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Tarot Card Keywords at-a-glance

Reader Q&A: How do I get more Tarot reading practice?

By July 14, 2011

Today’s Reader Question: How do I get more Tarot reading practice?

Today, we have another Tarot reading question from Nina…

“I want to be able to practice my Tarot reading skills, but all the people around me are busy. How do I get more practice?”


There are lots of ways you can practice your Tarot reading skills. Here are just a few:

Read for yourself

Reading the Tarot for yourself is a quick and easy way to gain more practice in Tarot reading. You are always available, you can give yourself feedback, you can steal a few glances at your Little White Book (with all the card meanings) and you don’t have to worry if you get it ‘wrong’. However, reading Tarot for yourself can be hard! You might be more ‘biased’ or less objective in your interpretations and you usually know yourself too well to ‘reveal’ anything new.

Personally, I very, very rarely read Tarot for myself because I always seem to make up the most favourable interpretations! However, if it is purely to learn the Tarot cards, then I think it’s a great way to practice.

Add your Profile to the Free Tarot Readings Page at BiddyTarot

Add your profile to the Free Tarot Readings page at BiddyTarot and practice reading via email. Visitors to the website can request a free email reading with you in exchange for feedback. This is an opportunity to put yourself out there to the general public!

Read the Tarot Circle Posts at BiddyTarot

Read the Tarot Circle posts where a reader will send in a Tarot reading they have done and I will provide an initial interpretation. Then, I hand it over to you to add your own interpretations in the comments. Later on, the reader will come back and provide feedback on everyone’s interpretations. It’s a great way to see how others interpret the Tarot cards and to try it out for yourself.

Join the Free Tarot Network

I used to read for the Free Tarot Network a number of years ago, and later moved into both a mentoring and administration role with the Network. This was, by far, one of the best ways I found to practice and improve my Tarot reading skills. You are allocated a mentor, who will review your readings and provide helpful guidance. And you can specify how many Tarot readings you can provide per day / week. The Free Tarot Network is also associated with the American Tarot Association, so you know you’re working with good people!

To join, go to I believe there may be a $10 admin fee to join up, if you’re not already a member of the American Tarot Association.

Visit the Reading Exchange at Aeclectic Tarot Forum

If you haven’t discovered the Aeclectic Tarot Forum yet, where have you been?!! This forum is jam-packed with Tarot enthusiasts just bursting with ideas, questions, and insights. Better yet, visit the Reading Exchange where you can offer to read Tarot for others. The best part about reading for people on the Reading Exchange is that they are typically Tarot students themselves and will be able to provide you with specific, quality feedback on your practice Tarot reading.

This forum is now permanently closed, but archived discussions are still available to view HERE.

Search for other Reading Exchanges on Google

There are many Tarot forums where you can offer Tarot reading exchanges – perhaps not as busy or well-frequented as Aeclectic, but available all the same. Simply go to Google and search “Tarot reading exchange”.

Offer free Tarot readings on YahooAnswers

There are two main options here. First, you can post your own ‘question’ which might be along the lines of “Who wants a free Tarot reading?”. Or second, search for the word “Tarot” and you’ll often find people asking for free Tarot readings or advice on how to interpret their own Tarot reading. While I can’t guarantee the quality of the questions being asked (nor the age of the person asking!), it can be a quick and easy way to provide a free reading to someone who wants it.

Start your own website

Back in 2001, I started my own Tarot reading website and offered free Tarot readings to build up my experience. Ten years later, I now have a thriving online Tarot reading business!

Setting up a website is now SO easy and can literally be done in minutes. All you need is a domain, a cheap hosting provider (like Bluehost) and the latest version of WordPress, and voila, you’re online and ready to offer free readings! Sure, there’s a bit more to it than that (like Search Engine Optimisation and website promotion), but you can work on that over time.

The lowdown…

So, if you’re dying to practice your Tarot reading skills and don’t have any willing ‘guinea pigs’ in your friends and family, there are LOTS of options for building those skills!

What do you recommend? Leave your comments below…

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