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Tarot and the Angels: Fill your Readings with Light with Andrew Barker

By July 7, 2016 July 14th, 2019


Note from Brigit: I am thrilled to introduce you to Andrew Barker, Certified Biddy Tarot Reader and angel communicator. In this post, Andrew connects us with three of his favourite archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Haniel, and how you can integrate the angels into your Tarot readings. Take it away, Andrew…

Angels are not a new concept for most people, and neither is Tarot, especially if you are reading this.

However if Angels are new to you, let me give a slight run down. Angels are basically messengers of the Divine. I use the term ‘Divine’ and ‘God’ interchangeably, so feel free to insert whatever resonates with your belief system. It is also important to note that Angels are nondenominational. I know a lot of us can’t get past the Judeo-Christian concept of Angels, but I assure you that you don’t have to belong to any religion at all to work with Angels– because no one religion can lay claim to a certain Angel.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Angels, and everybody has at least one, if not two, Guardian Angels around them at all times. For the sake of this post, we are going to focus on the Archangels. These Angels are the protectors of us and overseers of other Angels.

No one knows the exact number of Archangels but according my favorite Angel teacher, Doreen Virtue, there are 15. We are focusing on three of these Angels today: Michael, Gabriel, and, the lesser known, Haniel. I will give you the full rundown on these Angels and how you can incorporate them into your Tarot practice.

Archangel Michael is perhaps the most known Angel and is the one that you can call upon for protection from the Ego and Lower Energy during a reading. Any of you who read Tarot, either for yourself or others, know that it is SUPER easy to fall into that negative, fear based mindset where you think you aren’t right and the reading is going wrong. So you can ask Michael to nip that in the bud!

Archangel Michael’s aura or halo color is purple, so when you ask him for help, you can imagine purple light encompassing your reading space and say something like this: “Archangel Michael, please protect this space and this reading from any lower energy, lower vibrations, and negativity”. It doesn’t have to be a grand invocation to be potent and effective.

Archangel Gabriel is another angel that I love bringing into a Tarot Reading. She is wonderful at helping us with our communication; written, verbal, and otherwise. In Christianity, she is the Angel who told Mary she would be pregnant with Jesus, so she is big player in the Angel world.

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Now you may be wondering why I said ‘she’ instead of  ‘he’. Angels are gender neutral. For instance, most people see Gabriel as a male, but others, including myself, work with Gabriel as female. That doesn’t mean you have you to though, because the way an angel appears to you is how you need to see them.

You can call upon Gabriel to enhance your communication with the cards, your intuition, and your Client. Her aura or halo color is Orange and you can bring that light into your space as well to ensure clear communication and that you can easily tap into what you need to give the most accurate reading.

Last, but most definitely in no way least, we have Archangel Haniel, who comes from the Kabbalah and is lesser known that Gabriel and Michael, I believe. This Angel holds a very special place in my heart and I work with her closely more than any other. Haniel’s domain is Spiritual Gifts such as Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear thinking). She is the angel of psychic abilities and helps us to cultivate them. You might even think of her as a sort of patron saint for Tarot readers.

She is also the Angel of Moon Cycles, particularly full moons. It is really helpful to think of her as an Intuition Coach. She can help you understand all of the nuances of your intuition and can help you make sense of the signs and symbols you may receive in a reading, or in everyday life!

I actually have a reading candle with her on it and use it in every single reading I do, whether for myself or for others. I also have a meditation I designed to really bring her energy into my spirit before a reading and do that as well before each reading. If you are hoping to cultivate and grow your psychic abilities, then simply ask Haniel for help and you will definitely notice a difference in your perception of the world.

If you want to bring Haniel’s energy into a reading, the color to focus on is Pale Blue. Just surround the area, and yourself, with this color and say something along the lines of: “Archangel Haniel, please help me trust my intuition during this reading and give me the visions, thoughts, and feelings that I need to give an accurate reading for myself or my client”

Angels can offer so much more dimension, insight, and power to a tarot reading, and they are happy to give it! All you have to do is ask!

If you would like to learn more about the angels, I invite you take a look at and check out the ‘Meet the Angels’ tab to find which angel you connect with and want to work with!


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