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How Tarot Can Help Tap Your Creativity with Fiona Tankard

By August 22, 2012

blog-20120822-guest-post-tarot-can-help-tap-into-your-creativityI first met Fiona online when I read an intriguing post about her desire to bring Tarot to the mainstream via internet niche marketing. She was asking on a popular IM blog if Tarot and marketing was a viable ‘niche’.

As a Taurus, I love anything ‘business’ but I also love helping people through spiritual tools such as the Tarot. So I was rapt when I saw Fiona’s post and connected with her straight away. She told me more about her Tarot business, which also focuses on using the Tarot to help with day-to-day issues. And I later found out that she had used her cards to write the post – how neat!

So, let me introduce Fiona Tankard, internet marketing and Tarot extraordinnaire, to talk to you about how Tarot can help tap your creativity.

If I am feeling fed up and unproductive I go shopping, or go online, or watch TV or have some chocolate! It’s only temporary relief which makes me forget for a short time. But once the film is over or the chocolate just a few crumbs skulking guiltily inside a screwed up wrapper, the problem is still there. I feel what I can only describe as “all wrong” inside.

The cure for me is always the same and it never fails. I have to get creative, I have to make something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cake, a painting or an article. I am only truly happy if, when I go to sleep at night, something new exists – created by me – that wasn’t there when I woke up that morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s very good or not. Creativity is its own reward!

Unfortunately our friend creativity is often the first thing to go when we have a pile of “important” things to do – checking emails, answering calls, cleaning the house …

We have to put creativity right back where it belongs, at the top of our list of priorities. That’s where tarot can help. Those 78 cards are wonderful tools to access your right brain and get those creative juices flowing.

So here are three ways to use the cards as inspiration for creative projects. If you don’t have your own deck you can easily access tarot images online:

1. Creative Focus

Quiet your mind then ask the cards which aspect of your creativity you need to work on. Shuffle and select one card.  Spend some time looking at the image on the card and see which aspect of it grabs your attention. Is it the colour? One of the symbols or objects? The expression on the main character’s face? Somewhere there lies the answer to which creative area needs more focus from you. There is no right or wrong answer and you don’t need a book list of meanings or keywords. It’s what it means to you when you look at it that counts.

queen_wandsExample: Queen of Wands

I drew the Queen. She is dressed in yellow and wearing a cloak sits on a tall backed throne. She holds a staff of living wood in her right hand and a sunflower in her left. A black cat sits at her feet looking ahead. The overall colours of the card are golds and oranges. I am immediately attracted to the sunflower and the wood staff with green shoots coming out of it. My first thought is gardening.

I always go into my garden when feeling stressed but I have neglected it recently. I know working in nature puts me in a different mind state. This is a well-known effect of repetitive work. It can put you in an alpha brain state( 9- 14 cycles per second as opposed to the normal 15 – 40 cycles per second of the active, engaged beta mind). Weeding and pruning are not very creative in themselves but doing them can help you switch off and the result may be some creative problem solving.

However, the card makes me think of actually creating something for the garden – maybe a sculpture or piece of art. The sunflower on the card would be a good place to start. And maybe when it is too hot to go outside I could paint a picture of a garden or a sunflower?

2.Make a Tarot Vision Board


I  have already written about how I love creating vision boards. Being a bit of a child, the idea of cutting out pictures and sticking them on card is immensely appealing! However as a variation on using magazines, you can use  tarot cards to create a vision or manifestation board.

Decide what you want to focus on. It could be just one thing or several. Go through your deck and find cards which represent your objectives. It doesn’t matter if the ones you choose don’t correspond to traditional meanings because this is personal to you.

Once you have selected a few cards to represent your goal or goals then either use the cards themselves or scan and print the images and arrange them on a piece of card. You could put the images in order of the steps that need to happen if you want. Add a few words too if you feel so inclined!





Example: If you would like to own a horse:

The Magician can represent your intention to create a bit of magic in your life. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, the magician is a great manifesting symbol and the downward pointing finger could be you saying “come on horsey – I want you here NOW!”

The Wheel of Fortune can symbolize your willingness to have the the  horse enter your life in an unexpected way. (Not falling from the sky we hope!)

The Sun shows the result – you are as happy as Larry on your beautiful horse, riding along under a sunny sky. What could be better? (I would use any extras to buy some riding clothes though, as it could get a bit chilly up there!)

3 Cooking up a Storm

Let me say right now that I am not the world’s best cook, but for those of you who are pretty cool in the kitchen then why not try some menu planning or recipe creation with the cards? The only proviso is that you have to make what you end up inventing. You never know, you could  end up with your own signature dish!

Draw three or four cards. My motto is that the tarot is always right and it is far more creative to try and use what you have got than to simply draw another card if you can’t see a blatant example of food in there. So start thinking laterally and see what food (or drink) you think of as you look at the card. Maybe the image reminds you a meal you once had or triggers a childhood association. If so, go with that! How could these combine in a dish? Maybe you already know the recipe or could improvise one? If all else fails you could make cup cakes and decorate them with symbols from the cards!



The Hanged Man. Apart from the obvious associations with game (pheasant, venison etc) which is hung to give it flavour, I am actually drawn to the tree itself, which makes me think of nuts or grapes.

The Ten of Swords. The first thing that came to mind here was kebab skewers! When I was young in the 60s everyone in the UK used to serve cheese and pineapple on small skewers exactly like these and display them sticking in half a melon!

Queen of Wands. Sunflower seeds and sunflower oil are obvious associations, but weirdly the centre of the sunflowers reminds me of ginger biscuits.

Eight of Pentacles. The shape of this makes me think of flan dishes or even chocolate drops. In fact this whole thing has given me the idea for my recipe:

Pineapple and walnut cheesecake on a gingernut base decorated with chocolate drops. How about that!

The aim of this is not so much to get you actually doing these exercises (although I hope you do) as to show you how flexible and creative tarot cards are. They are just great for brainstorming. And we haven’t resorted to looking in a book or dying our hair purple to do it either!

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fiona-tankardFiona Tankard is a professional writer and tarot consultant who has lived in Italy since 1994. She believes the tarot is a great practical tool for everything under the sun from mending your computer to writing a business plan. Her website is 


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