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Reading Intuitively and Professionally: An Interview with Theresa Reed (AKA Tarot Lady)

By February 1, 2012Tarotpreneurs

Theresa Reed, owner of Tarot Lady, is one of the most modern Tarot readers and bloggers I know. She likes to ‘keep it real’ – creating a beautiful balance between the spirituality of the Tarot cards and the practicalities of modern-day life.

Theresa ticks all the boxes. She is an amazing Tarot reader, she blogs regularly with innovative posts about the Tarot, she nurtures aspiring Tarot readers and she mentors professional readers on running a Tarot business. She now also has her claim to fame with being one of the American Idol Psychics!

In our interview below, find out what makes Theresa tick, how she has learned to trust and use her intuition for her Tarot readings, and what advice she has for Tarot professionals setting up their business.

Why Tarot? And what’s kept you going for all those thirty years you’ve been reading?

Why tarot? That’s like asking why do I breathe. Tarot is in my soul.  I wake up and think tarot.  I dream in tarot. I see tarot in everything and in everyone. And I love tarot because I feel it is a fantastic tool for self development.

Tarot helps us to find direction, to look at things from all sides, and to gain clarity which all leads to consciousness.  The more conscious we are with our thoughts and actions, the more we are able to tweak our fates and live an enlightened life.  Tarot has guided me through some very rough waters.  It’s the old friend that I can always count on and the one tool that has never failed me. Plus, I love helping other people. So that is what keeps me going all these years.

You come across as a very ‘real’ and authentic woman (enjoying yoga to a gangsta rap soundtrack, for example!). How do you bring these qualities into your Tarot readings? How would you define your style when it comes to reading the cards?

I do try to keep it real! Ha ha!  I have a sense of humor about life and am very grounded – plus I am cool with who I am.  What you see is what you get here.

I have some quirks but I feel that there is no need to hide them – embrace who you are and be you – never a pale imitation of anyone else.  That’s my motto.

I also feel that when you are authentically you then you attract the people who resonate with your vibe and this helps to weed out those who may not be a good fit.  You can serve people much better when they are comfortable with you and vice versa. When a person comes to me for a reading, I am not going to try and talk over their heads with some esoteric mumbo jumbo.

I would consider myself to be an intuitive reader but I am very practical and strategic in my thinking.  If I see roadblocks ahead, I am always looking for ways to work around them so that my clients may lead more peaceful and happier lives.

Again, it is all about raising consciousness.  I’m here to see what you cannot see so that you can gain more control over your fate.  I firmly believe that we can change course any time that we wish and I hope to provide my clients with tools so that they can maneuver life with more finesse and less drama.

Many Tarot students struggle with trusting their intuition. As an intuitive Tarot reader, how have you learned trust your intuition?

I’ve learned the hard way.  That is, every time I didn’t listen to it, I got a cosmic wake up call!  And my karma is pretty instant.  If I ignore that still voice within, I usually get a very swift karmic boot in the pants almost immediately.  I’ve had remarkable intuitive experiences in my life and I also had the good fortune to have a mother and grandmother who were both psychic.  I grew up around superstition and visions – so it was very ordinary to me.  Nothing special.  The ego has never had a chance to get in the way because growing up in that environment takes the “glitz” factor out of it.

I think if more people viewed their intuition as a common, natural, and everyday trait, they’d trust it more.

You provide business coaching to Tarot readers. What is your one piece of advice to an aspiring Tarot reader who wants to start their own business? 

The biggie – treat your business like a business. That means investing in your work, keeping a schedule, paying taxes, getting the right paperwork, having an accountant, setting up a functional website, marketing and more.  Too often I see people trying to be a professional tarot reader but treating their business like a hobby.  It’s not as hard as you think to run a “real” business.  And if you don’t know how, there are many resources available.

If I may, I do want to throw in one other piece of advice: keep learning.  Never, ever think you know it all.  Beginner’s mind all the way.

What has been your biggest mistake as a Tarot reader? What did you learn from this experience? 

Boundaries with clients. Oh, I’ve learned some brutal lessons in that department and am still learning.  I’ve learned that I cannot serve everyone.  I’ve also learned to set some strong policies and stick to my guns. For example, I rarely answer the phone any more.  Clients used to be able to get me right on the line when they called and that turned into free sessions for those who wanted “to just chat”.

I’ve also learned that I cannot pal around with my clients – too often that leads to people using my friendship to get unlimited intuitive advice.  When people don’t want to get to really know me and seem to only want to dump on me, that’s my first sign that this is a boundary no-no.  I like to be a nice guy but it is very easy to be taken advantage of in this line of work.

What’s on for the next 12 months at Tarot Lady?

I’m continuing with my blogging and writing as well as my yoga and meditation classes.  I’m also working on some fantastic digital classes including my first one, Tarot For Brand New Moms, which launches next month.  My goal in these classes is to teach everyone that they can use tarot for real life situations.  I am about empowering my students and I think these classes will help in that endeavor.

I’m also writing a book (about tarot, of course).

And recently, I just signed on to be one of the Idol Psychics!

OMG. You’re part of the Idol Psychics?! How did you land that gig?

I am friends with Corrine Kenner and Donnaleigh de la Rose.  Last year, I filled in for Corrine one night when she had some other event to attend.  I must have done a decent enough job because Corrine asked me to join them this year.  It’s a huge honor and I hope I can do her proud!  I am a music fanatic so this is going to be a blast.

About Theresa

Theresa Reed is the owner of The Tarot Lady. She is a professional Tarot reader, blogger, mentor and business coach.

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  • I enjoyed reading your interview. It is comforting to know I’m not alone in having “boundary struggles” with clients. I too, now let my calls go to voice mail. I love to “help” and give, and counsel.. however my Tarot practice is a business, just as a Doctor, Psyhologist, Hair dresser, or Dentist operates.. we must handle clients professionally.. and keep personal/professional relationships separate. Thank you for sharing these insights with me!
    I also agree it’s important to be Original and our own unique selves.. I look forward to reading your Book when it is published..

  • Thank you for interviewing me – it is such an honor to be featured here! XXOO

  • Doreen says:

    Great advice about boundary issues. I learned the hard way also.

  • Hilary says:

    Yup, boundary issues seem to be a biggie for tarot readers… and also trusting intuition in our everyday lives. We use our intuition to read the cards, so it really doesn’t make sense to discount it in our lives, and yet a lot of us do! I like what Theresa said about instant karma when she doesn’t listen to her intuition… that happens to me too!

    Great interview. Theresa’s personality really shines through here!

  • Lisa says:

    Great interview with Theresa, Biddy! Nice to know you’re writing a book, Theresa. I look forward to reading it. Many thanks to both of you. Love, Lisa

  • Jon Smith says:

    what is the Idol Psychics and I am not so sure it is a good thing to laugh after just saying I try to keep it real. that could tend to be misleading or just plain false. Just saying

  • sandy says:

    I would like to thank you for talking about boundaries, and clients I made the same mistake and found out that many clients just want to become your friend for free readings. I have so much to learn,but so far it has been a exciting journey.

    • Brigit says:

      That’s right… you’d never ask your hairdresser for a free haircut, would you? Or your dentist for a free dental check-up? It’s the same for your clients – they should never expect a freebie if it’s not what you do.

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