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Going ‘Pro’: Turning Tarot into a Soulful Career with Sherry

By February 22, 2013 August 20th, 2020

Today, I welcome Sherry for the last of our Going ‘Pro' stories for now (I am bound to share more inspiring stories in the future!).

Sherry is one of the free Tarot readers on Biddy Tarot and has just recently started her own Tarot business, The Tarot Chayse. I'm so proud of her – she's done a wonderful job! Today, she shares her journey of how she started reading the cards at the young age of 12, through until now, when she has her own business and is connecting with her clients in unique and special ways.

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot journey, from when you picked up your first deck of cards to now?

{Sherry} Tarot cards were the trigger for me for the rest of my abilities to come through. I received my first deck when I was 12 years old and I still work mainly with that deck. My psychic ability came through shortly after I started doing tarot readings when I was 13 years old and I pretty much spent the next 20 years honing it. I have a very unique psychic ability in that I can read ‘soul colours’ (which you can read more about on my website Because there is very little literature available on this ability, the tarot has provided a fantastic tool to help me develop and work with my gift. I can use tarot cards to do straightforward readings or as a tool to allow other information to come through.

{Brigit} What did you do to prepare for yourself for becoming a professional Tarot reader?

{Sherry} I have actually spent the last 5 years getting readings from every tarot reader and psychic I could find. How did they work? What techniques did they use? What worked for me? What could I learn from them? Once I had a good idea of what and who was out there, I was able to make an assessment of my skills and their value in the market. I did some free Tarot readings on Brigit’s website and the feedback confirmed that I was where I needed to be. I also did readings for other professional psychics and tarot readers and asked them whether in their opinion I could do professional readings.

{Brigit} How did you know you were ready to become a professional Tarot reader?

{Sherry} I had a reading with my psychic idol Christine Rose who said that the time was right to turn professional and to go for it. I had also had a career reading from Brigit and she told me that I had a talent that I wasn’t using to its best effect and that I needed to follow that path to find success. Finally, my friends at work kept telling me to go for it and they have been a huge source of encouragement for me. All these things together told me it was time.

{Brigit} What has been your biggest fear or challenge in taking this leap, and how did you overcome it?

{Sherry} Accepting that this is who I am and what I was meant to do. Because society can be very judgmental about the metaphysical and those who work in the field, it’s very difficult to put your hand up and say ‘I have this ability’. You fear being judged and ridiculed, especially if you work in a very conservative day job as I do. I overcame it by looking at role models in the industry. Brigit is an incredible inspiration and true pioneer in this field and we are lucky to have her. The way she extends her hand to others to give them a leg up is unique.

{Brigit} How did you go about setting up your Tarot business?

{Sherry} I taught myself to make a website! I’m not very IT savvy but my motto is always ‘hey, how hard can it be right?’ Turns out it can be done! Check it out at

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot business. What makes you special?

tarot-business-chayse{Sherry} My tarot business is located online at I love movement in life and I wanted a name that implied this. Because I have such a strong interest in life courses and following our paths (why are we here and what are we meant to be doing with our lives?), I chose a tag that reflected that – The Tarot Chayse. For people who love to pursue their destiny. From my website, I am able to do email or snail mail readings, as well as Skype readings.

As mentioned earlier, I can see soul colours and this psychic ability is great news for anyone who is struggling with their purpose in life, is stuck in repeating life patterns, doesn’t know how to get the best out of their life or needs assistance with understanding themselves and why they are the way they are. My life course readings help people make sense of all this. I offer general life course information or I can use your soul colour to answer specific questions. There is more information about soul colours on my website.

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Something totally fun you can do at my website is check out your Tarotscope! Using a combination of astrology and tarot cards, I give each star sign a reading for the coming month.

Because I also come from a day job where I work to deadlines and deliver to a specialised client group, I am passionate about delivering a professional experience to my clients and you can expect a high level of service from me.

{Brigit} What’s your vision for the next 12 months for your Tarot business?

{Sherry} I would love to have a solid enough client base that I can start to develop more services and offer these to the people I read for. I have had some early experiences with mediumship and look forward to being able to read for people using this ability as well in the future.

{Brigit} What do you believe will be critical to your future success?

{Sherry} Building trust with my clients and delivering exceptional customer service.

{Brigit} What is your one piece of advice to aspiring Tarot readers who want to take the leap and become professional?

{Sherry} If the weight of responsibility of what you are about to do for a living weighs heavily on you, then you are ready. Tarot can be fun but your words matter and reading for people is a privilege – it is one soul asking another soul for advice. Make sure you are ready for your client’s sake as well as your own.

Want to ask Sherry a question about her journey? Leave your question in the Comments section and she’ll get back to you! (NOT for request free readings!!)

About Sherry

sherry_tarotSherry has been reading tarot cards for 30 years and is passionate about everything metaphysical. A published author, she comes from a corporate background and is looking forward to making a significant contribution to the field of metaphysics and improving people’s lives using the gifts she’s been given.

Inspired? Start Your Own Journey to Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

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Or, if you want to build your confidence first and offer free Tarot readings in exchange for feedback, check out my Free Readings page and get in touch to add your profile.

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