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Top 10 Holiday and Travel Tarot Cards

By January 28, 2011 September 28th, 2022

I love to travel! So, what Tarot cards should I be looking out for in my Tarot readings that denote holidays and travel? Here are my top ten…

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The ultimate travel card! The World represents one of those life-changing travel experiences that you’ve been dreaming of for years, where you pack your things for several months to travel to far-reaching territories. Expect a round-the-world trip or major holiday! This card reminds me of our honeymoon to South America for three months. By far one of the best holidays I’ve had!

Knight of Pentacles

Travel by foot, be it hiking or even cycling. You can just imagine this Knight plodding along, taking in the scenery, not too bothered about what’s around the corner but more focused on just moving along. Still, you can have some pretty amazing trips by foot to places like Machu Picchu, Patagonia, New Zealand, the Swiss Alps… the list goes on!

Eight of Wands

Most definitely air travel! Expect a whirlwind tour, like one of those crazy 10-day tours of Europe (how do they do it?!). This is a card of speed, haste and lots of action! But watch out for the reversed Eight of Wands because it may indicate unforeseen delays to your travels and if you’re on a tight schedule, this might really throw a spanner in the works.

Three of Wands

Traditionally a card of business and enterprise, the Three of Wands may see you considering travelling abroad to explore new business opportunities or to expand your business networks. You might even be lucky enough to have work pay for you!

Two of Wands

With the Two of Wands, expect to combine your travel with your study or work. This is a great card to see when you’re thinking about studying overseas, be it a year-long course or just a few weeks, or working overseas. This is all about learning whilst travelling and can be an excellent way to expand your cultural understanding.

Six of Swords

The Six of Swords can reflect reluctant travel, perhaps to get away from a difficult situation, such as a break-up, or to see someone in need, such as a sick relative. This card may also point to a slow boat trip or ferry ride.


A new journey or a new territory, this card reminds me of my own travel experience to Germany on a six-month school exchange when I was 18. The Fool is full of curiosity to discover new experiences and new cultures. He may find himself in a few challenging situations, particularly if he doesn’t look after his personal safety, but it will all be part of the learning experience.


Road trip! This card is traditionally associated with driving, so if you see the Chariot come up in a reading, get out your roadmap, your favourite CDs and pack for a fun-filled road trip! You might be a bit more planned than most, particularly as the Chariot likes to know where he is heading, but you can still have some fun along the way.

Page of Swords

Well, we all know the suit of Swords is associated with air, so expect a bit of air travel with the Page of Swords. He’s like someone who’s never flown before or has only travelled in his own country, and is bursting at the seams to explore new territories!

Knight of Wands

This Knight is probably more reflective of the build-up of excitement before you even head out on a big trip. He can hardly contain himself, he has so much energy and enthusiasm about just getting away from it all and experiencing something new!

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