with soft and gentle gestures, but inwardly she displays the confidence of iron-hard resolve. How else is she able to walk behind a lion and close its mouth with her bare hands? She knows her own inner-strength, but doesn’t necessarily put it on display. It sits quietly within her; this firm resolve and iron-hard determination.

I would say she knows who she is and what she believes in, and she may have hoped to have influenced the King of Wands a little more than she was able to.

One of the obvious connections between the Strength card and the King of Wands, is the symbolism of the lion. The lion and the salamander are both present on the King of Wands throne, symbolic of the element of Fire which rules the suit of wants. The lion is a symbol of royalty, and is generally named King of the beasts. Lions are proud, haughty, and powerful creatures and they know it. The lion also points toward the astrological fire sign of Leo.

In Astrological lore, Leo has to learn to use the gifts that he has been given in a dynamic, powerful way in life, for he is an inspirational, radiant, and persuasive personality. He is a natural leader of men, charismatic and enthusiastic, but it often inflates the urge for personal influence over others. Leo can have trouble with his pride, and his ego. One of the keywords for Leo is dominion, but it is not dominion over others that is its highest expression, but dominion over his own unsubjugated forces.

And this brings up an interesting point when we see the Lady in the Strength card attempting to subdue the lion with her bare hands, just as Hercules and Samson had to in myth and legend. This wrestling with the bare hands is thought to symbolise a tussle with one’s own inner beast, or with the faults of one’s own character or ego. Bare hands indicate the closeness of the tussle: it is symbolic of being locked in inner strife with one’s own character; wrestling to overcome the petty, selfish demands of our ‘lower’ self.

What we might be seeing in this reading is the female in this marriage attempting to subdue the proud, haughty, ego-driven “big” side of her husband’s nature. Strength is quietening the lion’s roar, subduing the fiery egotistic passions with a higher power. What she does is ever so gentle; and the lion submits with no resistance, no fight, and no bloody or violent struggle. On a very literal level we could be seeing the wife attempting (and no doubt failing given this is a divorce reading) to close the man’s mouth, wanting to silence his speech. Perhaps he lashes out with feisty words, in the heat of the moment saying things that cannot be unsaid. Perhaps he talks big and lacks humility. Or perhaps he is just too commanding and bossy.

Certainly if Strength represents the wife in this situation, and the King represents the husband, then we can see that they have very different ways of doing things. He issues commands, takes the lead, pushes ahead, seeking the next big challenge, the next big adventure. She takes a much more subtle approach, expressing much more humility, knowing when to hold her tongue and subdue her passions; she does things gently, softly, but has an iron-firm resolve within. She is not about forcing things to happen, she chooses the power of gentle persuasion over brute force. But we must remember that in this reading this approach was unsuccessful. The beast was not tamed.

The lion that needs to be subdued in this marriage appears to the King of Wands personality; it might represent his pride and ego, that part of him that brags and boasts, that has to be the boss, perhaps an unsatisfied desire for fame, fortune, and the limelight, his craving for attention and applause, his desire to be in control, to be followed, his unsubjugated desire for power or influence over others, his need to be right, his ego-driven reactions and motivations, perhaps even his vanity. When the King of wands goes bad it could be any or all of these things, but mostly when the Strength card shows up as a challenge that has obviously been unsuccessful, we are looking at the fact that the higher, more selfless principles of Love, as represented by the Lady, were unable to subdue the lower, more selfish impulses and egoic cravings of the lower nature. In this marriage, it seems that love was in there valiantly trying, but it simply wasn’t enough.

What’s Your Read?

Now I would absolutely love to hear your take on this reading, to shed more light on why this couple may have divorced. Leave your comments and interpretations in the comments section below.

Find Out More About Louise

louise-richard-court-cardsLouise has been playing with the Tarot for over 20 years, but says it took a long time before she considered herself proficient. She has a BA and post-graduate qualification in Applied Psychology and a background in family mediation and counselling. In her quest for the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything she has also studied Astrology, LOA and is a voracious reader of metaphysical literature. Her approach to the Tarot is an attempt to balance intuitive insight with intellectual discrimination.

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  • Diana Cairns says:

    Very profound and analytical, Louise – are we allowed to guess who the couple is?
    If it is who I think it is, the Tarot cards have described them perfectly if these two people are as they “appear to be”.
    I say as they “appear to be” because we see them through the lenses of the media, but we don’t see them behind closed doors or face to face.
    Your interpretations of the King of Wands and Strength cards are very thorough. You have gone into such depth that it would be difficult to add anything.
    Do you think that divorce is inevitable and unavoidable, almost as much as death is, or is it possible for a relationship such as this to survive the challenges?

  • Louise says:

    Hi Diana,

    Yes, go ahead and guess, but it sounds to me like you’ve already got it! Yes, I was surprised to find the tarot analysis matched the “appearance” or media lense so well. My take on it is that the tarot IS giving us the “behind closed doors” analysis, and honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be so close to what we might have been expected! I am a “fan” of the ‘King of Wands’, so I wasn’t looking to find negative personality traits, but there you go, perhaps the media aren’t so far off the mark after all!

    You know I was really looking for an excuse to write up this reading as I was very curious, but after I had handed it over to Biddy I realized it wasn’t really “in the flavor” of a Tarot Circle for exactly those reasons you point out: I was a bit too thorough. My own curiosity got the better of me, and I wanted to dissect the readings so appease my own interest, but it wasn’t in the true flavor of a Tarot Circle and I apologize for that; I do tend to get very carried away with readings!

    Personally, I don’t think divorce is inevitable at all, although I get the sense this couple have very different goals in life. But I think the Tarot has the potential to be a very powerful counseling tool during divorce or relationship break-down, because I do believe it has the ability to pinpoint the issues and bring forward deep insight. Of course, people have to be prepared to hear the message and make the changes, and this is the challenge at the end of the day. I think Strength indicates a lot of potential to work things out, but I also think the King of Wands is looking in the wrong direction to “work things out”….he looks forward all the time, but to work things out and make necessary adjustments sometimes you’ve got to look backwards!

    Thanks Diana.

    • Brigit says:

      Louise, I think what you’ve done with this reading is fantastic. Don’t worry about it not being ‘in the flavour’ of a Tarot Circle reading. It is great to just be able to showcase a very talented reader with a unique and highly detailed style. I hope that other readers will be able to learn from this!

  • Aasheesh says:

    We know who the couple is ! No prizes for guessing.I think only The Empress would have tamed The King Of Wands.Your detailed explanation is indeed very informative.Great article.

    • Louise says:

      Haha, Yes, no prizes for guessing the couple – it’s pretty obvious I think! I’m having a chuckle over wondering how the Empress would handle the King of Wands, but I suspect you’re dead on! Thanks Aasheesh!

  • Johnny says:

    Hi Lousie,

    Your description of these two cards are explained so much in depth that it is incredible. You explain the powerful of symbolism so well that I haven’t recognized. You mostly said everything I have to say about these cards; which is very insightful and reasonable.

    I do want to add this: I believe I know which celebrity couple has divorced based upon this reading. So I studied their natal chart (I am going to explain some astrology). The husband has a Mid-Heaven conjunction of Leo. His career is based upon a limelight approach. A leo loves being a leader and having attention. Thus this overly active approach of expanding his own desires and career is what made this marriage corrupted.

    The wife’s natal chart shows a proud Leo in her Ascendent. This definitely encourage me to believe that the women in the Strength card represents the wife. She tried to calmly tame the lion, but this attempt fails as the lion prefers to be the “King of the Beast” in this house.

    Thanks Louise for your participation upon this months Tarot Circle. This is an interesting and powerful reading.

    • Brigit says:

      Louise’s talent to draw out a rich story from just two cards is RIDICULOUS! Seriously, just amazing.
      And good on you, Johnny, for taking the extra step and checking out the natal charts. Isn’t that wonderful to see such alignment.

    • Louise says:

      Thanks very much for writing such a lovely response Johnny. Yes, I am an amateur astrologer myself, and find what you’ve contributed about their natal charts VERY interesting. Yes, a Leo mid heaven is going to be very hard to tame, probably not possible or advisable really; perhaps it’s just the path he has to walk!

      I often find a strong resonance between astrology and Tarot; I have worked on a few people’s natal charts at the same time as doing their tarot personality cards (which are also based on the birth-date!) and found very strong similarities, it’s fascinating stuff! As Biddy said, it’s very powerful to see such a strong alignment across these disciplines, and just encourages us to believe more powerfully in the accuracy of what we do!

      Thanks Johnny!

  • Liza says:

    Hi Brigit and Louise!
    When Infirst read the intro, 2-3 recent celebrity couples popped into my head…. When I s rolled down and saw the cards I immediately knew of which you would be speaking, and that was BEFORE I read your article lol!!! Which was very insightful. The only thing that I would like to add, is my initial instinctual response to the Strength card, and that is that the woman had the strength to stand up for herself, her beliefs, and her child and WALK AWAY, knowing (from his previous marriage), how nasty the fallout would likely be. You talked about her inner reserves of strength, and I see this not only in her failed ability to gently and lovingly tame the beast, but to then use that other iron-strong side of strength to turn around and say “I wont be controlled, I am strong enough to stand up to you”. This is the crossing card to the King. As always, great post!

    • Louise says:

      Hey Liza,

      Yes, it is pretty clear from the reading who it is, but great confirmation for you that you “knew” as soon as you saw the cards! I REALLY like your additional points about her having the strength to walk away! Yes, this seems absolutely true doesn’t it, because it does take strength to know when it’s over and when you just can’t “try” anymore! Excellent additions!

      Warm regards, Louise.

  • Cheryl J. says:

    This is an amazing post, Louise. Thank you for showing us how powerful a simple 2-card spread can be….so much insight and information gained. I can see how it could be such a fantastic counselling tool for relationship therapy.

    • Louise says:

      Thanks very much Cheryl. I’m a big believer in only pulling a couple of cards and then sinking into them deeply. It’s even amazing what can come out of a single card reading with a well-phrased question!
      Yes, I agree that Tarot has SO MUCH POTENTIAL as a counseling tool. Interestingly, I also peeked at some cards for K-Stew after her affair and “break up” with Rpatzz, and again it offered so much material that could be worked with in a “counseling” session, as there was a lot indicating how over-worked and exhausted she was, with not enough time to deal with a backlog of issues! It’s fascinating stuff!

      Thanks for writing in!

      Warm Regards, Louise.

  • Leigh says:

    Hi Louise,
    Great two card reading. It is amazes me everyday to see how much can be learned from the Tarot and what a truly awesome tool it is. I knew who the couple was from the beginning as well. It is funny that you ask the Tarot questions like these because I do the same thing too. The media can sometimes be very misleading, so I do readings on celebrity couples to find out the truth. Tarot cards rock!

    • Louise says:

      Hey Leigh,

      Yes, the Tarot cards really do rock and I’m glad to hear someone else out there is as nosy as me and uses the cards in this way too! ;^) hehehe

      It is amazing the number of ways you can use the cards once you start, and it is just so cool to know you have this methods of finding things out and slaking that ever-burning curiosity about things. You sound a lot like a kindred spirit!

      Regards, Louise.

  • Rhonda says:

    This reading was simply amazing!! I was very moved by the extensive and brilliant! This is one smart Lady!

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you Louise! I just loved this reading – what a brilliant way to learn tarot and get a deeper understanding of the imagery…….it was such evocative and insightful writing……….and as I am also a keen devotee of astrology, I really enjoyed having some of that ‘thrown in’ as well……..I could almost start hearing the poor couple’s arguments!

    On a personal note, as a very fiery saggittarian, it was very insightful for me to get a deeper understanding of the dark side of the Wands ‘Royal Family’……

    Without wanting to be some dreadful celebrity vampire, can we please have more…..and soon?


  • Elizabeth says:

    I love your assessment of the king of Wands. This reminds me of my girlfriend situation. I feel that the King of Wands needs to know balance in the relationship. He should be the yang to her yin and it is obvious that she is definitely the yin to his yang; Although one might be busy in life, the King of Wands needs to know that she matters in his life.

    • Louise says:

      Yes, this is absolutely right. Every King needs his Queen to keep the yin-yang balance.I sometimes think that life is largely a game of balance, and when we go too far in one direction, something will often happen to pull us back. The “big” personalities often loose touch with this, and get so caught up in themselves that they forget about the needs and feelings of the “quieter” people around them. But without those people around them, they are often lost.

  • Elizabeth says:

    The King of Wands would be lost due to his blindness of being the center of attraction, but at what cost? Only to lose the one that completes you. When you look at the lovers card you see angel that blesses the union between man and woman, you also see the green mountain between man and woman which represents oneness. Man and Woman complete each other; but in this case his heart is not open to receive this gift of love from the strength card; which empowered her to move on and live life to the fullest capacity. It good to find someone with the four Aces and begin from there.

  • Julieta says:

    Dear Biddy,
    Congratulations on making this bold decision.
    I made it myself some eight years ago and I haven’t regretted it.
    You’ve got a beautiful family who supports you and all these years of academic/corporate experience were only the tools so you could launch your personal business with great success, as you’ve consistently been doing since the birth of this site.
    Congratulations again on this mindshift!
    Kind regards from Paris,

  • Delphine says:

    I think you’ve pretty much wrapped it up Louise. 🙂 the king of wands doesn’t want to be tamed. He wants to roar like the wild beast. He doesn’t seem ready for that kind of love. Perhaps he found it too stifling? In my experience fire signs are not prone to bouts of sentimentality and shows of loving affection (passionate yes but I should think they would find too much emotion rather off putting and cloying). To very strong characters ! Bund to come to a difficult end. Lets hope strength has learnt a lesson here too. Accept someone as they are, not as you think they should be. The word taming to me has connotations of control, the only person she should be taming is her own desire to tame another. When a frog is a frog leave him a frog don’t try to turn him into a prince. These are just my musing. Looking at it from a different angle lol.

  • WhiteShadow says:

    Louise ~ On developing this 2 card Personality Reading, do you use only Court Cards and Major Arcana?

  • Lesley EL ALAMI says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog. I can’t believe how much relationship philosophy and common sense was revealed through the posts. Thoroughly enjoyed, learned a lot, thank you all.

    • Hema says:

      Thanks Louise. It was extremely informative reading. I have never such elaborative description for a single card. The way you have described the King of Wand is fantastic. We await many more such readings .. Thank you!!

  • Kim says:

    You guys. YOU GUYS. Who is this couple? I simply don’t follow the celebs, probably because I have a job so filled with drama and ridiculousness (ER Nurse) that I can’t even stand to turn the TV on. But now I read this amazing breakdown of Tarot and I need to know who the couple is that everyone but me can recognize! Now go ahead and tell me and pretend your here watching while I slap my head and chastise myself for not seeing something that is probably right in front of my face.

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