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A Daily Self-Love Ritual Using Tarot Cards

By September 6, 2018 September 22nd, 2018

Try this self-love #tarot ritual from Everyday Tarot. It's perfect for reaffirming all the beautiful parts of yourself and why you are ever so deeply in love with yourself | Biddy Tarot

If you want to give your self-love an extra boost, try out this daily self-love ritual. It’s perfect for reaffirming all the beautiful parts of yourself and why you are ever so deeply in love with yourself. 

It All Starts With Self-Love

Love, in any form, starts with love for yourself.  

When you love yourself unconditionally, you fully accept and appreciate who you are, and you deeply respect and honour the truest version of yourself. You welcome a life of happiness and fundamentally believe you deserve to feel good about yourself. And when you come from this place of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect, you will have more fulfilling, loving relationships with others. 

Here’s the thing: if you don’t love yourself, you’ll end up projecting your lack of love onto others, becoming clingy and attached, attracting the wrong kinds of relationships to you, or worse, ending up in harmful situations.  

An Absence of Self-Love

For one woman, her lack of self-love resulted in her attracting an alcoholic boyfriend and a series of bosses who treated her poorly within the workplace. For another, she has recently become aware that when she does not value herself, others take advantage of her and she feels used and hurt. And as for the third, she says, “Before I understood what self-love was, I was constantly giving to others and not myself. I said yes, even if I didn’t want to, and found myself feeling exhausted and burnt out.”  

Serving Your Highest Good

On the flip side, if you love yourself, you will attract and keep only the most fulfilling relationships that serve your Highest Good and be able to completely give and receive love without attachment or expectation. 

So before you seek out your Prince Charming or tie the knot with your lifetime love, make sure you’ve filled your cup with all that beautiful love juice for yourself first. To find fulfillment in your life and relationships, you have to find the love within you and give it to yourself. No other person, material possession, or accomplishment can do it. It’s entirely up to you 

Daily Self-Love Ritual with Tarot

Every day, for at least seven days, ask the Tarot, “What do I most love about myself?” Draw a card, then spend ten minutes journaling about what you love and appreciate about yourself based on this card. Start each sentence with “I love that I . . .” 

And hey, if it feels like a total bragfest, don’t worry—it totally is! I give you my loving permission to brag about how awesome you are until the cows come home. 

everday tarot ace of wandsAs an example, let’s say you draw the Ace of Wands. Your journal entry might say something like this: 

I love that I am inspired by new ideas. I love that I am filled with passion and inspiration. I love that I can see the best in others and that I can match up their skills and passions to offer them a new possibility. I love that I can see the world through inspired eyes, that I see potential all around me. 

I dare you not to feel good after practicing this kind of affirmation! Remember this: you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are—and that’s one of the infinite reasons why feeling uplifted, powerful, and “high-vibe” is essential! 


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Try this self-love #tarot ritual from Everyday Tarot. It's perfect for reaffirming all the beautiful parts of yourself and why you are ever so deeply in love with yourself | Biddy Tarot



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