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Tarot Certification: Jo’s Story

By September 7, 2017 April 14th, 2021

Jo RobertsonCongratulations to Jo Robertson, one of our Certified Biddy Tarot AdvisorsJo is an Aussie, like myself, and is joining us on the blog today to share her story. Read on to learn more about Jo and her journey toward Tarot certification.

Jo's Beginnings in Tarot

I found the Tarot when I stopped ignoring my Guides’ persistent pushing, and finally accepted my purpose. I always knew that I was meant to be involved in the spiritual world but I was frightened & scared.

Having been curious, and actively communicating with the spirit world, since I was a toddler, everything spiritual and mystical stood out to me. But growing up in a family and neighborhood that did not support spiritual phenomena really restricted my growth and understanding of what I was experiencing.

In my 20’s & 30’s I was busy raising four children and running our own business. My life was full, but I would search and find books that nourished my thirst for spiritual knowledge. Any book that had the words; psychic, mediumship, astrology, talking to dead people etc were devoured in 24-48 hours! You could always find me in the ‘Spiritual/Inspirational’ section of my local book store. It became an expensive habit but I valued every cent I spent.

During those years I would visit the MBS Festivals and local Spiritual Fairs just to ‘get my fix’. I would book readings with various experts, not because I was interested in their guidance (maybe only a little bit interested). I was more interested in the cards, the layouts and how the cards would talk DIRECTLY to ME. I was addicted!

It wasn’t until I moved from Sydney to Queensland and as the kids grew older I felt I had more spare time that my focus sharpened, my intention grew its own power, and my passion catapulted me forward.

From Spiritual Onlooker to Tarot Advisor

The biggest kick in the pants or shove from spirit was my car accident in 2010. That put the wind under my wings and that was the day I began my spiritual evolution.

Suddenly, my spiritual radar was in-tune and I was guided to my first Tarot Workshop.

It all began when I turned on the radio and I heard an advertisement for the workshop. My ears pricked and they had my full attention. Right timing? Absolutely AND it was in my home town. Perfect. That was it!

Finally acknowledging my own gifts and abilities has been a huge relief. The feeling of ‘finding my people’ is the most profound experience of belonging I have ever had.

Being handed my first set of Tarot Cards was like being given an Oscar. That moment is frozen in time.

During that workshop, it was not like I was being taught the Tarot (although in reality I was). It felt more like remembering the Tarot. That deep sense of knowing felt so old that it was like little memory bubbles coming up deep in the core of my being, and it kept taking me back in time to another place. Later I learned that this was a past life. I knew I had done this before.

Every time I picked up the Tarot Deck ‘ they' would always greet me with ‘Well, Hello again’!

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Jo’s Tarot Business

I began reading Tarot professionally in 2012 after doing so many readings for my friends who kept telling me that I had better start charging. Ironically; I keep reminding them now that they have to book in for a reading and pay.

I did not start off on this journey for the purpose of building a business – I thought it was something that I had a keen interest in, but I already had a full-time job running my family-owned construction business.

My time was full and reading Tarot was my hobby that I did on weekends or over coffee with girlfriends. I had no need or desire to make money from it until I was forced to understood the value of time – my time!

Client lists grew as friends of friends, cousins, neighbors, and associates all heard about what I did and how accurate I was. They all wanted a reading and that meant my FREE time was being taken up. I knew then that I needed to VALUE my time, and start charging for readings.

In my business, I serve those who are seeking clarity, guidance and insight along their life journey, those who are stuck or need to make decisions in all areas. I do specialize in business, as this is my professional side blending with my creative side.

Getting my Tarot Certification

I got my Biddy Tarot Certification as a new step in business. I believe all Tarot readers need a mentor. And we must choose that mentor wisely.

Choose a mentor that is reputable, genuine, honest, caring, nurturing, and is qualified. (Like Brigit!)

After an extensive search for a Tarot Mentor, I kept being drawn to Biddy Tarot. I I graduated in 2017 to become a ‘Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor’ and now I’m ready to take my business to the next level.

I can proudly recommend Jo as a Tarot Advisor. You can learn more about her or get a reading by visiting

Is Tarot Certification Right for You?

The Biddy Tarot Certification Program offers a complete approach to Tarot that quickly develops your competence and skill. Our one-of-a-kind certification goes beyond other Tarot books and programs.

While you’re learning, you’ll give real life Tarot readings for all kinds of people… and while you’re giving Tarot readings for people, you’ll learn things about Tarot that can’t be learned through study alone.

That’s the Biddy Tarot Certification difference.

So by the time you apply for certification, not only will not you possess a deep and practical understanding of the stories, symbols, and systems in the Tarot deck… you’ll also have the real world tools and skills to read accurately for anyone, anytime.

Learn More About What Tarot Certification Can Do for You


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