Tarot Card Keywords at-a-glance


Tarot Card Keywords at-a-glance

Tarot Readings: A Snapshot in Time

By March 2, 2017

Tarot readings snapshot

Astrologer Jane Ritson joins the blog today to talk about how Tarot readers can use astrological life cycles to provide better Tarot readings.

Many clients like to test a reader’s skill by withholding the reason why they booked a reading. And some readers like to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
But is that really serving the client’s best interests?
A helpful approach is to:

  •  Listen to your client
  • Ask clarifying questions and
  • Re-frame their question in a way that makes their initial request a lot clearer and gives them more options to move forward.

Very often clients want to be proactive, to feel in control of their life and are asking what they should do next. Sometimes the most powerful thing they can do is to wait or to do nothing. This is the art of optimal timing. But how can a reader best advise their client when the reading is just a single snapshot in time?

The cards can show what happened in the past but, very often, an issue can have its roots in a much larger cycle, even a past-life cycle.  Perhaps they draw the wheel of fortune.

Humans are subject to natural psychological cycles and so, to some extent, just by knowing their age or their decade, a well-read tarot reader can have a good head-start.

Many astrological cycles are so long that modern psychology doesn’t recognize a theme because a person doesn’t live long enough to complete the cycle.

Take the mid-life crisis which occurs between ages 38 and 42.  The term full-life crisis is never used but double 42 is 84 and a theme which started at birth will complete at age 84 and the mid-life crisis echoes that theme.

A sudden Tower incident rarely happens without some precursor or even an inkling that something is about to break apart.  Very often a strongly fixed person (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) is resisting change and the universe steps in to ensure their evolution occurs for their highest good, with a little kicking and dragging of heels.

When your client turns up for their reading try to guide them back as far as they can remember for anything that is linked to their current issue.  Sometimes they can have an ‘a-ha’ moment when they recognize perhaps that a person they met 12 years ago gave them exactly the same problems they have now.  They can make that connection and find a new resolution to prevent a repeating pattern.

Each decade brings new challenges.  Gail Sheehy’s extremely well-researched book Passages is an entertaining read on what your contemporaries in your generation are experiencing and what to look forward to in your advancing years!

A more weighty read is Rose Elliot’s Life Cycles – it’s an astrology book but each decade and individual age is covered.  It explains what a person of that age is feeling inside and the various inner tugs that are impelling them and very often being reflected outside in their life circumstances.  There are also numerous examples to explain how famous people (JK Rowling, Diana Princess of Wales, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Tina Turner, among others) faced challenges that reflected the cycle they were experiencing.

These cycles are entirely predictable and by understanding each one you can become a better, more empathic reader, help your client flow with the rhythm of their own cycles and recognize the wisdom contained in each large and small cyclical revolution of the planets.  And you can see the cycles mirrored in the cards which they select.


Jane Ritson has been a professional psychological and spiritual astrologer for 20 years and is currently distilling all her astrological knowledge into a course that will not only help her students become accomplished astrologers and better tarot readers but will take them on their own transformational journey of personal and spiritual development


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