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Team Biddy’s Favorite Rituals To Ring In The New Year

By December 21, 2017 February 16th, 2021

New Year Rituals

The start of a new year brings the energy of a fresh start, a new beginning, and at the same time- releasing what is old and no longer serving us. Tarot can be a very helpful tool to use during your New Year ritual in order to create more powerful goals or resolutions, release old energy, and tap into your intuition about what it is that you'd really like to bring into the new year. 

The Biddy Tarot team is sharing some of their favorite rituals that they use to start a new year out fresh, let go of the old, and feel into what they are craving for the new year. You can try out ones that sound interesting, fun, or powerful to you and see how you like them! 

First up, Biddy Tarot's Founder & CEO, Brigit, shares her favorite Tarot ritual for the New Year: 

“At the beginning of each new year, I love pulling out my Tarot cards and using my New Year Tarot spread. It's the perfect way to reflect on the lessons of the past year and plan ahead for the year ahead. The spread looks at the main areas of life – relationships, career and work, health and well-being, and spirituality – and the key lessons that will be learned over the coming year. 

I also combine the New Year reading with my new year planning. I love to dream big about what I want to create throughout the year and how I'll go about doing it. The cards (and my intuition) help me to really focus on the best possible path to achieving my dreams. ”  

Brigit is passionate about Biddy Tarot, and shares why: 

“I love leading the Biddy Tarot community and inspiring millions of people to read Tarot and live an intuitive life. It's the perfect combination of business and spirituality, and it's incredibly rewarding to have such a positive impact on the world.” 

Her message to you as the New Year approaches: 

“Have an awesome year ahead! Know that you create whatever you want when you tune into your intuition and your Higher Self. And the Tarot cards will help you do just that!” 


Next up: LauraBiddy Tarot's Product Manager. 

Her favorite Ritual: 

“Typically – I use my birthday (in January, hellooo Capricorn!) instead of the literal end of the year (Dec 31) to reflect on the previous 12 months … and of course, I use my cards to do so!  

Laid out at the 5 points of a star (because I love stars … Fun fact … I have 35 stars tattooed on me. Guess how old I am 😉) 

  • Card 1 – What to Celebrate from last year 
  • Card 2 – Gifts; What gifts were bestowed upon me last year 
  • Card 3 – Gifts; What gift can I bestow upon others next year 
  • Card 4 – Do Less of this next year 
  • Card 5 – Do more of this next year 

That being said … I have many traditions that do not involve the Tarot that are a must for me each NYE. I come from a long line of folks that ‘hold on’ to superstitions in hopes of securing a prosperous, and fulfilling year to come.  

One such tradition is surrounding ourselves with those that we love, to ‘ring in’ the new year. So – my husband & I host our family for a New Year’s Eve party at our home each year. In 2016, I decided to incorporate the Tarot into this tradition … I give whoever at the party is interested, a reading using the above spread! I am sure to keep up with it in the foreseeable future.” 

Why she loves working on the Biddy Tarot Team: 

“I love working on Team Biddy, for so SO many reasons. This is my dream job! I’ve been manifesting this role in my mind for a long time.  

Because we are a team that spans the entire world, we are afforded the luxury of working wherever we want or need to – (so long as the work gets done! 😉). I have the flexibility to be a Mom/Wife first, and I’ve been able to make room in my life for me.  Scrambling to find someone to pick up my kids from the bus stop, or putting off a project that I’ve been itching to try – is a thing of the past. I’ve traded the stress that comes along with restraints on my schedule, for afternoon walks and bursts of productive time.  

Not only does working for Biddy Tarot offer me flexibility – it has also offered me many learning experiences along the way. When I first started with Biddy Tarot, I began as the Team & Customer Happiness Expert … my role since then has expanded to Product Manager. I’ve been given the chance to stretch my brain and learn new skills (which is great for a Capricorn know-it-all like me)!  

Our team is so incredibly amazing – I truly consider my workmates, soulmates in a way. And our Community is FULL of amazing people that I admire!  

Biddy Tarot is not just a super successful business that supports Tarot Readers (from beginners to professionals, and everything in between!) in their journey with the Tarot, It is also a way of life for the folks that help make the business ‘tick’. Being a part of something so big, and so amazing, gives me a sense of pride every single day. I wake up each day excited to see what new joys we will help our community to find in themselves, and in each other. “ 

Laura's message to you: 

“Go into the New Year with an open mind and give yourself permission to “Roll with it” … You are going to set yourself goals – and chances are, you won’t be able to achieve them all. Guess what … that’s OK! Sometimes life gets in the way.” 


Next, we have Rachel- Biddy Tarot's Chief Organiser.  

Her favorite ritual: 

To determine where to let go and change in the coming year, I find Death in my deck and draw the two cards on either side of it. To find out what I should open myself to receiving or pursuing, I locate The Fool and pull the adjacent cards. These become thematic cards throughout the year that I revisit every month when I write up my more targeted goals. 

Rachel loves working on the Biddy Tarot team because… 

“I love Biddy Tarot's accessible and wise approach to reading the cards. Brigit and our team have done so much to bring Tarot to a wider audience and being a part of the team means I get to take part in growing the community.” 

Katie is Biddy Tarot's Digital Marketing Manager.


Her Favorite Ritual?

My favorite thing to do before the start of the New Year (or any time I want to reset my intentions really, be it the start of a new quarter, new month or even a new week) is to draw 3 cards: What is my greatest obstacle right now? What do I need to do to move through it? And who do I need to be? I find that this simple 3 Card Spread always helps me get in alignment with the true essence of my desires, and from there, I can journal my thoughts, set my intentions for the New Year and I’ll usually build a vision board to match it too!  

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Katie loves working as Biddy Tarot's Digital Marketing Manager because…

As the newest member of the team, I am so excited to be a part of the Biddy Tarot mission to empower people everywhere to trust their own intuition and guidance, using Tarot as a tool. I love celebrating our Certified Biddy Tarot Advisors, watching our community grow, and seeing more and more people use our books and planners (and as the Digital Marketing Manager, nothing excites me more than seeing them shared on social media!)  

The flexibility to work when and where I choose, is such a blessing, and being able to interact with such an incredible group of committed people (from all over the world, no less) inspires me to be my very best.   

Katie would like you to know:

Just remember, you can create that New Year – Fresh Start for yourself any day you choose. Our bodies are constantly regenerating; every time the sun rises is a new beginning; and with every new breath, you have a new chance to start over. You choose!  


Up next, Tassia, the Biddy Tarot Designer. 

Tassia's favorite Tarot Ritual: 

“My favorite tarot ritual for the New Year is doing Brigit's New Year Tarot Spread, and I swear it's not just advertising! It gives you a great picture on what your last year was like and valuable insights on what to focus for the coming year, it's a really complete spread. I also like to see what's my Tarot Year Card, and meditate on what it means to me and what can I learn from it.” 

Tassia loves working on the Biddy Tarot team because: 

After years of working for companies where I was treated like a robot and my ideas were used to causes I didn't actually believe in, at Biddy Tarot I feel like my work is helpful and actually valuable to people. It's amazing to see all the growth and positive feedback we receive, month after month. Brigit and the team are also the best people I have ever worked with, a team who believes in me, trusts my abilities and gives me space to develop myself, and this makes all the difference. Biddy Tarot is love! But if you're reading this, you probably already know ;).” 

Tassia's message to you: 

“Happy New Year! May our love for Tarot keep us united and growing even more!” 


Next, Anthony—Brigit's husband and lead for all things web and design. 

His take on New Year Rituals?

“I don't really have any New Year's rituals, other than catching up with friends and eating a nice meal together. I celebrate New Year's Day with my family usually as this is my dad's birthday. I used to make resolutions that I never stuck to.” 

Anthony loves working on the Biddy Tarot team because: 

“I love working at BT as there is lots of freedom, the team is lots of fun, and a very friendly bunch, and we deliver such well received products and services for our customers. It is a beautiful place to be.” 

And his message for you: 

“Stop doing and start being and be nice to everyone and everything.” 

Khyati is Biddy Tarot's Ontraport Virtual Assistant.  

Her Tarot Ritual: 

“After I had my first meeting with Brigit, I came to know a completely new and different use of Tarot than the previous two years. Though I do not do much Tarot reading, I do have a look at the cards at the beginning of any new year, new contract, new place, and at the beginning of each week.” 

What she loves about working at Biddy Tarot: 

“I love the people I work with. They are my virtual, global family. And I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed.” 

Her message to you: 

“Happy New Year and Stay Blessed.”

It has been another amazing year, and we all want to send out a special thank you for following and trusting Biddy Tarot as your source for Tarot learning. The Biddy Tarot Team wishes you and your loved ones a very happy Holiday season! 


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  • Having a blast connecting with the Tarot cards.  
  • Having your BEST YEAR YET! 




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