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Tarot as a Series of Signposts

By October 15, 2010 May 4th, 2018

blog-20101015-tarot-as-a-series-of-signpostssignpost-300x299Sometimes, when I read the Tarot cards for my clients or friends, the messages that come through the reading are more associated with what is already known by the client, rather than what is unknown. That is, the reading is more like a confirmation of the present circumstances than it is a source of new or previously unknown information. My clients come back to me saying, “Yeah, I already knew that” or “I know what I needed to do, I just wanted someone to tell me that I was on the right path.” While the client is happy with the reading, I often ask myself, have I really added value here or have I just told the client what they already know?

This is where the concept of Tarot as a series of ‘signposts’ comes in. To me, signposts are like when the Universe calls out to us and says, “Hey you! You need to focus on this!” So often, we are dealing with complex issues in our lives that can become overwhelming and demanding of our time and energy. Signposts offer some simplicity, to say that of all the things you need to worry about right now, this is the most important thing. Forget about everything else that is trying to grab at your attention, just focus here!

So, when I read for a client, and it ends up that the messages of the cards highlight something that is already known by the client, I see this as the Universe offering a series ‘signposts’ – key areas that require focus and attention. While I am not telling the client something they don’t already know, I am at least adding value by pointing their attention and focus in the right direction.

Next time you’re reading for someone, whether it is a stranger or someone you know, keep this is mind. Know that even if you are not providing ‘new’ information, you’re adding value to your client’s life path by pointing their attention in the right direction and highlighting the signposts along the way.


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