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Your time is precious – don’t waste it trying to memorize the meanings of each card.

Reach for deeper wisdom and self-empowerment instead.

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Using The Fool Tarot card, you’ll experience a powerful visualization, taken directly from my guided meditation audio program, Soul Meditations. The Fool meditation will help you:

  • Harness your pure, untapped potential as you step into a new project, beginning or life cycle
  • Discover why it’s so important to form a deep, personal bond with your Tarot deck. (Most people new to Tarot never get to this point!)
  • Learn the secret to forming an intuitive connection with your Tarot deck. Hint: you’ll find out after 23 minutes.
  • Create your own personal interpretation of The Fool Tarot card. You won’t find this in your textbooks!

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What Our Soul Seekers Have to Say About Soul Meditations

Access your Inner Wisdom from Tarot Cards …without ever feeling like you're “faking it.”

Brigit Esselmont,
Owner of Biddy Tarot