Practice Makes Perfect – How To Build Your Confidence in Reading Tarot

By April 17, 2013Tarot Basics

The key to being a fully confident Tarot reader is to practice, practice, practice. Practice your Tarot reading skills from Day 1 and you will watch your confidence go through the roof.

There are lots of ways you can practice your Tarot reading skills. Here are just a few:

Read for Yourself

Reading the Tarot for yourself is a quick and easy way to gain more practice in Tarot reading. You are always available, you can give yourself feedback, you can steal a few glances at your Little White Book (with all the card meanings) and you don’t have to worry if you get it ‘wrong’.

However, reading Tarot for yourself can be hard! You might be more ‘biased’ or less objective in your interpretations and you usually know yourself too well to ‘reveal’ anything new. Make sure you set some personal boundaries such as reading only once on a certain topic and drawing only a maximum of two clarifier cards per reading.

Join the Free Tarot Network

The Free Tarot Network is a free Tarot reading service owned and managed by the American Tarot Association. Tarot students read for ‘strangers’ in exchange for feedback and are supported by a mentor who provides guidance and input in the student’s readings.

I used to read for the Free Tarot Network a number of years ago. This was, by far, one of the best ways I found to practice and improve my Tarot reading skills. I often needed to chase my clients to get feedback after the reading, though, but it was a wonderful and safe learning ground.

To join, go to There is a small administration fee to join, if you’re not already a member of the American Tarot Association.

Set up a Free Readings Table in Your Local Community

If you prefer face-to-face readings, why not set up a table in a local cafe, library or park and offer free Tarot readings? You’ll have willing clients in no time!

Instead of getting paid, ask that your clients simply provide you with one great thing about the reading and one thing you can do to improve.

Add Your Profile to the Biddy Tarot Free Readers Page

In an effort to help the Tarot community, I set up the Biddy Tarot Free Readers page. I offer Tarot students the opportunity to post a short bio and their contact details so that they can practice their Tarot reading skills.

Listed readers can provide free Tarot readings to the public via email, in exchange for feedback from their clients. You’ll find the webpage here:

This is an excellent way to practice your skills with short and sharp email Tarot readings, with a high volume of requests coming through each day.

Visit the Reading Exchange at Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Visit the Reading Exchange at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum where you can offer to read Tarot for others. The best part about reading for people on the Reading Exchange is that they are typically Tarot students themselves and will be able to provide you with specific, quality feedback on your practice Tarot reading.

The only catch is that you need to either have 25 posts already in the forum (so get typing!) or become a paid subscriber of the Forum (around $30 a year).

Create Your Own Fictional ‘Client’

Read for imaginary people. I know of a Tarot student who reads for ‘George’, a middle-aged (and very attractive) man who has lots of relationship dramas, mid-life crises and other concerns that he needs help with!

georgeCreate your own ‘George’ (or ‘Georgia’) along with a short bio and life history. Read on all sorts of topics that may be important for your fictional client.

Alternatively, pretend a celebrity has asked for a reading and practice on them. Or select a character out of a book or a favourite TV show.

No matter how you do it, make sure you start practicing Tarot reading as soon as possible. You don’t have to be perfect or an expert before you start reading. You simply need to have the willingness to try and the willingness to improve. Put yourself out there and watch as your confidence and skills increase rapidly, right before your eyes.

Love These Tarot Reading Tips?

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  • Aasheeshh says:

    Nice tips for improving your Tarot reading skills.I think reading for yourself is really tough as sometimes it can be bit biased.But working regularly on weekly or even daily readings for self can gradually give you a good perspective on dynamics of Tarot card readings.It is always helpful to make a Tarot journal.
    It all boils down to regular practice.I feel everyday you need to put a specific time apart for Tarot practice.This would get your focus right.One can always practice with the family members and try solving their problems.I often practice using my daughter’s questions.
    Biddy your site offers a great opportunity for aspiring readers.It is a very unique and novel concepr.I can see how many people are reaping the advantages.
    It would be helpful to practice Tarot using political or sports events.For e.g try to predict outcome of an election or a sporting clash.You can get the results instantly in such cases.
    Thanks Biddy for this informative post.

  • Anith says:

    I thought “George” was my client! I’ve been reading for him for decades. Occasionally he surprises me by stepping outside the relationship dramas and receives some real spiritual insight. 😉 He’s helped me a lot over the years.

    Thanks for the reminder about what a valuable tool our “imaginary friend” is.

    Happy and safe travels to you and your family, Brigit.

  • Biljana says:

    Infinitely thank you for this article.
    I wish you a happy and successful journey

  • nyi nyi lwin Mr. says:

    Dear Ms.Brigit,
    April 17 is Myanmar New Year Day.
    I wish you all the best.
    Sorry for my greeting as I was a monk during these and searching universal truth inside my body and mind.
    I became a normal human being yesterday again.
    See you .

  • Brigit,

    Yes right on. The answer to so many anxieties around reading is to just go out… and read! Conversely I think some new readers to Tarot try to go pro or charge money before they are really ready to. I think an industry standard around this would be a great thing to recommend. Perhaps following something like 500 hours of reading time before going pro?

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