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How to Survive Eclipse Season with Tarot as a Guide

By August 3, 2017 May 4th, 2018

Eclipse Season with Tarot

Buckle up, Tarot tribe. It’s eclipse season!

This month’s eclipses will be on the following dates:

  • August 7 – Lunar Eclipse: 15 degrees of Aquarius
  • Aug 21 – Solar Eclipse: 28 degrees of Leo

Eclipses happen in pairs because they correspond with full and new moons.

August 7th’s lunar eclipse corresponds with the full moon and August 21st’s solar eclipse corresponds with the new moon.

They also happen six months apart from each other. So, there was a round of eclipses in February 2017, and there are a round of them this month, in August 2017.

August 2017 has another special treat for us.

August 21 will be a TOTAL solar eclipse in the United States, which means it’ll be a visually stunning celestial event. This is especially interesting because it’s the first to span the entire continental US in 99 years!

The significance of eclipse season 

Eclipse season is an intense time where our souls are cracked wide open and major changes can occur in our lives.

Eclipses are a play on shadow and light. The day briefly becomes the night. Our perception of things changes. The sun, the moon, and the earth appear differently than they normally do. We see things in a different light.

Eclipses speed up events in our lives in one way or another. This acceleration can be exciting, intense, and more than a bit overwhelming – because eclipses tend to touch on things that we don’t normally see (or that we don’t WANT to see). But we usually have to work through those pain points in order to progress in our lives.

How to work with the August 2017 eclipses

Pay attention to where these eclipses show up in your chart.

To do that, calculate what your ascendant (or rising sign) is.

[Here is where you can learn your rising sign.]

The ascendant, or rising sign, is particularly important here because it tells us where your chart starts (1st house and onward).

For example, if you are a Scorpio risingthen your 1st house is in Scorpio, which means

  • Aug 7’s lunar eclipse is happening at 15 degrees of Aquarius in your 4th house of home & family, and
  • Aug 21st’s solar eclipse is happening at 28 degrees of Leo in your 10th house of career, public roles, and reputation.

Remember, eclipses speed things forward in these areas of our lives. So, in this example, Scorpio rising people should see acceleration in their home life and career this month.

Also – consider that:

  • Aug 7th’s lunar eclipse corresponds with the full moon, and
  • Aug 21st’s solar eclipse corresponds with the new moon.

So – in this example for Scorpio rising people – Aug 7th’s eclipse might be a time where there is a culmination or healing of something related to family (4th house), or a time where something related to family or the home needs to be released. Again – full moons are all about culmination and releasing. And Aug 21st’s eclipse might be a good time for manifesting big changes in the Scorpio rising person’s career – because new moons are all about manifesting.

Find what area of your chart is affected

Find where Leo & Aquarius sit in your chart. Again, for the Scorpio rising person, it is the 4th (Aquarius) and 10th houses (Leo). So for a Sagittarius rising person, it’d be the 3rd and 9th houses; for a Capricorn rising person, it would be the 2nd and 8th houses; and so on.

Here is a list of what the different houses mean

  • 1st house – self, body, vitality
  • 2nd house – livelihood, assets & resources
  • 3rd house – siblings, communication, neighbors
  • 4th house – home, parents, family, foundation
  • 5th house – children, creative/erotic energy, romantic partners
  • 6th house – work, health, employers, employees
  • 7th house – committed partnerships
  • 8th house – shared resources, grants, loans, inheritances, mental anguish, death
  • 9th house – religion, education, travel, publishing, dreams, spirituality, astrology
  • 10th house – career, public roles, reputation
  • 11th house – good fortune, patrons, friends, community
  • 12th house – sorrows, loss, hidden life, creative energy, collective unconscious, and endings

To dive even deeper, look at your birth chart to see where 15 degrees of Aquarius and 28 degrees of Leo fall. If you have a planet or angle within 5 degrees of this degree then that planet or angle will get “eclipsed,” which means it needs to start behaving differently. This is an area where your life needs to evolve.

How to survive eclipse season with Tarot as a guide

In addition to seeing what parts of your chart are being activated by these eclipses, you can use Tarot to help you navigate this intense time. Here is a Tarot spread for surviving eclipse season:

  1. What to know: What’s hiding in the shadows?
  1. What to know: Where can I find the light?
  1. Blocking: What parts of me are being “eclipsed” right now?
  1. Action: What parts of my life should I move forward?
  1. Advice: How can I take these lessons and expand / evolve?
  1. Outcome: What energies may emerge as a result of this eclipse?

Click here to download a PDF of the Tarot Spread – How to Survive Eclipse Season with Tarot as a Guide:

>>Download the Free PDF: How to Survive Eclipse Season with Tarot as a Guide

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