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Reader Q&A: What Should I do With A Damaged Tarot Deck?

By September 16, 2011 May 4th, 2018

blog-20110916-reader-qa-what-should-i-do-with-a-damaged-tarot-deckToday's Reader Question: What Should I do With A Damaged Tarot Deck?

Juan asks:

“I have been using my tarot deck for a year now and I notice some minor smudges, bents, and certain markings on the cards. When I will perform a spread, I could tell right away what this random card is without even revealing it! Do you suggest that it is best to ignore the certain markings so people can reveal these cards feeling surprised? Or purchase a new deck so the spreading of the cards will be anonymous until revealed?”


I know how frustrating this must be!! I have a two year old who has taken a certain fancy to my Tarot cards and I have recently found a few of the cards to be a little sticky. I am trying desperately to ignore the stickiness and remain in blissful unawareness of which cards are the sticky ones!

The beautiful thing is, though, that all of these marks, bends and sticky spots are what make the Tarot cards your own. These markings give the cards character and may even give you, the reader, more credibility with your clients because they know that they are well-used and well-loved!

So, my advice is to continue to use your damaged Tarot deck, particularly if you're reading for others. Your clients won't know which card is which, even if you do. And I believe that the Universe will guide you to the right Tarot cards for the reading, so a few marks here and there shouldn't matter.

Of course, if you reach a point where it's really bothering you or distracting you, you might consider a new deck, particularly if you don't feel connected to your current deck.

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Then comes the question of what you do with your old, damaged Tarot deck! Depending on what feels right to you, you might bury the cards in a special place, burn the cards (although, personally, this makes me feel really uncomfortable), or donate them to the local Op Shop.

The Lowdown

A few marks and bends won’t really matter, even if it means that you know which Tarot card carries which mark. If you are reading for others, they won’t know. And the Universe is going to guide you to the right cards anyway, even if they do not come as a surprise to you.

What is Your Recommendation?

What advice do you have for Juan? Have you ever had a damaged Tarot deck? What did you do with it?

Leave your comments below…

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