standard-tarot-readingThe Standard Tarot Reading provides you clarification and insight into a specific area of your life – your relationships, career, work, living arrangements, spirituality or any other pressing issue. I'll share the messages your Higher Self most needs to know and I'll give you clear action steps that you can take to manifest your desired outcome.
I recommend focusing on just one topic or question for this type of Tarot reading, such as:

  • I am considering a career change. How can I go about transitioning my career?
  • What do I need to know about getting back with my ex? Is it worthwhile trying to get back together or is it time to move on?
  • Am I on the right path? How can I best align to my soul's purpose?

Standard Tarot Readings are usually around 1,400 to 1,800 words long and I draw 6 to 7 Tarot cards for your reading. Be sure to check the current expected delivery dateYour investment in a Standard Tarot Reading is $197.


A ‘Real Life’ Example of a Standard Tarot Reading

Lara (not her real name, to protect her identity) wrote to me asking, “I would like to know if  there is any chance or anything I can do to get back with my ex. It's been more than a year since my ex and I broke up, I'm still deeply in love with him.”

Here’s how the Tarot reading transpired…

Dear Lara,

You have requested a Tarot reading in regards to getting back with your ex. I concentrated carefully on your question while shuffling the Tarot cards for you. I then laid the cards out and this is what they told me.

  • What you want from the relationship – Lovers
  • What your ex wants from the relationship – Ten of Wands reversed
  • Is this relationship ‘meant to be’ – Knight of Cups
  • Where the relationship is headed in the near future – Chariot
  • What is your best course of action – Page of Pentacles
  • What do you need to know about other potential relationships – Eight of Cups reversed and Knight of Pentacles reversed


Overall, I can see that you still hold a very special place for your ex in your heart. You feel that he is your soul mate and you are very sad that he is not currently in your life and by your side. I do see a lot of positive cards for the future and an underlying theme of determination and perseverance to make it work. You believe so intently that this is the right relationship for you so I see you doing everything in your power to bring him back to you. Let's take a deeper look at the cards…

The Lovers card shows that you see him as your life partner, your equal, your soul mate. Your connection with your ex is so strong that you just feel like you are doing yourselves a disservice by not acknowledging this relationship. You very much want him to be in your life in the future and you feel that he is meant to be a part of your life. The belief in this relationship is intense and I feel that it will compel you to do everything possible to bring him back into your life. You might also be working with affirmations to put your intent out there and to encourage him back to you. For example, “I bring my ex into my life as my life partner.” Setting this intention and sharing it with the Universe gives the Universe an opportunity to respond with what you want and need.

The reversed Ten of Wands shows that your ex is only seeing the burdens and the baggage that comes along with this relationship. He may be concerned that if you were to get back together you would have to deal with the same issues and the same problems that you had before. He sees this as hard work and is avoiding the relationship because he doesn't want to deal with it again. You could work your way around this by showing him that the relationship would be very different this time and you would not be going into it with the same baggage as before. Sure, you would still need to work on the challenging parts of the relationship, but you would be fully committed to make this relationship easy and free-flowing. Perhaps there is a commitment you can make to him to demonstrate that it will not be hard work and that it will be worth it in the end.

The Knight of Cups is one of the most romantic cards in the Tarot deck, so seeing it here as the potential of the relationship is a good sign. You make a very beautiful couple and there is a lot of romance when everything is working smoothly between you both. I feel that this relationship is ‘meant to be', even if he is seeing it as hard work. This is like the Universe giving you a thumbs up to say it's all worth it and you need to keep trying to bring him back to you. Show him that there is a fun, light-hearted and very romantic side to your connection together. Woo him with something very romantic and charming. Invite him on a date to see where things go.

With the Chariot, I see that you are so very determined to bring him back into your life that you will stop at nothing. So, over the course of the next few weeks and months, I see you taking action to reconnect with him and to meet up again. It doesn't matter if he initially declines or if there are other circumstances that get in the way. You are so focused on your goal you will overcome all barriers and you will come out successful. Again, there is just so much grit and determination here that will help you to achieve your goals in this relationship.

With the Page of Pentacles, you are advised to take action and to take a planned approach. You know what it is you need to do, so lay out the plans and then put them into place. You may realise that there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to bring him back into your life. Perhaps you can't rush into things straight away but need to gently ease him in. Start putting this into place and you'll start to see the results.

In terms of other relationships, the two reversed cards here suggest that now is not a good time to seek out a new relationship. You are still dealing with this relationship with your ex and you are not ready to move on just yet. The Eight of Cups reversed indicates that you are still dealing with the emotional fall-out and issues that are present because of what happened between you and your ex. Emotionally, you're just not ready for someone new and you feel like you need to close out this relationship with your ex before you are ready for new love. And the reversed Knight of Pentacles indicates some stubbornness and not wanting to move on until you know you really have to. So, I feel that you would be better off directing your energy into giving your ex one last chance before considering a new relationship.

Overall, I do feel like there is a chance here, purely because you want it so much. I would recommend giving it your best shot and doing everything possible to win him back. You won't be able to directly influence his own decision-making, but you can put in your best effort and know that you have done everything you can to have him back in your life. Take action and take a planned approach. Show him that the relationship is not as challenging as he might think, and that it can be light-hearted and fun again, just like when you first met.

I hope this reading has helped you. If you have any questions or require clarification on any of the cards drawn here, please email me.

All the best, Brigit

Lara’s Feedback

Thank you for the reading. The cards hit the spot about my feelings. I found the love of my life and even though we are apart, I've never given up on him, on us. He is seeing someone now and that upset me very much. Something in life is worth pursuing and I am very determined to do all I can to get him back. I turned to you for insights and I am so relieved to know the universe feels we are meant to be together too.

The future is a mystery… I hope to have a happy story to share with you in the near future. Once again, thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Lara