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I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Now, let me guess. You’re here because you want to improve your intuitive Tarot card reading skills.

But often, this can be a lonely path. Many of us start learning Tarot on our own, but there’s only so far that can take us. There comes a point when:

  • You crave a second opinion on a read of a spread
  • You want to know how other people interpret the cards
  • You want to chat with other people who read Tarot
At this point, many of us realise that it’s hard to find others like us who share our interest… and in some cases, it could even be potentially harmful to admit to being passionate (or even curious) about Tarot!

(So many people who read Tarot cards tell me that they are reluctant to tell their friends, spouses, co-workers or family about their interest in Tarot.)

So, you’re torn in two directions. On the one hand, you want to connect and talk with other people who read Tarot cards… but on the other hand? You’re not totally sure that you want people in your everyday life to know you’re pulling cards and practicing your intuition.

I’ll get to that in a moment. But first, I want to tell you something important. Because as someone who reads Tarot (or wants to learn)…

You are destined to create a life of peace, possibility and plenty.

Why? Because reading Tarot cards puts your intuition on speed dial. For every question you have about a situation in your life, you have a great tool to get insights and answers, right on the spot. Not only that, the answers you do get will be totally unique to you (not cookie-cutter advice).

Your intuition has gotten you this far in life. And your intuition can guide you to even greater experiences, opportunities – even love and riches! — if you let it.

That’s why it’s finally time to take reading Tarot cards out of the shadows and admit how cool – and useful – it is!

But let’s be honest: Not everyone trusts their intuition.

Life can be complex and confusing. We live in a world that doesn’t always acknowledge the ability we all have to find answers within ourselves.

To make things worse, your intuition is a muscle. Like any muscle, the less you use it, the weaker it gets!

The majority of people today don’t think they have the answers to the challenges and problems life throws their way. They’re stressed, distracted and so afraid of loss, embarrassment or making a mistake that they ignore the still, small voice within. What’s more, when they do get a message from their intuition, they ignore it and keep doing what they think they “should” do.

It’s easy to see why most people look outside themselves for answers their entire lives.

It’s because they simply don’t have a safe, nurturing space to practice trusting—and verifying—their intuition!

Hi, I’m Brigit.

I’m the founder of Biddy Tarot, a professional Tarot card reader, and mum to two kids, Chloe and Zara.

When it comes to developing your Tarot reading skills, I’m all about making it a simple, intuitive and fun part of everyday life that anyone can do. No special psychic abilities needed!

I also know that reading Tarot cards is one of the best ways to deepen your intuition in your daily life.

That’s why I’m on a mission to make Tarot a normal part of everyday discussions about spirituality and wellness, like yoga or meditation. Because the way I see it, the more people who listen to their intuition and trust their gut… the better!

You are warmly invited to join the Biddy Tarot Community!

An open, friendly community of people like you, using Tarot to improve their everyday lives!

The Biddy Tarot Community is a modern learning community for people who want to improve their Tarot card reading skills and connect more deeply to their intuition in their day-to-day lives.

Now more than ever, all kinds of people are looking for answers within themselves. Whether you’re a healer or corporate executive, an artist, mechanic, mum or nurse, the Biddy Tarot Community gives you the support, community and nurturing to deepen your connection with your intuition using Tarot!


Learn at your own pace

Attend classes and lessons on everything from the basics of reading Tarot to new spreads – in a way that works for your schedule.


Discover Your TarotPath™

Take the quiz and reveal your TarotPath™️ – a step-by-step system for not only tracking your progress through the world of Tarot, but your own personal guide too!


Practice your

When you’re ready, offer free readings to people willing to give you kind feedback. This is the best way to learn!


Join the

Meet and talk shop with people like you around the world who use Tarot to guide them in everyday life.

“I recommend Biddy Tarot to everyone”

I joined the community and felt like I had come home – I was able to connect with other people that were just like me; Simply a person that felt the pull to the cards, and tapping into the power of intuition. Being able to read for others in a safe and controlled environment is an invaluable bonus! I recommend Biddy Tarot to everyone I know that is interested in reading.


“Look no further, you’ve found your tribe!”

My knowledge about Tarot has grown by leaps and bounds! Brigit makes learning the Tarot so much easier than any other community or program I’ve come across. Look no further, you’ve found your tribe!

Micki Moss

“This community gives me so much inspiration”

To know that there are spiritual souls out there like me, I now feel like I have a family, no longer feeling alone somewhere in space. This community gives me so much inspiration to continue to study, plus never let go. Yes there will be challenges, but I can make it!


“It is the best place to grow!”

Biddy Tarot is the most reputed place to learn tarot. We are a Community of people who love tarot fearlessly, and believe in helping and empowering humans through this versatile tool. It is the best place to grow if you wish to pick tarot as your friend and guide!


Your Membership gives you exclusive access to tools you won’t find anywhere else, including:

The Biddy Tarot TarotPath™️

A step-by-step system for not only tracking your progress in the world of Tarot, but also your very own personal guide, showing you exactly which step is right for you next. Think of it like a GPS for Tarot!

Take the quiz to evaluate where you currently are on your journey, then track your progress to get to where you want to be! TarotPath™️ will guide you the whole way.

Member Forum

A welcoming, friendly place where you can talk with other people who read Tarot about meanings, spreads and how they are using Tarot in their daily lives.


A new masterclass each month for training in Tarot fundamentals, how to deepen your intuition in readings, and special topics to help you become an even better reader.

Readers Hub

When you’re ready, you have the opportunity to give Free Tarot Readings to the public, in exchange for feedback. The best way to develop your skills and experience quickly!

Tarot 101 Course

Learn the basics of Tarot and become a more confident Tarot reader. I’ll show how you can live your very best life, with the Tarot cards as your spiritual guide.

Exclusive Resources

Including eBooks, keyword and imagery guides and tip sheets to quickly improve your interpretations and Tarot storytelling.

Members Directory

Easy to find study partners, trade readings, or get a second opinion on a read of a card or spread.

You’ll get access to all of these tools, trainings and connections as a member of the Biddy Tarot Community, right at your fingertips whenever you want them. All in one place!

But really, the thing you’ll love most about the Biddy Tarot Community isn’t just the trainings or even all the helpful tools you’ll receive. It’s the people. As a member, you’ll join one of the fastest growing discussions of modern Tarot in everyday life on the planet.

And as a member of this inclusive and friendly community, you will have everything you need to become a more skilled, more confident Tarot card reader… and ultimately, bring more intuition and wisdom into your everyday life.

This program is perfect for you if…


  • You’re new to Tarot and you want to learn how to read the cards with a safe, learning group to guide you along the way.
  • You’ll love the Tarot 101 course and our Beginner Masterclasses to get you started!

Confident Reader

  • You’re already reading Tarot for yourself and others, but want to develop your Tarot reading skills even more and get real life experience reading for people you don’t know.
  • You’ll love the opportunity to practice your Tarot readings with real people on the Free Tarot Readings platform, and the monthly Tarot Masterclasses to hone your skills.

Professional Reader

  • You’re charging for your Tarot readings and building a business, and you want all the support you can get from your peers as you step into this exciting new phase.
  • You’ll love the connections with other Tarot professionals inside the Community and the Masterclasses specific for reading Tarot for paying clients.

“The Biddy Tarot community gives me the confidence to see myself as a Tarot reader”

It was a great feeling to discover and being in the company of people from all over the world who, like me, are Tarot enthusiasts and are learning to read Tarot. The Biddy Tarot community gives me the confidence to see myself as a Tarot reader and to think of Tarot reading as a possible business in the (hopefully) not so far future.


“Thank you, Brigit!”

Thank you, Brigit! My journey to spiritual fulfillment, growth, and self discovery has taken major leaps and bounds thanks to you and the community you’ve created.

Adam Alvarez

Let’s Do This!

The Community is currently closed. Get on the Wait List to be the first to know when we re-open… and get a sneak peek inside! Please enter your name and email below:

Commonly Asked Questions

What happens after I’ve paid?

Once you have paid via credit card, you’ll be emailed all the details for accessing the Biddy Tarot Community online. If you can’t find the email, please check your Junk Mail folder or send a note to the Biddy Tarot team. If you have paid using the payment plan, your credit card will be billed automatically each month.

Do you offer refunds?

Community Access is billed on a monthly or annual basis. We operate a strict no-refund policy. This means there are no refunds given for partial months or annual membership (unless required by Australian Law – see our full refund policy here). Join the community, participate in the discussions and training and you will never want to leave, let alone get a refund!

Is the price in AUD or USD?

All prices quoted are in USD.

I’m a total beginner when it comes to Tarot. Will I still benefit?

Absolutely! That’s what the Biddy Tarot Community is about – to help you develop your Tarot reading skills and confidence in a way that enriches your everyday life. What better way to get started with learning the Tarot? I’ve also included the Tarot 101 Course, just for people like you, so that you can hit the ground running and read Tarot in no time. I also recommend that you post your questions on the community forum, so you can receive answers and encouragement from other people who read Tarot and find out what’s worked for them.

I’ve been reading the Tarot cards for a while. Is there value in the Community for someone like me?

You might find that there are a few things you already know that are included in the Community. Like the beginner basics covered in the Tarot 101 Course. No dramas – it’s a great sign you’re on track! But you might be surprised by a few things you don’t know… yes, even in the Tarot 101 Course. You see, there’s nothing like approaching something with a Beginner’s Mind and learning something new in the process. Tarot basics aside, you’re going to get an absolute kick out of the Member Forum, where there will be plenty of discussions that expand what you already know and help you make the cards’ meanings truly yours. Also, you may want to take advantage of the Free Tarot Readings opportunity, where members give readings to clients, in exchange for experience and feedback. This is the best way to work with a range of questions from all sorts of people, and speed up your growth. Especially if you want to be paid for your readings, or want to read for people who aren’t your friends and family. So, in short, yes, I do think you’ll benefit particularly if you’re ready to go deeper with the Tarot cards.

I don’t use Rider Waite. Will I still benefit?

Yes. The monthly masterclasses and video tutorials trainings I’ll teach will work regardless of your which cards you use. So while I use the Rider Waite deck for teaching, you can still work just as effectively with other Tarot decks.

Do I need special training or experience to read on the Free Tarot Readings platform, or can I start straight away?

You can start reading on the Free Tarot Readings platform at any time – you don’t need special training or experience.

However, I recommend completing the Tarot 101 Course first (inside the Community) and doing a few Tarot readings for yourself, friends and family (or your fellow Community members). That way, you’ll be ready to read Tarot for strangers!

Can I upgrade my monthly membership to an annual membership once inside the Community?

Yes, you can upgrade to the annual membership plan at any time, at the current annual rate.

Join the community of regular, everyday people who are saying YES to their intuition by reading Tarot cards!

“Absolutely invaluable!”

The experience on Free Tarot Readings has been absolutely invaluable. I can definitely say that I would not be reading professionally if I hadn’t had that experience and feedback. Biddy Tarot has without a doubt been the most influential source for my tarot reading journey.


“You feel the support there at all times!”

With Biddy Tarot, I feel I gain more understanding about Tarot everyday. I feel quite confident now doing a reading and have had some very positive feedback. Biddy Tarot is inspiring and everyone concerned is so very helpful and caring, you feel the support there at all times.

Jackie Brierley

Finally – it’s time to put an end to feeling alone once and for all! You’ll know if this is right for you – trust yourself and join TODAY!