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Tarot Stories: Real Life Lessons from The Fool

By February 18, 2016 May 4th, 2018

You hear me talk a lot on Biddy Tarot about how the Tarot is a useful tool for personal growth and for guiding you towards your soul’s purpose. This month, we decided to switch it up a bit, so you can see how the Tarot has resonated in real lives.

I reached out to the Biddy Tarot community and asked them to share their personal stories about what this month's card — The Fool — means to them. I asked them to open up and share a time when the Fool card has guided them, when it taught them a crucial lesson, when it gave them that “Aha!” moment, or when it soothed their soul.

The result was nothing short of inspirational. As you may know, the Fool card has a lot of meaning for me. Below, I share my own story of when I embraced the innocent and spontaneous energy of this card, and then, a few of my hand-picked favorite stories from the Biddy Tarot Community. I hope you enjoy!

The Fool…

I was about to make the biggest (and scariest) decision of my life – take a leap of faith and pursue my Tarot business full-time, or stay in the corporate world as I had always imagined I would.

Perched on the edge of the cliff, looking into the great unknown. Would I fall? Or would I fly?

I decided to do it. I took the leap of faith… and I flew!

Almost 4 years later, Biddy Tarot has taken me to dizzying heights as it continues to grow and impact more and more people.

All it took was that one step and saying ‘yes' to the possibility, no matter how unknown or scary it may have seemed at the time.

And this is only just the beginning!

~ Brigit

Trust in the Universe

“Aren’t you worried about finding work when you get back?” a friend asks as I prepare to spend four months in Europe. “No,” I reply, “Work always turns up when I need it, why would it be any different this time?”

Thus begins a wonderful sojourn with The Fool, leaping joyfully off one cliff after another! I’m in Berlin and learn I can get a work permit to teach English. I go back to Australia briefly, pick up a job for three weeks that pays my fare back to Germany where work materialises.

Months go by, then comes the Eureka moment – the concept for my book, Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards. I submit sample chapters to publishers without success. “Time to go home,” I think. Within a month I have a publisher. Three months later I’m chatting with community media people. “Tarot would work well on television,” I say. Six weeks later the TV series based on my book is born. “Oops, I need music…help!” An email arrives from Canada – “Can you help me promote music I’ve composed for the Major Arcana?” We do a deal to use his music in what becomes an award-winning TV series.

Aahhh…life with The Fool is magic!

~ Linda Marson, Global Spiritual Studies 

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The Wisdom of Innocence

When I first started Tarot this guy came up often. It made me question myself — was I being foolish pursuing Tarot? It reminded me that if you truly just let go of all thoughts, fears, phobias, you are left with purity. Nothing can affect what you are about to do. You do it wholeheartedly without feeling guilty, stupid, and the need for others approval. Trust your gut instinct and follow your light.

The Fool clarified that if I let go I could connect with my inner self on a deeper level, and this revealed my true path to happiness, fulfilment and inner peace.

Hence Tarot is a part of my life Journey now, so I pay homage to the Fool and all his helpful insights into letting go and getting in touch with your inner child and passions. He allows you to be spontaneous, feel pure joy, and believe that you can achieve anything you put your heart and soul into.

~ Kim, Psychic Passage

At Heart, You are a Free Spirit

There I sat among the day’s leftover toys
my hair in a lopsided braid
the traces of fingertips drawing little butterflies kisses on windows
telling a story I suppose
I never imagined to be the mother of four
Which seemed to swell to 5 or 8 as the afternoon came
the guardian of Ninja Turtles, a storyteller of battles
and most important the keeper of stubbed toes

I smiled at my table with the dried play-doh on it
wondering where the containers had all gone
the dirty dishes called out, the laundry too,
I wonder if a little time with my cards would be wrong.
But what would I ask, would they even hear a mother of four
who was rather boring at dinner parties
talking of trees that could talk
and a day filled with little blue and gold stars
knees scabbed from learning to walk

Would I be forgiven if I just took a peek?
So, would I be allowed to chase my own faeries in the wisps of the storms
to dream of things that I cannot see
to have the courage to ride a dragon with wings
I dream of these things so endlessly

The Cards, I could point out, at times are quite humorous
giving us the answers that are at times quite ironic
for flipping the card expecting the Empress
my deck instead showed the Fool
to be my grand adventure tonic

I pondered and worried was I the Fool to dream
or perhaps it meant that I needed to see
that the only thing holding me back was me.

~Kandi Sirianni

Embrace New Beginnings

I embraced the Fool card when I embarked on my journey to open my shop in 2006. I left the stale comfort of my corporate job and stepped into the unknown. I carried with me the wisdom I had gathered thus far but in many ways my knapsack was empty. I had never designed and opened a retail store before I founded AwenTree. Like the Fool, I felt divinely guided to step off the cliff and free fall into experience.

The early days of my business demanded all my resources; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Some days came together like a choreographed dance, and others days were like a slow moving train wreck. When I questioned everything, the Fool card reminded me the importance of showing up with “empty pockets” and opening to the experience. The Fool card taught me to be “fully invested but not attached to outcomes.”

I thought I knew how my dream would unfold because I held a clear vision of what I wanted. But I learned that the lesson of the Fool is that I just needed to show up, buy the ticket, get on the ride and let the dream unfold before me.

~Winifred Tannetta Costello, AwenTree 

Over to You…

Feeling inspired? I know I am! Tell me which of these stories resonates with YOU, and be sure to share your own stories of how the Fool card has showed up in your life in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!


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