c by your Tarot cards?! What it means when you keep getting the same card in every reading

By March 5, 2010Everyday Tarot

Have you ever gone through a phase when you keep seeing the same Tarot card appearing in every reading you do, even if the reading is for someone else? It might feel like you are being ‘stalked’ by your very own Tarot cards, and in some ways, you are!

Sometimes, a particular Tarot card will repeatedly appear in your Tarot readings, regardless of whether the reading is for yourself or someone else. You might even find the same card ‘jumping’ from the Tarot deck as you shuffle. When you start seeing a Tarot card reappearing in your Tarot readings, you had better pay attention! This is your subconscious trying to send you a very important message.

Now, if you have been using the Tarot cards to understand the same question or issue in multiple readings, this may be your subconscious telling you, “I’ve told you once, I’m not telling you again!” So, take heed and allow some time to pass before you consult the cards once again.

If your ‘stalking’ Tarot card appears in multiple but unrelated readings, it’s time to take a moment to meditate on the Tarot card. Look at the imagery of the card and then allow your mind to go blank for a moment. Notice any thoughts, feelings or images that come to mind. Don’t try to analyse them straight away—just allow your mind to relax and open itself up to a deeper level of consciousness. After your meditation, write down what you experienced and then try to understand what this means for you in your everyday life.

As a secondary activity, you might like to perform a Tarot reading specifically to understand the meaning of the repeated card. You could use a simple one-card reading, along the lines of “What do I need to know about this card?” Alternatively, you may like to use the following three-card spread:

  1. What is the importance of this card in my life right now?
  2. What is preventing me from hearing the message of this card?
  3. How can I release any blockages?

By taking these steps, you will have acknowledged what it is your subconscious mind needed to tell you and will no longer be ‘stalked’ by the same card… until, of course, there is another subconscious message to be delivered!

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  • Ashley says:

    The knight of rods and the high priestess keep showing up in my spreads. Really curious as to what this means. I’m really new to tarot I had both cards show up in my spread the first time I had my cards read a month ago. I was told the high priestess came up as my “foundation/background card” and that it meant I had strong psychic possibilities. Any perspective would be greatly appreciated.

    • Brigit says:

      The High Priestess is very intuitive, whilst the Knight of Rods can be a sign of following your passion. You might find that your intuitive studies become quite prevalent in your life.

  • Scarlett says:

    I am being stalked by the Tower card & it’s starting to worry me! Readings on me or anyone else. I just had a pipe burst at my home, so I thought maybe that’s why I kept getting it (although even with free will there would be no way for me to know that was coming & change it). But it showed up again – twice. Even in a reading with relatively good cards. Is there any positive connotation possible with the Tower?

  • Emmelia says:

    The High Priestess kept showing up in my spreads last month (I lost count after the fourth or fifth time). The Ace of Swords did too but to a lesser extent. I did a reading using the spread in this post and laid out the High Priestess above the next three cards I drew, which were (in this order): Death Upright, Ace of Swords Reversed, and Three of Cups Upright.

    This is a pretty useful spread and I’m glad you shared it with your readers! 🙂 I keep a Divination notebook where I record just different notes, spreads, stuff I’ve learned, etc and added this spread to the notebook right away!

  • samanths says:

    I was just shuffling my dragon deck and the king of coins jumped out of the deck upright… What does this mean?

  • gur says:

    1.6 of swords
    Ace of wands
    3.8 of cups

  • Dana says:

    Ive done tarot readings every night for the last 6 days and every time I pull The High Priestess. It has even jumped from the deck 3 times. Oddly enough when I do a reading for a close friend they always say that The High Priestess in their reading is about me.

    • Brigit says:

      Yes, it sounds that way! The High Priestess is often a sign to listen closely to your intuition as you already have the answers within you. A great card for reading Tarot, too!

  • Sophia says:

    The Moon keeps showing up in my readings! What does that mean? It’s a bit creepy.

  • Carla says:

    The fool and the page of cups have continually shown up in my spread over the last couple of nights. I’m still not sure what they are trying to tell me!

  • JoMarie says:

    2 cups keep showing up in my readings… weirdest part, 3x it happened, second cards that I have drawn would be 2 cups…please, what does it mean?…Thank you!…

  • Rita says:

    Hi Brigit,

    This has just gotten weirder. Your name is “Brigit” and I simply googled this concern and came to your site. The card that keeps coming up (even as the first card of “my” own reading that I do to myself is “BRIDGET” (angle cards Doreen V.) It is a card that says a certain situation is not right for me. It is upsetting me because I know the card is right. It comes out everyday! I keep hoping for a different outcome. I will do the 3 card spread and ask the question you suggest. I am pretty freaked out. Realizing that the Universe is sending me a serious message. It’s time to listen.

    Thanks – Rita

  • Lyna says:

    Hi Brigit! I LOVE that your article got 111 comments before mine!! What a helpful article — thank you!
    So I drew the King of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles in my celtic cross reading earlier.
    I had one more specific question (on romance) so I shuffled the cards, made three piles, piled them together and got the King and Queen of Pentacles again + the Sun card.
    Wow. Although I never had much faith in my own tarot readings, I cannot deny the coincidence here!

    Much love,

  • Rachel says:

    I keep getting the Star (upright position). I usually prefer one card readings whenever I need answers for myself, and it seems like the Universe is trying to tell me something since the begining of this year that I just can’t quite understand…

  • Edith says:

    Hi, hanged man keep on appearing in all the readings for 2 days now. Hanged man is a disturbing card indeed.. Wonder what does it mean? Keep on wondering what I need to give up/ hold on, but can’t seem to get the clue of what the card is telling me.

    • Brigit says:

      Edith, you might want to meditate with the Hanged Man and see what comes up for you personally. Or, select another Tarot card, asking, “What do I need to surrender?”

      • KEELY says:

        I have The Wild Unknown deck and the “Mother of Wands” showed up three times for me today, including when I asked what card I need to focus on. So I did you three card spread:
        For the first question I got “The Hermit”
        The second question I got “Ten of Cups” and
        The third question I got “Mother of Cups”

        I was wondering what your take was on this spread?! Thank you so much for your time!

  • april says:

    did three card spread (Past, Present,Future) for my son then myself. Pulled 6 of swords, king of swords and ace of swords for him. For me Page of swords, 3 of swords, and Eight of swords and while shuffling 2 of swords jumped out. Is there a deeper meaning when you pull all the same suit?

    • Brigit says:

      Yes, it’s definitely a sign that the energy of the Swords suit has meaning for you. Dive deeper into what the Suit of Swords means for you.

    • Brigit says:

      Yes – pay attention to the energy of the Suit as well as the individual cards. For the Suit of Swords, it’s about the mind, intellect, thoughts, rationality, truth, communication, and so on.

  • poppy says:

    I keep getting the Lovers card a lot after I did a reading for myself about a job I am in the process of applying for. I got called sent in the first round of tests I had to complete for it. I haven’t heard from them in almost a week, and then I keep seeing The Lovers, then 6 of wands which is great of course and then 9 of cups which would also indicate that I would get the job. But I don’t recall getting “The Lovers” so much in a career situation which is really surprising. I did a couple of relationship readings for myself and the Lovers (sadly, lol) was nowhere to be found on the area I’d want it for, it only shows up in career readings!

    • Brigit says:

      The Lovers card in a career reading can signify a ‘perfect fit’ with your employer, doing something you’re in full alignment with, following your passions and dreams, a prosperous partnership, etc. Hope that helps!

  • Autum says:

    Hi I keep getting the 3 swords a very frightening and unsettling card for someone whose as anxious as me, the card often appears in the present past and future position I honestly don’t know what it represents for me I keep thinking something bads going to happen or someone I may have had a fall out in the past is going to try do me some harm in some way because this card but I’m not sure I’ve read that it can represent secrets coming out I highly doubt it is related to me and my husband as we are very solid and very loyal my social life is rather limited and I constantly fear something bads going to pop in my life to say hello lol any info would be greatly appreciated

  • Mo says:

    I have been using Tarot cards for about 6 months. I’m still in the just learning phase. I keep getting the Death card which is my ex astrology sign card Scorpio. It comes out in different card lay outs or while I’m shuffling and one time I dropped the deck and it was the only card sticking out! I’m having trouble understanding what the message is.

    • Brigit says:

      The Death card is often about letting something go so that new opportunities can emerge. It might be a sign that it’s time to let go of your past relationship so you can explore new relationships?

  • Akanksha says:

    Hi! I came across this article while trying to understand why the world card keeps coming in my reading. Could you please tell me if there is a deeper message?

    I’m not really in a happy phase but I know the card shows fulfilment. And I’m really confused.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Eni says:

    Recently, I have encountered ‘The Star’ card a lot, and I’ve even repeatedly asked the same question on purpose to see if the outcome would be the same. I guess I’ve been kind of pushing it… However, it’s interesting because my birthday was only yesterday and I feel The Star’s appearance has something to do with that fact since I have been experiencing an awful period of time at school today (especially) that’s been haunting and attacking my self-esteem ever since I got home. So for me, the thought of such a fortunate card’s reappearance is quite comforting. The question I asked was ‘what will happen tomorrow and beyond? Will I be happy?’.

    Since The Star is often associated with ‘wishes coming true’ and all that, it really does make you wonder. I’m hopeful that you may be willing enough to help!

    • Brigit says:

      Remember that the card before the Star is the Tower. Sometimes our faith is tested significantly and what we experience is a Tower-like moment. But if we remain faithful and hopeful, we will eventually reach the Star. It’s all part of the process – trust the process.

  • Ms MVP says:

    So lately I’ve been getting king and queen of cups, but more so lately king of cups. What does this mean?

  • Debra says:

    This is really interesting, thank you.
    I am learning the cards, and choosing a card a day at random to reflect upon and learn.
    This week I have had the 10 Cups three times. That’s really good I think, but I am stumped as to the actual message.
    What do you think?

  • Joy says:

    Hi! The Ace of Cups both reversed and upright keeps repeatedly coming up as the card of the day for the past 30 days, and it’s also continuously showing up both reversed and upright in my readings. Help! What does this mean?!

  • Christine says:

    The Nine of Wands is stalking me…. doesn’t matter what deck. UGH!

  • Willow says:

    I keep seeing two cards in particular – The Ace of Cups and the 6 of wands. I’ve seen them at least 3 times each (and that is the least I can remember) and often then would fall from my mixing by ”hasard”.

    What could that mean?

  • Lynn says:

    I keep getting two of cups for a particular man and I when asked what will happen. I also get six of cups often for him. Cup cards are nearly always prevalent. In fact a four card spread revealed four cup cards. The thing is right now we are not in contact, but I have a strong feeling we will somehow reunite. Intuition wise that is.

  • Emily says:

    The nine of swords is stalking me and I’m worried! I had a deck about two years ago where the nine of swords stalked me, and I lost the deck. Then, a few months later, I had a miscarriage. Now I have a new deck and the nine of swords is still stalking me. I’m not sexually active in my current relationship, so I don’t know what this could mean!

    • Brigit says:

      I am so sorry to hear that, Emily. Don’t let one ‘bad’ experience ruin it for you … Maybe pull another card along side it, asking for some clarification of the meaning of the card to you right now.

  • Patti says:

    My friend did her own reading and then I did my reading after shuffling cards for almost a minute and cutting them too, when I did my reading I got the same exact cards (all 9 of them) the first 5 were in a slightly different order, but the last 4 were the exact same cards in the exact same order. It ended with the world.

  • Kaycee says:

    I recently had a deck come to me – I’ve never used cards before. The person who gave it to me suggested taking my time learning the cards by simply pulling one card for myself daily. 4 out of my 6 days I have drawn a sword card. Twice it has been the 5. I feel I’ve been more aware of “picking my battles” and even held my tongue a few times when I was in the right but knew me saying something wouldn’t benefit the relationship between the other person and myself (thus even tho I would “win” the fight we both would loose in the end).
    What does this suite continually coming up mean? Or how can I better receive the message my subconscious is so clearly and trying to communicate to me?

    • Brigit says:

      The Suit of Swords deals with the mental level of consciousness that is centred around the mind and the intellect. The card meanings are associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage and conflict. How does all of that relate to you and your thoughts when pulling a card? Keeping all of that in mind, I would meditate on it!

  • Bridget says:

    I got a new deck recently. I asked different questions but regarding the same person four times on different days. I have drawn page of wand every single time. This is so strange and I’m still trying to figure out what is the message.

  • Liv says:

    My friend did a love/relationship potential reading for me the other day and the eight of wands was the last card she pulled. I bought a tarot deck for myself recently, and I keep getting the eight of wands. I’ve been doing daily readings with a single card and the past two days in a row I’ve pulled the eight of wands. I’m not really sure what it could mean as I’m still new!

  • Teila says:

    I’m being stalked by the hangman. I’ve had three readings just for fun in the last two years and each time I get the hangman!

  • Brittany says:

    I lterally keep getting pentacles! Mostly 3, 10, and more if 9 of pentacles when asking about the future. Like a job, moving out, and getting pregnant. Im so confused as to what its trying to tell me? And help, Biddy?

  • M.D.D says:

    Interesting that I came across this article. I had the world card show up twice in one day on 2 separate unrelated readings. I understand what the card means but feel like I’m missing something. Kinda like I don’t have that fulfillment of understanding or knowing fully what this pertains to yet. Any thoughts?

  • Dio says:

    in a daily reading the Tower showed up in 2 days in a row.
    What can it possibly mean?

  • Anonymous says:

    I keep getting the Lovers and the Star in regarding a potential love interest. I have strong feelings for him and I’ve asked the cards are we meant to be? And the lovers and star comes up repeatedly. Does this mean he returns my feelings?

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