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Tarot Card Keywords at-a-glance

Is a Psychic Who’s Good for your Friend, Good for You?

By October 12, 2011

blog-20111012-is-a-psychic-whos-good-for-your-friend-good-for-you“Oh my gosh! You won’t believe this!” Your friend calls you on the phone, incredibly excited. She has just been to visit her local psychic and can’t wait to tell you about it. “She knew I had just started dating and that I’ve been through a rough patch, but she told me it’s going to be fine because my angels are looking out for me. She knew everything! You should go see her. She’s amazing!”

But wait! Is a psychic who’s good for your friend, good for you?

Whenever we go to see a psychic or a Tarot card reader, we go in with all sorts of different expectations. “I’m going to find out my future.” “The cards will tell me what option to take.” “I’m going to find out if I can really get over my past.” We all want such different things.

We’re also more receptive to some styles than others. I might like someone who is practical and down-to-earth, while you might like someone who talks to angels or who gives only good news.

What’s more, different psychics or Tarot readers will have different styles. Some will read based on the present . Some will tell you what’s going to happen in the future. Some will draw on their spirit guides or angels. And some may not use any sort of divination tool (such as the Tarot cards, runes or angel cards) at all.

Some readers are going to give you specific advice while others may be a little more vague or conceptual. Some are going to just ‘tell it like it is’ while other may soften the news or provide ideas for how you can change your destiny.

Add to that, there is a special connection that often goes on between the reader and the client. For some, the connection is strong and it is as if you have already met in a previous life time. For others, it feels so far-removed and foreign to be sitting in front of this person.

So, what’s good for your friend, may not be good for you.

My advice? Do your research and find a psychic or a Tarot card reader who fits your style.

Find out what their philosophy is. Do they read on the present or do they focus on the future? Do they believe our future is pre-determined or is there room for free will and change?

Understand how they present their information. Do they ‘tell it like it is’ or do they only give you good news? Are they specific and detailed or are they more conceptual? And what tools do they use?

And go with your instinct. You might see a photo of a particular psychic and immediately feel a connection. Or you may be drawn to their name or even their logo.

Even if the reader appealed to your friend, you may feel more comfortable with a different psychic. It doesn’t mean that anyone is doing the wrong thing or has the wrong idea, it just signifies that we’re all different!

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