Turn Your Love Of Tarot Into A Thriving Business That Creates a Life You Love & Helps People Change Their Lives For The Better!

Finally, An Authentic Step-by-Step Solution to Create a Spiritually-Aligned, Profitable Business

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Why Most Gifted Readers, Healers and Intuitives Never Achieve Sustainable Success (What You Won’t Hear from Mainstream Coaches and Marketers!)

Here’s the truth: The reason so many Tarot readers, healers and intuitives never become hugely successful from their gifts is because they believe that being masterful at their craft is all they need to do.

Does this sound like you?

I’ve known so many readers, healers and Soul-centered Intuitives who spend years doing readings and honing their craft. They are brilliant, and the handful of people they work with are often transformed.

But they stop right there.

… never figuring out how to reach more people

… never earning enough to truly support their lifestyle

… never being able to feel good about charging money for transformation

… and never focusing on how to grow a business

Do you know what I’m talking about? It can leave you feeling like you’ll never be able to dedicate yourself to your spiritually-aligned work in a way that actually supports your life.

You see, the reason why sustainable success with your gifts seems out of reach is because being a good Tarot reader isn’t enough!

So here’s what I want you to know:

If You Want to Grow A Tarot Business, You Need to Develop Your Skills in Business

And not just any business skills. To grow a thriving Tarot business, you need skills that will work in today’s online world AND that are aligned with your spiritual values.

Which is exactly what I did.

I Grew a 7-Figure, Spiritual Business. And if I Did It, You Can Too!

I have read Tarot since I was a teenager. It's part of who I am, but I never really thought that it could be something that I could earn money doing – much less earn enough money to support my family. I mean at the time, I worked in corporate!!

I knew I had a choice right in front of me.

I could stay at my job and live with the predictable, or I could face the fear of going off on my own, follow my heart, and take control of my destiny.

(As you can see, I chose to follow my heart by growing my Tarot business.)

Today, Biddy Tarot has achieved success beyond my greatest imagination:

  • 6 million visitors a year to the website
  • A global team of 20 supporting the business
  • A business that generates well over a million dollars a year in revenue
  • And my family and I get to spend more time together, doing fun things like traveling and hanging out at the beach.

So, whether you are looking for an extra $20,000 a year to add to your family’s income, or you are aiming for a 7-figure business that gives you financial and time freedom for life, here’s what I want you to know …

I can teach you how to create a business that is aligned with your life’s greater purpose AND makes enough money to support your lifestyle.

Here’s Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start or Grow Your Tarot Business Online

The psychic service industry generated $2.1 billion in revenue between 2007 and 2012 (IBIS World, industry research firm)
That’s more than the GDP of 30 countries around the world!
15% of Americans have visited a psychic for advice in the past year (Pew Research Center)
People are more likely to seek this advice online, instead of in person.

This is great news for online Tarot readers, because it means that people are looking for intuitive advice about what matters most to them, in their relationships, career, love life, finances, and more.

In other words: People around the world want – and are actively looking online for – intuitive advisors they trust. This can be you!

The World Needs Your Gifts, Too! (Graduate Success Stories)

GYTBO showed me how to start my business

“Before doing GYTBO, I had no idea where to start when it came to setting up a business. I just knew what I wanted to do. Now, I have a business that I feel proud of and a constant influx of clients. The program as a whole is something that just blew my mind (especially the meditations - I loved them!) Saying yes was definitely one of the best investments I've made in my career.”

Laura Campose

My business is now expanding

“GYTBO helped me gain the confidence to not only run a successful business but also branch out and expand my offerings. I moved away from email-only to video-chat readings, and now include Crystal Grids (which also enhanced the efficacy of my Tarot readings.) Even more exciting, I was also inspired to learn web design, enabling me to further optimize my web presence in exactly the ways I want - without needing to rely on someone else to interpret my business vision!”

Bekah Encke

See For Yourself How You Can Create A Spiritually-Aligned, Profitable Business With “Grow Your Tarot Business Online”

I received my Masters Degree in Business and Human Resources, and dedicated 15 years to helping large corporations structure for success. Plus another decade studying the secrets of digital marketing, and the power of authenticity in business. I learned from the best and put it all into my signature, step-by-step program…

Create a business that nourishes your Soul, while helping others when you enroll Today!

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This is an Exclusive 6 Module Program that Includes Everything You Need for Success.

Module 1

Align with Your Vision

  • Learn how to create your dream business – one that serves both your clients and YOU
  • Discover the best way to set goals that set you up for financial, personal and spiritual success.
  • Get yourself clearly aligned so you can manifest your highest business vision

Module 2

Attract Your Dream Clients

  • Learn the most authentic (and often free) ways to market yourself so you can attract ideal clients and reach those you are here to serve.
  • Discover the simple formula for packaging your services in irresistible ways
  • Find out how to attract your ideal clients and turn them into raving fans

Module 3

Connect with Your Tribe

  • Create a brand that connects you with raving fans
  • Build an email contact list that lets you make offers and sales on auto-pilot.
  • Master fun, engaging, and authentic blog posts & social media

Module 4

Market Your Business Authentically

  • Hands-on tips and skills for building a website & promoting yourself with authenticity
  • Exact strategies for how to drive visitors to your website & social media
  • The skills you need to have clients coming back to you again and again

Module 5

Expand Your Offerings

  • Discover exactly how to expand your income without doing more 1-1 work
  • Start creating and expanding what you offer & how you offer it
  • Learn how to Launch new offers that generate 5 and 6 figures
  • Price your offers for optimal income AND service

Module 6

Build a Sustainable Future

  • Start creating more impact with less effort
  • Build a dream team and learn to automate your systems and processes
  • Learn how to grow your business well into the future

In addition to these 6 foundational Pillars for Success you also get:

Business Building Mind Maps

Which give you a shortcut to learning everything you need to know to start and build your intuitive empire.

Brigit’s Exclusive Resource Guide

Where you can get deeper access to every tool, strategy, and technique I’ve used to grow my business and make a big, positive impact in the world.

Customer Insight Guides

These done-for-you questionnaires take out all the guesswork so you can understand, attract and connect with your best customers.

The Making Money with The Moon Guide

So you can become a money magnet using the power of the moon and its cycles.

Intuitive Check-Ins

To make sure your business is aligned with your soul every step of the way. And a clear path forged by someone who really gets what it means to grow a business in alignment with your Soul!

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You Won’t Find A Program Like This Anywhere Because We Focus on Spiritually-Aligned Success

When you work in an industry like ours, you need to make sure that the business plans and strategies you use are spiritually aligned. You need authentic, heart-based messages and high-value offers that YOU feel great about!

Many business programs teach you what works for the masses. They are looking at bottom-line results only, and quite honestly, often draw from marketing practices that make us intuitives squirm.

I’ve been to the conferences. I’ve watched the million-dollar launches. I’ve seen what feels icky and what rings true…

It’s all of that experience which allowed me to create a program that gives you the skills you need for success that’s both sustainable and spiritually-aligned.

This Investment Supports Your Dreams and Lets You Thrive

Grow Your Tarot Business Online teaches intuitive entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable, well-planned business – one that eliminates overwhelm and supports your dreams!

Now, if you were to work privately with me on your business over 12 months, it would cost over $15,000 – and compared to other business coaches out there, that's an absolute steal.

Since I'm clear that part of my role in this life is to help people who read Tarot – or what I call intuitive entrepreneurs – grow businesses that are spiritually and financially abundant, I’ve priced Grow Your Tarot Business Online so that the investment doesn’t present any challenge at all!

Since I know that these kinds of prices are still out of reach for many, when you step into the program with me, you won't have to pay $15,000 for this exclusive and niche expertise.

In fact, you will not even pay $3,000 – $4,000 (which is what you would pay a general coach to teach you basic business skills).

I want to invite you to join me in Grow Your Tarot Business Online for only …


Or better still, you can get started today for just


*with 5 monthly installments of $179 to follow. 

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And There’s A Lot More Here For You Too!

You know, I am an action taker, and that’s why I like to reward those who step up and say, “Yes, I am ready!”

That’s why, when you sign up today, you’ll also get access to the following, value-packed extra bonuses…

Bonus 1

Community Support ($95/mth)

First, you'll get access to our private Facebook Group for our Grow Your Tarot Business Online students. This is an exclusive Community filled with like-minded Tarot-lovers and intuitive entrepreneurs, all on a similar journey to you. Because let's be honest, entrepreneurship is a path least travelled, so it's important to connect with people who understand where you're at! Inside this group you'll be able to directly engage with your fellow business builders (or GYTBO students) for support, insight, collaboration and motivation as you step into your dream life as an intuitive entrepreneur. Plus you'll have access to #TeamBiddy and myself too!

This exclusive group is valued at $97/month – and cannot be joined by the public.

Bonus 2

Start Your Business Right Checklist ($45)

This checklist outlines exactly what you need to have in place to start your online Tarot business. It is the shortcut to success. And here’s a little secret: effective Checklists like this are one of the first things successful Business Owners learn to leverage for saving time. It will help you see where you can earn more while focusing on your gifts.

Start Your Business Right Checklist is valued at $45 and is yours when you sign up today.

Bonus 3

Business Success Visualization & Ideal Client Visualization ($60)

When it comes to success, it’s crucial to use every tool you have at your disposal. That’s why I’m giving you these powerful visualization techniques.

They use proven mental strategies to get your mind to work FOR you – instead of against you. You will start feeling more confident, capable, and inspired to take action each time you listen to these audio sessions.

Normally, these visualizations go for $30 a piece. I am including them in your program because I know that you are ready to start sharing your gifts with the world.

Bonus 4

Accelerator Training Program ($550)

You'll also get my Accelerator Training Program – 5 hours of pre-recorded business coaching calls where I personally answer some of the most pressing questions about growing your business online.

Typically, these “Accelerator Calls” cost over $800 EACH. They’re also one of the only ways to gain access to me outside of private coaching.

Now, because I know you have a gift that the world needs, and because it is my calling to help you do it, when you sign up today, you’ll get these 3 calls INCLUDED at no additional costs.

The full value of the Accelerator Training Program is $550.

So, all together, when you get started today, you’ll receive over $1200 dollars in Bonuses INCLUDED in the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program.

Plus! Our No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee Means You Can Decide If This Program Is Right For You

We offer a 14-day – no hassles – money back guarantee.

I want you to step into this opportunity here with full confidence and with ease. I know it’s your time, which is why I’ve made sure you can take the time you need to make the right decision for you now.

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The World Needs Your Gifts, Too! (Graduate Success Stories)

The Facebook Group helped me grow my list

“The GYTBO Facebook group in particular has made a big difference for my business. The direct feedback from Brigit and the other students not only helped me grow as a brand, but through their suggestions, I've been able to make impactful changes to my website - one such change increased my opt-in rate by 3.36% and grew my list!”

Isaiah Fancher

An all-in-one program that's supporting my Tarot business growth

“Since starting GYTBO, I've experienced so much personal and business growth and love that I was able to learn the nuts and bolts of how to promote myself, be more confident, develop systems and offerings and ultimately grow my Tarot business all within this one program. Now, as I continue to build my online presence and grow my list, I'm generating paid readings through Instagram, teaching in-person classes and doing local readings at a local studio - all while feeling more grounded in my business than ever.”

Amy Novack

I’ve Seen This Serve Readers, Healers and Light Workers of All Kinds.

It's true.

Grow Your Tarot Business Online

is for anyone with intuitive gifts – including energy workers, psychics, astrologers and body therapists. In every case, when they complete the training, they come out the other side happier, more successful and serving more people.

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You love helping people and want to turn that passion into a profitable business, but aren’t even sure it’s possible to make money from your gifts.
  • You know that creating an online business could be a game-changer for you, but you're not sure where to begin.
  • You’ve built your website and offers, but customers still aren’t knocking on your door.
  • You want to reach more people but don’t know how to set up the infrastructure to do it.
  • You have a hard time charging clients for the spiritual work you do because you don’t want to compromise your values.
  • You want to be able to grow your income but don’t know how to do it beyond exchanging more time for money.
  • You have multiple passions and gifts but can’t quite define them as an actual offer people will pay you for.
  • You’re a self-starter and committed to investing in your business – and in YOU.
  • You are READY for a proven, step-by-step plan to help you attract (and maintain) a steady stream of clients!

Grow Your Tarot Business Online is not a great fit for you if…

  • You are not willing to put in the effort required to build a thriving business over the long-term (this is NOT one of those ‘get rich quick’ systems).
  • You don’t have the resources to invest in a viable business (money, time, energy).

Here’s the bottom line: Creating a thriving business requires dedication and commitment –– both financially and personally. While I can show you exactly how to bootstrap your way to success, it’s up to you to commit to making it happen.

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You Won’t Find This Much Support + Bonuses at This Price Again

Grow Your Tarot Business Online is only open for a short window of time – and only once a year, so now is the ideal time to act!

I’ve been offering this program for 5 years, and this will be the last time I offer it for this low rate. Next year the price will go up.

Which is why now is the best time to get the entire, Grow Your Tarot Business Online Program, (including the Checklist and Visualization bonuses, access to our exclusive Facebook community, and the 3 Live Coaching sessions with me), all for one low investment.

The doors to the Grow Your Tarot Business Online are now closed. To be the first to know when we open up again, click the button below:

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Imagine What’s Possible Once You Bring These Tools to Your Business!

I know my life's purpose is to be a part of shifting the consciousness on the planet. I just didn’t always realize that it was going to be my business savvy that would contribute so much to the world!

I’ve come to see how, the more intuitive entrepreneurs I can help, the closer we all get to a better world.

Now, just imagine what's possible for you, once you have the tools you need to get your voice heard.

  • How many people will you be able to help?
  • What kind of lifestyle will best support you and your family?
  • What creative potentials will you bring forth?
  • What travel, adventures or creative flow are ready to be unlocked in you?

Just imagine for a moment, the possibilities…

A Spiritually-Aligned Business That Transforms Your Life in as Little as 6 Weeks

Grow Your Tarot Business Online is designed with your needs in mind, with each Module structured to support your objectives and time frames.

You get to control your pace. Whether you are super-busy and need to study part time, or you are ready to grow fast, the bottom line is that when you work the program, your results are guaranteed.

Expand your income while serving others with Grow Your Tarot Business Online! The doors are currently closed. To be the first to know when we open up again, click the button below:

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Let’s Have a Look at All You Get …

The complete, Grow Your Tarot Business Online program shows you how to grow a successful, spiritually-aligned, online business quickly – including everything you need to overcome your blocks and bring your business to the next level

Here's What's Included:

  • A multi-media learning experience with over 50 video lessons, 6 Workbooks, and a library of bonus resources, so you don’t have to second-guess a thing, or waste another minute of your time.
    VALUE: $3000
  • Plus, you'll also receive 3 time-saving bonuses: The Start Your Business Right checklist; two powerful Success Visualization audios; and access to our exclusive, Facebook support group where you can ask me questions and get direct answers.
    VALUE: $687
  • And my Accelerator Training Program – 5 hours of pre-recorded business coaching calls where I personally answer some of the most pressing questions about growing your business online.
    VALUE: $550

TOTAL VALUE: $4237.00

Enroll in Grow Your Tarot Business Online to receive more than $4000 worth of training and support for just…


Choose the payment option that works best for you:

Pay in Full

Best Value

$997 USD

Part Pay

Low Monthly
6 monthly payments

$179 USD

The doors to the Grow Your Tarot Business Online are now closed. To be the first to know when we open up again, please enter your name and email below:

Got Questions? … Here Are Your Answers!

I don't have a website yet, but I'm really keen to get started. Is this the right program for me?

Yes, this is absolutely the right program for you! In fact, you don’t have to have a business at all just yet. This is the case for many of my students. And that’s great because it means you are learning all your business skills fresh, rather than having to unlearn things!

In other words, you can save a LOT of time and energy in the long run by joining the Program now. I will show you how to set up your business the smart way; what really works when it comes to creating a thriving online Tarot business; and walk you through those challenging “sticking points” which may have been holding you back up until now.

How is this different from the other online business programs out there?

There are many programs that teach you how to create a business online. Some are great, some not. But here's the biggest difference – most of those programs are focused on general business and do not teach you how to create a business in Tarot or intuitive services.

And here's another thing: Not all business coaches are created equal. In fact, there are many so-called business coaches who have been online for just a few months or who are barely scraping by in their own business.

When you study with me through Grow Your Tarot business Online, you get to learn from someone who has a track record of proven success. The results speak for themselves: I've created a 7-figure business, built a global team of 20, and established a solid reputation in the Tarot community.

So why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from all the work, study, mistakes and wins I’ve had over the years?

How Is the Program Delivered?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll have complete, LIFETIME access to the program – including any updates we make over the years. Each module contains 7-10 training videos, a workbook filled with activities to help you apply what you've learned.

Timing is everything, and with Grow Your Tarot Business Online, you have the freedom to work through the course at your ideal pace. You can choose a Netflix-style binge, or you can take it slow and watch a video or two a week. It's totally up to you!

Remember: Whatever pace works for you, when you join us today, you get to take advantage of all the bonuses too. Plus, you’ll have access to it all for a price point that will never be this low again.

So whether you open the 1st Module today, next week or next month … it’s worth acting NOW!

How does the payment plan work?

You can start today for as little as $179. Once you make your first payment, you gain full access to Module 1 PLUS all the bonus materials. Then, you’ll make 5 monthly payments of $179, giving you access to each Module as you go.

If you need the payment plan option, we are happy to work with you! But remember: the payment plan only gives you access as you make your payment month by month.

That's why we recommend that you enroll for the program in full now. Because when you pay in full, you get immediate and full access to the program. (Plus, you save $77.)

Do you offer refunds?

I want to give you the best opportunity to create a financially and spiritually abundant Tarot business. That’s why I’m inviting you to fully participate in the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program for 14 days and if you don’t feel that I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Couldn’t I just learn this on my own?

Sure, you could do it. To show you what’s involved, let me tell you how I grew my business. Building Biddy Tarot cost me tens of thousands of dollars in technology, staff, and learning. I have read thousands of websites, courses, and books, and sifted through some very good advice and a lot of junk. How much would it be worth to save those years of sweat and tears? (Also, if “do it on your own” was viable… wouldn’t you have done it already?)

How much time do I need to put in each week?

The short answer is: You need 90 minutes a week – which is really not much more than 1 TV show a week!

AND … If you are building a business, the more ENERGY you put into it at the beginning, the better it will do. This may be more like 3-7 hours a week. Then, the more you learn in the program, the better you get at applying what you learn. And that’s when things get easier and faster!

Success doesn’t come overnight…but take my word, it is worth it in the end.

What if I’m not tech savvy. Will I be able to use this course?

We’ve made everything super easy to access, via the Biddy Tarot Programs Hub. You’ll find all the webinars, course materials and more, all in the one place. We’ve also got clear instructions for how to access and download everything. And if you get stuck, we are here to help, contact the Biddy Tarot team here.

I’ve been in business for several years now. Will I benefit?

Absolutely! And here’s why: There are many factors about today’s digital world that are changing the way we do business. So if you are looking for the most relevant training for how to get more clients and expand into global reach – then this training is for you.

Tarot is only a small part of my business. Will I benefit?

Yes. Although the Program has been designed with Tarot professionals in mind, the concepts and strategies I teach can apply to all wellness and healing businesses. In fact, previous students have come from a wide range of backgrounds – astrology, numerology, life coaching, executive coaching, hypnosis, NLP, health coaching, and so on. Each person has received an incredible amount of value from being a part of the Program.

I’ve done other programs about business, online marketing, copywriting, etc. How is this different?

There are many programs that teach you how to create a business online. But most of those programs don’t teach you how to do it in your specific industry – Tarot. The thing is, when you work in an industry like Tarot, you need to make sure that the business strategies you use are spiritually aligned, authentic and heart-based – otherwise they are not going to work.

That’s what I bring to the table. Not only am I a successful business woman, I’m a successful Tarot reader and teacher. I know what it takes to succeed in both worlds. And you’re not going to find that elsewhere!

Is the Price in AUD or USD?

All prices are quoted in USD.

What if I don’t have time?

I get it. Life is busy.

But here’s the truth: There’s never a good time to start something like this. Life will always make demands on your time.

The question is: Do you want to be one of those people who KNEW that you had a good idea and then watched all the people around you rise up and fulfill YOUR destiny?

If you are feeling like you don’t have time for this then let me tell you, there will NEVER be a good time to stop doing things that might feel good right now, but never pay off in the long run.

When you take the time to invest in yourself and your future, it will pay itself forward 10 times as much. So, don’t let another year of knowing your life’s purpose but not acting on it pass you buy.

Step into your True Self Now!

Enroll in Grow Your Tarot Business Online now to receive more than $4000 worth of training and support for just…


Choose the payment option that works best for you:

Pay in Full

Best Value

$997 USD

Part Pay

Low Monthly
6 monthly payments

$179 USD

The doors to the Grow Your Tarot Business Online are now closed. To be the first to know when we open up again, please enter your name and email below:

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