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Is your life feeling “off-track”?

Connect to your Authentic Self and Awaken Your Manifesting Powers

with the magic of Tarot

Join me for a 6 week journey to reconnect to your higher self and manifest your true desires.


Our Journey Begins October 8

Has Manifesting Stopped Working for You?

If you’ve ever tried manifesting, there have probably been times where it seems to work like magic…

…and other times where it feels more like wishful thinking.

And you might be left wondering: What am I missing?

  • Am I being too unrealistic?
  • Am I doing it wrong?
  • Or is the Universe just not listening?

You know you want more, but no matter how hard you try… your desires and dreams feel like just that – DREAMS.

You just can’t seem to crack the “manifestation code.”

It’s Time to Try
Something Different

If this sounds like you, I invite you to slow down, take a deep breath, and step away from the vision board.

Because I’m about to share with you a very sacred and intimate part of my own manifestation practice that has brought me more blessings than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve lived and breathed this method every day for years. And even now, I’m still genuinely in awe of the gifts I continue to receive in my life without having to force anything.

This is NOT just another manifestation technique.

This is a practice.

In this course, I’ll show you how to open a portal with your higher self – your true self.

With the Tarot cards as your guide, you’ll begin a nurturing, intimate dialogue with the parts of yourself that have been locked away – so you can finally get what you want in life.


From Manic to
Mindful Manifesting

This process is more than just visualizing your dreams and saying a few affirmations. This is mindful manifesting – it’s a careful, loving exploration of your true essence.

With this process you'll examine what you think you “should” want and step into a more aligned, authentic way of being.

And as a direct line to your subconscious…

Tarot is the magical key that unlocks this deeper connection with your higher self.

Unlock Tarot’s Hidden
Creative Power

Most people think that Tarot can only be used as a predictive tool, but in my experience it’s a tool that can be used to CREATE.

Tarot acts as a bridge between you and your higher self, guiding you to bring your most aligned desires into reality.

Using Tarot as your co-creator elevates your manifestation practice to unparalleled success.

And you don’t have to be a Tarot expert to use it.

Join Intuitive Manifesting

 Discover How to Finally Manifest What You Really Want with

Intuitive Manifesting

After years of attuning to my higher self and using this method to manifest beyond my wildest dreams, I’m thrilled to now share it with you in my new course: Intuitive Manifesting.

In this 6-week experience, you will create the foundation for a successful manifestation practice using the power of Tarot as your co-creator.

Not just for a day, or a week… but for the rest of your life.

By cultivating a daily Tarot manifestation practice, you’ll discover…

How to CREATE your future with Tarot, not just PREDICT it

How to connect with your soul’s purpose and create aligned goals

How to use Tarot to become an energetic match for your desires

How to amplify your manifesting superpowers with simple but powerful techniques

In just 6 weeks, you’ll learn to use Tarot to connect with your subconscious, remember who you are, and manifest your dreams into reality.


Hi, I'm Brigit!

I’m a best-selling author, intuitive entrepreneur, and founder of Biddy Tarot.

I’m here to help you trust your intuition, access your inner power, and bring the Divine into your everyday life, using Tarot as your guide.

I’ve been reading Tarot for more than 20 years and have helped millions of people all around the world create personal and intuitive connections with the Tarot cards through my courses, books and online community.

I’ve used my background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, and spiritual entrepreneurship to generate over $16 million in revenue for my business.

I'm on a mission to bring Tarot into the mainstream as a modern, intuitive tool for purpose-driven people who are ready to live life at their fullest potential.

I believe that Tarot’s uses go far beyond predicting the future. In fact, it can be far more powerful when used as a tool to build the lives we desire.

That’s why I’m SO excited about this course! It’s a full download of everything I’ve discovered about using Tarot as a tool to help us manifest the lives of our dreams.

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Featured In…

Discover a Way of Manifesting That Finally Works for YOU

If you’re tired of teachers, courses, and books that tell you to “just be positive” and “allow only good energy into your life” to manifest…

THIS is the course for you.

I will never ask you to get rid of everything “low vibe” in your life.

I won’t demand that you live in some unattainable state of unconditional love and sunshine.

My approach meets you where you are and gently nudges you to go deeper within yourself with Tarot as your guide.

This is transformational work.

Get the EXACT System to
Manifest Anything You Desire

This program is perfect for you if you’re…

  • Tired of living a “groundhog day” life, re-living the same boring day over and over again
  • Feeling burned out because you’ve tried EVERYTHING to manifest with scattered results
  • Not sure if “you’re doing it right”, then worry your doubt is sabotaging your manifestations
  • Frustrated by all the successful people out there who seem to know a secret that you don’t

If you resonate with these, I promise you that this is the ONLY program that you'll ever need to finally manifest your dream life.


Here’s What We’ll Cover in…

Intuitive Manifesting

I have left NOTHING out of this program.

Each week we’ll dive into topics to unlock your full Manifestation potential using Tarot as your guide

You’ll experience hands-on activities, practical (and easy!) workbook exercises, and powerful visualizations.

NO Tarot experience needed – I’ll guide you through the entire process.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside the program, week-by-week:

Week 0: Unlock Your Manifestation Potential

Take the first step towards manifesting your wildest dreams right away!

  • Activate your manifestation superpowers
  • Guarantee your success in this program with proven tips
  • Shift your mindset with a powerful visualization

Week 1: The TRUTH About Manifesting

It’s time to crack the manifestation code! Discover…

  • Why manifesting hasn't worked for you to in the past
  • The secret recipe for manifesting success
  • How to use Tarot to become a super-manifestor

Week 2: Picture Your Perfect Future

The first step to making your dreams a reality is clarity

  • Discover your true desires
  • Set clear intentions
  • Align your goals with your highest good

Week 3: Elevate Your Energy Vibration

Align your energy and start attracting

  • Become an energetic match for abundance
  • Take aligned action for positive change
  • Clear away blockages holding you back

Week 4: Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Clear the path for your success

  • Discover what's blocking you
  • Rewrite your negative beliefs
  • Trust and surrender to the Universe's flow

Week 5: Supercharge Your Results

Start seeing results and amplify their impact

  • Celebrate your manifestation victories
  • Express gratitude and amplify your creations
  • Experience the magic of manifesting with Tarot!

Week 6: Become a Manifestation Magnet

Integrate your newfound abilities into every aspect of your life

  • Stack your manifestation toolbox
  • Radiate confidence in your relationships
  • Explore new possibilities available to you

Unlock Instant Access to These Bonuses to Support Your Manifesting Journey!

Unlock your full potential and embark on a life-changing journey with these amazing bonuses, ONLY available for the first launch of this program!

Exclusive Launch Bonus #1

x4 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Brigit

  • Get personalized guidance and expert advice directly from Brigit
  • Connect with like-minded individuals for support and inspiration
  • Overcome obstacles with tailored strategies and powerful insights

A $2250 Value!

Exclusive Launch Bonus #2

Private Intuitive Manifesting Facebook Group

  • Join a vibrant community of enthusiastic learners just like you
  • Exchange valuable insights and support each other's progress
  • Get direct access to our team of experts

A $95 Value!

And… Bonus Masterclass

The Manifesting with the Moon Masterclass

  • Tap into ancient wisdom of working with the lunar cycles
  • Learn how to set powerful intentions aligned with the phases of the moon
  • Watch your dreams manifest into reality with the moon's magical energy

A $99 Value!


All Yours At No Extra Cost.

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Ready To Get Started?

Here’s What You’ll Receive in This Program:

End-to-End Manifestation Training

Unleash your full potential with proven techniques to crack the manifestation code


Fun, practical activities and printable guides to amplify your manifestation power

Guided Visualizations

Powerful audio visualizations to accelerate your manifestations

Exclusive Launch Bonus #1:

x4 Live Group Coaching Calls with Brigit

Exclusive Launch Bonus #2:

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Masterclass:

Manifesting with the Moon

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There’s nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

YES! It’s Time To Stop Playing Small and Manifest What I Really Want With Tarot!


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Common Questions about Intuitive Manifesting: Unlock the Power of Manifesting with Tarot

It’s a big investment. I’m not sure I can afford the course.

I hear you – I really do. I know I have felt nervous in the past when I have made such a big investment in my future, too. But think of it this way. Imagine what you could manifest as a result of this program. And what would that be worth to you? For example, what if this course gave you the tools you needed to get a pay raise of $5,000? Or a special $1000 savings towards your next vacation? Or a loving relationship (which is priceless)? No doubt the results you could get are 5x, 10x, or even 100x the price of this course – the sky’s the limit! Now that’s a great return on investment.

How much time do I need to commit?

Just 15 minutes a day during the 6-week program is all you need. Plus, you'll enjoy lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can learn at your own pace!

I’m a total beginner when it comes to Tarot. Will I still benefit?

Absolutely! That’s what the course is about – to help you build a personal and intuitive connection with the Tarot cards so you can manifest your desires. No previous Tarot experience is required!

I’ve read “Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Start Reading Tarot”. Will I benefit?

Yes! This course is the ideal follow-up to “Intuitive Tarot”. You've already laid a solid foundation with your intuitive connection to your cards, which is a fantastic starting point for diving into the concepts in this program.

When are the Group Coaching calls and what if I can't attend?

The 4 live calls with Brigit are a bonus for being the very first cohort of Intuitive Manifesting. Don't worry if you’re not able to catch the calls live, we'll have replays available for you!

These calls are scheduled between 3pm to 6:30pm US Pacific Time // 9am to 11:30am AEST, during the following weeks of the program:

  • Bonus Call #1: Week of Oct 8
  • Bonus Call #2: Week of Oct 29
  • Bonus Call #3: Week of Nov 5
  • Bonus Call #4: Week of Nov 12

Please keep in mind that Brigit is human, and these calls are subject to change in the event of an emergency.

How long is the course material available for?

You'll get lifetime access to every module, lesson, bonus, and resource in the course! Explore the material whenever it’s best for you, and return to the lessons anytime you want in the future – it’s yours for life.

What if I’m not tech savvy? Will I be able to access the course?

Don't worry if you're not tech-savvy! We've made everything really easy to find in your Programs Hub. Inside, you'll discover all the course materials, resources, and bonuses. We've provided clear instructions on how to access everything. And if you ever run into any issues, our Biddy team is here to assist you. You can always reach out to our Student Success Advisors here.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes – you can test drive this course for 14 Days – 100% risk free! I want to give you the best opportunity to manifest the life you truly desire. That’s why I’m inviting you to fully participate in this program for 14 days and if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

What happens after I have paid?

Once you have paid via credit card, you’ll be emailed all the details for accessing the course online. If you can’t find the email, please check your Junk Mail folder or contact the Biddy Tarot team here. If you have paid using the payment plan, your credit card will be billed monthly until the installments have been fully paid.

Is the price in AUD or USD?

All prices quoted are in USD.

What if I have a specific question that is not addressed here?

My team would be happy to personally assist you! You can contact the Biddy Tarot team here.

Yes, Brigit!
I Want To Learn How to Manifest With Tarot NOW


One-Time Payment

Regular Price $497

Early Bird Price


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Early Bird Ends
October 4

3 Monthly Payments

Regular Price $199/mo

Early Bird Price


Enroll Now

Early Bird Ends
October 4

All Prices Shown in USD