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Getting to the Bottom of Your Tarot Reading

By March 11, 2010 May 4th, 2018

blog-20100311-getting-to-the-bottom-of-your-tarot-readingEver done a Tarot reading for someone and felt that there was something ‘more' to the situation that has not yet fully revealed itself?

I sometimes get that quirky feeling that either the client is not letting on something about their situation or that perhaps there is something seemingly unrelated to the original question yet vital to the solution.

So what do you do? How do you act on that hunch?

A technique I use quite often in my professional online Tarot readings is to look at the Tarot card that is on the bottom of the deck to draw additional insight for the client. Why? The bottom card alludes to the hidden aspects that are influencing the situation at hand and gives deep insight into the subconscious mind of the client.

The technique itself is simple—once you have laid out the Tarot cards for your reading, look at the bottom card in the remaining deck and take note of this card. You may find that you want to return to this card throughout the reading, or at the end of the reading as a summary card.

Let’s say you have just performed a relationship Tarot reading and the general message is that this relationship is on the rocks. You turn to the bottom of the Tarot deck and find… the Ten of Swords. What you now know is that this relationship is unlikely to survive in the long-term and a painful ending is imminent. Of course, make sure that this message is consistent with what you have read in the main Tarot spread.

The bottom card may also allude to an issue that is on the client’s mind, but which is not related to the initial question. So, in the example above, the Ten of Swords may actually point to a painful ending which has occurred in the client’s life outside of the relationship in question, such as a betrayal with a work colleague or even the death of a family member. It may be that the emotional pain associated with this ending is now overflowing into the client’s relationship in question. You can then empower your client by advising they address this issue at the same time as their relationship issue.

Over to You…

Do you ever look to the bottom Tarot card in the deck for your Tarot readings? What interesting insights have you found? Share your comments and stories below.


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