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Are Multiple Tarot Readings Creating More Confusion than Clarity?

By April 18, 2012Everyday Tarot

Let’s face it. Most of us have probably consulted the Tarot cards over and over on the same topic, hoping that we’ll get the answer we want or that we’ll be blessed with some sort of profound insight.

Certainly, when reading Tarot for yourself, doing multiple Tarot readings is a common mistake. And many people also fall into the trap of ‘shopping around’ with other Tarot readers, to see what each reader has to say on a particular topic.

The trouble is that we often end up with what seem like mixed messages from the Tarot cards and confusion about which Tarot reading to follow.

So, what happens when you end up with multiple Tarot readings and multiple messages from the Tarot cards? Which Tarot reading do you listen to? Who is right? How do you know what to do next?

Meet Nicole…

Nicole wrote to me a few weeks ago to ask for advice. Here’s what she wrote:

“A while ago, I had a Tarot reading done.  The cards I got were consistent with what I had done at home. I then had a reading done about the same issue over the Internet.  This reader used reversals (I don’t).  Anyway, the reading wasn’t really parallel to what I was getting at home. 

“My question is, which information should I trust?  The Tarot reading that I did myself, where I personally shuffle at home, or the reader’s?  It is hard enough because I don’t use reversed Tarot cards, so how do I trust and compare? I could get three different Tarot readers, and maybe all three would be different!”

Dealing with Multiple Tarot Readings and Mixed Messages

In some ways, it reminds me a bit of when you jump in the car and you’re about to drive somewhere you’ve never been before. Do you go based on your own instinct of where the place is, do you use Google maps, do you use the in-car navigation system, or do you look up the street directory? If you did all four, you’d probably get four different routes to take. How do you know which is the right route??

The thing is, all four routes will get you to the one place. You might go about it in a different way and one route might take longer or shorter than the other, but you’ll still get there in the end. So, what does it really matter which one you choose, so long as you choose one, right?

What’s more, you could end up confusing yourself to no end if you keep switching between one route and the other. My husband does this. He follows Google maps on his iPhone, then halfway thinks he knows a better way, and then the car navigator is telling him to turn around and go down another road. By the end of it, he’s wasted a lot of time and energy on switching between routes, when really, he should have just chosen one and stuck with it.

two_swords_confusionWith Tarot readings, it’s the same deal. You can do your own Tarot reading and get one set of Tarot cards. Then, you can go to a Tarot reader and get another reading, and another set of cards. You might even do a free Tarot reading online, or see another Tarot reader, and get even more versions. But, how do you know which is the right reading to listen to?

My advice is to choose just one Tarot reading and stick to it. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose, because in the end, all will lead to the same outcome, particularly if you believe in destiny. You just have to choose one. Because the more you switch between readings, the more confused you become!

That said, you can still get value from the other Tarot readings. There may be a nugget of advice in one reading that you find particularly helpful or insightful. So take what you will, but commit to it rather than switching between the various readings as you progress.

There is, of course, a very easy option. Read the Tarot cards only ONCE.

Resist the temptation to read on a particular situation and then re-read and re-re-read and re-re-re-read!! Fight back the urge to keep asking the Tarot cards over and over again about the same situation, particularly when nothing has changed or progressed. I generally recommend reading ONCE on a question, then waiting at least a month or until something significant has changed before reading again. This will save you time, money and energy!

Creating Clarity from Multiple Tarot Readings

For the clearest readings, read the Tarot cards just once. Resist the temptation to read the Tarot cards on the same topic more than once in a short period of time.

However, if, for whatever reason, you do find yourself with multiple Tarot readings on the same topic, do the following:

  • Select what messages are most helpful to you. Don’t just choose what you want to hear, but choose what will help you move forward in the direction you want.
  • Know that the different messages of the Tarot cards will generally get you to the same place. So, whether you have one Tarot reading or ten Tarot readings, you will get similar messages (unless you have selective hearing!). My advice – don’t waste your money or your time with ten readings; stick to just one.
  • Take note of the advice provided in your Tarot readings, then put the Tarot cards down.

If you still find yourself reaching for those Tarot cards, get help. Seriously. In my opinion, it’s not healthy to keep asking the Tarot cards over and over about the same topic. This constitutes an addiction and treating an addiction needs professional help and attention.

What’s your advice for making sense of multiple Tarot readings on the same topic? How do you manage mixed messages from the Tarot cards? Please share your comments and ideas in the Comments section below.

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  • Aasheesh Kumar says:

    When someone’s going for multiple readings it’s a sure sign that he/she is under a lot of stress.It actually does you no good.The issue gets further complicated. It’s best to focus on a single question and go for a tarot reading.There should be a gap of at least a month before going for another reading on same topic.We should respect the Tarot,and not use it as a toy.

  • Louise says:

    Personally, I like it when I do multiple readings and get the same cards, over and over. I pulled a card once, to take to a group channeling-meditation session, and I pulled The Devil. I thought, “Oh no, I can’t possibly take that card to share,” so I shuffled and pulled again. Second time, I got the Devil. Stupidly I shuffled a third time, and guess what I pulled? The Devil! It was a powerful moment. Needless to say, three in a row was enough of a plank across the head for me. I bowed down to the Tarot and took the card to the session! It’s complex to try and understand what it meant, but I refused to dismiss it, even if I didn’t fully understand it (or want to understand it!)

    I have come to feel that doing multiple readings means we DON’T WANT TO HEAR THE MESSAGE. We have our own agenda, and we are seeking confirmation of our own opinion more than we are seeking The Truth. If we get mixed messages it is a sign that we’ve gone too far, that we need to STOP, and step back and take a good long look at what it is WE THINK WE WANT FROM THE SITUATION. I would move into journal work then, and start to untangle my own agenda to see how it might be blocking me from seeing things clearly.

    The best way to approach the Tarot is with the belief in a HIGHER WISDOM than our own. Our work as tarot readers is in learning how to TRUST the cards to deliver the perfect message every time. When we begin to find this space, we won’t be so inclined toward multiple readings but will go deeper with the one reading. Doing multiple readings and getting confused over mixed messages is a sign to work more on TRUSTING and BELIEVING in the cards. They aren’t toys but tools, and like all tools they need to be respected and relied on to do the job properly.

    With that said, I like Biddy’s idea that all readings will get you to the same place in the end, it’s just that each route will take you past different scenery, and take a longer or shorter time depending. The trick, like she says, is don’t get caught up in confusion. Take control and decide to really hear one reading only. This will begin to deepen your relationship with the cards and so they will become a more powerful tool in your life.

    • Brigit says:

      Louise, thanks so much for sharing your point of view. Isn’t it wonderful how the Tarot will offer up the same card over and over when it is something we really need to hear?
      I also like the way you differentiate between multiple readings with the one message (which is actually OK) versus multiple readings with mixed messages (which reflects it has gone too far).
      Thanks for your contribution!

  • jackie says:

    i am just starting to read the cards on my own. if you dont do multiple readings how else do you get to know the cards? i admit i have become obessed about one question but the sitsuation keeps changing and i feel compelled in getting as answer. i keep reminding myself that i dont always need to know the answer. some things need to remain unanswered, but when you might have the answer at your finger tips it is hard to resist!

    • Brigit says:

      Jackie, I would say that when you are learning, it is a little different. Most of the readings you do will be more for learning’s sake rather than to gain deep insight into a situation you’re truly invested in. I think when you’re truly invested in an outcome, then it’s probably best to read once, and once only until something significant changes.

  • jackie says:

    thanks brigit! i really get a lot out of your site and i love the fact you are so connected to your follwers! do you do like road trips or seminars, or something? would love to meet you in person!

  • Catherine says:

    First off, great article Brigit!

    I’ll tell you what really gets to me….the yes and no questions. I’m only *just* starting out and already the biggest question I am getting is the “is he/she going to come back into my life?” query.

    And in all honesty, it confuses even me! When a friend comes to me and says “Well I had 13 psychic readings and 8 said ya my ex is coming back but 5 said no, i’ll never hear from them again,” I truly don’t know what to tell them…I just don’t get it.

    If there really is a destiny, then surely you would get either a YES or a NO every time?? But this isn’t the case even when I myself do readings. Sometimes I’ll ask the question for someone (which 9/10 are all relationship questions, probably a reflection of me being in my 20’s) and pull amazingly positive cards (10 cups, 2 cups, four wands) and then other times, it’s just one bad one after the next (death, 10 swords, 9 swords, 3 swords)…I still have to figure this one out.

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Catherine. I know what you mean – I too am confused why some clients receive mixed messages about a certain issue. Is it the quality of the reader? Is it because they are just asking too many times and the Universe is just throwing them for a loop? Or is it that no question really has such a black and white Yes / No answer? We might interpret a card to be a definite yes, but there’s always a shadow side to that ‘yes’. Or we might interpret it as a no or a negative outcome, but there is always a silver lining. For example, Death can mean change within a relationship, to a newer and better state of being. (It can, of course, also mean the end of a relationship.)

  • Cat says:

    Another question…
    Are there any card combinations to look for when someone has had too many readings??? Or anything where the cards might indicate “stop”??

    • Brigit says:

      Cat, very good question!! I would say Hanged Man, Death reversed, Ace of Swords reversed, Eight of Swords, Eight of Cups, Four of Swords, Four of Cups, Devil… ooo, so many!

      • Michelle Jenkins says:

        I’m a fairly new reader and I was using the mystic dreamer deck. I kept asking the same question with tiny variations. Finally. I pulled a seven of wands (i believe). Actually I don’t remember whether or was wands or swords or what number it was but the card definatly said “dont cross this line! Time out!” With the woman in the card staring straight at me as if daring me to ask one more time. Lol. I laugh now but at the time it was a tad frightening because it was my first REAL experience realizing the tarot is in control of the information it provides. I learned respect for the tool that day.

      • Maria says:

        I have actually spent a lot of time looking for exactly this information on what cards signify that you should stop with those continued readings! Happy to find that here.
        A friend of mine does spreads several times a week to see if she reunites with an ex with whom they still love each other. The cards she is getting are usually not that bad – Lovers and the Chariot and the Fool and the Wheel of fortune – and she feels (and many readers are inclined to think so), that those are significators of a new level in their relationship. It is evident that both of them still adore each other but have to sort out several issues (jealousy issues especially) – those were frequently indicated by reversed power and Temperance.
        The problem is she did the readings really often – sometimes up to several times a day and once just wanted to take out a clarifying card and got the Death reversed. She called to ask what it meant and in my opinion it is basically the cards telling her to stop torturing them and just let things rest for the moment and see how they evolve. And then I saw your comment on it and it is unbelievable! But then it is also interesting to know why you would say that exactly Death reversed tells us to stop readings for a bit?
        Thank you!

        • Brigit says:

          It’s a fine line between connecting with the Divine and your intuition, and getting obsessed with finding the answer you most want. The motivation behind the reading will often determine the clarity of the message. And what’s the point of receiving a message if you’re not going to act on that message, and instead will keep hassling the Tarot cards for another message?!

  • Matthias Greygone says:

    I too do not use reversals, for this old mans brain is easily confused.
    That does not mean they are not relevant. Exactly the opposite.
    One of the reasons for requesting a repeat read has to do with how the reader has communicated what they see to the querent in a way that they will understand. If this is done properly, repeat requests should be rare. And I am in hope that it will stay that way. Occassionly doing a three card read, if the three cards drawn do not feel right or in the readers opinion, do not address the concern at present, I will draw again giving the deck more focus.

  • Anith says:

    I’ve returned to this entry several times, because I’ve found both the article and the commentary so valuable. This may be re-stating what Louise said, but one way I ask about this issue, both of myself or others, is, “Who are you sending to ask the question?” Is it the part of your internal committe who is truly open to truth and wants to be connected to the deepest, highest and best that can be learned in this particular situation? or is it a part of you who is desperate, stressed, and wanting to hold onto denial? [The same kind of thing can happen when you state an intention in a meditation or sacred circle– if you send your perfectionistic self, chances are it won’t end up being the right vow or request, and your Higher Self may refuse to partner you in flogging yourself.]

    So in addition to my “over-reading” experiences where the cards just gave up and started messing with me, I’ve also had Louise’s experience of the same card reappearing insistently, no matter how many times I shuffle.

    I have done a lot of learning by reading for myself (ie. “Oh, so that Tower card wasn’t just a metaphor…”)– there’s no substitute for the ongoing feedback loop in your own life. But I’ve also made up imaginary clients to read for, and that has been an equally valuable exercise. My good old imaginary friend/client, “George”, is almost always up for having a reading, and it’s great practice.

    • Brigit says:

      “Who are you sending?” – So well put! And I love your idea of having the forever returning, loyal client “George”! Thanks for sharing your comments and insights, Anith.

  • jackie says:

    I’ll be your George this week! 🙂

  • Anith says:

    Sorry, “this week” is kind of getting away from me– but yes! How best? (I’m assuming you want to actually know what I read…)

    • jackie says:

      Anith really was just joking! I try to do those types of readings but I need to take a class. How do I know if I am getting my moneys worth?

  • yvonne says:

    I read on the same topic often and I have been drawing the same 10-15 cards for over 6 weeks. During a 4 month period I didn’t pull the Lovers once, now it shows up every time I read on this one topic. I have tried seeing if I am just drawing that card to me by reading on something else or for someone else. I don’t pull it unless I read on that one specific topic. I document every reading I do, note the changes in patterns, and use the cards that repeat as a sort of path to follow and the new cards as things I need to see that I am blocking/denying. Tarot is like therapy to me.
    I see my professional reader about 4 times a year. When I cut the deck she asks which stack I would read (she knows I read) and our choice has always been the same. At my most recent reading I told her which stack I would read and she said that I needed to see what was in a different stack. We turned over the top card of my stack of choice: the Lovers. The 2 of cups, 6 of cups, all of the cards I have been drawing were in that pile with a new addition: Temperance.
    Her reading showed me how to support the actualization of what I have been reading on my own, the things I don’t want to see about the situation.
    To reader who said she drew the devil 3 times: I have a fear of that card so if I lay all the cards on the floor and run my hands over them, I can pick it out 9 times out of 10. If I shuffled and drew it 3 times THEN I would pay attention!

    • Brigit says:

      Yvonne, I am so glad to hear you are able to read on the same topic but in a constructive way! And those cards that ‘stalk’ you – very important!! Clearly a strong message trying to get through.

  • Bugging says:

    This article has the most backwards reasoning I’ve ever heard, and I’ve known Christians. That should really be saying something. I knew this takes a lot of blind faith (willful ignorance), but I didn’t know someone could have their head so far up their own ass. Tarot is bullshit, but I guess gullible people will believe what they want. Enjoy living a lie! 🙂

  • Priti says:

    nice post biddy….. I usually dont fall into ths trap but face my clients doing this they dont even mind paying money lol…..
    sometimes it just bugs me but dats fine…. I have a little punch-line in here to tell such a client next time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this….

  • angela says:

    this is interesting topic i have done this myself and in all honesty lost any belief in tarot cards, however the interesting thing is i had about 4 reading done by four different readers in which all four of them said i will reconnect with my ex, one would say as friends the other would say his going to try and win me back and so, this obviously made me very hopeful so came new years eve last night i decided to see how much truth was in this and sent him a NYE message, do you think i got one back, no, although i gues im glad i did it for my own sanity,its been weighing on my shoulders a lot, i strongly thing people shouldn’t read into tarot to much maybe do it for fun once but dont’ do what i did and get a reading here a reading there and believe to much what they say, lets face it 4 different readers telling you theres hope when all in all there isn’t, its a bit of a kick in the gut, so my advice guys by all mean read your tarot but move on with your life so you don’t end up disappointed like myself, i think my story was important to be told im sure alot of girls/ guys like myself have probably done this, if something is ment to happen it will and if its not it wont no tarot cards will give you a promising outcome just keep that in mind peeps xx

    • Brigit says:

      Angela, you bring up a good point about what happens when you keep getting the same message from the cards, but you don’t see it happening. One piece of advice is to wait and be patient. A reading can be ‘valid’ for up to 12 months, so it may take this long to see the actual message evolve in real life. But I also agree with you to some extent that we all need a level of independence from the Tarot cards so that it becomes a guide but not a ‘rule’ for living. I personally feel it’s best to have a reading done once on the one topic and then leave it at that until you see things evolve further. When we keep going back, it can become confusing and we increase our dependence on the cards.

      • angela says:

        yes my first reading on the topic was eight months ago and as i was mentioning earlier i messaged this person for NYE with no response so its a tough one, personally think if this person was even remotely interested in conversing with me im sure by now it would have happened, i don’t mind paying for a reading theres no harm in them especially when you have had reading before and been blown away by there accuracy down the tract, i just strongly advice everyone including myself not to believe in it to much it can really play on your mind, yes brigit this topic is something really good for people out there that are doing there heads in… ONE reading… Its a tough one for me yes off course you have to adapt patience but mmmm… im no dummy as much as i sound lol i no if someone hasn’t contacted you in 8 months the message is clear…. BUT the problem for me was after we broke up i went to my local reader who ive seen before and must i say she is great, and she told me he was going to come back so this is why this peed me off what happens is when a reader tells you this you expect it at some point

        • Michelle says:

          Hey Angela,

          I have been told my a reader I trust to get a reading at least once a month. She says “The future is written in sand, not stone.”

          Whatever it is you’re doing right now, that pattern will follow until you change something. Maybe your ex had been thinking about getting back together, but then decided not to.

          • Michelle says:

            *I have been told by a readier… not my 🙂

          • Michelle says:

            *Reader. Boy I sure can’t type today haha!

          • angela83 says:

            i understand its all good, im fine karma came and bit him on the butt anyway, like i have said in the past sometimes they get it right sometimes not although that makes sense to me it really killed me having so many people for over a year reading my cards telling me so, but it does not matter anymore, i have decided not to read cards anymore that way whatever happens happens 🙂

        • son says:

          interesting i am going through the exact same scenarios i have been so peed off thinking we would be back, but after so many readings and the same outcomes no contact at all, its correct to say readers know the past and pick the up well but when it comes to future it doesn’t happen so when they give you a outcome and it doesn’t happen how can they be so sure on there predictions when in fact the time scales keep changing so why call it a future reading… you posted in 2013 its now 2016 would like to know did he come back?

  • Wanda says:

    Hello! I was just looking for advice and found your notes on getting the same message consistently. Wow! Your message was for me. Thank you! I have a friend that reads the cards for me, its been several years and she has been a wonderul guide through happy and difficult times. After losing everything, I mean everything, in 2010, including my partner, the love of my life……due to the economy situation, we continued with the readings every 3 months looking for positive situations on their way for me and my partner. Well, its been a long wait, where I have become more patient and my faith is stronger. But, I am still waiting. I continue to receive the same message: my partner and I will reunite, he is coming back to me and brings love and prosperity into my life. He will not come back until he accomplishes a steady income. He still loves me and wants to start a new life with me. This is wonderful, beautiful, I am still waitng for him because I am still in love with him, I trust him. The message is always the same………wait and have faith, wait and trust. I am grateful for your suggestion on sticking to one reading because everything will eventually lead to the same outcome! I needed to hear this…………God bless!

    • angela says:

      WANDA- just dont hold your breath to much on the cards either, sounds like your a bit like me getting the same message and having hopes, im not saying your man isnt going to come back, but don’t wait for it like i did, my regular reader said the same thing my man would come back lol you no what his not coming back, and went saw her today i didn’t mention him i only really went regarding this job and overseas trip thats coming up, and she brings it up this time saying his a lost cause now ,so you see in some ways its a little bullshit, not always, but keep that in your mind i feel sorry for us women who break that bad that we hope some asshole who doesn’t even deserve us in the end to come back so much so we get tarot readings done again and again … hell i even had one from bridgit with some positive points will re connect but honey if a man is gone his GONE !!!!!! there is no excuse to break up with someone not money not distance not nothing Ive heard it so many times it makes me sick….. BUT good luck with that maybe your man might not be a dick like mine turned out x

    • Brigit says:

      So glad I could help. Wishing you the best in getting things back on track.

  • Sunshine says:

    Hi I had a question I am addicted to angel and tarot card readings. I really never got one done one on one but do watch several weekly ones on Youtube. I keep getting different outcomes naturally cause I keep watching like 6 different readers. I have been seeing the same message over and over and then seen a positive one then just now seen one that shot down my happiness saying my situation will not work. My question is how valid are tarot/angel card readings if done for a specific astrological sign….or a large group of people? Can the reading be true for all or a few of us watching the specific video???

    • Brigit says:

      I think group readings are helpful for understanding the general energies around us all. However, if you do have a specific situation where you need an answer, I would recommend a personal 1:1 reading.

      • sunshine says:

        Thanks for the response! yeah i figured rhat getting a one on one reading would probably be better. I just got so worked up and down cause this reader touched on a specific situation i am going through, and she said not to go through with it cause it wont end well. i was like is she talking to me??…lol. So i guess it was general others commented saying they also were going through the same experience too.

  • Carla says:

    Hi brigit thanks a lot for such a wonderful blog, came across this question and would love to know your thoughts about my case.
    I’ve had many reading over the last years, and most of all tell me the same.
    Recently I became a little obsessed with one particular question, It was if things will work out with the guy im seeing. The outcome was very positive she did say it might be a separation but at the end things will work out but needed to be patient and that things wouldn’t be easy but that def things will be good. ( 2 girls told me the same one in September the other one 3 weeks ago).
    But this weekend I was feeling very anxious and impatient and asked again to someone different and she said no. It was all very negative, not only about him but everything she sai
    Only regarding to him.
    The tower came out and things didn’t look bright at all, completely the opposite to the one 3 weeks ago.
    Is the first time I asked this question and get that result.
    Do you think things can change that much ?From being all positive to such bad news? Could my stress and me feeling super down and hopeless
    That day could had affected the outcome?
    And most importantly to which I should stick?
    After all is not all bad news I learnt I should stick with one reading and if that reading was good even more reasons to stick with it, I was just feeling desperate.
    Would really appreciate your time on this.

    • Carla says:

      Must add that also the first reader said that the relationship was going to change that there were going to be some changes in the dynamic but all good.
      I mean she did mention changes , patient, waiting , confusion but also said things were going to be good .

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Carla,

      I think it all comes back to only asking once on a particular topic, until something changes. I think otherwise you muddy the waters and become confused about what’s true and what’s not. Just let the water settle for now and watch as the situation evolves.

      • Carla says:

        Thanks and def you’re right.
        Also unfortunately some readers lack of empathy to tell you what they see and this one left me under a huge emotional stress , will def stay away from the readings for a bit, and hope I just confused the cards and they played a trick on me 😉
        But thanks again was relieving to read your response.

  • angela says:

    I think tarot cards really are a load a bullocks i have myself dabbed into them and went for a few reading in the past about a ex who left, to be told by a few that will get back together by the end of the year, what do u think i did? i waited in some laim hope id at least here from him, not only did one tarot reader tell me this but a few, only to find that not only did he not win me back or try to come back, his happily in a relationship now with someone else, how do u think that made me feel, all because some tarot reader told me there was hope….. my opinion on cards are this THERE BULLSHIT plain and simple now i have to get over yet another disapointment, the only thing reading cards is going to do is put false hopes in your head sorry ………… take it from someone stupid enough to go there !!!!! now i look like the idiot and still sad while his happy laughing is ass of thats karma for playing with fortune tellers

    • Carla says:

      I say try to be positive but not deceiving.
      You never know what could happen, moreover if you think things could happen just stay positive and see, but in the meantime keep moving forward with your life.
      Sometimes our intuition can tell a lot!

      • angela says:

        yes our intuition can tell alot when something bad is about to happen believe me the ring a bell in the head warms me, I am sorry no disrespect to those who believe in them, look i went to a few myself im just putting it out there what can happen, its easy to say to one person someone is coming back when they are not, and yes you have to be smart enough to move on with ur life anyway, BUT if it can hurt you more when it does not pan out the way it was for told does it cause more damage to yourself than good,??the answer is yes it can…. so therefore why play with them? i did stay positive i waited as i said i was a believer that we would work it out, truth is cards dont give you the truth more in my eyes its 50/50 either they will give u the right answer or they wont i can easy tell someone yes he is coming back or no he wont its 50/50 ill get it right, mind you after the time had past then they all said oh no his not coming back so what was the point ??? lol his coming back one minute than oh no his not load off bullocks

    • Brigit says:

      Angela, I’m sorry you feel this way about the Tarot and I’m sorry you’ve had the experiences you have had.

      What I do know is that the Tarot has brought such positive energy into so many people’s lives and I have seen first-hand how others have used the cards to create personal transformation.

      What’s important is using the Tarot for empowerment, not for fortune-telling. So, if you want to re-engage in a relationship, ask the cards what you can do to increase your chances to make it happen, not whether it will happen or not. It will be your actions that will make the difference. That said, it takes two to tango, and while you are doing everything you can, there is also another party involved – your ex – and it is up to your ex to also decide to re-engage. You can only do what is within your power to influence the outcome, but if you’re ex is not willing to come to the party, there is little that you can do to change that.

      • Angela says:

        Yeah ok than in that case you don’t need tarot cards full stop, you use common sense, if a tarot reader tells you you are getting back with a Ex or not then they are playing just a big part telling u something that isn’t true, good example I came to u for guidance you stated in my reading he would be very open to talking to me if I emailed him etc, off course I did and got nothing my point is people everywhere turn to these for amswers in which readers will be happy to give you one , not sorry I can’t say but this is what u could try…. Nevertheless I really could not give a shit anymore about him stuff him what goes around comes around and best leave the desperado people who are silly enough like myself to take the path of paying someone to tell u one thing and get another……

        • Brigit says:

          Angela, I would prefer not to discuss your private Tarot reading in such a public forum. However, if you do go back to your reading again, you’ll notice that what I said is there is a good possibility that things could work out, provided you focused on a few specific areas. It still takes two to tango, and perhaps in this case, your ex just wasn’t up for it or the circumstances didn’t allow for it.

          I think it’s unfair to say that only ‘desperado’ people use the Tarot. I know this to be untrue.

          Anyway Angela, it sounds like you’re hurting right now and I really hope you find a way to heal from this difficult time.

          Take care, Brigit

  • angela says:

    i certainly not trying to offend you or anyone and i no what u wrote and i am also not saying that you actually said yes you will get back together, im just refering to a certain part in which you stated he would be up to talking to me if i wrote to via email etc, im giving a minor example, I am not blaming you or readers for how i feel its my own choice to go that way with readings, so i understand your actions are your actions, people do get desperate and turn to cards like i did and that is what im trying to point out here, sure people can get a reading about what choice of study they should embark on etc harmless right off course, Weather you like it or not, this can happen where by a tarot reader will in fact tell you yes you will or no you wont, and this itself can make a impact on you emotionally and mentally, a year goes by and im healing but not before i ended up on depression tablets and needing seriously healing, i blame myself for doing these reading becuase had i not gone to readers, i would have healed earlier not stick around with a little hope because a tarot reader said his coming back, do you see what i am trying to say here at all?? there are alot more people turning to cards when things go shit, especially when it is about a break up, divorce etc, this is when these are a bad idea full stop, i respect you and anyone who does it, im not trying to be a ass, but there could very well be a young gal out there right now in the same boat ,my advice use your common sense than off course there is possibilities u dont need to pay someone to tell you that!!! I will leave it here i appreciate ur words like i said not trying to offend you but getting reading can cause more heartache than u think!!!!

    take care

  • Michele says:

    I would like to respond to the comment about getting multiple readings and trying to interpret them. First of all, People need to stop looking at the Tarot as a final answer. There are no FINAL, DEFINITE ANSWERS. The tarot cards are meant to reveal to you messages of possibilities NOT DEFINITE ANSWERS OF THE FUTURE. The future is fluid and is always changing and expanding. I think people put to much energy into as a definite window of the future. The answers are ALWAYS inside us depending on your level of alignment and understanding. I also think when your getting a reading about other people, it’s hard to say what they will do and what their reactions are. People sometimes change their minds and sometimes situations change. Just because a reader predicted a person’s actions does not make it static, they can change and go down another path.
    Another thing that I am learning is that tarot readings are also based on the readers reading of energy from their perspective. For example; I had two complete different readings from two different people but I chose the one that felt right to me. What resonates to you and what feels good to your inner being is what you should listen to. I think a person needs to wait a couple of weeks to a month after a reading to see how things pan out . Asking the same question over and over only causes anxiety and undue stress. Just relax and the let the Universe arrange things for you. They know better than we do. This is just my opinion. I love the tarot but I also listen to my inner being.

  • Christiane says:

    One thing I like about multiple readings (when I’m feeling a bit obsessed with a topic) is paying attention to the card or cards that keep turning up. It’s like getting a clear message from your inner wisdom or the Universe that this is the key issue to meditate on for your question. Maybe that’s the insecurity of a less experienced tarot reader talking, but I find it a reassuring sign that I’m on the right track. When the readings get completely confusing, I figure it means to stop and rest your intuition. It’s like the Universe is saying through the cards that you have to pace yourself or maybe it’s saying, “We already gave you this information 3 times and we’re done for tonight!”

  • Laura says:

    I hope someone can help me with something. I had a lovely and totally unexpected encounter with my ex boyfriend last night after not having seen him or spoken to him in almost 3 months. He found me. I did not go looking for him. For a multitude of reasons, we did not really discuss the situation, and all he said was that he would be in touch and it would be up to me whether I wanted to reply or not and keep the contact going. After he left this morning, I decided to consult the cards to see what they had to say. I did 4 readings and did not ask the same question per se, but the central theme was the same: does he love me, will we get back together, what is in store for us? My 4th question was a one card, yes or no with the question being “is he back for good?” The card I got for this was the eight of swords reversed. According to another site, this card means no if you get it when asking a yes or no question. Is that true? Is there another way to interpret that card in light of the question I asked? I am also a beginner at Taort so I am really in the dark here. Could my novice status be in play here? Did I ask too many times and the eight of swords reversed was telling me to stop? Was the answer actually no? I stopped after that last reading and now I am unsure of what the interpretaion of it is. Can someone help with this? Thanks!

    • Brigit says:

      What you might be able to ask yourself is, “What is it in this situation that I am not seeing?” Remember the woman is blindfolded and trapped in this card, and while the reversal can indicate the loosening of these restrictions, you can facilitate that by asking yourself what you are not currently seeing.

      • Laura says:

        Thank you, Brigit. That is brilliant and a hallmark of this relationship in many ways. I’ve never felt that I have been able to see all that I need to see where this man is concerned. Is there a reading I can do that will help with that? Your answer also gives me insight into understanding each card better. Thank you!

        • Brigit says:

          I would simply pose the question, “What is it in this situation that I am not seeing?” to the Tarot and see what comes up for you. Perhaps another for what action you can take.

          • Laura says:

            And I would draw one card for this?

          • Brigit says:

            Yup 🙂 Or a few if you felt you could benefit from some multiple angles.

          • Laura says:

            This relationship has had multiple angles all along. It would be nice to understand them better! Let’s say I do 3 cards. Any particular way I should lay them out?

          • Brigit says:

            However you like. Go with what feels right for you.

          • Laura says:

            Thanks Brigit. Your help is much appreciated.

          • Laura says:

            I felt centered and calm today, felt strongly that this was the right time to do the reading you suggested, so I did, asking “what is it I’m not seeing”. I chose 3 cards and laid them side by side. Before I shuffled them, I made sure they were all in the upright position, but still got 2 reversed. (On a side note, I seem to get a lot a reversed cards in any reading I do; not sure what to make of that. I hate reversed cards and try not to use them, but they seem to come up anyway.) Anyway, this reading was, left to right, the Knight of Cups (upright), the Knight of Wands (reversed), and the King of Swords (reversed). None of the cards jumped out at me intuitively, so I read the interpretations in the book, both the reversed and upright interpretations for the reversed cards, and interestingly enough, both could apply, which didn’t surprise me as he is a Gemini who always struggles with his dual nature. Could the reversed cards mean that his more selfish and base qualities are trumping his loving and more generous qualities right now? If so, I knew that already too. If I get anything at all, it’s that he is a powerful man who is so lost he doesn’t know the true extent of his power, something I already knew, as well. The overall feeling I get is cloudiness and ambiguity and that I’m still missing something, all of which I’ve felt with him for a long time.I will follow with a reading asking what I should do with this information. Any insight you might have would be appreciated.

          • Laura says:

            I did the next reading and may have gotten some clarity. The 3 cards I drew were, left to right, the Sun, Judgment (reversed), and the Ace of Wands (reversed). Going by the book’s interpretation and my own feelings/instincts, I think this means that even though he is attracted to the bright light of my love, even it cannot bring things to the surface in him that he is not ready to deal with. He will continue to struggle alone and be oppressed by what he suppresses until he is ready to let things surface and deal with them. He judges himself harshly and repressing true feelings about me and about himself keeps him safe from his own judgment. All of this is out of my control and I do not have any influence one way or the other. He is going to continue to struggle, regardless of what I do or don’t do, so I need to let him do it without interference, even if it is benign interference. Because I see beneath his surface and call him on the incongruity between what he feels and what he says/does, I have always felt that I hold up a mirror for him. On some level he knows that too, and it pisses him off and his way of dealing with it is to say that I judge him. Even though I know that is not true, I have never been able to convince him otherwise. I am the sun to his darkness, trying to help him see the futility and destructiveness of his actions and the joy and fulfillment he could experience if he would just let go. He loves and hates this at the same time, and when faced with a choice to embrace it or run and continue to hide from it, he runs/hides. How does the placement of these cards affect the meaning? Because the Sun is the first card, I am taking it that even the bright light and warmth of my love cannot bring him around right now. Am I anywhere close or have I gone completely off the deep end here? Is there another way to look at this? I hope my rambling makes sense, Lol, and thanks for any thoughts on this, Brigit.

          • Brigit says:

            It can be interesting to look at what symbols are common across the three cards and how these change and flow. For example, arms wide open in the first two cards, hand turned down in the last. Think about what extra insight this adds to your reading.

          • Laura says:

            Is your second comment refering to my first reading or second one? The images on my deck are apparently a little different from yours as I don’t see the arms as open or closed. I hadn’t thought of reversals that way. Something to definitely think about.

          • Brigit says:

            I often see reversals as a sign that you need to reflect on the card’s energy internally. So what is it about the Knight of Wands that is reflective of yourself or something you need to bring to your own relationship with this person?

  • KK says:

    I consider myself a spiritual person. Some people think tarot, etc is evil but I believe our “intent” behind the read is the key. If my intent and energy is negative toward someone when I have a reading, I think it could produce bad energy around me. But if my intent and energy is positive I believe the cards can be helpful tools to provide answers and guide us a bit and is not opening a portal for evil.
    I have just started doing self readings and I use a regular 52 card playing deck. I did 4 card readings on 3 friends the other nite and they were all accurate and specific with what was happening in their lives. When they left the house, I read my self and got Jack Diamond, 10 Diamond, 5 Diamond and 10 Clubs. I interpreted it as a positive reading meaning the Jack was myself and my current energy (feeling a little frustrated and impatient), the 10 and 5 are good financial future cards and the 10 clubs (final outcome) tells me I will have success in business and may meet someone (love or significant friend) on a trip.
    Can you tell me if this is how you would read these cards? And one more thing that has me a little shaken: 2 days later (I was feeling a little down and moody and out of sorts) so I decided to read again (I know I shouldn’t read that soon, but really felt the need) Anyway, I shuffled the cards a lot (meditating on positive energy) then I cut the cards several times. I was about to pull, but a voice inside told me to cut once more. I did and as God is my witness I pulled the exact same cards in the exact same order. I was speechless. I have no idea what the odds are (52 card deck) or how that could even happen. Can you shed some light and tell me if you’ve ever heard of this happening. (one last note, as I read I was speaking to my father for a sign that things will be ok in my life – he passed 3 years ago and we were very close. I feel him with me always)
    Thank you. Peace and love, and namaste.

    • Brigit says:

      I think you’re right – it is the intent with which you read the Tarot cards that matters.

      I don’t read with normal playing cards, but you could try posting your reading at to get the community’s input.

  • Ginger says:

    Re: reversed cards. When I worked professionally at a call center the general consensus was that reversed cards were dire. Lots of issues with reversed cards. (There were far more than 100 people at the location and almost every one feared reversals. Many I still talk to and they still refuse to acknowledge a reversal. They will ‘correct’ a reading stating that the card is wrong to show up that way.)

    Over the last few years I’ve developed a different understanding of reversals. Reversed cards are things being emotionally held onto or thought on too much – they keep the seeker from moving forwards or show why the seeker is not moving forwards. (It may be that the seeker is uncertain or scared to move forwards, or needs leadership and a different way of thinking on the situation.) The upright cards are the opposite – they indicate a lot of physical activity or too much physical activity without enough thought.

    • Brigit says:

      Thanks for sharing. What a pity that reversals were deemed “dire”! It is unfortunately a common perception, but as you note, there is so much more depth to reversals that simply the negative.

  • G says:

    Hi..I went for a tarot reading on relationship with a specific person on 3 different occasions. It wasnt anything planned but the cards just showed my love for someone and the person loving me in return. However, I needed deeper insight and thought another reader would be able to give me an indepth detail for my action on it or the present scenario and hence, I looked for a professional reader and went for a reading on the same topic. It is den dis tarot reader told me something completely opposite. It makes me think now..wat should I beleive…It has left me do I judge these mixed revelations?

    • Brigit says:

      It’s like if you go to 3 friends and ask for advice on a situation – each will give you different advice. Take what is most helpful to you. You may also see some patterns across what each reader has said to you.

  • G says:

    Hi..I went for a tarot reading on a relationship with a specific person on 3 different occasions. It was nothing planned..just ran into them and got curious. However, they picked a caard of my love for someone and the person loving me in return. I wanted some indepth answers on the future though which I felt I wasnt getting from these readers. I looked for another professional tarot reader but this time she told me something completely opposite. I am confused now of which tarot reading to beleive for revelations and actions.

  • Ruth says:

    Hi. I have received three readings from three different people two mentioned the same thing. One mentioned something similar but added more To it… which left me sad/unhappy. It was about my relationship. Two said he’s distant do to financial problems he is having the other one said he met another woman but still loves me. That he only flirts with her… Confused. Any advice?

  • Marianne says:

    Multiple readings are confusing. Before reading this blog on 2012, I loved creating Tarot spreads on the same question. After reading this post, you nailed it when you said all readings will give the same messages but will direct you to one point. I love the analogy you use to compare Tarot and driving. Despite following long or short routes, your goal is to get to that special place.

  • Brianna says:

    I got a free reading and I had posted it up on some tarot groups for others opinions. I got contradictory interpretations and that is what is confusing. Now I’m the type who will go with the most negative as I am the very glass half empty type. I want a good answer and outcome intact some peoples interpretations including the one who did reading all had a positive result. But then there was that one persons interpretation… Now I’m ready to lash out at the person who I asked about in the reading all because of a negative interpretationone person gave on the group. What sshould I do???

    • Brigit says:

      First, ground yourself and centre yourself. Everyone will have an opinion or a point of view of what your Tarot reading could mean. At the end of the day, you need to trust what YOU feel about the reading and what is most helpful to you. If the negative interpretations are only leading you to feel angry or frustrated, then let those go. Think about what makes intuitive sense for you.

  • Kathy says:

    I don’t do multiple readings on one question but if I felt the urge to do so I would suggest drawing just one card. The intent would be to ask what baby step I can take in the here and now which will bring about the best possible outcome. Some things are most likely going to happen as a result of what was put in motion. Knowing how to act rather than react can make lemonade from lemons and change the ultimate outcome.

    • Destiny Child says:

      I would like to share my experience. I left a situation, a person and thought I made the right move but all the fate and events seems to prove me wrong. Confused, I ordered a personal reading. I kept playing back my video, the outcome is positive that comes with an answer that good things will come with might be the same person again. While waiting, I was listening to other free readings throughout that month, still nothing seems to be moving. I went to the temple, I pray, I hope, I wish. I did carried on my daily activities, do what I need to do but somehow still seems blocked. Opportunities came, I grabbed. Its either gone, disappeared, lost or simply not suitable. I wondered it was all fated or destiny. I was impatient and wanted to know the final answer so as to move on or at least know which exact direction I should go. I went for second reading. As the reading need a few days, I engaged another reader. I wanted a confirmation badly. The first reader came with back with a reading almost accurately with a positive outcome, the only thing bad is I need to wait a while. Then, on the same day, the second reader came back with a reading with a negative outcome. I replied I need another reading (since its stated she will do another reading if required) from her again, as I got a different outcome as compared to my first reader, this time with my birth date/time and the other party’s name and birth date (provided my name upon her requirement only). She got offended and replied I should respect and trust my first reader and I should not keep asking answer for my question otherwise it will turn out to have bad energy. I know she meant well but I felt cursed.
      Although now things did start to move a bit, there is still no exact outcome and I am still struck.
      The only thing I can do now is to trust my first reader (that’s the direction which I wanted to move), do what is require, carry on, move forward, keep positive.
      I will leave things to destiny.

  • Kathy says:

    If the need to do a reading on the same question is overwhelming I suggest just pulling one card. Ask what can I do in the here and now to bring about the best possible outcome. Focusing on acting as opposed to reacting to a situation can change things for the better. Of course there are things that have been put in motion and nay be out of your control but being proactive almost always makes them better.

  • Ashe says:

    “Mixed messages” to me is possibly just multiple aspects of the same issue. Nothing is black and white, and the same event tends to have a myriad of emotions involved in it. Even on a day at the park the same person could be happy because it’s fun, a little angry because the sun is so hot, and then sad when he has to go home because it’s over. If he went and had three readings beforehand about how the day would go, and one reading said happy, one said angry, and one said sad, they’d all still be right in their own way. But I would tell him to explore WHY he might feel all three things and if he would. If he may end up angry or sad, look at the forecast to see how the weather is and check with a website or newspaper to see if the park is having maintenance issues. That way he’ll know if he needs to delay or modify his expectations. If he’s sad because he eventually has to go home, well, I’d say that’s a normal reaction. But also ponder what else could make him sad, like losing his keys.

    Tarot to me is mostly to give you food for thought and have a good think. Maybe you’ve overlooked something or are taking something too seriously or too lightly? Tarot is a good prompt to give your life a good look. For one of my friends, I frequently draw an “ill health” card. Which is accurate, he does have poor health. So we try to think critically of his condition and explore the situation. Recently we did pull a hopeful card along with it, and he’s found a promising doctor not long before, so finger’s crossed things will get better!

  • knightknight says:

    Well, you know when you’re re-reading too much when the past readings were pretty much the same and you decided to do one more, and the tarot literally tells you in the outcome to take a rest. That’s one of the best ways to know. We all learn.

  • Kathy says:

    Maybe a better question is why am I consulting so many tarot readers? Is seems to me there is a lot of great shadow work could be done here.

  • Jonathan says:

    If you approach the Tarot with frantic and panicked energy, that energy will be passed onto the cards and affect either the spread or the way the spread is interpreted. The Tarot is much more nuanced than what meets the eye and needs to be approached with a clear mind.

  • John says:

    Here’s a situation I encountered that makes this difficult for me. So I met a guy who I really like and I have expressed my interest in him. The situation is I did a tarot reading with a professional to see if there was hope for us to be together. I got very positive answers in my reading that assured me very positive things here and that we would be in a happy relationship and love each other a lot. I decided after the reading was done to get a 2nd opinion so I went with another reader and asked the same set of questions and explained the same situation. The reading done was very negative.

    The person who did my 2nd reading assured me we would not be in a relationship and that based on the cards we would have a lot of arguments in the future that would lead to bad things so I best just let this man go and move on to someone else. So in my situation how does one pick which tarot reader to trust when obviously based on these 2 readings they both lead to a different outcome not the same outcome as you mentioned above? If I pick to stay in this situation and pursue this man (going with the first reading) then what if the 2nd one was right or vice versa? Both readers assured me they have been reading tarot for many years and both stand firmly by what they said. I just wish I had more clarity on the situation.

  • Victoria says:

    Found this very interesting, I am guilty of using those ‘text psychics’ flat out. A lot of debt later they kept saying the same thing, my ex will be back. Then after being positive in the morning the texts changed within hours to ‘it’s all changed, he’s chosen a different path, he no longer cares’. I know there is free will, but does it really change that quickly??!! Have I asked the same question too many times?! I’m a bit lost. It’s gone from ‘marriage is on the cards’ to ‘it’s all over, nothing there’ in literally hours! Insight in to this, if you can, please?!! X

    • Brigit says:

      Victoria, I say this with compassion… I think when you are finding yourself asking the same question and spending a lot of $$ searching for the answer you want, you’re not in the most optimal place. Tarot is here to help you, to empower you and to give you spiritual direction. But when you’re using it in a way that doesn’t feel good for you, then it can become an addition or an obsession, which isn’t really what you want, right? So, trust in the first reading, and resist the temptation to keep asking over and over. Stay in that ‘healthy’ space.

      • Victoria says:

        I agree, I got very obsessed. Can you tell me why it could change like that? Would it really change that quick? I mean literally a couple of hours. I found one post interesting. Before it changed, the card they pulled was trust in the universe and that its all positive for us and I need to relax. Could this be the cause of the change? My energies being flustered? Or is it simply down to (his) free will and change of heart. It’s so confusing. But I will leave all tarot for a good while! Xx

        • Brigit says:

          I think it’s important just to get back to basics and that is, “don’t consult the Tarot over and over”! Let it go for now, and come back to the Tarot cards when you feel ready to consult them with an open heart and an open mind, and in just the one sitting (not many sittings)!

  • Destiny Child says:

    I would like to share my experience. I left a situation, a person and thought I made the right move but all the fate and events seems to prove me wrong. Confused, I ordered a personal reading. I kept playing back my video, the outcome is positive that comes with an answer that good things will come with might be the same person again. While waiting, I was listening to other free readings throughout that month, still nothing seems to be moving. I went to the temple, I pray, I hope, I wish. I did carried on my daily activities, do what I need to do but somehow still seems blocked. Opportunities came, I grabbed. Its either gone, disappeared, lost or simply not suitable. I wondered it was all fated or destiny. I was impatient and wanted to know the final answer so as to move on or at least know which exact direction I should go. I went for second reading. As the reading need a few days, I engaged another reader. I wanted a confirmation badly. The first reader came with back with a reading almost accurately with a positive outcome, the only thing bad is I need to wait a while. Then, on the same day, the second reader came back with a reading with a negative outcome. I replied I need another reading (since its stated she will do another reading if required) from her again, as I got a different outcome as compared to my first reader, this time with my birth date/time and the other party’s name and birth date (provided my name upon her requirement only). She got offended and replied I should respect and trust my first reader and I should not keep asking answer for my question otherwise it will turn out to have bad energy. I know she meant well but I felt cursed.
    Although now things did start to move a bit, there is still no exact outcome and I am still struck.
    The only thing I can do now is to trust my first reader (that’s the direction which I wanted to move), do what is require, carry on, move forward, keep positive.
    I will leave things to destiny.

  • Alex says:

    My question is, What if you have done multiple readings, and of two different subjects, like love and life, and they basically tell you the same thing about the situation you are in at the moment? I have had a few tarot readings done in the past six months or so, but they all eventually point to the same thing. Does that mean that what I aspire to come true will, in time come true since the cards say so?

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