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Do Tarot Cards Tell the Future?

By July 5, 2018 May 17th, 2023
do tarot cards tell the future

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m too scared to have my cards read.” Many people are afraid to get their Tarot read because they don’t want to hear any “bad things” about the future.

Unfortunately, this mindset can stop people from experiencing one of the most powerful intuitive tools available to us. And instead of seeing themselves as creators of their own futures, they turn themselves into victims of circumstance.

This is why it’s so important to understand how Tarot really works –   and how to use it to create the outcomes you most desire.

“Tarot Cards Tell the Future!”

One of the greatest misconceptions about Tarot is that it tells the future and there's nothing you can do about the outcome – from the fate of your relationship, to whether or not you’ll get the job you want.

Sounds stressful, right? No wonder so many people are nervous about getting their cards read!

The trouble is, these kinds of beliefs assume that you have no free will and that the future is set in stone.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What the Tarot Really Tells You

If the Tarot doesn't tell you the future, then what does it tell you?

Here's what I believe…

Tarot won't tell you exactly what will happen – for example, what will happen in your career, the exact date you'll meet your future husband, or the first name of your first child (so please don't ask!).

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But it can predict what could happen based on your present circumstances. And it can show you what action to take now to manifest your goals in the future.

Say you want a harmonious relationship with your beloved, but the Tarot cards indicate destructive arguments in the near future. You have a choice. You could give up and end the relationship immediately in anticipation of these foreseen arguments because you believe they will happen no matter what.

Or you could say, “You know what? I want to make this relationship work. What could I do to avoid the arguments or minimize their negative impact?”

Draw a few more Tarot cards or do some intuitive journaling, and you'll have your answer. Then, put that answer into action – you'll be sure to create a much better outcome for both you and your partner.

Now, does taking this action mean you’ll never have any arguments whatsoever? Maybe, maybe not. The important thing is to be proactive now to minimize the impact of an undesirable outcome later.

Be the Creator of Your Future, Not the Victim

If you're ready to say “yes” to empowerment as you read the Tarot and become the creator of your future, then follow these easy steps every time you pick up the cards:

  • Decide what you DO want. What's the most ideal outcome for the situation at hand?
  • Understand the present. What energies are surrounding you right now?
  • Predict the future based on the present. What could happen if you were to stay on your current path?
  • Make positive change. If you foresee a future that is not in alignment with your ideal outcome, then identify what needs to change right now to manifest your goals and dreams.

While Tarot won't create your future for you, it’s an incredible tool to help you chart your own course. Refer back to these questions often as you use your Tarot cards, and you might be amazed by how quickly your life changes for the better!

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