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Is Marketing Really a Dirty Word for the Soul-Centred Tarot Reader?

By September 17, 2013 July 27th, 2017

blog-20130913-is-marketing-really-a-dirty-word-for-the-soul-centred-tarot-readerYou – you're one of the most spiritually dignified and soul-centred Tarot readers out there. You hold yourself in high regard – and so you should – because your ethics and professionalism are right up there amongst the best. You're not one of those scammy Tarot readers who promises to remove an evil curse for an extra $500 (save $200 if you buy in the next 24 hours) or who features on late night TV with next week's billion dollar lottery numbers.

You're the real deal. A true Tarot professional.

But then someone starts talking to you about the latest online marketing strategies or the best way to create a ‘passive income' in your ‘niche market'.

What do you do?

Do you shudder and think you've found yourself in hell, along with all those ‘charlatans'? (And how dare someone even mention ‘marketing' to you, the most professional of Tarot professionals.)

Or do you get out your notepad and say, “Tell me more!”?

Lost in Translation

Somehow, somewhere, something has gotten lost in translation.

The mere mention of ‘affiliate marketing', ‘niche marketing' and ‘passive income' causes some Tarot professionals to break out in a sweat and think the Devil has appeared on earth to reclaim all Tarot readers.

But is ‘marketing' really a dirty word for the soul-centred Tarot reader?

If a professional Tarot reader promotes her services to prospective clients, creates an affiliate program to expand her reach, builds Tarot products to generate a passive income (so she can spend more time generating free content), and enthusiastically shares her marketing strategies with others, should she really be condemned to being labelled yet another scammy and spiritually un-dignified Tarot reader?

I think not.

Sleaze-Ball Marketing

Don't get me wrong. There are some really sleazy marketing tactics out there that even the most well-intentioned Tarot professional can get drawn into.

Like the so-called ‘live webinars' conveniently scheduled for only 24 hours away from now, which actually turn out to be pre-recorded, on-demand webinars, complete with fake ‘live' audiences and heavy-handed sales pitches.

And the blatant self-promotion on other people's blog comments. “Hey, great article. I wrote something similar at”

And the “Sign up for my free 9-page eBook” which happens to be exactly the same as the article you posted on your blog 6 months ago, only this time it is followed by 20 daily emails, all promoting your latest Tarot products and services.

These strategies are what gives marketing a bad name… and can make you, as a Tarot professional, look sleazy or worse, desperate.

But marketing isn't all ‘sleaze balls'.

Marketing can be cool, chic and classy. It can be something that benefits not just the Tarot reader, but the prospective client or visitor also.

Classy Marketing for the Professional Tarot Reader

So how can you stay ‘classy' and professional while also marketing and promoting your Tarot business? Here are three (of many) strategies to keep your marketing initiatives ‘classy':

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Be You

The coolest thing about having your own business? It's all about YOU.

You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not by wearing fancy-dress or smudging dark eyeliner across your eyelids for that ‘mysterious look'. In fact, you're waaay better off if you don't pretend to be like your ‘typical' Tarot reader (whatever that might be).

You'll create magic when you are ‘you'.

You'll attract the right clients who love your unique style. You'll feel more comfortable and more closely aligned to your true ‘calling'. You'll create deeper and more fulfilling connections with your community.

And when you're being ‘you', the marketing stuff doesn't even feel like marketing. It feels more like a conversation because it's in your own style and your own voice. You don't have to sell a set of steak knives with your Tarot reading just because it works on TV. You can simply offer what feels right to you, and right for your customers. Easy peasey.

Build a Community

I'm not talking about getting a 1000 people to sign up to your email list in one week just so you've got the ‘social proof'. I'm talking about building a strong community of loyal supporters, one person at a time.

Building a community means interacting with your visitors with sincerity, creating real relationships with real people, and being of service to others.

You can build a community through an email list, a Facebook page, a blog, a forum, a teleseminar or even a face-to-face Meetup group. The key is that you get to know your clients as real people and you engage them in meaningful ways to create a true connection.

Learn from Classy Marketing Role Models

There are definitely some ‘sleaze balls' marketers in the online world with their ‘get rich quick' schemes and images of dollar bills floating through the air and right into your bank account (and theirs). But there are also some amazing role models who live and breathe ‘classy marketing'.

My two favourites? Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income (I've followed his blog since 2010 and will soon be featured on his podcast as I share my own business strategies). And Marie Forleo from B-School (who breaks marketing and business-building down into bite-sized chunks for the aspiring entrepreneur).

I'm also starting to engage more with Mark Silver of Heart of Business. Mark is a business-savvy Sufi master who integrates the spiritual world with the material.

So find a few role models with whom you resonate, and learn from their strategies and advice. You don't have to sign up for expensive classes either. Simply subscribe to their blog, podcast, YouTube channel or mailing list and work your way through the archives. You'll learn a huge amount that you can put into action straight away.

Over to You

What do you think – is marketing a dirty word in this spiritual field? What classy marketing strategies do you use and feel good about?

P.S. Are you struggling to create a classy marketing strategy for your Tarot business?

You started your Tarot reading business because you're a talented Tarot reader, right? Not because you're a talented marketer. But as you begin to build your business and attempt to attract the right clients, you realise that you actually have to be both – a talented Tarot reader and a talented marketer.

That's where I come in. Not only have I read the Tarot professionally for 15 years, I have built a successful online business using clear (and classy) marketing strategies. And I'm here to help you do the same.

Get in touch with me for a free 30 minute Discovery Call and we'll talk about how you can create a classy marketing strategy for your Tarot business.


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