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Monthly Tarot Forecast for July 2017

By June 29, 2017 July 27th, 2017

monthly tarot forecast july

Phew! There may be some heavy energy in July 2017! Although you may be experiencing a sense of loss or grief that something in your life has come to an end, you’re being encouraged to focus on the new opportunities that are emerging now. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other to see where you need to go next.

Watch the Tarot card forecast to discover exactly what’s coming up in July 2017 and how to make the most of the month ahead.

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Hi. I'm Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot, the online learning community for people who love to read Tarot and who want to connect with their intuition on a daily basis. I'm here today with the Monthly Tarot Forecast for July 2017.

Now, I'm going to do things a little bit differently this time around. I usually use the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, but because I have so many other beautiful decks, I'd love to start featuring them in these forecasts. Today's forecast is going to feature the Fountain Tarot. This is a gorgeous deck. It's got watercolours, and it's got an in-depth feeling to it. You'll notice that in this month's reading.

As always, the cards that I draw for this month are designed to help you make the most of the month ahead. We'll look at the Blessings, the Challenges, and your Actions that you can take in order to make the most out of the upcoming month. Let's get into the cards.


The Blessing for this month is the Five of Cups. If you know this card, you might be thinking, “How on earth is that a blessing?” because this card often talks about feelings of loss, sorrow, grief or having to leave something behind with that feeling of regret. We can see it in this card. We've got the man here, and he's standing, looking at these cups that have been overturned, and yet there are two upstanding cups behind him. He's actually got quite an ethereal feel about him right there, doesn't he?

Now, this card as a Blessing is a sign that even though some things might not be working exactly as you want them to, there are still opportunities available to you. Instead of focusing on what's not working, if you actually start to focus on what is working, you may find that you have a few more Blessings than you realise.

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If you're feeling a state of despair, of loss, if something hasn't gone the way that you had hoped, or maybe if you have to leave something behind, make a change in your life, something is going through this metaphorical death so that new elements can come through. Instead of being in that space of loss, see if you can experiment in the space of accepting what new things are coming to you this month.


Now, the Challenges for this month are represented by the Hermit card. Take a look at this one. Again, it's quite a dark, heavy energy with this card, and what I see in this card is this feeling of isolation and being alone and having to find your own way. In this card, we see the Hermit here, and he has his lantern, and he's shining it so that he knows which way to go. It looks like a dark and stormy night. He's in the forest here, and it looks almost like snow. He's using his lantern to find his way, but it still feels like that heavy darkness.

Again, if you're feeling as if things aren't quite going your way, you might have that feeling of getting a little bit stuck in the heaviness of it all. You might wonder: “How am I going to find my way through this?” The positive aspect to this is he does have his lantern, and I often see this in my own life, where sometimes you can only see a few steps ahead of you, where you know that something is coming to you—maybe something positive, maybe something else—and yet you can only see the next few steps in front of you, and that's OK. That's all that needs to be revealed to you at this time.

You may feel a little bit challenged by that. You might think: “How do I get myself out of this hole? How do I get myself out of these negative feelings?” But really, what the universe is saying to you is to be OK with that knowing of your next steps you need to take. You don't need to know the whole path ahead; all you need to do is just put one foot in front of the other and see what is coming up for you next. That's the important thing with the Hermit. Also, remember to take the time out as you need it but not to get bogged down in isolation and aloneness.


The third card has just fallen on the floor, so bear with me! This is our Action for the month of July. It's the Fool card. Now, after all of that heavy, dark energy of Five of Cups and the Hermit, we have such a beautiful, light and free card here with the Fool. The Action or the advice for this month is to lighten up.

When stuff happens that you're not really loving, you have that choice. You can get really stuck in the doldrums and get upset about it, or you can say “Look, this is the way it is. I'm going to choose my feelings, and I'm going to choose lightness and new experiences.” I think the neat message here is that you are going through a transition in July. Again, you can either look to your past and say “Oh, heaviness. I have to give up things,” or “I'm losing something,” or you can look to that future element and say “Wow, there are all these new opportunities opening up to me.”

Remember: With the Fool, it's very much about that new beginning. The Fool is the zero card. It's not even the birth but the conception, the seeding of something new happening. So, stay in that energy to really make the most of your month ahead.

And one more thing: This is a young boy here. He's having fun; he's got swift action. So, how can you stay in that childlike feeling where you are leaping and bounding and experiencing new things, rather than more of that heavy energy that we see in these cards as well?

There you have it. That is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for July. It might be a bit of a heavy month, but I'd say keep really focused on the energy of the Fool, and stay in that lightness and openness to all experiences. I hope you have a great month, and I shall see you again very soon.



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