How to Avoid Psychic Scams

By December 28, 2010Tarotpreneurs

blog-20101228-how-to-avoid-psychic-scamsSadly, there are a lot of psychic scams and frauds on the internet, where individuals or companies claiming to be ‘psychics’ are delivering inaccurate information or trying to extort sums of money from their clients. I often receive emails from people who tell me about how they purchased a psychic reading online, only to find that it was never delivered, what was meant to be ‘personalised’ was actually a generic reading, or that they were conned into spending even more money with the ‘psychic’. It really saddens me to hear of these stories, particularly when honest people are being scammed out of their money and being robbed of their faith, trust and hope. In the following blog post, I provide you with some helpful tips on how you can avoid a psychic scam and protect yourself against getting ripped off by these unethical individuals and companies.

Protecting Yourself Against a Psychic Scam

There are a number of actions you can take to protect yourself against unethical or fraudulent psychics. Here are just a few:

  • Recognise the warning signs of a psychic scam.
    • The psychic may try to convince you that they are genuine by telling you something about yourself. Remember to ask yourself whether what they are telling you is something that is vague or general (and could therefore be true about anyone). And don’t forget that they may also tell you something about yourself that you mentioned previously or they got from another source, in an attempt to convince you of their ‘powers’. Run a quick google search on your own name and see what information is readily available about you.
    • You may be offered a ‘free’ personalised readings in exchange for your personal details. These often lead to requests for payments.
    • The psychic may tell you that you have been cursed or jinxed, and the only way to release the curse is to pay them a sum of money to do a spell or another, more detailed reading.
    • You receive an email or letter out of the blue from somebody claiming to be a psychic or clairvoyant.
    • You may be offered a good luck charm, the secret to enormous wealth, magic potions or winning lottery numbers. You might be asked to pay a small administration fee to collect your charm, potion or lottery numbers.
  • Do your research BEFORE you purchase.
    • Run a google search on the psychic before you make your purchase, using search terms such as [psychic name/company], ‘review’, ‘scam’ or ‘complaint’. If others have had negative experiences or have been scammed by the provider, then you’ll usually find it straight away by running a quick google search.
    • Always read the terms and conditions, and fine print. Find out if your credit card is going to be charged on a regular basis, or if there are other hidden conditions associated with your purchase.
  • Use your common sense. If it looks too good to be true—it probably is.
  • Protect your personal information. Only use secure payment websites and services. Never send money, or give credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know and trust. Never call a telephone number that you see in a spam email and never reply to a spam email (even to unsubscribe).

What Should You Do if You Are Scammed?

If you are unfortunate enough to have been scammed, what can you do?

  • Ask the provider for a refund.
  • Call your bank or credit union immediately and report the scam.
  • Check to see if you can obtain a refund from the financial company that has taken your payment (e.g. PayPal, a bank, etc. ). PayPal has a robust buyer protection scheme that may be able to assist.
  • Post a complaint on the internet and warn others.
  • Report it to your local authorities.

In Closing…

My heart really goes out to those people who have been scammed in the past by someone posing as a psychic. There are so many ethical and professional psychics and tarot readers out there who do a fantastic job at providing a genuine and authentic service. It is awful to think that people are being lured into unethical services when there are much more positive experiences to be had.

If you want to find an ethical and professional psychic or Tarot reader, visit any of the Tarot Associations for a list of readers. Also, look for personalised websites and get to know your reader first if possible (send an email, ask about their style, etc.).

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  • balancebull says:

    Thank you for writing such a helpful blog.

  • Julie says:

    I’ve been scammed! I know I’ve been stupid, but I’ve had a hideous two years and I started getting emails from Tara, Visionary Medium that scared me, saying I was playing with fire by not getting in contact, that my life could get better but Tara had to unblock a negative influence. I knew it was a con, but there was a tiny voice that said what if it isn’t, and that is what I went with. I paid £19, came to my senses and changed my bank details. I wish something could be done about these people.

    • Julie, I am sorry to hear that you have been scammed, but I am grateful that you have shared your experience so that others may be able to avoid future scams from this person.

      • Annonymous says:

        Tara medium is a scam, and she illegally obtains all email addresses, thrratens people on different websites and stalks you under different email addresses, so even if you set a filter or block the email address that scammer will kept sending the emails. And yes uses scare tactics to con people. The thing is it is illegal in the united stated under the CAN SPAM ACT 2003 to spam people and that is exactly what tara doing.

        • Kait says:

          I actually just had this issue with Maria the Medium. If you are telling me about my financial problems then why are you badgering me about paying you money! I hit her with the CAN SPAM ACT 2003 and she hasn’t bothered me. Yeah I don’t have the best luck in some parts but in the areas where it truly matters I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

          • Kevin says:

            Hello Kait
            I am writing because I also have Maria Medium emailing me for the last two months claiming I will come into large sums of cash in games of chance pay a certain amount of money to receive some sort of a trinket is what I call them

  • Anfie says:

    Sadly I believe I was scammed today.! I was in a store getting a buggy for my items & this young woman approached me giving me compliments on my necklace which was ok because I always get complimented on it. Well she changed the subject quick tellin me things about my boyfriend & how he really loved me & tht we argued a lot & THT god said he was my soul mate….. But in order for to fin out more I would have to give her $30 then she blabbed on while I noticed a guy looking around suspicious…I was in the store with my aunt & she knew that….. So she said don’t tell ur aunt what I told u OR anyone because those energies won’t let me meditate to remove this bad energy….. Anyways I’m lost.! She has my number and wants me to meet up with her tomorrow .! She claims she has an office but that in whatever case she can’t meet me in her office I’ll have to meet her at her home. Ummmm I’ve been pretty much scammed? She made it seem so true tho.

    • Oh boy… whatever you do, DO NOT go and visit her! If you find that now she has your number and she starts to abuse it, change your number straight away. Best to play it as safe as possible.

  • Robert says:

    I seldom do free readings anymore, much less any of the telephone psychics. There is always a catch. However I have dealt with several of the so called readers in the past. I have yet to find what I would consider honest. So now I have taken to doing my own. Thanks to your site, your clear explanation of the cards,and meanings for symbols, colors, and such are the best I have seen. And I have tried them all. This site is the most complete and understandable for both the learner or one who desires to broaden their craft.


  • Atara says:

    they say i’m at a level “9” when it comes to negativity. What does that mean?

  • meeko says:

    ohh i understand. How i find true one?

  • sonia woods says:

    I have been scam a couple of times and feel very sad about it but I do believe in the Tarots and have a set myself and there are times when I need a reading from some one professionally and I guess there should be a web site for scammers so others to not fall victim to this.
    cheers Sonia

    • Brigit says:

      Sonia, I’m sorry that you have been scammed in the past. It’s very easy to do. But hopefully this post has helped you to see the signs to watch out for.

  • adam says:

    Maria kept sending emails saying she would improve my life. Made two payments to her and wrote to her about my payments and has never responded. The same has happened from Tara Medium. I’ve lost £50 and I’m in debt because of this. I won’t ever see that money again.

  • Madame Bon Dimanche says:

    Thank you Brigit for keeping this forum going. It takes time and dedication…and love for the practice. I was scammed a lot myself in the past. That is what prompted me to study different divination techniques and have found an innate passion and talent for it. I had several generations of psychically endowed folks in the family. None of them pursued it as a means to earn money or to help people outside of the family. The tradition sort of died and I was left alone looking for honest people to guide me. Thousands of dollars later, I decided to become a professional divinor using Tarot cards, spiritism and other tools. I just launched my own website with my cousin. And the goal is to truly help people and not defraud them as I have been. Please visit us I can promise you that if we can not help you, we will refer you to someone who can and your money will be refunded.


    Madame Bon Dimanche

  • Sheikh AbdulRazim says:

    Tara also Maria are very hard scammers haha. They lie. But I will give them noting. I gave them also noting, but warning to everyone! The reading by Tara is exactly same as that of Maria!

    Don’t pay and don’t listen to that bullsh*t!

    Regardings and Blessings,
    Sheikh AbdulRazim Al Watani Al Maliki Gairob
    Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

  • laloni says:

    Tara Medium constantly, stated free lucky reading for luck.
    Also she states that if not satisfied all payments will be refunded. This is totally, ludicrous last than 24 hrs I canceled my subscription after paying 1/3 of cost. Because she didn’t send
    My tailsmen and yearlong reading .I emailed Tara from my same email address that I subscribe to/from. Behold she emailed me back, using another email account of mine. Abruptly she replied she never heard of me and I wasn’t in her, books. Of course not I told her because this is not the email address that I used. So every email notification I received from her & every email notification I sent her I forwarded back and her.

  • laloni says:

    Extortion, Fraud, and Coercion with Malicious intent.A unauthorized payment was taken from my account by Tara.

  • Annonymous says:

    Thing to remember about the tara medium scam is it is computer generated software coming from Astroway ltd in hong kong not an actual person. The emails are very scripted using reverse psychology in the form of scaremongering to get you to part with your money. The harm the email refers to is them not anyone you know. If you think about it the email is normally unsoliscited as you did not sign up, the email uses words like a cloud, self doubt to scare people. The cloud is the scammer lam dickson who is behind the tara scam. The think is hong kong have anti spam laws and lam dickson can be prosecuted under that law. If you receive that trash from lam dickson report it to the authorities so lam dickson will be arrested and charged under that law. You have the power to fight back.

  • Annonymous says:

    Avoid any reading with psychic grayson that individual tried to use reverse psychology to get money out of me stating that I had bad energy around me that someone I know was directing it at me. What a load of bull. My instincts said no to respond but I did not listen and what happened next was atroscious and unethical. Under no circumstances do not get a reading from that individual. To top it off demanded $150 for spell work claiming that if I did not my life would not improve. What a load of garbage considering it is me who dictates my future not some charlitan I do not know.

  • Annonymous says:

    I thought I would update people. Tara medium is definately fake and using multiple aliases here is one of them do not click on the link

    I just discovered this and am warning people do not go near that site as you will never be able to get rid of tara who in fact is actually lam dickson in hong kong running multiple psychic scam websites.

    • Yeah I also got an email from them, so I unsubscribed it even though I didn’t order it in the first place! Then a few weeks later they try it under a different name, please don’t touch it with 100ft barge pole let alone a 10ft one.

  • Muttbunny says:

    I have one question: is a legitimate psychic or a scam? I’m asking because just before the New Year he sent me an email out of the blue and offered to give me a free reading. Then he said that he wanted to do an advanced reading but that I had to pay him $69 (which unfortunately I did) and he claimed that I would be financially independent in June of this year. Then he claimed that my aura was contaminated and that he needed to clean it right away, BUT I HAD TO PAY EVEN MORE MONEY for him to do it. But I didn’t pay because I don’t even have the money right now (I live on Social Security and SSI right now because I’m disabled but I’m in the process of seeking help to get a job). He kept badgering me until I unsubscribed from his emails and asked for my money back. Now I’ve been calling the toll-free number associated with him to ask for a refund but it is always busy due to a so-called unexpected volume of calls. Have I been scammed, and if I have, what should I do?

    • Brigit says:

      It sounds like it may be a scam, I’m afraid. Or at the very least, it’s no longer serving your higher needs. Fight to get your money back or contact Consumer Affairs.

    • Daisy says:

      Mutt – did you leave them a message? I had some work done by Ron and must tell he was always right on spot! His 6 months paid reading was super-detailed, nothing like any other psychic send me! Even the free reading was extremely detailed and I learnt alot about myself. While some info was off, there were too many examples that nobody in sound mind can call “a coincident”. Definitely 6 months reading was worth the money!

      I don’t think you have been scammed – I did my homework and this guy is real! He has over 500 connections on LinkedIn and some people give him very high recommendations. Just go check for yourself. To my knowledge, no other online psychic has LinkedIn page, not to mention such rich group of connections. Also back in 2015 you could video-Skype with him (for a fee) and he did few Tarot readings for me that helped. I don’t think he does Skype conversations anymore tho.

      I don’t have Aura contaminated but I was offered Karma cleanse and I felt the difference! He offered me a booklet on how to read Auras and I didn’t find it interesting enough. I called and got the same message like you – high volume call (I think they are renting a call center). I left voicemail and next day some lady called me back. She refunded my $39 that I paid for the booklet, so that wasn’t a problem.

      From all psychics I used online – definitely Ron sounded the most knowledgeable of all and there is just too much proof to me that he is real to think otherwise. But of course you have to make your own judgement.

      • Muttbunny says:

        If this guy is legit then why did he send me an email offering a free reading? From what I’ve read legit psychics DO NOT send emails offering readings. I’ve read other articles like this on things like this. And while a lady did call me back and tell me that I had to email him to let him know that I wanted my money back (which I did), I STILL have NOT gotten my money back. To me a legitimate psychic would have given you a refund if you were unhappy with your reading, no questions asked. Not only that, but this guy was telling me that I would be rich if I played the lottery, which is a bunch a BS. I don’t even play the lottery because it is a waste of time and money. But maybe I’m just an unhappy customer.

  • Iona says:

    I do tons of free readings .because I am not in it for the money. 🙂 plus someone like ron will do free readings to prove they are good. its like a free sample of what they can offer

    • Muttbunny says:

      And all I’m hearing from you is nothing more than a bunch a baloney. In fact, I think you are either Ron posing as someone else to seem legit or you’re working with him in this scam. Either way, shame on you!!!!!

      • Cam Smith says:

        Mutt, youre a dick. If you want someone to blame for your issues, look within. I’m not psychic, nor do I need to be to give you that tidbit of advice. Go complain to the skeptics if your biggest issue is taking a free reading.

        • Muttbunny says:

          Really? I’m an a-hole for letting people know about fake psychics? First of all, I know that NOT ALL PSYCHICS ARE FAKE. But I also know that real psychics don’t give free readings to prove how good they are, because they’re not always going to be good, as they are human like the rest of us. They sometimes make mistakes too. Also, my only issue is pricks like you trying to convince people that psychic fakes like Ron are the real deal when they are not legit. Frauds like Ron and the so-called “Extradinary Chris” make real psychics who use their gifts to help people and build their clientale through word of mouth look bad, and it’s completely unfair to them, as they are just trying to help people. If you have a problem with me trying to warn people about another scam, then so be it. You can say what you want about me but I wouldn’t even be commenting here if I hadn’t been scammed out of $69.00 in exchange for a boatload of BS by the so-called “Exceptional Ron”.

          Now this will be the last time that I will be commenting here as I do not intend to spend any more of 2017 talking about fake psychics because #1, I’ve got way more important things to worry about; and #2, Enough people already know about these scams. Also, I would never “attack” a real psychic as like I said, they are human, not wizards.


  • nitesh adhikari says:

    what happen to me maria please ?

  • Happiness says:

    Hw come maria said u must write to her, BT there is never a reply from her.

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