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Four Tips for Live Streaming Tarot Readings

By December 20, 2016 July 14th, 2019

Live Streaming Tarot ReadingsBefore motherhood, I provided face-to-face readings whenever I attended special spiritual community events. The feeling of interacting with querents was a delightful experience and hearing different stories from my reading sessions definitely warmed my heart.

Once I gave birth, I’ve spent my first year in hiatus, not conducting any face-to-face readings. When my son turned 1, I decided to reopen my services to the public. There was just one problem – none of my family members were available to take care of my kid in the daytime. The cost of child care expenses was exorbitant. At that point, I ruled out the potential of attending any events. I wanted to find a way where I could maximize my social interaction with potential clients while showcasing my love and passion for tarot.

Enter live streaming.

The rise of this profound technology makes it easier for readers to provide services while interacting with viewers. In terms of marketing, it’s by far one of the cheapest and most effective methods of expanding your tarot business.  Not only is this a sure-fire way of offering transparency to your viewers, it also enables your audience to get a taste of your reading style. When I started providing my readings via live stream, my business started to grow. This was quite a comparison to the days when I would often sit by the table waiting for others to show up for a face-to-face reading.

Whether you’re using Periscope or Facebook Live, here are my top four tips for live streaming tarot readings.

Utilize Micro Spreads

Generally, one-to-three card readings work best for live streaming. When it comes to answering questions, try to keep it a minimum of two questions. You’ll want to take into consideration of the attention span of your viewers. For the time span per card reading, you might want to keep it within 3-5 minutes. Offering any type of large spreads (such as a Celtic Cross) via live stream would not benefit you, as you want to have that reserved for clients who want a more extensive reading.

Face The Camera, Not Behind

I have to admit – when I started my Periscope readings, I was usually behind the camera.  Although this felt safe to me, many of my viewers weren’t pleased about the fact that I was only showing the cards and not myself.

When you’re conducting readings, it’s important to face the camera. You’ll want your audience see you when you perform tarot readings. If you’re feeling camera shy, try practicing in front of the mirror and see your facial expressions. Believe it or not, viewers can pick up the body language from a tarot reader very easily. If they see that the person conducting the reading is not comfortable in their own skin, they’ll have every incentive to leave the session. Remember – it takes a good first impression for new viewers to see who you truly are.

Keep A Consistent Schedule

I’m very OCD when it comes to keeping a schedule of my divination reading broadcasts. Just as you would tune in your TV to catch your favorite show at a certain time, I make sure to notify my viewers of what time I’ll be coming on to conduct a Tarot, Oracle, or Lenormand reading. To me, this provides accountability, as my main goal is to build trust with my audience. This lets them know that I’m not just a random person who suddenly wants to pop in to do a reading and never do it again for the next week or two.

If you’re new to live streaming tarot readings, start off slowly on what days you feel comfortable broadcasting your readings. You don’t necessarily have to broadcast seven days a week.

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When creating a title for your broadcast sessions, be sure to utilize the appropriate hash tags so that others will be able to find you easily.

Make Your Presence Know Beyond Live Stream

A viewer once asked me during a live reading session on how one cab tell if the person doing the broadcasts are legitimate.

It’s one thing to be active via live stream, but it’s also vitally important to have a good amount of presence on other social media channels. Do you have an active website where people can access your content and services? How often do you spend time interacting with your fellow peers? For many of us, finding a trusted tarot adviser is like finding a needle in the haystack. Having a testimonials page with authentic responses from your clients is also a good way to showcase your reputation.

Grow Your Tarot Business Online

Are you an aspiring Tarot professional ready to turn your hobby into a business, but unsure that you’ve got the business & marketing skills or plan to make it happen?

Or, do you already have a Tarot business that’s not delivering the results you hope for?

If so, I’ve been there. I have gone from a small hobby website to a thriving online Tarot business that now generates a healthy multi-six-figure income that sustains my family lifestyle.

All of this is possible because I learned how to run a Tarot business and became a true Tarot business professional with business qualifications.

And the best thing? I’m doing something I love and I am helping millions of people transform their lives through Tarot – and having fun doing it. I would love to work with you, to help you create a spiritually and financially rewarding business, doing something you love and following your soul’s path. Connect with me if you’d like to Grow Your Tarot Business Online.


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