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9 Strategies to Save Your Relationship Using the Tarot

By November 14, 2012 May 4th, 2018

Is your relationship keeping you up at night… for all the wrong reasons? Do you feel like you and your partner are constantly in crisis mode? Do you crave that deep connection you felt when you first met?

The Tarot cards can be incredibly powerful in helping you to save your relationship, bringing love, compassion and happiness back into your lives. A Tarot reading can focus you on what most needs your attention and empower you to make the changes you need as a couple to move forward. Of course, saving a relationship also requires the commitment and effort of both parties – the Tarot is simply a facilitator in the process.


Here are 9 practical strategies to use the Tarot cards to save your relationship.

1. Clearly Articulate your Intentions for the Future Relationship

Even before you begin working on saving your relationship, it is important that you are both clear on what you really want moving forward. Are you committed to the process of saving your relationship? What are your goals? Are you both on the same page? And, if you could wave a magic wand, what would your relationship look and feel like?

Getting clear on your intentions for the relationship will help you to set realistic expectations about what both of you want. Saving a relationship takes commitment, time and energy, so it is essential that you are on the same page.

Turn to your Tarot cards and draw a card each for the following two questions:

  • What do I want from the relationship?
  • What does my partner want from the relationship?

Then, look for alignment between the two or potential gaps. If there are gaps or differences in your intentions, draw a third card to understand how you can close the gap and get on the same page.

2. Start with What is Actually Working

There is bound to be at least one thing that is keeping you together with your partner. Think back to when you first met. What was the ‘magic’ that brought you together? And what you keeps you together now?

Focusing and building on the strengths in your partnership can be very powerful and energising.

So, draw a Tarot card to help you understand what is working in the relationship or what is keeping you together. If the card is reversed, it is likely that this strength remains hidden and in the background of the relationship. You are not making the most of this strength. Bringing it into conscious awareness will help you to leverage that strength and make the most of it. If necessary, draw a second card to understand how to do this.

3. Identify What You Need From Your Partner

If your partner was to make just one change to better the relationship, what would it be? What is it you really want and need from your partner in order to make this relationship work?

Identifying what you need from your partner (and vice versa) allows you both to share your opinions openly and to create tangible actions for moving forward.

relationshhip-needsFirst, write down what you need from each other. What do you want to see more of or less of? List a maximum of 10 things.

Then, draw just one Tarot card each to understand the most essential thing you need from your partner. Share this with your partner and work on giving each other that one essential thing that you both need in the relationship.

4. Uncover What is Hurting the Relationship

Even when a relationship has broken down, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is hurting the relationship. Oftentimes, there are so many factors lying deep beneath the surface that are unknown or misunderstood. Becoming more conscious of the subtle influences will then help you to deal with these proactively.

You can use the Tarot cards to understand questions such as:

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  • What is hurting the relationship right now?
  • What has lead you to being in this position?
  • What are the emotional blockers getting in the way?
  • What baggage are you both bring to this relationship?
  • What are the underlying issues?

Look out for reversed Tarot cards here as they represent hidden influences or lessons that you have not yet understood. Return to the lesson of the previous card to understand how to address this issue and work with a more proactive energy to move the relationship forward.

5. Identify What You Need to Work on Individually

Once you have a better understanding of what is and isn’t working in the relationship, it is time to set yourselves an action plan for what you need to change.

Select up to three Tarot cards for each person to identify what you need to work on as an individual in this relationship. Major Arcana cards here will refer to major life influences and karmic lessons that you need to fully grasp and understand. Minor Arcana cards typically refer to more temporary energies that are easier to work with. And Court Cards may refer to aspects of your personality that you can develop and grow.

6. Identify What You Need to Work on as a Couple

In addition to changes you can make individually, there will be changes you can make as a couple. Draw a further 2-3 cards to identify what you can work on together.

Use this also as an opportunity to create an action plan for the relationship. Discover what aspects of the relationship you can work on and what tangible actions you can put in place to fix the underlying issues you have identified.

7. Communicate

Communication is key to saving a relationship. As a partnership, you need to be able to open the lines of communication, to hear each other out and provide a safe environment to open up.

Ask the Tarot cards, “How can I communicate more effectively with my partner?” and “How can my partner communicate more effectively with me?”

8. Fall in Love Again

Oh, to fall in love again! Imagine if you could fall in love all over again with your partner. Yes, this is the time to dream but also to bring some of the magic back into your relationship.

Draw a Tarot card to find out how you can fall in love again with your partner.

9. Create a Weekly or Monthly Relationship Forecast

If you like to use your Tarot cards for future guidance or prediction, draw one card for each week or month ahead. You will be able to see how your relationship will develop, what challenges and opportunities may surface and where you can best direct your energy and attention. And most importantly, use this as a tool for empowerment as well as prediction.

A Important Note About Relationship Readings

In any relationship Tarot reading, we are looking at the parties involved. It’s not just a one-way street. However, be mindful of conducting third party readings where you may be inadvertently intruding into your partner’s personal situation.

Ideally, invite your partner to be present for the Tarot reading or at least give permission to be included in the reading. This will make for a much clearer (and ethical) Tarot reading.

Over to You!

How have you used your Tarot cards to save or improve your relationship? Share your comments and stories below.


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