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7 Ways to Get the Job You Want Using the Tarot Cards

By February 29, 2012 May 4th, 2018

At some point or another in our lives, we reach a point where our work or careers are no longer engaging or satisfying. We drag ourselves out of bed for yet another day of work, just praying for the weekend to come. And we con ourselves into thinking that we’ll just hang on that little while longer until more of the mortgage has been paid off.

But what if I was to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way?!

It is possible to get the job you want, with a little help from our friends – the Tarot cards.

Here are 7 practical ways to use the Tarot cards to find (and get) the perfect job just for you!

1. Discover Your True Passions

What do you really love doing? What makes you want to keep working on a project, even when everyone has gone home or gone to bed? What do you love talking about to your friends?

To discover where your true passions lie, draw three Tarot cards. Meditate on each individual card and the three cards combined to explore what makes your passionate. Draw a further card to understand how you can leverage these passions to earn an income.

2. Identify Your Strengths and Development Areas

Being aware of your strengths and development areas is key to being able to find the perfect job. You need to play to your strengths, and address any development areas.

Draw two Tarot cards each for your strengths and development areas. And draw a further card each to understand what you need to do to leverage your strengths and to improve address your development areas.

Take note of any Tarot cards that are reversed, particularly in the development areas. This often indicates characteristics that are unknown or that you’re unaware of. Bringing them into conscious awareness means that you can effectively work with them.

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3. Develop an Action Plan for Finding a Job

You can use your Tarot cards to assist you in finding a job. Draw three Tarot cards to understand what you need to do to find the right job for you. Be on the look out for Tarot cards that may indicate how to go about finding a job, such as using a recruitment agency, online job search, personal networks, etc.

For example, the Three of Cups or the Queen of Wands emphasises the importance of social networking. The Hierophant or Three of Pentacles points to being a part of a professional association. The Three of Wands suggests online job search with a possibility of working overseas. And the Emperor may indicate a recruitment agency.

4. Identify Where You’ll Find Your Best Opportunity

Using the Tarot cards, you can find out what type of company, industry, boss or location will suit you best. Draw one card each for these factors, or add your own factors. You will start to form a realistic picture of where your best career opportunities lie.

ace_pentacles5. Ace Your Interviews

Before going into an interview, consult your Tarot cards to understand how you can prepare, what you need to emphasise (or avoid), what qualities or skills the employer is looking for, and how to present yourself. You may also want to draw a Tarot card to find out how the interview might go and what you need to look out for.

6. Decide Between Prospective Employers

Already got a few opportunities in the pipeline? The Tarot cards are perfect for understanding the pros and cons of each opportunity and helping you to make a decision. Draw three Tarot cards for each prospective employer – pros, cons and outcome. Draw a final card to understand what you need to know to make the right decision.

7. Create a Weekly Forecast

If you like to use your Tarot cards for future guidance or prediction, draw one card for each week ahead. You will be able to see when the perfect job opportunity is about to come up, as well as what to expect during each week. Even if you don’t get the Ace of Pentacles straight away, identify what you need to watch out for or what you need to focus on for each week. Use this as a tool for empowerment as well as prediction.

Over to You!

How have you used your Tarot cards to help you get the job you want? Share your comments and stories below.


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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