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Book Review: Tarot, Birth Cards, and You by Bonnie Cehovet

By November 16, 2011Reviews

blog-20111116-book-review-tarot-birth-cards-and-you-by-bonnie-cehovet Exploring your Birth Card can be a fun yet profound exercise for understanding who you really are and why you’re here. However, finding information on the specific Birth Card combinations is a challenge. In her book, Tarot, Birth Cards and You, Bonnie Cehovet delves deeper into each Birth Card combination, providing insight and practical advice into how you can use these archetypes to positively impact your life.

About the Book

The book begins with a short introduction, including the method for calculating your own Birth Cards. (Bonnie uses the same method as the Tarot School, whereby you add the day, month and the split year (e.g. 19 + 48) of your birth date. See more about how to calculate Birth Cards.) The bulk of the book focuses on the twelve Birth Card combinations. For each Tarot card combination, Bonnie explores astrological associations, keywords, themes and stories, path for empowerment, affirmations, ‘journeying’ or meditation, gifts, abilities and challenges. At the end of the book are a series of colour ‘quick reference cards’ for each of the card combinations.

What I Love

I love the overall theme of empowerment. The way Bonnie writes about each Birth Card combinations allows for the reader to see the light and shade of their Birth Cards and to create positive change in their lives based on the lessons of the Tarot cards. I love the concept of ‘journeying’ with a Tarot card or a set of Birth Cards. This is really where the cards start to come alive and become truly personal. It is also an exercise that can be done regularly throughout one’s life, as each journey will lead to different insights, even with the same cards. I love the affirmations. I am a big believer in the power of positive affirmations and it is wonderful to see targeted affirmations that align to one’s Birth Cards. And, I love Bonnie’s writing style. It is practical, focused and informative. She gets straight to the point and provides the most relevant information to understand the Tarot cards.

What I Don’t Love As Much

While I really love the journeying concept, the same journey is repeated for each Birth Card combination, with the exception of the questions that you are guided to ask yourself at the end of the journey. There are also other sections that are repeated for each Birth Card, word-for-word. So, while I was really engaged when reading about my own Birth Cards, I soon realised that it was repeated for other Birth Cards, which was a little disengaging. Also, since Birth Cards are ‘set in stone’ for a lifetime, you really only need the section in the book that relates to your own Birth Cards and then you’re done. That’s a twelfth of the book, more or less. (Certainly not Bonnie’s fault, but just an outcome of writing about a topic such as Birth Cards.) Of course, if you’re a professional Tarot reader or you have friends who are interested in their Birth Cards, then you’ll get more value out of the book by sharing the Birth Card insights with them.

Putting It Into Practice

My birth date is April 27, 1979 (27 + 4 + 19 + 79 = 129 = 21) so my Birth Cards are the World and Empress. For this combination, Bonnie talks about “the integration of opposites and the ability of give and receive love.” There is a need for completion and success in my life, and a need for nurturing and compassion. These are indeed important life lessons for my personal journey and evolution. My recommended affirmations include, “Everything is coming together as it should” and “I nurture my passions.” So, so true. This website wouldn’t be here if I didn’t subscribe to these types of affirmations! I could definitely relate to the interpretations of the World / Empress combinations.

The Lowdown

Birth Cards offer a handy ‘tool’ that can be used either for self exploration or as part of professional readings or spiritual counselling. Bonnie Cehovet’s new book, Tarot, Birth Cards and You, helps to uncover the meaning of each Birth Card combination in a practical and succinct manner. More importantly, Bonnie provides a path for empowerment through journeying and positive affirmations linked to each Tarot card combination. Overall, this is a great read and a good reference book devoted to Birth Cards. Buy your copy of Tarot, Birth Cards and You. (Disclosure: While I was blessed to receive a complimentary copy of Tarot, Birth Cards and You for review, my aim here has been to provide an objective, unbiased review of the book. I hope I have done that.)

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  • Biddy –

    Thank you for a very well done review. It was something that I had to think about to use as much repetition between chapters as I did. I could have placed that material in a separate section, which was my editor’s suggestion. I did not do that for one simple reason – I myself would not have wanted it done that way. I would have wanted the information for my Birth Cards contained within the chapter on my birth Cards.

    This is not a “one and done” book. Hopefully the Seeker will be able to go back and get something new from it each time they read it. You do not have to be a professional reader to make use of other people’s Birth Cards. You will gain a better understanding of other people in your life – whether they are family, friends, or business acquaintances – from understanding the theme of their lifetime, and what makes them tick.

    How far this work can take you is limitedonly by how far you want to take it.


    • Thank-you Bonnie for providing your thoughts from the author’s perspective. You have done a really great job with the book and I think many people will benefit, including those who do not necessarily have a deep knowledge of Tarot.

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