How Long is a Tarot Reading ‘Valid’ For?

By May 11, 2010Everyday Tarot

Oftentimes, clients want to know when they will get married, have children, get rich, etc. – all events which may occur now or far into the future. However, can a Tarot reading really ‘predict’ what will occur 2 months, 2 years or even 22 years down the track? In this blog post, I want to spend some time thinking about how long a Tarot reading is actually ‘valid’ for, or how far into the future it can ‘see’.

Let’s start with the short answer. Having read various Tarot blog and forum posts, the general consensus is that a Tarot reading is valid for six to twelve months. No doubt this takes into account that life changes along the way, and that six to twelve months is a reasonable amount of time for these changes to occur. However, this does seem quite generalistic.

The long answer – it all depends!

In my opinion, a Tarot reading reads on present conditions to determine the likely path ahead. However, those conditions can change. There may be changes outside of the client’s control, such as global events (volcanic ash clouds?!) or the actions of third parties, that then change the course of the client. Or, the client themselves may exercise their free will and make changes to improve the outcomes in their own life, particularly if current circumstances are likely to lead to negative or undesirable consequences. So, in both these cases, a Tarot reading that has been conducted now may only be ‘valid’ until these major changes have occurred. Once the changes have occurred, then the present circumstances have changed and so too has the message of the Tarot reading. Nonetheless, I still believe that there will be certain messages that will still hold true no matter what changes have occurred, particularly around the Major Arcana Tarot cards which speak of longer-term and more permanent influences.

I suppose the opposing view to this is that our future is predetermined, and no matter what we do or what action we take, we are all on a set path. (This is very much like the movie, Final Destination!) In this case, a Tarot reading is valid for a longer period of time and is not dependent on any actions taken by the client to improve their life circumstances. Personally, I find this disempowering and fatalistic. It suggests that we cannot make any positive changes in our lives to avoid potentially negative consequences. That’s not me at all!

So, if you are reading the Tarot cards for others, think about your position on how long the Tarot reading is valid for. Consider whether you are a believer of free will or a predetermined future, and the impact this will have on the advice you give to your Tarot clients.

Depending on your personal stance, there are many implications for your Tarot readings. Consider how you will respond when your client asks you questions such as, “When will I get married?” or “When will I have children?” What will you advise your client who asks for a second or third reading on a similar topic within a short amount of time? How will you explain your Tarot reading to a client who tells you that, when another Tarot reader read for them, they got a completely different message? Be prepared to have an open discussion with your clients about how far into the future the Tarot cards can ‘see’ and what your personal views are. All of these components will help you become a better Tarot reader.

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  • Barbara says:

    I had a tarot card reading done in September 2009 and none of what was predicted happened, but 12 months after the reading things are starting to happen with what was predicted in the Tarot card reading I had done over a year ago. So as a client I would have to agree that the Tarot card does look further into the future and does not necessarily give immediate future predictions but does look at the bigger picture in your life. I have to say I am a huge believer in free will but I it. also believe if Destiny wishes us to experience something no matter how hard we try we will end up experiencing it. It all depends on which route we take (sliding doors the movie)

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for sharing this great, personal example of how a reading can be relevant even in years to come and how destiny plays a role, in tandem with free will.

    • Long says:

      To give an actual example, the career reading was done & analyzed on September 11 2015 (cross and triangle) with the 8th card as Death (The eighth card, the reconciler, is placed below the cross in the third vertex of the triangle) and the last card (final outcome) as Knight of cups. According to the literature (death card/knight of cups), the predicted time is Oct 23 – Nov 2. Nothing happens in those period in 2015, but the predicted change happens in the same time period in 2016. This was a career reading.
      The card Death may mean: “There is a change about to take place in your life. Something ends and something new is about to begin. It is something definite about this card. A relationship ends forever (why the card can sometimes be associated with physical death), you lose your job, you move to another location and you never return.”
      The card knight of cups may mean: “If you hate your job, or are “underemployed,” but you’ve not wanted to leave because of the steady income, you could end up being forced out. You are getting new offers and finding new opportunities to increase your wealth. You should take advantage of this fortune while it is still relevant and see what kind of things you can find out about your job opportunities.”
      The subject of the reading was terminated from work in about 13 months from the original date of the reading, same as the predicted time in Tarot literature. The reason being that the subject might have started a similar line of personal business inside the day job for personal gain. The prediction becomes true. It was a free card analysis.

  • EsraC. says:

    Whenever i make a reading for myself ,mine is valid about 3-6 months but one my best friend,she always get the ‘reading occur’ within one week or something.
    Do you think ‘Hanged Man’ makes the timing longer?
    Just a night after i met him,made a Celtic Cross Spread -as whats gonna happen w/him.
    Somehow, i only remember these 3 cards:
    Crossing card(2nd) :The Fool
    Near Future (6th) :Hanged Man.
    Far Future (10th) :Knight of Cups.
    Result: after almost 2 months : I feel like a ‘Hanged fool
    ” collapsed for that ‘knight’ 🙂
    Nothing happened since.I attempted to talk to him once he broke my heart,refused me and developed a grudge against him.
    I am still trying to get over this heart ache ,probably then my “Knight” will appear in my life.

    • Hi Esra,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think you’re right – there are some cards which would indicate that there may be delays, such as the Hanged Man, Death reversed, Eight of Wands reversed, and Three of Wands reversed. On the flipside, there are a number of cards which could indicate that events may occur more quickly than anticipated, such as the Eight of Wands.
      With your reading example, I would see the Knight of Cups as a potential new suitor, rather than the guy you were asking about. Watch this space, huh?!

  • Esra says:

    Hi Biddy,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am also counting on “picking the same card” several times for the same question.
    The day i got heart-broken, i picked “five of cups” three times for -whats gonna happen if i go to talk.And it did happen!
    I would believe the same about potential new suitor but not only it will take same time,i also need to let something-someone go to get this new “chance”. Thats what “Hanged Man” suggesting sometimes.
    It still better to wait as a hanged man than feeling like a fool 🙂

    Thank you for your e-book i bought,its really helpful.

  • Angela says:

    Hi Biddy, I’ve had a number of telephone and face to face tarot readings and nothing has ever started to happen for at least 2 years. Although when I speak to a reader to they talk as if the the event is happening in the present time and dont believe me when I say none of the previous readings have started to come true till 2 years later.

    When e.g. they mention that an exboyfriend will be in touch in a week, I wait and wait and low and behold a year later still nothin! The same with jobs, I’ve been told for three years now that I will get a new job early next year, this reading was done in october 2008, I was told this new job would come around 2009. I’ve applied for new jobs but still nothing. Im hoping this new job will be early 2012.

    So as a client I would believe that timing is never as exact as is stated unless you’re able to give the reader details, e.g. if you are married and when you got married, or if you moved and when, then a reader might be more able to give accurate timings on a reading.

  • Seema says:


    I have recently gone for a tarot card reading regarding my relationship, I got an opposite feedback to what I wanted for.. Donno, Some how I want to go for another one may be i can get a hope… So wanted to ask…. Does 2nd time tarot reading helps and is effective…If yes , do we need to have some time gap between them..

    • Brigit says:

      Seema, you will probably get a similar message. I would suggest working with what you have already received from the Tarot and thinking about what actions you can put in place to improve your situation. Re-reading the cards for the answer you want isn’t really an effective way to use the Tarot. Remember, it’s about seeking insight and truth. You can still derive hope, but from working with the messages of the cards that were dealt in your reading.
      Hope this helps, Brigit

  • Naira says:

    I did a celtic cross spread in which I asked for my job situation. I was expecting to hear about an interview I had. The cards told me that I will need strength (major arcana), but the resolution to my question was the sun card. Two days later I found out I did not get the job I was expecting, but a week later I was offered a better one. Now I’m worried about the contract and hiring procedures. Is it safe to think that it is going to be a smooth process because of the sun card? Thanks!

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Naira,
      The Sun is a very positive and successful card, so I would say that it should work out well in the end. Think positively and optimistically.

  • Lisa says:

    Tarot hasn’t worked for me I have been given times and dates and predictions have never come to pass. Its just one big con! The fact that Tarot readers hide behind “entertainment services” when their predictions do not come to pass proves its all a lie.

    It sickens me the fact that a Tarot reader gets paid regardless of the whether prediction coming to pass due to the “entertainment services” which are as follows ‘ALL PSYCHIC READINGS AND CONSULTATIONS ARE PROVIDED AS ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES ONLY and do not in any way constitute personal, legal, financial, medical or any sort of professional advice. By engaging in a psychic reading or reading this site, you understand that we do not provide recommendations, advice or give any directions for you to follow. A psychic reader (‘Reader’), for example, may from time to time offer a personal opinion but this does not constitute advice. A Reader will not diagnose illnesses or conditions (including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death). THE CONTENT OF PSYCHIC READINGS AND THE USE OF THIS SITE ARE MERELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON.’

    In layman terms its the clients fault for choosing to believe and pay for the reading with no real guarantee that what has been predicted will come to pass.

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m sorry to hear the Tarot hasn’t worked for you and that you feel it is a big ‘con’. It certainly doesn’t work for everyone and, at the end of the day, you need to chose what works best for you as an individual.

      The “for entertainment purposes only” is usually a legal requirement that has to be used with Tarot readings, I’m afraid.

      In addition, there really is no guarantee that the prediction is 100% correct or accurate. We all have free will and can change our destiny. And so, if we learn something in a reading, we can change our path to something more desirable, and can avoid a consequence that comes up in a reading. If you do ever see a Tarot reader that claims 100% accuracy, then I think you know that something’s a little fishy.

      That said, you should feel satisfied that a reader has adequately addressed your question and has provided a high quality service. If not, you should ask for further clarification, or request a refund.

      Warm regards,

  • Ankita says:


    My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me all of a sudden and gave me a reason that he sees no future with me. I am heartbroken It has been over 3 months now. i contacted him once to which he replied and when I tried to further the contact he just became silent and i haven’t heard from him, since then. My friends say that he might be seeing another girl according to developments on his facebook profile. I tried to do a reading to see if he would come back to me and if I will have a future with him. But I am so confused and I feel my emotions are clouding my thoughts. Can you please help me by doing a reading for me and also suggesting what I must do.

    Warm Regards

  • Ankita says:

    Thanks a lot Brigit. 🙂

  • monica says:

    Hi! I’ve had sevral readings 3 of them tell me the same thing and 2 have told me the oppisite.
    What does this mean? Some tell me I should forget about the guy I was seeing and some say I
    Shouldn’t,that his ex wife has a spell on him. I really don’t know what to do. I really love him and have feelings for him.

  • Susan says:

    I read the tarot myself and I have certainly found that for some people the prediction can happen either very fast or quite far into the future.
    As a personal example i recall a reading from summer 1989 I was told
    Of a child hood flame who had recently re entered my life ( he was 6 yrs older and had moved to the USA for five years) he had now come home. He was 24, I was 18.
    I was told that we had recently being reunited (we were just childhoood friends but there was always a bigger attraction) which was true, the reading said that very soon there would be a chance of a relationship and that we would be in a house or living in a house together but there would be another woman living in that house. It would cause problems and it would stop the possibility of him and I being together .
    I saw him as a friend over the next 12 mths, he d call to my house etc to say hello and have a coffee, it was purely platonic although I was always wondering,
    Soon after in August 1990 I moved to London from Eire.
    We still met up when I’d come home for the odd weekend. In summer. 1991 he rang me whilst I was living in London saying he had been thinking about me alot lately.
    I didn’t see him again till I moved bk home to Eire in February 1993.
    We met and he invited me to his newly bought apartment , while we were there his pal called round and in the conversation asked him ” are you still going out with Charlene? ”
    My flames reply was ” I don’t know” ( said in a tone that indicated he didn’t want to talk about it)
    After his friend left, he soon asked me ” what about you and me?”
    He went on to say how he always really liked me and let’s go out later in the week.
    We kissed and hugged and he drove me home. Two nights later when he was due to show , he didn’t. That sadly spelt the end of. Him and I. When I bumped I to him a year later he said there d been another girl giving him
    Grief and he decided to leave things be with me.
    The tarot reading prediction took from summer 1989 to February 1993 to come through.
    Sadly his selfish behaviour spelt the end of even our so called friendship . He never resumed any contact nor did I ever see him much around again.
    So I guess you gotta let events take their course, keep your eyes and ears open and let events happen naturally. Xx

  • Patti says:

    Went to a tea leaf reader and predicted my husband will be going up. meaning death..Very freaked out by this..Can they predict this? can destiny change?

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Patti,

      That sounds like a very unethical reading to me. I know readers each have their own boundaries, but for me personally, predicting death is a complete no-go zone.

      I would recommend ignoring the reading, as hard as that might be.


  • jayne says:


    I did a reading yesterday and wondered whether I can take this as a positive reading. I have been going through a very acrimonious divorce for the last two years. I have been left with trust issues because I was abused. I have been in a new relationship for a while now, which has been very happy, but recently we had quite a serious argument which has left me with doubts-this couldn’t come at a worse time because I have to make a decision about whether to relocate to be with my new love. I had a miscarriage last year, and have been unsuccessfully trying for a baby since. I really want a future with my new man, but considering my past I am very scared…. I feel that this reading is positive, but I’d like others opinions, please.

    I have used The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

    Past-five of cups

    Present-3 of cups

    Future-3 Fertility (in other decks The Empress)

    Overall message-Queen of Cups reversed. <This is the one that especially unnerves me.

    I want to be objective, but fear that with the nature of my question (will I be safe with my new man and do we have a healthy future together) that I will be seeing what I want to see; then again, I could be refusing to accept what I feel is a positive spread because of the fears arising from my past. Help!

    • Brigit says:

      I like to see reversals as bringing the energy of that card inwards. So for the Queen of Cups reversed, think of it as nurturing oneself and trusting your own intuition and inner voice. This fits nicely with the rest of the reading.

      • jayne says:

        Thank you Brigit. That would actually make a lot of sense, because effectively that is what I’m really struggling with-trusting my inner voice and intuition; let’s face it-it’s led me into danger before.

        Would you agree that the rest of the spread was positive? I felt it was one of the most definite I’ve ever had, considering my question.

        I felt that it recognised the past that I’m coming from in the five of cups with the sadness and grief stemming from my marriage breakdown and the death of my father, the three of cups I would really like to interpret as a celebration of winning my divorce case (which I seem to be) and the start of happier times where I won’t be fighting in court, and can finally move on with my life.

        The fertility/empress card for the future-well I hope and wonder whether that would point to a pregnancy, or maybe something more metaphorical; either way I feel it is a positive card.

        When the overall reading is positive like this one, would you say that the advice I am getting is to go for it, or, with the Queen of cups reversed that I should nurture myself and explore my feelings for longer. In short, can you see anything in this spread that is warning me of a potentially dangerous future with my new man? I can’t see it, but, as the Queen of cups reversed indicates-I seem to need to work on trusting my inner voice, so you can see that I’m kind of wary because I suspect that my inner voice is just interpreting what I want to hear, rather than being objective.

        Sorry, it’s just unusual for me to get such a positive and decisive spread; I’m worried I’ve missed a negative in it.

        Thanks again, Brigit.

      • jayne says:

        Actually Brigit, I’ve just been reading about the Mercury retrograde on your facebook page; I wonder if that’s having an effect on me-possibly causing me to reflect on my past relationship/marriage and bringing me to project those fears onto my new relationship…. Could this be a factor in why I’m questioning my choices so much?

        • Brigit says:

          Definitely a possibility!

          • jayne says:

            I’ve just had an email showing that someone has added their comment to this thread, which reminded me of the day that I posted my comments above, and the tarot reading I had in October 2013. I had a strange feeling about that spread, one that I couldn’t quite explain. Over a year later it makes much more sense….

            Ten days after the tarot reading my husband (who I was divorcing) took his own life. I became a widow rather than a divorcee. Five weeks after this shocking event I then found out I was five weeks pregnant; sadly I lost the baby on NYE 2013. Since then my severely disabled child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, dystonia (a life limiting condition) and a generalised anxiety disorder. It has been a tough year, and not what I would have predicted from the reading, but for that Queen of Cups reversed. Your advice, Brigit, of nurturing oneself and trusting ones own intuition couldn’t have been better advice with what I was about to face.

            One of the hardest parts has been learning, via the inquest, of my husband’s severe psychological problems, and realising that this is where his anger stemmed from. And of course, being blamed for his death by others, has been particularly difficult. Again and again I returned to the advice of that card.

            I have tried hard to follow that advice, and despite the horrors of the last year, I have grown in wisdom and strength. I am now about to enter a new phase, where I at last relocate with my son and my partner, to begin again. And maybe now I shall see the benefits of the three of cups card, as I realise that I was still existing in the past back when I first commented to you.

            Thank you for your timely advice that day.



          • Brigit says:

            My thoughts are with you Jayne. I’m so sorry to hear of your hardships, but perhaps it is like the Tower as you make way for new growth to come forth. Sending you lots of positive energy.

  • Rachana says:

    Hey Brigit,

    I have had many tarot readings for my relationship with a guy who belongs to a different religion. our parents are in strong opposition to us getting married. And he is the is the kind of guy who will never go against his parents yet he loves me a lot. It’s been 6 years with him. He doesn’t want to elope and get married to me he wants the consent of parents and he is trying to the hilt to get his parents to agree.
    We both can’t be without each other and he doesn’t want to go against his parents. Every time I get a tarot reading done, the cards come out to be positive saying that we will be togethr or that he will never give up on me. One tarot reader even went on to say that we were lovers in our previous births and have faced many struggles in those births too.
    Recently, I got an online tarot reading done in and I had asked if I will get married to my guy .the card I pulled out was 3 of cups.
    The tarot reader is very optimistic and her feeling says that inspite of all the negative surrounding us, we will still get married to each other.
    I am so confused, it’s been so many years we have been trying to convince our parents, it’s not working out yet the cards come out to be positive.
    So, the last reading showed 3 of cups. What does it mean really?? And for how long can I trust it or will the prediction be no longer valid aftr six months or so?

    • Brigit says:

      Sometimes even though the energy is right for the relationship to blossom, external factors can get in the way. Perhaps there are additional strategies you need to put in place to manifest this potential in the relationship. With the Three of Cups, perhaps you can attempt to bring the families together in a celebration, to get to know each other.

  • Gillian says:

    Hi there back in June 2013 I went to go get my cards done for the whole year….now my question is, he broke it down into seasons, so since I went in June he started in Summer did he mean 2013 Summer or 2014 Summer? My mother who went in with me to take notes seems to think its 2014 Summer…

    it reads like summer, fall, winter, spring, I think its a read for the 2013 year….LOL Im still getting use to this but if you could guide me, I would appreciate it.

  • Stephanie says:

    I did some art meditations awhile back, and the results from it showed that the major things happen no matter what, but the path to get to them changes depending on outside sources. We all have certain lessons and life paths. But as to say when something specifically will happen, I’m not sure that can narrowed down. That probably depends on if the person is supposed to know it or not I guess. Because in my personal experience, myself and readers keep seeing the same things for me, but years have passed and nothing has transpired.

    • Brigit says:

      I agree – I often feel quite uncomfortable saying when something will happen because I feel that time is very fluid and often up to the person to make the right decisions at the right time.

      • Stephanie says:

        Yah it’s more of like a “this will happen at some point in time”. Perhaps it is possible for some people to have accurate predictions on time – I was told by a reader that the more intune someone is, the less accurate the timing can be predicted, because the person knows too much already. (Which I think is my case!)

  • ahnighta says:

    I don’t give a time frame unless I have a really strong and good vibe for it.

  • Pam says:

    I had a client ask me this today and I agree that it depends. Timing is one of the hardest things to predict in a reading. Sometimes the simple fact that a question has been asked and knowledge gained can change the timing. I have found that Major Arcana is a better dictator of timing than Minor; however, this isn’t always the case. I wish it was a simple answer, but isn’t. Factors change and very little is written in stone, which I think is freeing. We do indeed have free will.

  • Neha says:

    Hi Pam,

    I have always wonderd about the timing factor through tarot and now after 10 years of observation as a client and a reader(partially) I can say that astrology specially your birth charts can predict the time factor more precisely but if you want to know it through tarot best is to use your intuition again just as we do while reading the cards. Like Wands might be associated with timing in Years according to some readers but it does not always hold true, sometimes it might mean just few days even( I have experinced so by doing trial and error method of timimg on different readings ) so being intutive might help in case of timing also , But yes major arcana cards definitely help us more. thats’ what I feel , am only writing about my observation.

  • Andre says:

    Hello, my girlfriend broke up with me in January. I had a tarot reading about reconcile. The cards I got were the two of pentacles reversed, the ten of pentacles reversed and the two of cups upright. The break up was very sudden but was leading up to it. What’s your opinion on these cards? I’m really confused as to when I should be taking action, I don’t want to leave things to late but I also don’t want to rush it just incase I ruin any chance. We have been just over three weeks now without contact, also three weeks ago I had this reading.

  • Kay says:

    Hi, I don’t know much about tarot readings but recently asked the question as to whether I would meet a significant someone as I’m having a lot of trouble romantically. It was a 3-card reading and the cards were as follows : Magician ; 9 swords ; Hermit. I interpreted that as meaning I’ll be alone for the rest of my life which is depressing me. Is this really what it means?

    • Susan says:

      Hi there Kay,

      In order to give a full reading, I would advise at least 12 cards to get the full picture.
      Just 3 cards is very speculative and unless I can see a more cards then I could give a clearer answer.
      .But what I would say from the 3 cards you chose is that perhaps take a step back from worrying and allow yourself free rein to take control of the situation, no matter how unfruitful your romantic life has been so far you are still in control of all the possibilities in your life and realise you are quite capable of making the situation to suit your needs.

      Can I just say, 9 years ago, I broke up with a guy I was mad about, he was in a quandary as he was with someone else at the time he had been with for a good 10 years and he had children with this person , he wanted to leave but had many other insecurities at that time and he cut off contact with me.
      My cards ( that I read for myself and others had read for me) always told me he would be back in contact and that it would reconcile.
      Only now, 9 years later last month, has this finally happened.
      He had many problems amongst other things but got counselling and got himself sorted out.
      We are back seeing each other (very slowly I may add) and wants a future with me, I cannot say how things will pan out but I still feel the same for him, its a question of him sorting himself out fully as he had many insecurity issues, but a tarot reading that took 9 years to manifest?!! now that’s powerful!
      We can never predict timing and this story will show you how the tarot can take many years to manifest.
      I would suggest you pick at least 12-24 cards to get a clearer picture on your love life direction.

      Best wishes


  • Rick Lantigua says:

    A strong man does not need to read his future. He makes his own.

    • Brigit says:

      That’s right. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had some extra information and guidance to make those decisions about your future, to maximise your opportunities?

  • Rick Lantigua says:

    You have the belief that there’s something out there you haven’t found that provides all the answers you wanted & gives you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Everyone’s always looking outward for the answer instead of looking at themselves.

  • Y92 says:

    Hey Brigit 🙂

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this..

    My reader picked 3 cards for me

    Whether my rs will be saved:
    Reversed Knight of Wands

    Does he (ex-bf) still love me?
    Reversed Ace of Pentacles

    For me to focus on right now:
    6 of cups
    Does it mean he will still no longer come back?

    I have read online on info for 6 of cups and many tarot cards believe that the appearance of Six of Cups signals that your past lover would come back in your life to start over everything. – taken from a site

    However since the first 2 cards are negative.. Does it mean I am only the one thinking back of the memories and he won’t come back?

    Thank you.

  • suzi says:

    Hello Brigit! Thanks for your site, it comes very handy! I have a question for you, hope you will have a minute to answer 🙂 I made a mistake of having multiple readings on a same subject matter from different psychics, from carrot card readers, numerologists to medium. Some reading outcomes matched, some gave me a totally different answer. For example I asked if me and a person I am seeing will eventually be together, some psychics said no, some said yes, even matching in circumstances it will occur. I tend to trust the psychic I actually visited in person as I think she could have connected to me the most. I would like to hear your advice on what happens when you get conflicting readings on the same question. Thanks a lot! Suzan

    • Brigit says:

      My first piece of advice is not to seek out multiple readings on the same topic! But, if you have found yourself in this position with multiple readings, pay attention to what is most helpful to you right now and let the rest go. Which readings have helped you to make the best decisions for yourself? Go with your gut.

  • Jackqueline Hooey says:

    Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful info specially the ultimate part 🙂 I handle such information a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • jack hadleigh says:

    I keep knocking over the Rook or Castle on my chess board first the white one about (3) times and recently the Balck one..Does this have any meaning or link to the Tower card ?

  • Josh says:

    Hey there.

    I typically am an advocate for not doing multiple readings on the same subject. I’ve found some some sort of loopholes, though. Sometimes I’ll use two different oracles as a sort of “added” information. In addition, when I’m doing spiritual work with Tarot, such as reflecting on changing my system or making a change in my spiritual practice, I’ll use a yes/no spread with Tarot. If I get a “no,” I’ll meditate on it and reevaluate. Usually, if I get a “no” with that, it’s Tarot telling me that my head isn’t on straight and that I need to get myself straightened out before going forward. Then, typically, the cards read a resounding “yes.” Haha.

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